Chapter 39…..A Woman's Fury

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When Daryl woke up the next morning he was alone in their cell. He pulled himself from the floor groaning as his body cracked and popped. He was going to have to sweet talk his way into his woman's bunk because sleeping on the floor was fucking killing his back. He grabbed a clean shirt and threw it on, grabbing his crossbow as he made his way out of the cell and into the common room.

Carol had smirked when she found her husband holding their son that morning for about a second. Then she started thinking about all the things he had said and then the fact that he took off for the whole day to have his little temper tantrum. Carol was angry, she never let herself get angry at Ed, that wasn't allowed, but with Daryl, well he was different. She was different since leaving Ed and meeting him. Daryl gave her the strength to allow herself to be angry at herself and at him. She knew that he would let her be angry.

Carol took Tanner and changed him quietly. She slipped out of the cell and went into the common room to feed him and start breakfast. By the time Daryl came in most of the others were up eating. She same him out of the corner of her eye as he walked in, he stopped and talked to Sophia who was sitting with Carl. Carol made his plate and slammed it on the table by Sophia and Carl.

Daryl looked up at her and as soon as he saw her face, he wished he was staring down a hundred walkers, because that he could handle, but a pissed off woman, well he had no clue what to do. He heard Sophia and Carl snicker which made him snap his head to look at them. The two kids put their heads down and focused on their meals. Daryl sat down eating his food, trying to think of something that might get him out of hot water.

Tanner started fussing and Daryl jumped up when he saw Carol head toward the boy that was in Dale's arms. Daryl gave her a small smile, "I got 'im. You need to eat woman."

Carol grumbled under her breath but didn't say anything. She went to fix herself some breakfast. Daryl took Tanner and sat down next to Dale, "What's all this noise about little man?"

Dale smirked, taking a sip of his coffee, "Looks like you're in for a long day son."

Daryl watched as Carol took her plate and headed to the furthest table away from him. He sighed, "Yeah it sure as hell does."

Dale stood up and clapped him on the shoulder, "I'm sure you'll figure it out."

Daryl watched as Dale left and he turned his attention back to his son. Tanner's face was bright red, Daryl knew that face, he smelled the results of that face. Daryl sighed, as Carol walked passed him, "Looks like you're changing that one Dixon."

Sophia giggled again; Daryl looked up to see her and Carl both with shit eating grins on their faces. He snarled at them, "Don'cha have something you should both be doing because giving me shit?"

Carl blotted from the room, while Sophia laughed, "Oh Daddy you are in big trouble. Good luck with momma."

Daryl sighed, walking back into their cell to change his son. Daryl laid Tanner on the bed and grabbed one of the disposable diapers that Glenn and Maggie had brought back from the last run. Daryl had changed Tanner's diapers before, hell he had changed other diapers before. Usually it was a kid of a woman that Merle was screwing, but he had experience with diapers. But he was distracted by Carol being upset with him and he caught the stream of urine right to the face. "Damn it boy, come on!"

Tanner looked as please as he could, he just laid there kicking his feet, right into the poop in his diaper. Daryl tried to catch his foot but he didn't get there soon enough, "Oh come on kid!"

Daryl started gagging as he wiped the poop of his son's foot, "Jesus boy what is your momma feeding ya?" By the time they were done with their diaper change, Tanner had a fresh diaper and a totally new outfit as did Daryl.

Tanner started fussing and Carol appeared at the cell door, holding her hands out, "I need to feed him."

Daryl nodded handing over their son. After he got back from getting rid of the smelly ass thing his son had created, he stood and watched his wife nurse their son. She looked so peaceful as she cooed and talked to him. Daryl smirked leaning against the cell bars, "You're really good with 'im ya know?"

Carol looked up at him and her face went hard again, "Is there something you want Daryl? Because after yesterday you made it pretty clear you can't handle this."

Daryl stood up straight, his fists clenched at his side, "I'm sorry about that, but I'm fine. I got this shit."

Carol huffed, "Sure, whatever, I have washing to do."

Daryl stood there and watched her as she and Tanner disappeared. He sighed running a tired hand over his face. He had no fucking clue what to do to help get his ass out of hot water. He heard someone clear their throat behind him and turned to see Rick and Dale grinning like idiots. Rick smiled, "Do you want some help?"

Daryl sighed, he hated that he sucked at this whole thing, "Yeah."

Dale smiled, patting him on the shoulder, "Come on son the three of us are gonna go on a run."


Sophia was helping Patricia and her mom with laundry. They were hanging clothes on the lines that Rick and her dad had set up outside. Tanner was snuggled up in a little sling that her mother had made and he was sound asleep. As Sophia pinned up one of her own shirts, she saw Carl pop his head out from the tower. He made a silly face at her and she laughed. Carol saw him and then looked at her daughter, "Sophia, why don't you go keep Carl company on watch?"

Sophia's face lit up, "Are you sure momma?"

Carol nodded, "Yeah, your dad and the others won't be back for awhile, you two might as well have some fun."

