I DO NOT OWN THE HUNGER GAMES! This idea came to me when I was watching the last song, so it may have some elements of that movie too. Thank you for all the amazing reviews I've been receiving. I hope you enjoy my third story.

Epilogue (15 years later)

"I'll miss you Mrs. Mellark," one of my students says.

"Don't worry Ariel, I'll be back before you know it," I say and hug the darling little girl. I love being a music teacher. I tried playing professionally for a few years, but I didn't get the feeling of accomplishment from that job. It always makes me smile to see a student fall in love with music because I gave them the push they needed.

"Okay class, just because I'll be gone, it doesn't mean that you should not practice your music," I say. "The substitute will be just as amazing, and I'll be back soon. Have a good rest of the year and summer." It pains me to leave them, but I have to. I leave with a bunch of cards and gifts from my students.

Peeta graduated from his university and inherited the family business, just as planned. It's been super successful, and it makes him happy. He's changed the business a heck of a lot. He goes into the shops sometimes and helps with the bread and cupcakes, which makes him happy. When I walk into the doors, I see my kids playing with their Dad on the floor.

"Mama!" my kids say and run towards me. They attack me with hugs.

"Kids, be careful with your Mama," Peeta says and scoops them up. "You don't want to squish baby Harmony."

"I no squish Nee-nee," my younger one says. "I love Mama, and Nee-nee, Dee, and Da-deeh."

"I know you do Rye," I say and kiss his little nose. He looks just like Peeta, except for his eyes. Melodie looks like me with the dark hair and everything, but she has Peeta's eyes like little sapphires glued on her face.

"Hi Katniss," Peeta says and kisses me. "How was it today?"

"Fine," I say. "I'm going to miss my little music players." We all walk into the living room and I sit down on the couch.

"Are you ready to go?" he asks. I turn to face him in the kitchen.

"As I'll ever be," I say.

"Where are we going Mama?" Melody asks. I pat the seat next to me and she sits there. I start to comb my fingers through her hair and braid it.

"We have to go see Grandma and Aunt Prim because friends from school want to see Daddy and Mama," she turns around to look at me.

"Am I gonna see Jade and Scarlet?" she asks. Prim and Rory also have two girls. They are twins the same age as Melody.

"Yes," I say to her. "You are also going to see Finn, Zander, Rowan, and Sequoia." I finish the braid in her hair and tie it off.

"I don't like Finn," she says angrily. "I only like Jade and Scarlet."

"Weeeeeeahhhhhhooooooo!" Rye screams as he runs around. "WEEEEEAAAAAOOOOO!"

"Rye what are you doing?" I ask and he smiles running away from me. "Crazy boy."

"Hey that's my son you are talking about," Peeta teases. "But he is a crazy little monkey." Peeta runs after our son making sure that he won't get hurt.

We decided to stay in Seattle, for Peeta's sake. It's best for everyone this way. It makes it easier for him to work on the business, and for me to be close to the family.

"Hi kids," she said and hugged Melody and Rye. "Has the little one been crying?"

"Yeah, he's a little cranky today," I say.

"Auntie Prim where are Jade and Scarlet and Uncle Rory?" Melody asks.

"They're at school, but they can't wait to see you," Prim says and grabs Melody's hand. "Let's go inside."

When we enter the house, all we see are toys everywhere. "Sorry about the mess," she says.

"Whatever, our house is worse," I say because it's true. We got two kids who like to play outside and run around and throw things everywhere.

We get ready for the reunion at Prim's, just like we used to when we were younger. I put on a pair of black pants and a cream colored shirt with ruffles. I keep my hair down and get my kids ready soon after. Melody wears a red dress, much to her dismay, and I put a little bow in her long hair. Rye, on the other hand, would not let me put on his clothes. I tried so many times and finally got on some khaki pants and the cutest plaid button up shirt.

