So yeah none of the characters belong to me. I do this for fun. Blah blah yeah . . .

Like the description said this is part of the 'What they don't know' verse but you don't have to read it to get this. Just know that Kate was adopted by Claire and Nikolai (Clint and Natasha).


Kate has made herself known with a slam of the front door. It had not been a very good day at school. Kids can be very mean sometimes. So what is she was adopted? There was nothing wrong with that. She had a great family, who cares if they aren't related by blood. She threw her backpack on the floor and herself face down on the couch.

"Rough day kiddo?" Claires' voice rang out from the kitchen. Kate just groaned. Claire chuckled a bit, appearing from the kitchen and making her way to the couch.

"I'll take that as a yes." Claire plopped down on the unoccupied edge of the couch and pat Kate on the back.

"Wanna talk about it?" Claire inquired.

"The other kids are stupid." Kate growled out, voice still muffled by the couch cushions. Claire just laughed.

"Care to elaborate kiddo?" Claire asked, a fond smile on her face.

"Not really, it's stupid." Kate said lifting her head up to look at Claire.

"Doesn't sound stupid to me." She shifted closer to Kate. Looking directly at her.

"C'mon tell me what's wrong." Claire nudged Kates' side.

"The other kids were making fun of me because I'm adopted." Kate admitted. Claires' expression fell.

"You don't have a problem being adopted do you Kate?" Claire inquired.

"Of course not! You guys are the best thing that's ever happened to me!" Kate explained sitting on the couch crossed legged.

"It's just . . . they'll never understand how great of a family we have because they can't overlook the fact I'm not blood related to you guys. The way I see it family is more than who is in your bloodline. It's about the people you care for and the ones you care from in return." Kate said. Claire smiled.

"Those are some wise words there kiddo. Don't let them get you angry. You're giving them what they want. Just ignore them and they'll give up because they can't get a reaction out of you, and if they don't I give you permission to threaten them with a bow." Claire said grabbing Kate and pulling her into a hug.

"Thanks mom." Claire stiffened up at that and stared at Kate. As if just realizing what she said Kate pulled away.

"Uhh I mean . . ." Claire smiled.

"I told you, you could call me whatever you want didn't I?" Claire pulled Kate back into the hug.


I hope you enjoyed reading.