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Summer 2009


"Yo, E, get your ass up!"

I'm yanked ruthlessly from a bright, warm dream by the sound of someone pounding on the door to my hotel room. Still half-asleep, I roll over and grope around the bed blindly, not even certain what I'm reaching for until I begin to separate my dream from reality and realize I'm alone in the bed. I groan and bury my face in the warmth of the blankets twisted around my body, and for one last moment she's there under the sheets with me. There's the sound of a heavy fist rapping against the door, followed by, "E! Don't make me go find a fucking key!"

It's like he's trying to torture me. It's like he knows what I'm dreaming about, the son of a bitch. He has to.

"Fuck off," I mumble, though I know he can't hear me. I have nowhere to be this morning. It's the fucking first sleep-in day I've had in over a month, and I get the honor of being woken by the sound of Jasper Whitlock hammering on my door. Not cool.

"Cullen! Come on man," Jas pleads.

I figure Alice has probably locked him out of their room again and he's looking for a place to crash, but the fucker saws logs like nobody's business and I really just want to get some fucking sleep.

So I don't get up. Instead, I blindly grab one of the spare pillows and mash it over my head and ignore the sounds outside my door until eventually they fade away. I'm just hardly on the cusp of sleep when the shrill ringing on the hotel phone nearly causes me to jump out of my skin.

I swear under my breath, my heart still thumping at the surprise as I glare at the offending phone. Goddamn, I usually remember to unplug the phone on my mornings off. I consider ignoring the ringing, but when I realize he'll just call back again and again and again, I angrily grab the receiver and grind out, "Fuck. Off."

Jasper's reply is hasty. "E! Don't hang up. You gotta get up, man."

"Come on, dude," I groan, rolling over onto my back. I rub my hand over my face and scowl up at the darkened ceiling. "You know I'd be more than happy to meet with you any other morning, but Jas it's my day-"

"For fuck sakes, Cullen. You sound like a goddamn child. We just... we need to talk, all right?"

That's when I notice there's an urgency in his voice that makes my stomach drop. In an instant I'm sitting on the edge of the bed, not certain how I managed to get up so fast.

My mouth feels dry. "What's wrong?" I ask.

"Just get your ass up and open your door," he tells me. "I'll be right over."

"Okay, okay." I've taken three strides toward the door when I realize the phone is still in my hand. I toss it back towards the bed, and it clatters loudly as it hits the night table and sweeps towards the floor, swinging by the cord. I release the latch on the door and I'm taking a piss when Jasper lets himself into the room. The first thing he does is walk to the far side of the small room and rip open the blinds and the light that comes crashing through the windows tells me it's not nearly as early as my brain thinks it is. I shield my eyes when I come out of the bathroom and stumble around the room, looking for a pair of pants.

"You know, it wouldn't kill you to stay in the room I book for you, you fuck," he mutters as he wrenches open a window and plops himself down next to it, lighting up the joint that's hanging from his lips. Most days I figure I wouldn't recognize him if he weren't smoking something.

"I don't need a damn suite," I tell him as I pull on a pair of jeans that were hanging over the back of a chair. "I just want to sleep." I stare at him and he just kind of blinks back at me, like he's completely forgotten that he's the reason I'm no longer dreaming of tangled sheets and smudged eyeliner on the pillow next to mine.

"What the hell, Jas? Where's the fire you were screaming about thirty seconds ago?"

"Oh," he coughs and offers me the joint, but I shake my head, impatient. "Well, uhhh, your mom has been trying to get a hold of you all morning. She's left a couple messages on my cell."

I roll my eyes and deposit the phone back in the base before I start fumbling around with the coffee pot. "I told her that was for emergencies only."

Jasper hesitates. "Well..."

I freeze with a bag of coffee hanging from one hand. "What?"

"Well, I was sleeping - because I've got the morning off too you dick - and Al was sick of my phone ringing, so she finally answered it. But it wasn't your mom that time."

"O-okay..." I set the coffee down and cross my arms over my chest as I face him. "Who was it then?"


"Garrett?" I repeat, and instantly my chest swells with anger at just having to speak his name. "He called you? What the hell did he want?"

He doesn't reply right away, and I'm so disgusted by the thought of Garrett calling Jasper that it doesn't click immediately. In fact, I don't even understand it until Jasper begins to spell it out for me.

"Well, I guess... Edward, Bella had an accident this morning," he says gently, staring down at the burning joint his fingers while he speaks. "I don't know the details, but it sounds like she fell down some stairs and hit her head. They took her to emerg this morning and Garrett said she's already been admitted. I guess they're just waiting for some tests now to find out the extent of her injuries..."

I don't really hear much else after that. I begin throwing clothes in a bag. I find a t-shirt and pull it on. I grab my phone off the nightstand and switch it on, and the moment it powers up I start getting voicemail alerts from both my parents' phones. I call my mom at home and pace circles around the room with the phone wedged between my shoulder and ear and she tells me pretty much everything Jasper just did. That they don't know how bad it is, that she's still not awake, that Carlisle is with her, that Masen is fine, that Garrett called Jasper when no one could get a hold of me.

Jasper realizes what I'm doing and he gets on his phone, first cancelling my TV appearance at MuchMusic and then booking me the first flight he can get out of Toronto.

When I'm packed and he's off the phone we both just stop and look at each other. I know we are thinking the same thing - that when the dust settles, we are going to catch an earful from the label. Me for leaving and him for letting me.


Holds up his hand, cutting me off. "Just be back by tomorrow night. If you miss that show, you know I'll lose my job."

"I'll be here," I promise, though we both know that there's a chance I can't keep it.

I pick my bag up off the floor and sling it over my shoulder. Jasper just watches me with the same look in his eye that he does every time I leave to go see her – like he's wondering if I'll come back.

I don't tell him that every single time I leave, I wonder the same damn thing.


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