"Come on kids," Peeta calls out. The two little ones come up next to their father. The youngest is trying to catch up on his chubby toddler legs, while our daughter is hand in hand with Peeta. Prim, Rory, and the kids already left to get us a table. Rye was being a little cranky and difficult.

"Da-Deee way fo meeeee!" the younger one yells, and Peeta waits for his son to catch up. He trips on the sidewalk, and sits motionless. His two year old eyes look up at me and Peeta, waiting for one of us to notice.

"Oh no," Melody says and runs over to her little brother. "Ryker fell. It's okay Rye." My daughter soothes her little brother. I grab the baby bag with everything we need for the little ones and lock the car. Peeta starts to walk over to Rye and he looks up at his father. Like the little attention hog he is, he starts to cry bloody murder throughout the whole parking lot.

"No!" he screams. "Mama I wan mama nowwww!" The large tears are spilling out of his big gray eyes as Peeta holds him. Rye starts to punch and kick at him. "I wan Mamaaaaaaa!" His crying doesn't cease and Peeta and I start to laugh.

"It isn't funny," Melody says with her hands on her hips. "Rye is sad and scared."

"No he isn't," I say to my daughter. "He just wants attention from Mama." I walk over to Peeta who is trying to control our son's flailing arms.

"Mama!" he says and looks at me with his puffy eyes. "Mama I wan you Mama!" Rye holds his arms out for me to hold him. I smile at him and ruffle his blonde hair, which is identical to Peeta's.

"Calm down baby boy," I say, but he's not taking any of it. He still kicks and screams at Peeta. "Ryker I can't hold you right now." He still cries and Peeta is starting to do the bounce that usually calms him down.

"Come on buddy," Peeta says soothingly. "Mama can't hold you right now, maybe later." Rye still cries for me. My poor baby is such a mama's boy. He follows me around everywhere, and insists on staying near me.

"Rye you need to listen to Daddy okay," I say and kiss his forehead. His crying slowly ends into little whimpers.

"I listen Da-deee," he repeats. I wipe the tears from his eyes and kiss his forehead.

"That's my little boy," I say and place my forehead against his.

"Oh so he listens to Mama but not to Daddy?" Peeta teases and Rye rests his head on Peeta's shoulder with his thumb in his mouth.

"Can I hold your hand Daddy?" Melody asks. My daughter is a definite Daddy's girl, but she loves her mama too. She's the newest piano prodigy in the family. Rye already started to bang on the keys, but he's not old enough to learn the notes yet. Melody enjoys playing just as much as I did as a child. It's her choice if she wants to continue playing.

"Of course," Peeta says. She puts her hand in my husband's larger one. She squeezes tightly as we near the entrance. Peeta and I haven't stepped in these halls for years. Since Haymitch retired, I never had a reason to go back to our high school, but now it's our reunion after ten years. Peeta is the first to walk in. He looks very handsome for this event today, while I feel underdressed, even though he reassured me that I was perfectly fine.

Everything looks the same. The halls, the color of the lockers, the squeaking of the floors when you walk. Both Peeta and I get to the doors to get into the quad. "You ready?" he asks.

"As I'll ever be," I say and I open up the door, since his hands are full. We are spotted by everyone in the room when we walk in. Peeta is still supporting his son and directing Melody to go sit at a small table with some kids.

"Katniss!" Madge and Annie both call out. It's not like I don't talk to them, because I call them almost every week, but I haven't seen them in person for a few months.

"Look at you," Annie says while trying to hug me. "You are glowing!"

"You look amazing for being 6 months pregnant," Madge says and hugs me. "I wonder who this one will look like."

"I'm hoping she'll look like Peeta," I say while smiling. "I think she will." They both look at me with big eyes.

"Another girl?" Annie asks and I nod. "Man, I'm stuck with 3 boys, including Finnick." Annie and Finnick got married a few years before Peeta and I did. She and Finnick got married on the beach in San Diego, and they still live there. His whole family and a huge amount of his friends showed up, while Annie only invited a few people. She has two boys, Finnick Jr. and Zander. Finn looks just like his father and acts the exact same way, while Zander is calm and sweet like his mother. Finn is two years older than Melody and Zander is about a year younger.

