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"Human speech"

'Human thought'

"Jutsu/Symbiote/Demon speech"

'Symbiote/Demon thought'

Let's begin.

Naruto was running through the trees, hefting the Forbidden Scroll of Seals over his back, a triumphant smirk on his face as he had just 'distracted' the Sandaime with his Oiroke no Jutsu and 'stole' the scroll for his secret test Mizuki-sensei told him about after he failed the public genin exam. He jumped down to the agreed-upon meeting place, an empty clearing out of the way, and set down the scroll, rolling it open and looking for the minimum one technique he needed to pass the test.

"Kage Bunshin? Hell no. Shiki Fuujin? The heck is that? Ooh, Big Head no Jutsu. So that's where Iruka-sensei learned it. Hey whats this?"Naruto went through the scroll until he found an odd seal; it looked like a writhing mass of tentacles, he could swear he saw them moving. His 12-year-old attention span piqued, Naruto channeled chakra to the seal, and his world went black.

With his chakra channeled into the seal, the mass of tendrils sprang to life, launching itself for Naruto's face before he could even register what happened.

Naruto's mind was unconscious, but his body still stood, as he clawed at his face, writhing in pain as the black mass bonded with him. Then the mass that overtook his entire body seemed to cycle through a process; first, it became a heavily muscled figure, clawed fingers and gaping maw filled with frightening teeth and a slithering tongue lashing with saliva, then a black and red figure with his maw open in an insane grin, small tendrils whipping all over its body, then a somewhat more built version, in orange, with spikes and blades popping up all over its body, then a slim, green figure, tendrils lashing everywhere, then a red figure, 'horns' made of tendrils sprouting from his brow, just above his large white eyes, bone-white claws, and 'wings' made of finger-shaped tendrils, then a figure starting blood-red from the top, bleeding into black at the bottom, glowing white eyes, then what seemed to be an invert of the very first figure, all white with a black spider symbol and eyes, but smaller white eyes in the black form on his face, a slimmer build, only for the face of the first figure to sprout from his shoulder and grab the new form in its maw, slowly overtaking the white form, eradicating it but making the black figure whole again, then a cacophony of many tendril-gifted figures, all sorts of qualities specific to them, until he reached the apex, exploding in power, causing some trees to groan under the wave of stress that dispersed from it, leaving the panting Naruto standing up, his head bowed.


The Kyuubi no Kitsune, thought to be vanquished twelve years ago, when in reality it was sealed within Naruto, was currently dying, as tendrils crawled over its prison, slowly crawling up its body, until it overtook the entire hulking form of the chakra construct, as it let out a final death howl as the Kyuubi's mind was destroyed. But instead of merely consuming the power of the Kyuubi, the mysterious mass assimilated it into its form, slowly turning it into all black form, large black eyes where its own used to be, white markings from snout to the inside of its ears, the black eyes nestled within, its maw covered in wicked fangs, as its claws took on the black sheen, its tails becoming tendrils.

The Kyuubi no Kitsune was dead, and in its place; Devastation.


Naruto still stood, as Iruka appeared and began to admonish the boy for stealing the Forbidden Scroll of Seals, only for him to be ignored during Naruto's trance. When he approached Naruto and shook him by the shoulders until he saw his face, he regretted his actions; on Naruto's face was a black mass, the face of the first form his took, as it slowly overtook his entire body, and he grew to tower over Iruka.

"Feed. Us." Naruto/Venom growled out as he grabbed Iruka by his shoulders and lifted him towards his gaping maw, only to stop and sniff the man. "Iruka. Sensei?" He growled out questioningly, only for his answer to come from a shuriken embedding itself into his neck. Dropping Iruka and roaring in rage at being attacked, Venom spun around, the weapon popping out of his flesh as the wound closed, and saw a sneering Mizuki brandishing a Fuuma Shuriken.

"So, they Kyuubi shows himself. I guess this saves me the trouble of telling you you're the Kyuubi no Kitsune; fine, guess that saves me the energy so I can kill you!" With a maniacal roar, Mizuki lunged for the hulking black figure, only for his face to be caught by a large black hand, his wrist broken, dropping the large shuriken.

"Huuuungeeeerrrr…" Venom hissed out as he drew Mizuki closer to his waiting maw. With little difficulty, Venom consumed Mizuki, ignoring the green visage of Iruka and the screams from within from Mizuki as he was slowly broken down and assimilated into energy for the symbiote. Once Mizuki's cries stopped and Venom swallowed and felt the energy surge, he roared to the sky, his tongue lashing the air.

Panting slightly in an excited rush, Venom slowly shrank, reverting to his host, Naruto, who then passed out, Iruka catching him before he could hit the ground. Knowing he would get no answers from the unconscious child, Iruka merely brought him, and the Forbidden Scroll, to the Sandaime, ending the search party of every shinobi Chuunin and up.


