Note: This story takes place a few years after the last Teen Titans episode. All the Titans are more mature, developed, and obviously older. Keep in mind that if the Titans seem out of character, it is due to the fact that they have matured and developed. I write what I do on purpose.

Chapter 1: The Game of Chess

It was a dark day in Jump city, and there wasn't a single patch of blue sky visible beyond the blanket of clouds. One might think this weather is disliked by everyone; however this proves to be wrong as it is the favorite of a teenage girl. That girl, possibly predictable, is Raven. And the story begins as she was on the rooftop of Titans Tower, while the rest of the team stayed inside. She slowly repeated her mantra over and over again, each time deepening her focus on her breathing.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos" she said, barely more than a loud whisper. Out of all the Titans, Raven had developed the most, closely followed by Beast Boy. Raven had grown to accept the responsibilities of being a friend to each, and enjoyed each of their company in different ways more than ever. She had become increasingly good friends with Beast Boy, as he had matured and grown out of his immature age, she found she could relax in his company.

Beast Boy, who was in the living room at the time along with Robin, was thinking about Raven, for whom he had a crush on. Although he thought he was a bit too old for a crush, it was Raven, and she wasn't exactly like most girls. This is why Beast Boy supposed he had fallen for her. That, or because he thought she was the most beautiful girl alive. Sure Starfire was pretty, but she was like a sister to him, and not to mention, already taken by Robin. Beast Boy felt sorry for Raven, constantly having to meditate to control her powers and emotions. He decided to pay her a visit to keep her company, also because who doesn't like spending time with their crush.

"I'm gonna take a break from the TV Rob" stated Beast Boy, who got up from the crescent shaped couch and began to walk towards the door, leaving behind an episode of Workaholics.

"Suit yourself" replied Robin with a friendly smile. Robin was often cheerful, since he and Starfire got together he had found that he rarely got upset, and often found humor or happiness in what he didn't before.

Beast Boy was at Raven's room, and knocked on her door a few times with a smile creeping on his face. One of Raven's maturities was that she learned to be ok with her friends entering her room. Beast Boy often times hung out with Raven in her room, and once or twice much to the pleasure and surprise of Beast Boy, Raven even invited herself into Beast Boys room to pay a visit. After about 30 seconds of no response, Beast Boy shrugged and was about to start his way to the rooftop when he heard her voice.

"Hey Beast Boy, what's up?" Raven said in her monotone as she walked towards Beast Boy in the hallway, her hood over her head casting her face in shadow. "Hey Raven" Beast Boy said with a smile.

"I just thought I'd drop by and see if you were up for a game of chess. Where were you? The rooftop?" Beast Boy inquired.

"Yes, I was meditating, and enjoying the nice weather" she said sarcastically, causing Beast Boy to smile. Beast Boy loved Raven's dry humor, and especially enjoyed that the focus of her jokes, (however dry and sarcastic they are to be considered jokes) were no longer about himself as the years went by.

"Oh I would've joined you, so how about that game of chess?" Beast Boy said, his fang visible as he grinned.

Smiling slightly, she replied sweetly "I'd like your company, and sure why not?"

"Great!" Beast Boy exclaimed, his excitement getting the better of him. "How bout in your room?" Beast Boy said, hoping against hope that she would agree. He loved the scent of her room, and being where he knew she spent the most time.

"Ok, but let me go in first and clear a few things I'd rather you not see" she replied as she phased through the door. Although Beast Boy wanted to do as she said, he figured he'd flirt a bit and do what she told him not to. Turning into a mosquito (fly's make too much noise), he flew under her door and landed on the wall, watching Raven. He planned on scaring her from behind when she opened the door to let him in and saw nothing. This is one thing Beast Boy wouldn't dare have done years previous. But his developed relationship with Raven he felt allowed him to.

He watched with an increasing heart beat as he saw her fill a pile of clothes on the floor with black energy, and lift the mass to the closet, leaving behind one piece of clothing she missed. This caught Beast Boys eyes, and he found himself slightly aroused as it was a lacy black G-string. He increased his arousal in picturing Raven in this G-string. Thinking to himself, he decided this was too much for what Raven would have been comfortable with him seeing, and that he should re morph into his human form outside and pretend he had been there the whole time. Starting to take flight, he realized Raven was already walking towards the door to let him in. Oh Fuck! He mentally said as he flew as fast as he could for the doorway to beat Raven. He flew under the door as Raven pushed the "open" button, and as soon as he was on the hallway side of the door, he morphed into a human, just in time as Raven saw into the hallway. Sweating and his heart racing very fast, he turned around and made eye contact with Raven, sighing in relief.

"Alright Beast Boy, you can…." She trailed off as her gaze shifted downwards. Beast Boy, still a bit winded, looked down and gasped in terror and embarrassment. His penis was erect and his skin tight uniform defined this clearly and made it even more noticeable. He instinctively morphed into the first animal that came into mind; a cat. With his erection now hidden, he looked up at Raven who was clearly trying not to laugh and having a difficult time with that. He did however notice that she had a light blush on her cheeks. Beast Boy gave a shy meow, and Raven giggled a bit before saying/laughing

"Beast Boy it's alright, I know it happens" He morphed back into a human, his face a severe pink, and trudged into her room, trying to pretend he wasn't there just a second ago. Raven followed and closed the door, still smiling. Beast boy walked up to the chess table and took a seat. Raven In her usual chair-less spot, hovered slightly off the ground and started to set up the chess table. Beast Boy, still embarrassed, looked around the room and noticed that Raven didn't see the black G-string, as it was still upon the dark purple floor.

A mischievous grin spread across beast boy's face and he decided to turn the tables on the dark Titan.

"Hey Raven, what's that on the floor"? He asked pointing, still grinning that evil grin.

"Huh?" Raven mumbled as she looked up, previously focused on setting up her defensive pawns. She followed Beast Boys finger to the G-String and gasped quite audibly. She looked back at Beast Boy, her mouth open in shock and speechless. Beast Boy just smiled at her, and winked. "I didn't know you wore such exotic underwear raven." Raven could rapidly feel her cheeks grow hot and blush pink.

"Shut up they're not mine!" she invented widely, phasing the underwear into her closet.

"Yep, sure whatever you say" Beast Boy teased. Raven shot him a filthy look that shut him up.

"You are not to mention this to any of the others" She hissed with a glare.

"Fine" said Beast Boy, who was no longer smiling, "As long as you don't tell them about my erection" he compromised.

"I wouldn't have anyway, but you have a deal." Said Raven, smiling again as the thought came back to her.

"Let's just forget about what's happened and play our game like normal" Beast Boy quickly said, noticing her smile. And Raven I want to play my iPod; can you phase my iHome in here?"

"Fine but play it soft" she replied slightly annoyed. She found Beast Boy's music distracting most of the time.

End of Chapter

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