"I guess I got the best of both worlds," Madge teases. Madge married Gale while in college. She had her first, Rowan, right after she graduated. A few years later, Sequoia was born who looks just like Gale, but girl version. They live in Oregon, since Gale's job moved back here. "Where are the little suckers anyways?"

Just as Madge finishes her sentence, Peeta comes over with a very sleepy Rye in his arms. "Hi Madge, Hi Annie," Peeta says.

"Aww, is the little one tired?" Annie asks and rubs Rye's back.

"Yeah, he's having a bad day," I say. "Rye can you say hi to Auntie Madge and Auntie Annie?" Rye turns around and yawns before waving.

"Hi Auntie Ma and Ann-iee," he says and rubs his eyes before resting his head on Peeta's neck.

"I think he's going to sleep the whole time," Peeta says. "I'll just hold him. It was very nice seeing you two again."

"Same," Annie says and Peeta leaves to go talk to his old friends. I look over there and they're all making fun of him for having Rye on his arm.

Melody finds Jade and Scarlet and they're running around the room, away from Zander and Finn who are chasing them. Sequoia and Rowan are a little older, so they sit next to some of the older kids.

"Well would you look at that," Annie says. "I think my boys like the Everdeens' daughters." We all laugh at her observation.

"Which one?" I ask. Annie laughs so hard.

"Finn has been asking about Melody for days," She says. "Finnick was trying to teach him some of his charm, but as you can see it's not working." As we talk, Prim comes to meet us.

"Hi guys," she says. "How's everything?"

"Fine," I say. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Delly talking to Peeta, Finnick, and Gale. Annie Madge and I walk over to where they are.

"Oh your son is very cute," I hear Delly say. "Where's your wife?" As if I wouldn't be here today.

"Right here," I say and stand next to Peeta who kisses me on the forehead.

"Oh Katniss, your huge!" she says. She's trying to push my buttons, and Peeta can see that, so he tries to cover it up.

"Yeah, a new baby girl on the way," he says while rubbing my bump. "Her name is Harmony." He puts his arm around my shoulder and holds me close.

"Melody is running around somewhere and you've obviously met Rye," I say to Delly. "Do you have any kids?"

"I have two with my first husband and 1 with the new one," she says.

"Oh wow, already divorced at thirty, that's a new record here," I say to taunt her and it seems to be working.

"I've seen people get divorced younger than me," she says. "I am not so old myself. I am still young and beautiful."

"Yeah, about that," I start to say. "I see you've gotten another nose job. That's really great, I mean the old one was too out of style I guess, but you should get a new plastic surgeon, I can see the stitches."

"Well, at least I'm not a bloated whale," she says. Is that all she really has on me?

"At least my imperfection is bringing a life, while yours brings more attention to your God awful nose job," I retort.

"I am leaving," she says and walks away.

"I hope you don't trip," I say to her. "You don't want to pop one of your boobs!" Annie and I start to laugh so hard. Finnick and Peeta I guess don't understand the things girls say to insult each other.

The rest of the reunion went by smoothly. Everyone looked super happy to their old friends. I was happy to see my friends and to hear from the others that I knew. Peeta was crowded by so many people. They either asked him about the business, or me, or the kids. He was, by far, the most popular at the reunion. When it ended, I couldn't be happier to leave. My feet were hurting and I wanted to go to sleep.

When we got home, I went inside to change my kids then to go to sleep myself. I put Rye, who was still sleeping, in a little onesie pajama and his overnight diapers. He's potty trained, but I don't want to take any chances at night. I laid him on the bed that he and Melody share. After, Melody brushed her teeth and I helped her put on her pajamas and she soon fell asleep after.

After I got changed and did my nightly rituals, I waited for Peeta to come into bed to sleep. "You didn't have to wait for me," he says as he gets in to hold me.