Naruto awoke in what appeared to be a sewer, only without the horrible stench or any refuse within the ankle-deep waters. Finding no source of light except a faint red glow in the distance, Naruto followed it, appearing in front of a cage made of tendrils reaching up into the ceiling-less darkness, a pair of huge white markings from the snout to the ears, slightly smaller black markings forming within for eyes, all torn near the edges like paper, stared blankly ahead, but Naruto felt they were fixated on him. "Um… are you the Kyuubi?" Naruto asked, remembering what happened when that thing took over him, remembering Mizuki saying he held, and was, the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"Kyuubi is dead." A distorted voice said, though it sounded like a hundred voices trying to merge into one.

Naruto's eyes widened; if the Kyuubi was dead, wouldn't that mean he was dead?! He was freaking out, praying to Kami to not die!

"We ate him. You are free." The voice added, stopping Naruto in his tracks.

"What are you talking about? Mizuki-teme said I was the Kyuubi; with how the villagers act, it's probably true… And now that you supposedly ate it, I'm gonna die." Naruto said somberly.

Tendrils formed around his feet, separating into a number of masses as they slowly built up a few of the many forms Naruto shifted into when he was first bonding with the symbiote.

The first was the black form he took to kill Mizuki. "You were never the Kyuubi; that fool and this village's inhabitants are all blinded by sorrow for their lost ones twelve years ago and took it out on you." It said.

"How do you know that?" Naruto asked accusingly.

The small red creature with what seemed to be a perpetual grin with his terrifying maw answered, small tendrils lashing in the air behind it. "Obviously, you're not dying since we consumed it, so you two aren't connected beyond this seal. But now, you have the power to fight back against the people who hated you. We may have eaten all your normal chakra, but the Kyuubi's was too corrosive for us; you can still be a shinobi." It explained in a screechy voice.

Naruto took a while to take this in, thankful Mizuki-teme was wrong. "So... what are you?" He asked.

Last was the invert of the first form to speak. "We are symbiotes, beings from beyond the stars. We bond to hosts to survive, and in return, they attain great power. We are actually from another reality, another dimension, but there was a cataclysm, a great upheaval of many beings, including us. At the same time, the many versions of our dimension met, and realities perpetrated by the pioneers of our kind overlapped, and thus our many forms. We were thrust across existence via the cataclysm, and appeared in this world; a man who commanded wood sealed us away in that scroll, and you freed us. So many minds, so many bodies, we quickly lost our minds, but we've been in that scroll for so long that we could only regain our minds, and thus we are capable of cognitive thought now. You are our new host, and thus capable of each and every form; you need only think of them to change." It explained.

They all cast their heads towards the Kitsune-like symbiote that seemed to be the hub of their collective minds. Again, masses of tendrils formed behind the initial three, forming countless creatures; there were so many, they seeped into the darkness beyond them.

" We are… Venom."










They continued until their voices were all working as one.

"We are Devastation."

They finally said together. Naruto was surprised that these supposed savage creatures were willing to work together, but mused that with their power, he could become the strongest shinobi in existence. Deciding that, since he already had something living inside him, trading one for another, or a couple hundred if his headcount told him right, wouldn't be that much different. Nodding reassuringly to himself, Naruto turned towards Devastation, as the other symbiotes around him slowly sunk into it. "I accept you as my tenant and will use your power to make us strong." Naruto agreed to the foreign creature.

Nodding down to him, symbiotic goo slithered across the ground towards Naruto until it met his foot, then shot across his skin until it completely overtook him. As the goo settled, it consumed his clothes and became new clothing for him.

Before these events, Naruto wore a bright orange jumpsuit that screamed 'Kill me!' but now he wore minimalist, but functional clothing; black muscle shirt and shinobi pants tucked into boots, nothing else. His symbiote abilities could function as anything else a shinobi would need, armor, projectiles, and the like. Like the spider symbol of Venom, a similar symbol formed on the shirt: a kitsune resting on its haunches, leering menacingly forward, its nine tails stretching across the shirt like how the spider legs did, the odd-man out stretching up to the collar, a copy of it on the back.

Smirking down at it, Naruto gave a foxy grin towards Devastation. "Liking the new clothes. So do we have to train for the different forms?" He asked, not catching himself saying 'we' instead of 'I'.

"Yes, but now is not the time. You must speak to your village leader. Tell him everything; he cannot stop our evolution." With its cryptic piece said, Devastation forcefully shoved Naruto from his mind, into the waking world.


Naruto awoke to the gobsmacked eyes of the Sandaime and his Academy sensei. Standing up, he noticed he was much taller, and felt… whole. "Uh, hey Iruka-sensei, jii-san."Naruto waved nervously, noticing his voice seemed a few pitches deeper. Looking down at himself, Naruto saw he was wearing the new clothes he got in his mindscape, and he was much taller than he was before. 'Sweeeet.' Naruto said in his head.

He was knocked out of checking himself out by a rather loud throat clearing, courtesy of the Sandaime. "Naruto… care to explain?" This was not the grandfather figure asking him kindly of something; this was the Professor of Shinobi half-demanding him to explain.

