Dear FanFiction,

And so, it ends. . .

Seven months ago we began this war against the tyrants, and we screamed our YOLO battle cries. We saw Miley Cyrus twerk and watched some crazy secrets come to light. We watched gods and goddesses take polls as if it would some how make a difference in their ego, and tried to make me into a prostitute. We've had our dyslexic and ADHD problems and talked about the weirdest ships, slashes, and OTPS known to demigodkind.

I've had 'sexdaily' and switched fandoms a few times. Together, we've seen terrible things happen to humans and demigods alike. We cussed out Gaea (go die Mothafucka, love me) and taunted the cut up Kronos. We've considered the impossible and have talked to the humans, demigods, gods, giants, and monsters. We've observed Tumblr posts and Riordan's tweets. Everything and anything has happened. And now, it ends. . .

So I say to you all, as I go out in my sexy style:

. . .

*Cue the fireworks, confetti, ice cream, chocolate, sky divers, showgirls, twerking, music, louder music, loudest music, balloons, stuffed animals, and cupcakes*

. . .


Lol JK hahaha, but seriously, thank you all for having read this story and for putting up with my excessive man-whore-ness and twerking. Ha, what am I kidding? You all loved that! But in all seriousness that I don't have, thank you for every favorite, follow, and review you've bothered to send in. I've observed every single one of them (y'all are weird, by the way), and I really do love you guys.

Now, this story is over, but it's not the end of me, Percy, Annabeth, Jason, me, Piper, Hazel, me, Frank, Nico, Reyna, or me. This dumb bit-er, blonde, Blondie B. Happy, has, like, forty five other stories that aren't so terrible, and some of them have me. What can I say, the girl likes Percabeth. . .

So, yeah, she has her Blood of Olympus, Summer Love (in which my personality shines, just like in this story), and Hell and Silence stories, and she has tons of oneshots. If you want to read some of her other stories, check those out. If not, journey on. There are over 40,000 PJO stories and I'm sure you'll find something you like!

Also, this crazy author has a TUMBLR! You can find the link on her profile, but her name on Tumblr is: blondie-b-happy

Her email, also, is: bookiethunder (at sign) gmail (dot here) com.

Farewell, lovely little ones. AND IIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOOOOOUUUUUUUUU! #whitneyhoustonisaboss

In demigodishness and all that,

Leo Valdez

(A/N: So, the story is finally over! Leo pretty much summed up everything I wanted to say. It'd be great if you read some of my other stories, but you don't have to, though it is appreciated. Thank you all for the wonderful support throughout these 100 chapters, and all of the randomness! You guys are so awesome for all of this. Follow me on Tumblr or send me an email if you want updates. Thanks again! Love you guys!