Sophia squealed, running toward the tower, she called over her shoulder, "Thanks momma!"

Patricia laughed, "Oh to be young again."

Carol nodded, glad to be able to give her daughter a small amount of normalcy.

When Sophia got to the tower Carl smirked at her, "Want to see what I found up here?"

Sophia nodded, watching as Carl opened the small supply closet and stepped aside. There inside was several candles, a bottle of wine, and a pair of women's panties. Sophia laughed, "Oh MY GOD! Who's do you think those are?"

Carl shrugged grinning ear to ear, "I think it's Maggie and Glenn's stuff. I got bored so I picked the lock they had on it. I think I know what they do on watch."

Sophia raised her eyebrow at him, crossing her arms and smirking, "Oh really, well what DO they do?"

Carl blushed kicking at the ground, "Well, you know…what people do….they…well."

Sophia busted out laughing, "Oh my God, please stop it's too painful to watch! I know what they do Carl, they have sex." She walked passed him and sat on the edge of the observation deck, letting her legs dangle.

Carl sat down hard next to her, they could still see Carol and Patricia hanging laundry, "Well…what do you know….I mean about ….you know….sex?"

Sophia smirked, looking over at Carl's super red face, "What you mean your dad never told you about sex?"

Carl looked down at his hands, "Yeah, I'm not stupid. I just wondered what you knew about it."

Sophia sighed, leaning back on her hands and closing her eyes enjoying the sun on her face, "I know that it's between a man and woman when they love each other. I know that it starts with kissing and once you get really good at kissing then you move on from that."

Carl cocked his eyebrow, "You mean like we kissed?"

Sophia shrugged, "I don't know, I don't think so. I've seen Momma and daddy kiss before, when they thought I was asleep and they do it with their tongues."

Carl groaned, "It's a French kiss, they use their tongues."

Sophia nodded, "Yeah, a French kiss."

Carl was quiet for a few minutes, "Have you ever wondered what it would be like?"

Sophia blushed, "Yeah I have."

Carl scooted a little closer, his eyes scanned the yard and he saw Carol and Patricia head inside. His face was so red it felt hot, he turned to Sophia, "Would you like to….well you know ….we could….practice?"

Sophia smiled sheepishly, "I guess we could, BUT YOU CAN'T LET MY DADDY KNOW."

Carl shook his head, "No way! Your dad would put an arrow through my guy junk."

Sophia laughed, scooting closer to him, "Ok, maybe we could just do a simple kiss first, just to get ready."

Carl nodded his head, the two of them leaning in closer; before their lips could touch they heard the sound of a vehicle getting closer. They jumped apart looking up to see their fathers and Dale sitting at the gate. Sophia blushed, "I better go help unload."

Carl nodded his head fast, watching her go. He smiled to himself as he watched her run across the yard, he talked out loud to no one but himself, "I'm going to marry that girl someday."


Carol had just put Tanner down, when she looked up to see Daryl standing there at the cell door, a big smirk on his face. "I brought ya some stuff, come see."

Carol sighed, falling in behind him. When she got to the common room, she gasped. There still in the boxes was a baby swing and a portable playpen. Carol turned around smiling at him, "Oh Daryl, I really needed these things."

Daryl nodded, "I know, was hoping it would make up for yesterday and all." He walked over to her, wrapping his arms around her waist, "I'm sorry woman and I love ya. I promise to do everything in my power to keep you and our kids safe. I won't take off when ya need me."

Carol nodded her head, slowly turning around in his arms, "You can't cut and run Daryl. Being a parent is hard, there will always be things that come up and we have to deal with them together."

Daryl sighed, leaning his forehead to hers, "I know woman. I'll do anything to help make this up to ya."

Carol smirked wrapping her arms around his neck, "Ok, you have diaper patrol for the next week."

Daryl groaned and she laughed, "Alright Jesus woman, why don't you just cut my nuts off and keep them in a jar."

Carol reached between them and cupped him, "I like them just where they are, where I can grab a hold of them if I need too."

Carol pulled away leaving Daryl with a very noticeable hard on and a dumb look on his face. Carol turned around and clapped her hands, "Come on Dixon, these things are going to set themselves up."

She laughed as she heard him mumble, "Damn bossy ass woman, thinkin' she can tell me what to do."

Carol smirked, starting dinner; she looked over her shoulder, "What was that dear? You know I have excellent hearing."

Daryl swallowed hard, "I just said damn it's nice to have such a forgivin' woman." He quickly grabbed the boxes and set to putting together the swing and playpen.

Carol couldn't fight the smile on her face through dinner as she watched Daryl in the corner of the room setting up the baby stuff. She had been the one that told Rick and Dale what she needed for Tanner. She also knew from years of experience with baby stuff, there wasn't a more fitting punishment then watching Daryl try to read the instructions for putting them together. Carol sighed and couldn't help but hum a little, in the background, she heard Daryl cuss at the swing. Learning patience was something Carol just knew Daryl would find, even if it took till the end of the world.

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