Gulping silently, Naruto nodded his head and began weaving his tale, including the encounter with the black goop and meeting Devastation. He even threw in that the symbiote had essentially devoured Kyuubi's body and left him the chakra to use and control. By the end of his tale, Iruka and the Sandaime were gobsmacked at what he told them. When Hiruzen asked for proof of this 'Devastation', Naruto morphed into his symbiote form, becoming the fox-like symbiote in front of them, terrifying Iruka slightly. Realizing there was probably no way to separate this creature and Naruto without hurting him, Sarutobi had to accept it, labeling everything they spoke of today as an S rank secret - which Naruto was free to tell whoever, if he trusted them, and that Hiruzen would do something about the 'food' requirement for Devastation - the penalty being death, which the Chuunin and Academy student gulped and nodded to. Hiruzen bade them goodnight after graduating Naruto himself for dealing with a traitor, Iruka using Shunshin to go home, while Naruto walked out of the Tower, deciding not to go home yet, as he wanted to try out some of his symbiote forms, no longer requiring as much sleep as before.

Jumping onto a rooftop as the black goo spread over his body, soon intermingling with red, the mouth area splitting open into a fanged grin, white-yellow eyes tearing open and tendrils waving behind him.


No longer quite as homicidal, Naruto wouldn't seek out people to kill for the sake of killing, but he would eventually need to feed on something called phenethylamine, a chemical in the human brain... or chocolate, which was probably more socially acceptable. According to the symbiote, he had a three-day time limit before he would need to feed again after Venom ate Mizuki.

With that, Naruto got to know what Carnage was capable of over the course of the night, the knowledge intrinsically a part of him, waiting to be sifted through; the self-mutilation to check out the regenerative abilities wasn't fun, though.

Needs must when Carnage drives.

(The next day)

Also no longer requiring food beyond the chakra of others, Naruto headed to the Academy and straight to the classroom, ignoring any questions and sitting down.

"The hell're you doing here, Naruto?"

Well there went that plan.

"For team assignments, obviously." Naruto answered with a deadpan stare towards the offending Inuzuka.

"Ha! Only graduates are supposed to be here, moron. Go home before Iruka-sensei has to send you back himself." Kiba 'advised.'

Naruto merely answered by thumbing his hitai-ate Kiba apparently missed. "We graduated, moron. We did a special test after class and passed, so shut up and sit down." He said, the childish 'ooh's all around.

Kiba snorted indignantly. "Who the hell do you think you are, tellin' me what to do? Special test? What a load of shit! Get out of here before I make you, dobe!"

Hell of a trigger word.

Naruto growled fiercely and grabbed Kiba's face, throwing him to the back of the room, letting him hit the wall before shooting webs at him to pin him there, ignoring his audience for the sake of shutting the Inuzuka up, putting a bit extra to cover his mouth, before sitting down, radiating killer intent that basically told everyone else to not talk to him.

One con about housing the symbiotes was that Naruto's aggression was heightened quite a bit, as poor everyone was now witness to.

"Good morning everyone, time for..." Iruka walked in and began to speak, only for his eyes to fall on Kiba trying to wiggle free from the webs on the wall. Immediately after that, he gave Naruto a look, asking him to undo it with his eyes.

Sighing exasperatedly, Naruto got up from his seat and walked over to his victim, his right sleeve turning into red and black tendrils climbing down his arm, turning into a freaking axe, which he swung, chuckling at Kiba's girlishly scream, muffled by the webs, to cut the Inuzuka free, letting him fall down without help.

Letting him get rid of the webs shutting him up, Naruto went back to his seat, changing his arm back, ignoring the questioning stares from anyone else. Devastation said there was no reason to hide his capabilities, as there was probably nothing anyone in this world could do to hurt him, as his many forms could cover any weaknesses of any other.

After that, Iruka tentatively gave a congratulatory speech for all of them graduating before explaining what will be asked of them as genin. After that, he called out the team assignments.

"Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura-" Screech about true love. "-and Uzumaki Naruto. You're Jounin sensei will be Hatake Kakashi."

Naruto bemoaned his position; normally he would love to be on Sakura's team, but as he was now, with heightened senses, as well as the aforementioned aggression, she just annoyed him, much like Sasuke did, so he was probably screwed.

With a shrug, Naruto tuned out the rest of the team assignments, looking at his hands as his sleeves turned into tendrils again, this time completely black, muscles expanding and nails turning to claws, white squares forming on the backs of them.


Again ignoring the stares he garnered, Naruto accommodated himself with the feeling of a different body structure, while Carnage was about as slim as him, but still stronger, so there wasn't much of a different feel. And unlike Carnage, Venom couldn't turn his arms into weapons; in fact, he was fairly basic, to be frank, but that didn't make him any less deadly.

Eventually, the other teams' sensei took them, leaving Team 7 by themselves, Sasuke brooding by the window, Sakura fidgeting in place, switching between staring at Sasuke amorously and at Naruto fearfully, and Naruto, transforming his arms and staring at them, seeing what they could do.

(Three hours later)

"WHERE THE HELL IS HE?!" Sakura screeched, patience having reached its end.

Naruto was in much the same boat, staring at his arms having lost its amusement after the first 15 minutes, and he couldn't do much else in front of them; while he didn't care who knew what he could do, he also didn't want questions about his abilities, especially from these two.