"I wanted to," I say and kiss his cheek. "Did you have fun?"

"A little," he says. "I didn't like how everyone crowded me, especially with little Ryker, but I enjoyed catching up with them." He holds me close and rubs the growing baby. "I can't wait for little Harmony."

"Me either," I say and kiss him on the nose. "But this is the last baby for a while. I think I need a break." He laughs.

"Okay, I would be happy with just one, but three is just amazing," he says and kisses me on the lips. Just as we are about to sleep, the door opens to reveal a little 2 year old boy running in.

"Mama?" he asks. I turn to look at my son who is holding a little stuffed elephant in his arm. "Can I sleep wit you and Da-dee?" I scoot over closer to Peeta and lift the boy onto the bed. He snuggles into me and sucks his thumb. I rhythmically rub his hair away from his face, and he soon falls asleep. A few hours later, Peeta and I are awoken again, but by a little girl in her poodle pajamas.

"Mama can I sleep here?" she asks. Peeta scoots over more and Melody sleeps next to Rye and me.

The next morning, I wake up with two little bodies pressed up against me. Peeta probably woke up already and is out getting ready for the day. I carefully remove myself from the covers and go to the bathroom. After I freshen up a little bit, I walk outside the room and see Peeta. "Good Morning," I say while getting a huge plate of French toast.

"Good Morning," Peeta says happily and I take the seat next to him. He puts his hand on my bump. "She seems happy."

"Yeah," I say as I stuff my face. "I think she likes French toast." They all laugh at my comment.

"So what are we doing today?" Peeta asks.

"We are going to see Mom and Haymitch," I tell Peeta.

A few minutes later, a very sluggish Melody walks out of the room and sits on Peeta's lap. "Mama, are we going to see Grandma?"

"Yes baby girl," I tell her. "We are going to see Gram, Papa Haymitch, and Grandma and Pa, and tomorrow we're to going Grandma and Pa."

"I like Gram," she says happily. "She likes to play with me. I like Papa Haymtich too; he likes to play with me too." I snicker and Peeta lifts her to look in the face.

"Pa really wants to see you," he says and kisses her cheek. As Melody eats breakfast, we hear a screaming Rye in the room. "I'll get it."

Peeta comes back with a very happy Rye when he comes out of the room. "Mama!" he screams while running to me and giving me a hug. "Dee!" He runs to hug his sister. "Dadeeeeee!" he screams and giggles when Peeta lifts him in the air.

We finish eating breakfast and get the kids dressed. We put Melody and Rye in their play clothes. Rye wears his little sandals that light up and Melody wears her little flowery sandals that change color in the sun. "Ready to see Gram?"

"Yeahhhh!" they both scream. We make our way to my mom's house and she's already waiting outside for us.

"Look at my little kids!" she says happily and hugs each of the kids. "Hi Peeta," she says and hugs him. "Katniss you are so beautiful."

"Thanks Mom," I say and hug her back. We walk inside and she already has cookies and the toys ready.

"How's everything? The kids? The baby?" she asks.

"Well everything is good," Peeta says. "The kids are as wild as ever. They just love to wear us out."

"I bet," my mom says. She's warmed up greatly to Peeta and sees him as her own son. "You guys look great. Especially Katniss, I mean, look at her."

"Thanks Mom," I say again. "We are really excited for Harmony to come."

"SO it's a she?" she asks and we nod. "I got to get my little pink booties out again."

"Gram-Gram!" Rye screams and my mom gets up.

"Yes Rye?" she says.

"Come pway," he says and holds her hand as he leads her to the play area. "Look at me and Dee!"

"Gram-Gram you can be the customer," Melody says. "I will be the chef and Rye will be the waiter." They play restaurant and we get invited into the whole mess too. We eat lunch and play on the beach for a little while.

"Katniss I haven't seen you in so long, and now you have to leave," she says and gives me a tight squeeze. "By the time you come back, you'll be plus three."

