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Chapter 7: The First Few Days

The start of this chapter takes place two days after Beast Boy asked Raven out:

Azarath Metrion Zinthos

Azarath Metrion Zinthos

Azarath Metrion Zinthos the two Titans recited, over and over again in the dark purple room of Ravens'. Raven was levitating, cross legged and in meditating pose, across from Beast Boy who upon his request, was sitting on a hovering disc of black energy to be level with his girlfriend.

Beast Boy tried to sit in Raven's pose, but didn't last very long that way. As well as that, he found he couldn't stop thinking even though he was supposed to be meditating. 5 minutes hadn't gone by since he asked Raven out when he wasn't thinking about her. Although Raven didn't know it to the degree that he was, he was hopelessly obsessed with her.

I've gotten her to go out with me, but I'm not through yet. I will always have to do everything I can to keep her happy and satisfied. I'm over the hump, but there is still a long way to go. He thought, while still chanting the mantra.

About 10 minutes later, Raven suddenly stopped, causing Beast Boy to repeat the first part unknowing that she was gonna end it there.

"Do you always end so abruptly?" he asked, as she began to lower the disc of energy. However, about a few inches from the ground, she intentionally made it disappear, and Beast Boy fell on his rear end, yelping in shock. Raven smirked and touched her feet to the ground, while Beast Boy playfully frowned at her.

"So that's how you're gonna play?" he said, starting to get up from the floor and scratching his behind.

She only smiled at him; her green boyfriend. Suddenly, he vanished from her eyes with the usual morphing noise. She stood, startled for a second, and then traced the room for any sign of the now obviously small creature that was Beast Boy.

The green but practically invisible noseeum, (miniscule biting sand flies that are impossible to see and a pain in the ass!) flew around her legs and turned around from behind, landing on her back. He morphed back into human form, purposely changing so that his arms would already be wrapped around his girlfriend. She gasped, quite surprised, and with that he pivoted his left foot and spun her around, tackling her onto the large bed. It didn't go as planned; Beast Boy landed on top of her, and his face fell right in the middle of her breasts. Although she was wearing her uniform, it was so tight it was as if she were naked. Beast Boy quickly lifted his head and looked at her, both becoming bright red. Raven's mouth was open in shock; she didn't know how to react.

"Sorry Rae" her boyfriend said to her, who did truly look sorry.

"Just be more careful next time" she said, psychically lifting Beast Boy to his feet and standing up herself. Beast Boy was panicking now.

Dude! What if she breaks up with me! I have to come back from this!

"Well, at least I am your boyfriend, better me than anyone else right?" he asked with a smile, hopeful she didn't take this the wrong way.

"True, but I am not ready for anything like this yet." She said to him, presuming her monotone. This however, was a jaw-dropper for Beast Boy. His heart skipped a beat, and he felt like he was gonna faint at such excitement.

"Wait what!? You're saying….that….that you will though at s-some point!?" he inquired, barely able to convey his sentence correctly. In his mind he figured that she would never in a million years do anything sexual, or even just sexually related, he still thought it was way worth it going out with her, he just didn't count on anything like that.

"Beast Boy just because I'm a "creepy" half-demon doesn't mean I don't have hormones" she said, slightly amused at the excitement on his face.

"You're not half-demon, you're 100% angel" Beast Boy said, taking her hands in his and lightly kissing the top one. Raven went a light pink but looked into his eyes, flattered.

"And you're incredibly cute" he said in an afterthought, after looking at her pink cheeks. He brought his arms around her waist and the two embraced in a tight hug.

"I could get used to this" Raven said, her drone conveying much emotion.

"Nothings stopping you" Beast Boy said, feeling the same way and deepening his embrace on her. They remained hugging for a few more seconds, before they pulled away and Raven said something on her mind.

"We should probably tell the other about our relationship" Raven said to him, in a serious tone. "They would all want to know….especially Robin" she added.

"Yeah, we could do that at dinner time?" he asked, scratching his chin and sitting down on Raven's comfy bed.

"Ok, but you have to tell them" Raven said, not liking the idea much.

"Fine, but only if you answer a few questions I have" he compromised.

Raven motioned him to proceed with her arm, sitting on her bed next to Beast Boy.