Suddenly the door opened, and the head of a silver-haired man with all but his right eye covered popped in. "Hmm... my opinion of you all is... I hate you." Cue triple facefault. "Meet me on the roof." He added before leaving.

"...Okay then." Naruto shrugged, just accepting it, before heading for the window.

"Where're you going, dobe? You don't even know where the stairs are?" Sasuke mocked.

"Who needs stairs when you got the outside of the building?" Naruto countered with a smirk, sliding the window open and hopping outside, becoming completely engulfed in black goo, a pair of ear-like tendrils forming from his head, a snout forming on the front of his otherwise featureless face, before tearing open with large fangs dripping with possibly-caustic saliva, white torn markings forming on either side of the snout and trailing up to the ears, black markings forming where eyes are, torn at their edges as well, nine thick tendrils forming from his tailbone, like tails. He made a show of sticking to the Academy walls and crawling upwards, a notable smirk on his terrifying visage, both to scare and annoy his 'teammates.'

Climbing over the edge of the roof, Naruto found Kakashi lazily reading a little orange book, before he finally noticed the black Kyuubi look-alike, and freaked out, taking out a kunai and everything.

"Calm down, idiot." Naruto chastised, changing back and leveling an amused look on him for freaking out. "It's only me."

"Naruto? What the hell was that?!" Kakashi demanded, still a bit scared.

"Didn't jii-san tell you? We assumed he would if you intend to be our Jounin sensei. Then again he might have not done so just for this exact reaction; if so, he's probably watching with that crystal ball of his. THAT'S RIGHT; WE KNOW!" Naruto yelled that last part to the sky.

(Hokage Tower)

Blushing slightly in embarrassment, Hiruzen coughed into his hand at being caught; it was worth it, though, for Kakashi's reaction.

(Academy Roof)

"Uh... okay?" Kakashi ventured, sweatdropping. "So what was that, then?" He asked.

"We're sure you know about last night?" Naruto asked, referring to the 'Forbidden Scorll Incident', receiving a nod. "Well, when we brought the scroll to the 'meeting place', we snuck a look into it and found this seal that looked like a bunch of tentacles - we still swear we saw it moving - but, stupid us, we channeled chakra into it, and it attacked our face. Long story short, we have an alien from an alternate dimension inside of our body that ate all our normal chakra and the Kyuubi's body, thus that form you saw." He explained.

Kakashi was gobsmacked at all of that; Hokage-sama definitely didn't tell him about this! "So... the Kyuubi's... dead? And you have no chakra?" He asked for clarification, wondering if this would be like Gai's mini-me. "And what's with this 'we' business?" He added, catching that.

"Yep, the fluffy bastard's gone. And... technically no, we don't have chakra; human chakra, we still have the Kyuubi's chakra we can use like our own." Naruto elaborated to dispel the confusion. "And since we're technically two entities, we speak accordingly; it's temporary, really, until the bonding process is complete." He added with a shrug.

"Well, okay then?" Kakashi responded with a sweatdrop; that was just a weird facet of this alien thing. "And that's good; I was worried this would be like one of my colleagues' students, who can only use taijutsu. He's still a good shinobi, but I wouldn't be that good a teacher for you if you couldn't use chakra. As it stands, we can still work with this, but I assume it'll be harder?" Kakashi asked, relieved all the same.

"Probably. We haven't tried training in the stuff yet; been getting used to our powers. And if you want to know what we can do, you'll just have to wait and see." Naruto said with a smirk, knowing that was exactly what he was going to ask.

Huffing at being snubbed, Kakashi merely shrugged it off. Just then, Sasuke and Sakura finally showed up. "Nice of you to join us!" He greeted them cheerily. "I was just getting to know your teammate here."

"Dobe, what the hell was that outside?!" Sasuke demanded, ignoring Kakashi.

Naruto merely shrugged. "Nothing you need to worry about." He brushed him off.

Gritting his teeth, Sasuke was about to demand again that he tell him, only for Kakashi to butt it. "Now now, no need to antagonize each other. Let's get on with team introductions. I'll go first. I'm Hatake Kakashi. I have no intentions of tell you my likes and dislikes. As for my dream..." He shrugged. "I have a few hobbies." He supplied. "Your turn." He gestured to Sasuke.

Sasuke 'hmph'ed. "I am Uchiha Sasuke. I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my clan, and kill a certain someone." He gave his piece.

"Well... that was interesting. You next, Pinkie." Kakashi said, pointing to Sakura.

Scowling at the nickname, Sakura acquiesced all the same. "I'm Haruno Sakura. I like..." She cast a glance to Sasuke and giggled. "I dislike dumb people! My hobbies and dreams..." She glanced as Sasuke again and squealed.

'...Wow, I was some kind of stupid to have a crush on her.' Naruto mentally commented, eyes wide in shock at how annoying she was being.

Kakashi was in much the same boat, a large sweatdrop on his head. "...And you?" He asked Naruto.

"We're Uzumaki Naruto. We like ramen and training. We dislike Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee over here." He thumbed towards Sasuke and Sakura, ignoring their scowls. "Our hobbies are training, and our dream is to be Hokage." He said.

