Michael's Soliloquy

I made my way to the restaurant's bathroom and reached for the gun in the stall. I thought to myself, "is this a gun I see before me?" I couldn't help but pause while I held the revolver in my hand. I knew that if I kill the two, then everything will change about me. Just like McCluskey, I will be involved in the same violent life that my family has been involved with. I remembered what I told Kay at Connie's wedding. "That's my family Kay, not me." Could I really go against what I promised her, and cross into the world of Cosa Nostra?

I'm sure that Sonny or Tom would probably justify the murder by saying it was business, or that I killed men back in the War. However, those men tried to kill me, and I had to defend myself; also, I had to kill under orders. I guess that some people could tell me that I am under orders, and chances are that Sollozzo might have me killed. Despite my doubts, I went on to do the deed. As I shot the two, I could almost feel the bullets leave the gun. As I dropped the gun and made my way to the car out front, I knew that there was no going back; I have stepped into my father's business.