"How long have you had a crush on me for?" he asked, wiggling his eyebrows at her.

"I guess for about a month, but I denied it until a few days ago." She said, once again starting to blush and getting sick of it. Beast Boy nodded and asked his next question.

"Why have you been blushing so much lately, as you are doing a perfect demonstration now?" he teased as his insides squirmed, knowing he embarrassed her.

"Next question" she said in her monotone, clearly not amused.

"Umm….let's see…...were you checking my body out when I was wearing just a towel a few days ago in the hallway before I showered?" he inquired, very focused on her now to see her reaction in case she lied.

Raven looked to the ground, unable to contain her smirk.

"Sort of…." She admitted shyly, to which Beast Boy punched the air in silent celebration, unnoticed by her and silently mouthed "Yeah!"

"Did you like what you saw?" he asked, winking at her as she looked back up at him.

"Maybe…" she said back, knowingly teasing her boyfriend.

"Years back did you secretly think I was funny?" he asked, the answer of this question the most important to him, perhaps. However, he didn't get it.

"I'm sorry your time is up; you said a few question" She said smugly to him, rubbing it in for the effect. Beast Boy play-frowned at her again, and thought of what to say next; the conversation had kind of ended.

Maybe I could work on keeping her happy and satisfied with me as her boyfriend he thought, but what can I do? We could listen to her new Radiohead albums…..and while we listen….what can we do…..what can I do should be the question…..

Beast Boy came out of his trance and realized he had been unconsciously rubbing her back with his right hand; her eyes were closed and she had the faintest smile on her face. He had a Eureka moment, and made his move.

"Hey Rae, can I give you a massage?"

Raven was hesitant; she feared he might turn it into something sensual, intentionally or by accident. She decided to give him a chance however, and agreed.

Beast Boy laid her on her stomach, on top of all her covers with her head resting on her pillows. He walked over to the corner of her room where her CD player sat on a table. Filing through the anthology, he picked out "In Rainbows", thinking it was most romantic and out of all their albums, the most fitting for a massage (still not very fitting but whatever). He decided to skip the first two songs on the album as they were more upbeat (15 step and Bodysnatchers), and so the third song, "Nude" began.

How I would love to see her nude Beast Boy thought to himself.

"Which album is this? This is Radiohead right?" Raven asked from the bed.

"Yea this is In Rainbows" he informed her.

"It's very calming" she said, closing her eyes at the beautiful beginning of the song.

"Quite" the green titan said back, not really listening to what she was saying as he was mulling over possibilities of how to increase the romance.

She wouldn't let me touch her bare back at this stage of our relationship; I could take her cloak off atleast. And what else…. He thought as he looked around the room. The candles!

"Raven can you light your candles?" he asked, making a mental note to ask her before she started to relax. She opened one eye, and obliged, knowing that it would increase the relaxation and she admitted the romance too. Beast Boy walked to the light switch and gave it a flick. The room became illuminated by the many glowing candles.

He stepped to the edge of her bed, removed his gloves, and began to thoroughly massage her back. He used his naturally sharp nails, scratching from neck to lower back, very careful to stop before her rump. Occasionally Raven would groan, seeming to very much enjoy it. Beast Boy didn't know it before he started, but this was a very hard test for him. He had removed her cloak, and kept having to stop right before her well curved ass, not to mention that she was groaning turned him on even more. He just kept telling himself; "If you truly care for her, you won't do anything out of hand.

She said herself she isn't ready for anything of that sort….you'll just have to wait" he thought miserably.

Beast Boy massaged her all the way till the album came to a conclusion with the song "Videotape". Raven thanked him, smiling and showing her gratefulness. She was very glad he didn't lose control and touch her on the rear end; he was getting awfully close, and for that she deeply respected him for respecting her un-readiness for that stuff.

He is an even better boyfriend than I thought he would be. I didn't expect to be treated this way. He is full of romantic surprises she thought. Ravens happiness increased, and this really stood out to her as a good side of choosing to go out with Beast Boy.

While Raven thought about all this, Beast Boy was waging an internal battle.

God I'm so aroused! I've got to get out of here before she spots my erection...again! He thought, remembering the event about a week previous when she had indeed seen him hard. The massage had gotten a bit more arousing, she had groaned more as he moved to different massaging techniques, and his mind did quite a lot to arouse him if truth be told.