Kakashi's sweatdrop only grew, though it was more in amusement this time. 'I think I'm gonna like this one. Damn shame I'm stuck with these two as well, though. Maybe I can fail them and ask Hokage-sama to take Naruto on as an apprentice. Ah, but then I'd have the Council on my ass, both for teaching him and not teaching Sasuke. Sometimes I hate this Sharingan...' Lamenting that, Kakashi inwardly shrugged. "Well, that was all very interesting. With that out of the way, I want you all to show up at Training Ground 7 for a Survival Test." He said.

"Survival Test? What for, Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked.

"Why, to see if you really have what it takes to be genin, of course." Kakashi answered, only to be met with three confused looks. "What, you really thought you'd be genin just by doing that so-called Graduation Exam? Three techniques, one of which is useless, and a written exam on useless information, and boom you're a shinobi? That's not how the real world works. About 90% of what you learned in there is absolutely useless; the Exam was the weed out the absolute failures, and the tests given by the Jounin are to see if you're really ready. Tomorrow, 8 a.m., Training Ground 7; see you then. Oh, and don't eat breakfast; you'll just puke it back up." Kakashi waved at them and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"He was right... that was interesting. Well, see you two tomorrow." Naruto waved over his shoulder, already turning into Devastation as he walked to the edge of the roof, jumping off it and all the way to another roof, traversing the rooftops of Konoha to an unknown destination.

'What is that black transformation? I must know; it looks strong, and I need all the power I can to kill him!' Sasuke thought as he followed Naruto with his narrow eyes.

(With Naruto, Training Ground 9)

Landing in the center of a secluded-enough training field, cracking the earth, Naruto decided this would be a fine spot to train more in-depth in his symbiote forms and abilities.

Deciding on a more hand-to-hand form, starting on his taijutsu first, Devastation changed form.

Turning dark green, the tendrils and ears disappeared as his hands, feet, and top half of his head turned yellow, a pair of tendrils forming at the back of his head like the excess of a bandanna, white eyes tearing open in the yellow, a black symbol of a dragon forming on the chest, several streaks from its wings stretching across his chest to his shoulders and sides. His hands then began to alight with strange energy, and he suddenly went through kata's he didn't know. 'So that's how this works... I can adapt the knowledge of my forms to my normal self; that's good, though only useful for taijutsu since any of this energy stuff probably won't carry over, and these people probably don't know ninjutsu or genjutsu.' Naruto theorized, accepting it all the same; it was still helpful.

While their bodies were one, Naruto and Devastation were mentally separate, and thus the speech pattern didn't carry over to into thought.

Getting a feel for this energy in his hands, Naruto equated the 'feeling' from it to chakra, but 'half as strong' was the only way he could really describe it. He could use it to augment his punches - take that, tree! - or project it into a bullet, as well as make his body more hardy. He could also sense the energies of other, such as that person coming here right now. Spinning around to face them, Naruto found a girl with brown hair down in two buns - they looked like panda ears... cute - with a pink dress and green pants.

Higurashi Tenten jumped in surprise and shock at seeing the stranger's face. She had come to train her bukijutsu, just like she did every day, even on this off day for her team, and found someone else using it, so she wanted to ask them if they could help; hopefully they were normal. Then she saw their face; this was some Henge. "Uh, hello? I'm sorry for interrupting you, but this is my teams training ground, so I'm used to coming here for training. I'm Higurashi Tenten; what's your name?" She asked.

"Oh, sorry about that; didn't know someone else was using this." Naruto responded, changing back mid-sentence, surprising Tenten. "We're Uzumaki Naruto; we came for our own training since our Jounin sensei is giving us some survival test tomorrow." He offered.

"Oh yeah, the genin just graduated, right? I myself graduated last year, so I understand your situation. If you want, we can help each other train. But what was with that form you just hand? I thought it was a Henge, but the thing you just did kinda dissuaded that." Tenten said, just thinking that whole 'we' business was just a quirk of his; hey, it was better than flames of youth or fate.

"We have an inter-dimensional alien with the powers of countless heroes and villains, as well as the Kyuubi no Kitsune the Yondaime sealed in us when we were born." Naruto responded flatly.

"...Fine, you don't wanna tell me, I get that; we're shinobi, we have secrets. So, you up for that training offer?" Tenten asked, slightly amused by the story he gave her.

Naruto shrugged; you can never say he didn't tell someone the whole story. "Sure, why not? What do you need help with?" He asked.

"I deal with bikujutsu, throwing weapons." Tenten answered, kunai between her fingers.

"Throwing weapons, huh? We have the perfect solution for that; you try and hit us, and we work on our reflexes." Naruto answered, stepping back and becoming engulfed with black goo, Tenten just watching.

The completely black form working as a template, Naruto's entire head, hands, and feet began to turn white, before the right hand started to transform, turning into a collection of organic barrels gathered together in a circle, a tendril-like belt of bullets coming from the side of his forearm and connecting to his right shoulderblade, drawing attention to his transformed face. His head had turned completely white, and his lower fangs had grown to completely cover everything below his black eyes, a white skull marking forming on his chest and back, streaks coming from them to join on his shoulders and sides.