"Mom I live five minutes away," I say while hugging her back. "You can see me every day if you really want to."

"Okay I will then," she says and kisses my cheek. "Bye Peeta." She also gives him a hug.

"Bye Lilian," he says and hugs her back. My mom lifts Rye and kisses him and he hugs her.

"Bye Gram-Gram," he says with his sweet little voice.

"Bye Rye," she says and blows him a kiss. Melody hugs her and kisses her cheek.

"Bye Gram-Gram," she says sweetly.

"Bye baby girl," she says. We leave with her outside still waving as we drive to Haymitch's house.

"Now who's knocking my door," he teases and my kids giggle and scream.

"It's us Papa," the say in unison. "Open the door."

"What's the password?" Haymitch asks. They both giggle and whisper something to his face and he opens up.

"Hi Haymitch," I say and hug my godfather.

"Sweetheart," he says and puts a hand on my stomach. "How's the swimmer?"

"She's good," I say to him. "Her name will be Harmony Mitch." He smiles so brightly I thing that I'll go blind.

"That's great sweetheart," he says. "Oh Peeta, I forgot about you for a second. How're you?" They give each other a handshake.

"Very good," he says. "How's everything Haymitch?"

"Great," he says. "I'm hoping to hear the little prodigy's playing."

"Oh you will," both Peeta and I say. Right after, melody starts to play the new song she learned. It's Beethoven : Sonata Hammerklavier opus 106. She mastered it a few weeks before we arrived. She looks just like me when I was little. I loved to play and we share the same passion that my father had and passed down to me. Sometimes, I even see my dad sitting next to her, helping her play the piece.

"Man, sometimes I see Katniss," Haymitch says but she turns around after she finishes the song. "Then I see those eyes and remember it's the girl's daughter." He goes to grab Melody and spins her in the air.

"Papa I'm getting dizzy," she says and he puts her down.

"Papa look at me," Rye says and he bangs on the keys of the piano. Haymtich starts to laugh.

"Good job boy," he says and ruffles his hair. "Pretty soon you'll be as good as Melody."

"I like Dee," Rye says and hugs his sister. I sit around with the kids while Haymitch and Peeta talk. It's probably one of those manly talks that is either about me, or will affect me. When they finish talking, Haymitch goes to teach Melody and Rye.

"So what did you guys talk about?" I ask Peeta nonchalantly. I think that he can tell that I'm a little nosy right now.

"He said that I am doing a good job," Peeta says confidently. I choke on my own saliva when he says that.

"He actually said that to you?" I ask. "Haymitch said that to you?"

"I know right?" Peeta says and we burst out laughing.

"Wha so funnyyy?" Rye asks and runs over to us. "Mama wha so funnyyy?"

"Nothing Rye," I say and furrows his eyebrows at me. "Daddy just said something funny." He seems to understand and runs back to Haymitch and Melody.

Soon after we play for a while, we go to Prim's home for a family dinner. Rye is already fully asleep in the back and Melody is sitting in the back singing the nursery rhymes she learned at school. We get back to Prim's and I put Rye away for his nap, while Melody plays with her cousins. Peeta and Rory go outside to make dinner, while I help Prim with dessert.

"So how was everyone?" she asks me as we take out the cake from the oven.

"Mom and Haymitch were good," I say. "Rye wore himself out today, so I don't know if he'll wake up for dinner, but once he hears cake he'll be up." We laugh at the comment.

"Are you nervous to see Peeta's parent's?" Prim asks me. She is frosting the cake while I am eating the leftovers in the bowl.

"A little," I say. "His dad likes me, but it's still touchy with his mom even though we've been married for 7 years." I finish the frosting and place it in the sink.

"Don't worry about it," Prim says and places the cake in the fridge. "It's not your problem, it's hers." We eat dinner together and everyone seems to be pleased with the food. Rye wakes up for dessert and goes a little crazy on a sugar high.

