So again same universe as 'What they don't Know' you don't have to read it to get this. Again just know that Kate has been adopted by Claire and Nikolai. (Clint and Natasha)

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"Why are we here?" Claire groaned head down on the conference table.

"Ol' one eye said there'd be something he'd like us to see, says it'll be interesting." Toni said looking bored.

"Well I did think you'd all want to know about this." Fury said walking into the room. He turned on the large T.V. on the far wall. It showed a news report from earlier in the day.

"The Young Avengers. That's the name the new group of young vigilantes go by. The most prominent Young Avenger being a purple clad female archer, reminiscent of The Avengers own Hawkeye." A picture a Kate flashed onto the screen, she was on top a tall burning building. Claires' jaw dropped.

"Is there a connection between Hawkeye and this newcomer? Let's go to the streets to see what the public has to say about it." The T.V. was turned off.

"Care to explain?" Fury looked towards Nick and Claire.

"Director Fury we're just as surprised as you are." Nick explained.

"Where's Kate? Is she okay?" Claire asked jumping up from her seat, sounding frantic.

"She's fine. We apprehended her and her little group of friends and they're all waiting in Medical for their parents." Fury explained. As soon as Fury had said Medical Claire was out of the room with Nick following close behind.

*****-*****In Medical*****-*****

A group of teenagers sat in Medical looking worried.

"My parents are going to kill me." Kate groaned, face in her hands. There was a collective shake of heads from the rest of the teens. The door to Medical burst open, all the teenagers flinched. Kate blinked in confusion as she was enveloped by two pairs of arms.

"Mom? Dad?" Kate asked confused.

"Are you hurt sweetheart?" Claire asked checking Kate for injuries.

"No I'm fine. Not even a scratch."

"Okay good. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING YOUNG LADY?!" Nick exclaimed.

"Yeah what were you thinking? Going out into danger, with what you're wearing?!" Claire added.

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" Kate asked looking down at herself.

"Well one your midriff is showing. That just puts a giant target on you. If you're gonna go off and be a vigilante at least cover yourself up!" Claire explained.

"I agree with your mother on this one Kate." Nick said nodding.

"Wait, hold up a second, so you're not mad I was on top of a 20 story burning building?"

"Of course not we're very proud of you for that." Nick said.

"We just want you in proper tactical gear the next time you do decide to do it." Claire explained.

"Wow, I have the coolest parents." Kate said, amazed.

"It doesn't mean you're off the hook." Nick said turning around to face the other occupants in the room.

"We can talk about that later, so, who're your friends?" Nick asked.

"Well that's Iron Lad call him Nate he's our leader. That's Hulking call him Teddy he shape shifts. That's Patriot call him Eli took some mutant growth hormone now he has super strength. And last but not least Wiccan but you can call him Billy, magic is his shtick." Kate said pointing to each member as they were announced.

"Kate you never told us your parents were Avengers." Eli said.

"Oops did I not mention that." Kate let out a laugh.


So anyway . . . yeah I hope you enjoyed it.