I'll just go to my room and satisfy my desire he decided as reality came back to him and he realized Raven had been speaking.

"-and I really like In Rainbows. It's beautiful but sad at the same time. I've listened to Ok Computer and I really like that album too." She finished, apparently having gotten off the bed while Beast Boy had been thinking.

"What? Oh yes, it's one of my favorites, listen I've gotta go to the bathroom really bad k?" he said, already making his way to her door, happy his back was turned to her and his erection was hidden from view. He heard her reply as he walked out her door and into the hallway. Entering his room he locked his door, and just prayed Raven wouldn't phase through the wall or something.

Why would she? I'm supposed to be in the bathroom he witted to himself.

He proceeded to take off his lower uniform, and start to masturbate, thinking of Raven. He visualized her in his head, her bare and supple legs, her nice body curves, her nice ass, and of course her breasts, which he had felt today….with his head. He then started to fantasize about if he had made a move during the massage, and instead of scratching her back, he felt her ass and squeezed her breasts. He unzipped her leotard, revealing the black G-string he had seen in her room on the floor before they played chess. He then visualized her giving him one of her evil smirks, and of her taking off his clothes and giving him a hand job. This moved to a blow job, and when Beast Boy climaxed, he was picturing having sex with her on her bed.

Slightly regretful of his self-control, Beast Boy cleaned up, pulled his uniform back on, and got out his "fierce" by Abercrombie and Fitch to hide the smell of his semen; just in case.

We definitely have to install private bathrooms he thought wishfully, stepping out of his room.

The rest of the afternoon came and went; Beast Boy stayed with Raven for a bit more before he left her room and gave her some space. This factor he was very careful about. He knew Raven liked to spend time with Beast Boy, but he didn't want to invade her privacy and take away her freedom.

6:00 found the Titans all sitting down to Cyborgs spaghetti and meatballs. All thanked him as he dished out a reasonable serving onto their plates, complete with a chef's hat and oven mitts. All dug into their mound of spaghetti, all except Beast Boy, who was slightly sweating and feeling as though it were 90 degrees in the tower. After exchanging a significant look with Raven, who was sitting next to him with excellent posture and manners, he gulped and stood up. The team all had their eyes on him and stopped talking; wondering what he was about to do or say.

"Me and Raven have an announcement for you all" he said, not looking at any of them, and apparently very interested in a particular meatball on Starfire's plate. The team all looked very curious, and Cyborgs mouth slightly opened, his 100% attention on the matter.

Oh man this is definitely it! Beast Boy asked her out! Ahhh yea! Guess who's got 10 dollars!" Cyborg thought. Beast Boy sat back down and met eyes with Raven, who had slightly started to go pink and was previously staring at the floor.

"Me and Raven are…" He took Raven's hand and set their locked fists on the table, and looked back to the team. "….A couple now". He finished, which he felt went pretty well.

The room broke into noise. Starfire was absolutely beside herself with happiness and excitement and gave both a rib-cracking hug while hovering over the table and everyone's dinner. Robin seemed incredibly shocked, and silently reached into his pocket and took out a 10 dollar bill, which he held out for Cyborg to take. Cyborg snatched it, and he too was ecstatic about the news. He clapped Beast Boy on the back, and stepped out of his seat and walked behind the new couple and put his arms around both of them from behind. He leaned in so he was right between their heads, and said quietly so only they would hear;

"Use protection". He walked back to his chair chuckling at how awkward he had probably made it for the pair. And sure enough, both turned flushed as red as Robin's uniform. Speaking of Robin, he finally seemed over his astonishment as he was smiling, and he addressed the green and gray Titans.

"Congratulations you two, and….good job Beast Boy. Alright you two know the rules, you are allowed to be in a relationship as long as it doesn't affect your ability to fight crime or respect others as your teammates. As awkward as it is, I have to say it; no sexual activity is allowed in the bathrooms, but you can do whatever you want in your bedrooms."

Both Teammates nodded their acknowledgement, and the team settled down and resumed their feast. Raven gazed at Beast Boy, and unknown to him watched as he sucked up many noodles from top to bottom, displaying his very poor manors. Raven rolled her eyes to herself but slightly smiled, finding it humorous only because he wasn't trying to be funny.