"The itsy bitsy spidah wen up da wader spou," he sings. "Dow came da rain and wash dee spidah out. Out came dee sun and dry up all dee rain and dee itsy bitsy spidah wen up dee spout again." Everyone cheers and claps for him. The kids run around crazily on a sugar high for hours, and finally all end up sleeping on the floor. Peeta grabs both our son and daughter when Rory puts his daughters in bed. We leave the house and put the kids in bed when we get home.

We wake up to go to Peeta's Parents' house at 11. The kids were already up at 9 with Peeta, and I woke up to get them ready for the family picnic. Honestly I'm a little nervous. I'm so used to my family who are all loving and hands on. His family is a little more reserved and high class. Since it's a picnic, I dress the kids in some comfortable clothes they can run in. I put little overall skirt on Melody with a purple shirt under. Peeta puts Rye in little shorts and a button up shirt with his light up sandals.

"Hi George," Peeta says through the speaker and the gate opens. Apparently, we are having a picnic with the whole family toay. We drive up and Peeta unbuckles Melody and Rye. Melody runs out and holds my hand, while Rye seems more comfortable being carried inside.

We both ring the doorbell and his dad opens up the door. "Katniss! Peeta!" he says and hugs us both.

"Hi Dad," Peeta says happily. He sets down Rye who hides behind my legs, grabbing onto my jeans.

"Katniss, you look beautiful," he says. "Is it another pianist in there?" He rubs my protruding stomach with a smile.

"I don't know," I say. "We picked out a musical name so we'll see when she's older."

"And hello to you guys," Barley says and crouches down on his knees. "I remember this beautiful girl, but I don't think the little boy remembers me."

"Hi Pa," Melody says and hugs Barley.

"Hi Pa!" Rye screams and follows his sister's example.

"This one is sure like Peeta," Barley says and lifts Rye. "Hello there Rye." We walk into the house. Melody is holding her Pa's hand and Peeta's arm is around my waist when we go to the orchard.

"Look who's here!" Barley exclaims and the whole clan rushes towards us. Peeta's brother greets me with his wife. A few of his cousins are visiting too, and his grandparents are there as well, but I don't see his mother yet.

"Oh Katniss you're absolutely stunning!" Phyl's wife says. "Look at her." All the ladies crowd around me as they talk about my pregnancy. I am bombarded by questions about the gener, and her name, and when I'm due, and if the kids are okay. I all tell them everything, and sit down to watch my children play.

"Mama I got this for you," Rye says and holds out his little hand holding a flower.

"Thank you baby boy," I say and kiss his head. After he leaves to run around with his cousins, Mrs. Mellark, Grace, comes into view. I slowly get up from my spot to go say hi.

"Hi Mrs. Mellark," I say. I am not used to calling her by her first name. It seems out of place.

"Katniss," she says coldly. "You look great being pregnant and all." I guess it's a complement.

"Thank you," I say politely. "You look healthy and stunning." It's true. It doesn't look like she's aged a bit, and her dress makes her look beautiful.

"Thank you," she says. "So where are the kids?" I look around to find my kids.

"Oh, they're over there," I say while pointing to them. "Dee, Rye come over here!" My two kids run over to my side.

"Hi Mama," Rye says and hugs my leg. Melody holds my hand.

"Say hi to your Grandma," I say and they look at Mrs. Mellark.

"Hi Gramma," Rye says and waves his chubby little fingers in the air.

"If I didn't know any better, I would think that this was Peeta," she says and bends over to hug her grandson. I've never really seen her be that affectionate to anyone.

"Hi Grandma," Melody says and gets a hug from her grandmother. "You have lots of pretty flowers."

"Thank you sweetheart," she says. Peeta makes his way over to us soon after.

"Hey kids," he says and picks both of them up in his arms. He gets a bunch of giggles from them when he kisses them.

"Hi Mom," he says to Mrs. Mellark.

"Hi Peeta," she says back. "Your kids are adorable." Peeta takes pride when anyone comments about his kids. He is the best father around.