"Wow... what's up with this?" Tenten asked, surprised and more than a little creeped out by the face.

"This is our power; we can transform to suite our preferences." Naruto answered, thankful the teeth didn't move as he spoke; it wouldn't do to jab out his eyes every time he spoke.

"Uh... okay? Well, what can it do?" Tenten asked.

"Attack us and find out." Naruto answered, jumping back to be on the other end of the field.

Shrugging, Tenten acquiesced and threw her kunai, only to jump in surprise - she even yelped a little - when Naruto brought his arm forward, shooting the kunai out of the air. "What the hell was that?!" She yelled.

"Our power, one of many." Naruto responded cryptically.

Sighing at the answer, Tenten went about attempting to actually hit Naruto, the transformed blonde shooting most of her weapons out of the air, dodging what he couldn't shoot. Rather than getting annoyed, she was excited by this; for once, she could train without being bombarded by fate this and youth that, plus Naruto seemed like an okay-enough guy. As a serious kunoichi, she never cared for making friends when she could be training to fight the stereotype that girls were lesser shinobi than boys, but her present company of her teammates didn't exactly soften the blow of not having any real friends, though Lee might count; at least he was more bearable than Neji.

As their spar dragged on, Tenten's projectiles got closer, her methods for getting them to him more crafty, but Naruto got faster at taking out the ones he could, as well as dodging the ones he couldn't, but he felt the wind from their flying forms brushing against him more and more. But at the same time, he was having fun; Tenten seemed to be as well, if that smile on her face was anything to go by. The seriousness she took her kunoichi career with was a breath of fresh air, or maybe Sakura was just the odd one who sucked; then again there was Ino... Anyway, this was fun, and Naruto hoped they could make this a regular thing.

After another ten minutes of this - Tenten finally getting some hits in, though they were almost immediately pushed out of Naruto's flesh, the wounds healing - Tenten gave the signal to stop, and Naruto acquiesced, changing back. "Well that was fun. You get as much out of that as we did?" He asked with a grin.

Panting slightly, Tenten nodded, a smile on her face as well. "Definitely. Think we can make this a regular thing? This is fun, and it'd be nice to be around someone that isn't some form of insane." She asked.

"Well... we wouldn't say we're not insane, but sure! We need someone to train with that we don't want to disembowel every second we're near them." Naruto answered.

Paling slightly at the possibility Naruto might be capable of that, Tenten focused on the other part of that sentence. "Don't like your teammates already?" She asked.

"We got the last Uchiha, a fangirl of his, and a Jounin that's three hours late and reads porn in public." Naruto answered flatly, recognizing the book from jii-san when he thought he hid it fast enough.

Tenten winced jokingly. "I'm so sorry." She said with a giggle.

"We know~" Naruto responded with waterfall tears, exacerbating Tenten's giggle.

"So, what's the real deal with your powers? Is that some sort of Kekkei Genkai?" Tenten asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"We did tell you what it was. And no, it's not a Kekkei Genkai; not even chakra-based." Naruto answered.

"...Wait, that inter-dimensional thing was true? No way!" Tenten refused, hands on her hips.

"Way." Naruto answered, half his entire form becoming covered with black goo, 4 tails and an ear forming on him; half of Devastation.

"Uh... Naruto?" Tenten questioned.

"We're here. Tenten, meet Devastation; Devastation, Tenten." Naruto introduced the symbiote and his new friend.

"Greetings, Ten-human." Devastation said, his fanged mouth moving independent of Naruto's.

"...Is this some sorta joke? Come on, Naruto; you can just say you don't wanna tell me about this ability of yours." Tenten said, no longer amused.

"We are telling you, Tenten! Did you hear about the Chuunin instructor who turned traitor yesterday?" Naruto asked, sort of annoyed now, but still understanding; it was pretty out there.

"Yeah, I heard a couple Jounin muttering about it on my way here, what about it?" Tenten asked, not seeing the point of it, though aghast at a Chuunin instructor, someone who molded the minds of the next generation, turning traitor.

"Well, we're connected to it. We didn't originally pass the Graduation Exam, but the Chuunin, Mizuki, approached us with a 'secret test' so we could still pass. All we had to do was steal a 'copy' of the Forbidden Scroll of Seals and bring it to him. Obviously, it was the real thing. And we did it. Long story short, we snuck a peek inside, found a weird seal, slapped some chakra on it, a blob of goo attacked our face, and we suddenly got this guy." Naruto pointed towards his 'better half.'

"Hello." Devastation waved.

"It also ate out chakra and the Kyuubi. We mentioned that, right?" Naruto asked his new tenant, just to make sure.

"Yes; obviously, she didn't believe you." Devastation answered.

"Right. It ate the Kyuubi and left us its chakra." Naruto finished his tale, spilling two S rank secrets in one fell swoop; normally this would be incredibly dumb - and it still kind of was, but this is Naruto, so... yeah - but Naruto just had a feeling that he could trust Tenten with them.

Tenten looked properly gobsmacked; Naruto even thought he saw smoke coming off her head. She finally shook her head and tried to piece her thoughts and words together. "Okay, so... where does the inter-dimensional part come in?" She asked.

