Chapter 46…Daryl Daddy Dixon

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Carol was surprised when she got up the next morning that Daryl was still wrapped around her, sound asleep. She smiled, kissing his cheek, trying to crawl over him to get to Tanner who was starting to fuss in his makeshift crib. As she lifted over him, his eyes snapped open and his arms gripped her waist tight, "Five more minutes." He muttered in a sleep haze.

Carol giggled, kissing his lips, "Your son is up and your daughter is above us."

Daryl's chest rumbled with laughter, "Serves her right if she hears me givin' it to her momma."

Carol blushed and before she could answer him, they heard Sophia groan above them, "I need MY OWN CELL!"

They both brust into laughter. Daryl hugged Carol to him and punched the bunk above them, "Serves ya right. Lucky your momma is a modest woman."

Sophia just groaned covering her head with her pillow and praying for death. Her parents were so gross, but she was glad they loved each other. Ed had never been like that with her mother.

Carol got up and grabbed Tanner getting him ready for his day while Daryl did the same. Just as she was dressing Tanner she glanced up at him, "Aren't you hunting today?"

Daryl shook his head, "Nah, figured I'd spend the day with Merle. Workin' on shit around here. I'm gonna take him out in the morning and we'll get some deer. Wanted to stick by home today, keep an eye on things."

Sophia groaned again, "Daddy!"

Daryl laughed, "What?" He winked at Carol as he walked out of the room heading toward the common room.

Sophia looked at her mother, "Please momma don't let him be mean to Carl."

Carol just smirked at her, "Hey you do the crime, you pay the fine. I won't let him hurt him. But that boy could use a little scare if you ask me."

Sophia just knew it was going to be a long ass day.


By the time Sophia got to the common room everybody was up and going. She saw Carl sitting next to his dad, but he didn't look up at her when she walked into the room. She sighed and went to sit with her daddy and Uncle Merle while they ate.

Daryl watched Beth helping Carol with breakfast, "So how's married life?"

Merle shrugged, "You tell me. Hard not to love having a sweet warm thing to love ya. I mean she's got fire to her and that is something rare. Reminds me a lot of Carol in some ways. All quiet and sweet one minute and then ready to kick some ass the next."

Daryl huffed, "Don't I know it. Hate it when she's pissed off at me. Gets all nuts and shit."

Dale sat down with them, "Morning gentlemen, Sophia, what's on the plans for today?"

Daryl swallowed his mouthful, "Gonna check the back fences and see where they need fixed. How about you all? Anything going on in here?"

Dale shook his head, "Nope, figured I teach the kids about some government history and then do some math. Patricia is working on a small science project and she's trying to find a new book for them to read."

Daryl nodded looking at Sophia, "Just make sure ya don't leave those two alone, their lips tend to get to close."

Sophia felt her whole face light up bright red, she whispered, "Daddy! Please."

Merle laughed, "Girl you're lucky your daddy handled that shit. I wanted to kill the little fuck."

Sophia groaned, getting up from the table and going over to stand with her mom to finish up her breakfast, it was going to be a long ass day.


Daryl smirked to himself as he watched Carl head toward the guard tower. He had switched with Michonne earlier so that he and Carl could have some alone time. He was waiting when the door opened, his bow at the ready he had been cleaning it, and wanted to scare the little shit. So when the door opened he made sure the blot flew burying itself into the wall right next to the kid.

Carl stood there holding his breath all fourteen short years of his life flashing before his eyes. Daryl chuckled, "Oh sorry kid, was just cleanin' it and it went off on accident."

Carl nodded, scanning the tower room for Michonne, "I ….I well…I thought….where's Michonne?"

Daryl smiled, "I took her watch thought you and me could get to know each other more."

Carl swallowed hard, moving slowly past Daryl to stand on the observation platform. Once he got out there he realized how far down the drop was and maybe he should've just stayed inside. Daryl came out his long bowie knife in his hand, Carl stood there sweating up a storm, wishing for a herd of walkers to roll through to take the focus off him.

Daryl grinned watching the kid sweat it. He had been trying to get him alone all fucking day but the kid was good at giving him the slip. Daryl pulled out a small sharpening stone and started whistling as he ran the stone over the blade, "You know how much I love my daughter?"

Carl nodded his head, "Yes sir, I do."

Daryl nodded, smirking a little, "Good, then you know I'd kill for her right?"

Carl gulped, "Y…ye….yes sir."

Daryl nodded, patting Carl hard on the shoulder, "Good, Good boy." Daryl leaned real close to Carl his knife running down the kid's shirt, "Let's not have this talk again, ok?"

Carl nodded, afraid to say anything that would piss the man off further. He kept his eyes trained on the horizon and when watch was over and he heard his dad and Glenn come into the tower he had never felt so relived.

Rick eyed Daryl and then Carl, trying not to laugh. Daryl had come to him earlier in the day and asked for permission to scare the kid a little to get the point across that him and Sophia would be slowing the hell down. Rick bit the inside of his cheek seeing the evil glint in the hunter's eyes, "So Carl ya got something to say to Daryl?"

Carl nodded, looking at the floor, "I'm sorry Daryl."

Daryl nodded, trying to keep from laughing himself, "Yeah kid it's good. I think me and you understand each other now."

Carl nodded heading out of the tower, not looking back. Once he closed the door all three men laughed, "You scared the shit out of him Dixon." Glenn's face was red with laughter.

Daryl nodded, "Yeah he about shit himself when I took out the bowie knife. I almost felt bad for him."

Rick laughed, "You're welcome by the way for the idea. Damn boy just wants to be grown so fast."

Daryl nodded, "Well he's not with my daughter. Carol hasn't left her side all day either. I think it's kind of funny."

The three men were stopped by a set of headlights in the distance. Rick squinted, "What the hell is that? Glenn go get Tyreese and Merle, NOW."

Glenn took off, while Rick and Daryl looked through the binoculars into the distance. There they saw two heavy armed vehicles in the distance and a very tall man staring back at them with binoculars of his own. Daryl looked at Rick, "Looks like the governor has found us."


They had found that Merle and Beth were gone that night when Merle never showed up for guard duty. The governor had lost his shit tearing apart their apartment. This won't do, NO ONE gave him the slip. Merle knew too much, not to mention he took the sweet little thing with him. No Merle Dixon would be dealt with.

So that morning he loaded up the men and took off trying to find their trail. They lost it several times and had to double back. But now there they stood looking at the prison. Martinez appeared at his side, "Is it them?"

The governor smiled, "Yes, yes it is."

Martinez shifted uncontrollable on his feet , "What do you want to do?"

The governor laughed, "Well, let's head home and come back tomorrow and introduce ourselves. By end of the day tomorrow, Merle Dixon will be back in Woodbury where he belongs and you men can take whatever spoils you want."

Martinez grinned, "Yes sir."

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