"Thanks Mom," he says proudly. "They look just like Katniss though; this one is a carbon copy." He nuzzles his face onto her cheek.

"Oh no," I say to him. "You and Rye are the same."

"I wonder how this one will turn out," he says looking at my stomach.

"Is it a girl or boy?" His mother asks.

"A girl," I reply happily while rubbing my stomach. "We're naming her Harmony, or Nee for short." She smiles and we stand in an awkward silence.

"Grace, come here for a second," Peeta's dad calls.

"I'll see you in a few," she says and walks briskly to Mr. Mellark.

Peeta sets the kids down to go play with their cousins some more. I walk over to the other women again talking to them about the kids and how life is. I haven't seen these people for a while. We see Peeta's parents probably once a month and they don't really like to talk with me, especially since I'm the only one without blonde or blue eyes.

We eat and play some more, and then Rye starts to get cranky. He doesn't want to take to anyone and just wants to cry. "Come here Rye," Barley says he holds Rye in his arms. "You can stay with Pa."

Rye falls asleep in his grandpa's arms, not like he minds. He talks to the family members and continues to hold my sleeping son. When I'm sitting, because my feet hurt, Grandma Mellark comes to see me. She's about 70 and looks great for her age.

"Katniss darling," she says and I turn to get up.

"Hi Grandma Mellark," I say and hug her.

"You look very well," she says and smiles at me. I always like Peeta's grandmother. She is the nicest to me, besides his dad and brother. "I hope we have another cutie pie."

"I hope so too," I say. "But if she looks anything like Peeta, we'll all be good."

"Oh no," she says while feeling Harmony kick. "We need some variety. All I see are a bunch of blondes, I want another beautiful brunette just like the mother."

"Thank you," she says and she walks to go see her great grandchildren. We leave the Picnic after Melody starts to get tired, even though she is reluctant to leave.

"We have to go," Peeta says while taking the sleeping Rye from his father. "We'll see you soon."

"If you guys need any help with the kids, just call," Barley says.

"I will," I say to him and give him a big hug.

"Can't wait to see baby Nee," he says happily. "I want to see the little Harmony the second she's here."

"Oh you'll know," I say happily. "Only a few months now." We leave the house, ready to get back home for some rest.

Christmas Time

"Everyone, Melody has something she wants to share with all of you," I say and she takes a seat at my father's old piano. The tree is right next to her, drowned in presents lowing onto the smooth black surface.

The whole family is there. Haymitch, Mom, Prim and Rory, Peeta's parents, Phyl and his family, Grandma and Grandpa Mellark, and all the cousins. Melody turns around to look at me and Peeta. I give her thumbs up as I hold the new baby Harmony and Rye is sitting with Papa. Her fingers gracefully play over the keys of the piano. Her first original piece she's ever written and performed, and she's doing great.

Haymitch watches her in awe, and looks at me smiling. When she finishes, everyone claps for her amazing talent and I go to hug her. "You know, she reminds me of you," Haymitch says. "Looks like you from behind."

"That's what everyone says," I say.

"Because it's true," he responds. After, melody comes to me to talk about her song.

"Was it good Mama?" she asks nervously. I kiss her on the forehead.

"It was amazing," I tell her. "You did better than me when I was younger." She giggles and runs off. I stand looking over the crowd of people, and I see it. I see my father's figure standing among the crowd smiling at me. He soon disappears and I look for him frantically. As I scan over the crowd again, the sun shines through the window and I smile thinking that my dad was here to share the special moment with us.

"She did good," Peeta says and kisses my cheek. "I bet she will be just like her Mama." I laugh so hard.

"She'll go to the same school and go to Julliard where her boyfriend will follow her there and then get married," I say and his face looks serious.

"No," he says. "She's going to play her heart song, just like her mother, and make everyone fall in love with her music." I kiss him and join the rest of the family when we eat the sugar cookies we made for this occasion.

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