"...Right, we forgot that part. Well, Devastation here is a collection of creatures called symbiotes - from outer space, all that stuff, descendants of things called Klyntar until they bonded with one bad see too many and became... these things - from another dimension where a bunch of super-powered people are, and across multiple iterations of that dimension, collectively all of them were infected, and their symbiote forms were all brought together because of some cataclysm, and brought here. The Shodaime sealed them away, and we ended up unsealing them, and... here we are." Naruto said, gesturing to himself, or rather themselves at the moment.

"And... the Kyuubi?" Tenten asked, wondering if she heard that part right.

"Right. Apparently the Yondaime didn't actually kill it, but sealed it away, inside us. When we unsealed Devastation, it consumed all our human chakra and assimilated the Kyuubi into it, getting rid of its mind but letting us keep its chakra, so we can still do jutsu. Our Jounin sensei mentioned something about a colleague of his having a student that can only do taijutsu." Naruto answered.

"Oh, that's my teammate, Rock Lee. He was born with the inability to mold chakra, so he can't do ninjutsu or genjutsu, so Gai-sensei helped him refine his taijutsu." Tenten elaborated on that.

"Oh, fancy that; our Jounin sensei tells me about one student, and we meet his teammate." Naruto commented.

"Please don't say that might be fate." Tenten begged, slouching forward.

"Fuck fate; it's just a crazy coincidence. I'm not complaining; you're fun to hang around with." Naruto commented with a wide grin, missing Tenten's pink cheeks.

"Okay, we're getting off track! So, inter-dimensional alien... Shodaime sealing... traitor Chuunin... Kyuubi... that everything?" Tenten asked for clarification, receiving a nod. "...My head hurts." She commented. "So, what can... Devastation do?" She asked once she processed everything; the more she thought about anything concerning Naruto, the more she could feel her hair turning grey.

"Everything. Like we said, their world had a crazy amount of super-powered people; there was very rarely only one person with a specific kind of power we know of. Heck, there are at least five people that have some form of what we know as Mokuton, and one of them is actually an entire species, so the Shodaime isn't that special anymore. Kekkei Genkai, doujutsu, hiden techniques; nothing's that special here compared to that world." Naruto answered.

"...That's totally not fair." Tenten commented with a huff and cross of the arms.

Naruto shrugged. "Not like we asked for this, but like hell we're complaining; besides, we didn't see you complaining during our training, all smiles and everything." He pointed out with a smirk.

Tenten blushed in embarrassment, not even realizing she was smiling while they sparred. "Shut up..." She responded lowly. "So, wanna get back to sparring? This time close ranged." She asked, unsealing a kusarigami.

Naruto chuckled. "Sure, why not?" He responded, turning back into his Iron Fist form. "We can get behind that." He added.

Familiar with this still slightly terrifying form, Tenten was unperturbed, charging forward and swinging the sickle head.

Dodging it, Naruto ducked into her guard and got a punch right in her stomach, taking the air out of her lungs, only for Tenten to go up in smoke, her own kusarigami taking her place, meaning she was behind him. Spinning around and ducking under her kick, Naruto instead grabbed it and continued his spin on his heel, throwing her across the field, sending a bolt of physical energy after her.

Flipping in the air and landing on her feet, Tenten jumped to the side to dodge the follow-up, procuring a scroll from her pouch and unsealing the objects within, sending a trio of metal spheres with kunai welded to them, an explosive tag on each of them, towards Naruto.

Swearing at them, Naruto clapped his hands together before thrusting his palms, connecting at the wrists, forward, sending a pulse of energy to push them back, causing them to explode prematurely, creating a smokescreen between them, which both of them used effectively.

'Effectively' being a relative term when they both burst through the smoke screen, missing each other completely. Realizing this, they quickly turned around to face each other, ignoring that lapse in judgment.

Naruto had changed form to make sure she wouldn't get the jump on him again. He was now dark brown, and towered over Tenten, hunched as he was. His canines were now more predominant in his grimace, and his eyes were narrowed into almost-slits, reaching back on the sides of the head, which was now a solid brown. Across his shoulders and hunch, his skin was snow-white, three slashes from it down to the pectorals, a forest of tendrils bursting from it like a weird fur collar. Large blades formed from his elbows, reaching just above his head with his arms straight down, turning black at the tips, and his claws were now three inches long, white diamond-markings on each knuckle. He had three white slash markings on his hips, and his toes were also clawed, but not as much as his fingers, very nearly digitigrade with how much he stood on just the balls of them.

Tenten herself was armed with a short staff with a weighted chain on each end, one wrapped around her arm, the other slack, as she faced her opponent, who was now infinitely more terrifying. "...You are totally cheating now." She commented flatly.

Naruto-Sabertooth merely cackled. "We're sure you can still fight." He commented.

"Of course! I'm just saying you're trying to scare me with your size... and teeth... and claws... and your-STOP BREATHING LIKE THAT!" She yelled, blushing in embarrassment when Naruto cackled again at flustering her. In revenge, she charged at him while he was laughing and swung her unusual weapon, masterful enough to not get tangled in it or hit herself.