"So, when and how did this happen between you two?" Robin asked, trying to break the silence but interested enough all the same.

"Saturday; two days ago." Raven spoke for the first time all dinner. When the others gave her a "go on" look she continued.

"Beast Boy and I both had feelings for eachother; he asked me out and I said yes." She droned to the team, completely unaware that this was probably the most un-descripted answer possible. The rest however felt that they would let it go, and so the rest of the dinner went on. Occasionally, the couple would make eye contact, and Beast Boy usually winked to her, causing her to give an unimpressed look right back at him.

"Who wants dessert!?" Cyborg yelled to the team, all who were just finishing up their last few strands amidst excess sauce.

"Oh me please!" Starfire exclaimed, as Cyborg got up and ran to the fridge, knowing Starfire would answer that way; she did it every time, always drowning out the sounds of the others answers. Fetching some choc-van-straw (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream in one container) and the remaining half of a chocolate cake, he carried the two items to the table and set it down. Returning with a scoop, he let everyone serve themselves. The dessert went around the table, Starfire first, followed by Robin then Cyborg, and finally to Beast Boy. With the other Titans distracted by their plate of sweets, Beast Boy made his move.

"Ladies first" he said quietly to Raven, and instead of handing the scoop to the open mouthed Raven, he took her plate and sliced a small piece of cake with very little frosting on it, then scooped out a fair serving of vanilla, followed by an equal amount of strawberry, but then just a bit of chocolate. He handed the plate back to Raven, whose mouth was unawarely father open, and said "For you my sweet" with a very large grin. Raven was shocked and she looked into Beast Boy's eyes with curiosity; that was exactly how she would prefer her dessert in the exact circumstance of choc-van-straw ice cream and cake.

"How did you know?" she asked her boyfriend. Beast Boy slightly chuckled before answering.

"I told you I've always had a crush on you. And you tend to watch your crush and what they do…I guess I've just seen it over the years and realized you don't like frosting that much and you never take as much chocolate as the other two when we have choc-van-straw" he said, raising his eyebrows in an almost smug look. Raven didn't know what to say, but was apparently pleased.

Before she could speak however, the two titans suddenly realized how quiet it was, and simultaneously looked forwards to see their three teammates, all of whom had been watching them; Starfire had a look that said "how cute", and when Beast Boy looked to the left of her and saw Robin and Cyborg, he yelped in rage while Raven gasped. Cyborg had out his iPod touch, and was pointing it right at the two of them and grinning at it, clearly having been taking a video. Robin was also smiling; looking at the iPod from Cyborg's left.

"Hey!" Beast Boy yelled standing up.

"Delete the video now!" Raven said angrily, also standing.

The two boys just started to giggle and ended the video; Raven had had enough and summoned her powers to snatch the iPod out of his hand. She retrieved it, but unfortunately not before Cyborg could lock it.

"Yo! Give it back!" Cyborg said, waving his arms while Robin chuckled partially at both Cyborg and the embarrassed couple. Raven ignored him, and swiped the unlock slide revealing a passcode lock.

"Shit….what's your passcode!?" Beast Boy said firmly to Cyborg, who was watching from beside Raven with his arm around her shoulder.

"Alright I'll make you two a deal: I'll delete the video, but only if you two….." Suddenly, Cyborg started to spasm. He was yelling nonsense, but in it he yelled "Raven what are you-!" and then it stopped. Cyborg panted, his mind was just invaded by Raven, who now knew the passcode.

"Thanks for your cooperation Cyborg" Raven teased, smirking and proceeding to insert the passcode (2321) and delete the video." Beast Boy laughed at Cyborg as she tossed the iPod back to him, and wrapped his arms around her for a few seconds.

"You go girl!" he said, patting her shoulder and receiving a respectful smile from his girlfriend. After Dinner, the rest of the Titans decided to watch a movie. Raven however, decided to go to her room, and Beast Boy watched, but ultimately didn't think much about the movie. He was too busy thinking about the first date he and Raven could go on.

Does she even want to go on dates with me? Where the hell would someone like Raven want to go and what would she want to do?! He thought to himself in the middle of their movie. Perhaps Starfire might be of some help with those questions…..l

End of Chapter

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