Reacting immediately, Naruto, slapped the first weight away, letting the other wrap around his wrist, and used his superior size and weight to tear Tenten right off the ground, swinging her around by her own weapon and sending her flying again.

Sealing the Kusari Fuubou away and unsealing a giant kanabou, Tenten used its weight to stop her flight, dropping to the earth; using chakra-enhanced strength, she managed to lever the thing out of the ground and swung it around, holding onto it to fly towards Naruto, painful object-first.

"Oh shit!" Naruto swore when the thing was sent his way, ducking as fast as he could - not thinking that clearly in the face of death by kanabou to the face - but his large size, which also contributed to slow speed, caused him to take a hit to his shoulder, tearing a chunk out of his shoulder, the flesh that remained too weak to keep his large arm connected to the rest of him, thus he lost it, causing him to roar in pain.

Tenten shrieked when she saw she tore off her friends arm, sealing her kanabou and running towards him. "Naruto! Are you okay?!" She asked, reaching for the arm to do something about it, but she shrieked again when it twitched.

"Don't worry... we'll be fine." Naruto answered, grunting to himself as tendrils burst from his shoulder and grabbed the detached arm, pulling it to his body, using Sabertooths natural regeneration to bridge the gap, knowing it wouldn't allow him to regrow an entire new limb, so he needed the 'material' to use what he could. "There... all better..." He said, getting feeling back into it.

"Whoa... Devastation can do that, too?" Tenten asked, awed.

"Well, Devastation is technically the form we take when using the Kyuubi's shell; this is a man named Sabertooths body, and thus that was one of his powers." Naruto answered, rubbing his shoulder. "But one of our other forms can survive much worse; losing everything but the head, losing the head, and apparently all diseases. We're damn-near immortal now. Not sure about the time thing, though..." He added, shrugging near the end.

"That's crazy. What the hell kind of creatures are these symbiotes if they can do these sort of things?" Tenten asked.

"Well, only a handful of them are like that because of the symbiotes themselves, everything else, including Sabertooth, are all based on their hosts, and some of them get scary-strong. Heck, that dimension has physical manifestations for eternity and infinity." Naruto pointed out.

"...What." Tenten responded flatly.

"That's what we said." Naruto agreed.

"...How about we get back to training?" Tenten offered.

Naruto grinned. "You read our mind."

They spent the rest of the day training, Naurto having the wherewithal to jump when he wanted to dodge Tenten's giant things of pointy/explody death since then, still having fun.

(The next day)

No longer requiring food as a necessity, Naruto merely bathed and headed for Training Ground 7, showing up last. Well, Kakashi wasn't here yet, so he was still on time.

"YOU'RE LATE!" Sakura screeched.

"Kakashi's not here yet, so no I'm not, now stop screaming or I'll make you." Naruto answered with a glare, hands turning into the black claws of Devastation when she looked like she was still going yell, shutting her right up.

Sasuke sent him a veiled thankful look, his ears hurting just a bit from Sakura's bitching about the both of them being late. It was currently 10:50, which was a weird time for Naruto to show up, but whatever.

(Ten minutes later)

"Yo!" Kakashi greeted, appearing in a puff of smoke.

Before Sakura to screech at him that he was late, she and Sasuke gave Naruto a dirty look, receiving a shit-eating grin. 'He knew.'

"Oh? Why are you looking at your teammate like that? Don't begrudge him for thinking ahead." Kakashi chastised lightly from behind his book.

Sasuke and Sakura turned their looks on Kakashi. 'He knew!'

"Now now, none of that; you'll make me feel self-conscious. Let's get this started." Kakashi said, pocketing his book and taking out an alarm clock and a pair of bells. "The test is simple: take these bells from me before the alarm sounds. You have one hour. Come at me with the intent to kill or you'll fail, and if you do, you'll be sent back to the Academy for another year." He said the last part gravely, knowing that would get the right reaction out of them.

All three genin-to-be stiffened and looked right at the bells; eyes on the ball, indeed.

"And... begin!" With a tap of the alarm, his genin disappeared; the two 'normal' ones more contemporarily, taking to the forestry, Naruto quite literally, going invisible. If not for the displaced grass - only for a moment, the lack of any more showing he jumped away instead of walked - Kakashi wouldn't know he was there; his very presence had disappeared. He had asked Hokage-sama about these symbiotes, and what he learned boggled his mind, confirming everything Naruto told him yesterday; the blonde was not to be trifled with as he was. But at the same time, he was the least volatile of these three, and unless he could fix Sasuke's attitude, Kakashi just might petition for an apprenticeship with the blonde, the Council be damned!

'What game are you playing at, Kakashi?' Naruto wondered from his spot in a tree, currently transformed into Carnage to keep up the camouflage. Deciding on something supremely stupid, Naruto jumped from the tree to the other side of the field, making sure Kakashi saw the grass he displaced, keeping up his camouflage. Walking towards him slowly, Naruto made sure Kakashi knew he was coming towards him, changing to another, new form halfway across.

"So, Naruto, what form is this?" Kakashi asked amusedly, taking note of the larger footsteps and the falling invisibility.


End Ch. 1

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