First Fanfic, so dont be surprised if it is really bad. I loved the Sam X Lara pairing and wished there was more of them to read. So far almost all of them have been really good. But I am hoping that this will be more than a one shot but it all depends on the reviews and what you guys think. I am open to ideas as to how to keep it going. If i keep going then i will prob do a mature scene between the two lovely ladies so also open to ideas for that. Let me know what you think.

The air was calm and the water was gentle. No one would have guessed that only a few hours ago there was a raging storm that would never end. Lara stood at the front of the ship leaning against the rail lost in her thoughts.

There has got to be more. I need answers. I have to find answers, I was the reason we were on that island. I owe it to them. Grim, Alex… Roth.

Lara was broken from her thoughts by a gentle touch on her arm. She looked up to see Sam.

"Hey" Sam said

"Hey" Lara avoid Sam's eye contact, she didn't want to see the worry or concern in her eyes.

"Lara, look at me" Lara ignored the request and continued to look down at her feet. Sam reached out and put her hand on Lara's chin and pushed her head up to level with her own. Their eyes connected. Lara could feel her eyes start to water but she refused to cry. She wasn't going to cry.

Sam moved her hand to Lara's cheek.

"Sweetie its okay, you don't need to hold it in. I'm here for you. Lara, just let go"

And that's what Lara did, she let go. Tears fell down her cheeks. She wrapped her arms around Sam's waist and buried her face in the crook of her neck. She didn't sob, she just cried. She could feel the wetness forming on Sam's leather jacket.

After a few minutes the tears started to slow and eventually they stopped but Lara did not let go of Sam. She was afraid too, she was afraid if she let go that Sam would disappear.

"I'm sorry" Lara mumbled with her head still buried in Sam's neck

"For what?" Sam pulled back from Lara. She wiped the remaining tears from Lara's face.

"Everything…For dragging you into this mess, falling asleep, not being there, not listening to anyone, not-"

"Stop!" Sam interrupted firmly. "Stop right now, you didn't cause any of this."

"Sam that's not true." Lara pulled away from her and turned to face the water.

"It is true; we all signed up for this. It was Whitman's show. We were doing him a favor after his company canceled him. For everyone else it was for adventure. No one could have predicted that all this shit would happen. After all they were supposed to be myths. Lara, you were being you. Seeking out the truth and the history behind it all. We found what we set out for and there is no way you could have known what would happen. You can't blame yourself for something you had not control over."

Sam leaned against the rail next to Lara. Lara could feel her eyes on her, she was waiting for a reply but Lara had none.

"You did the best you could, more than anyone of us could have imagined. You saved us, you saved me." Sam's voice hitched causing Lara to look over at her. She could see Sam's hands covering her face trying to control the tears.

"Sam, I wasn't going to let anything happen to you." Lara once again wrapped her arms around Sam but instead of being comforted she was the one doing the comforting. As Sam cried Lara went back to the moments when she thought she lost Sam. First, at the campsite where she first met Mathias, then at the stronghold where Sam was tied up to the pole and finally when her soul was being sucked out by Himiko.

I don't know what I would have done without her. She means so much to me. I never realized how dim my life would be without her. Roth taught me how to survive. He taught me how to survive without him. But with Sam, I cant. If I had lost Sam on that island, then it wouldn't have been worth it. I probably would have given up right then and there. All throughout university she was my savior. She pulled out of the books and helped me relax. I never realized how much she has done for me. Her small subtle remarks; her camera and her smile. They all keep me together.

Lara pulled away from Sam. She could still see tears sliding down her face.

"Come on, let's go inside. The captain said there we some empty beds on the lower levels that we could use" Lara said. She grabbed Sam's hand and led her into the ship and down to level three. The inside was similar to the Endurance and it made Lara feel a sense of nostalgia.

When they found the room they saw three beds laying parallel to each other. Lara led Sam to the bed closest to the wall. She helped Sam take off her jacket and told her to get under the covers. Sam did as she was told after kicking off her boots. After making sure Sam was tucked in Lara kneeled by the side of the bed and just held Sam's hand.

"Try to get some sleep Sam" Lara urged

"I don't know if I can, and what about you?"

"I'll be fine. Please try to sleep."

"Can you talk to me while I sleep?" Sam looked at Lara with fear. Lara could tell she was afraid of what she would see if she fell asleep.

"Okay but you have to close your eyes" Sam looked at Lara for a moment but then complied.

"Okay, what to talk about?... Oh, I know. Remember how we met?" Lara saw Sam smile at the mention of the memory. A memory that both of them would never forget.

Lara was in the library writing a paper for her English class. The paper could be about anything so she decided to write about Atlantis. She thought it was funny how only three days into school and she already had a paper due in two day.

I thought they were supposed to go easy on freshmen. Whatever, it beats being in my dorm.

Lara did not have luck with her roommate. She ended up with a roommate that was popular with the guys and constantly had them over. She had no consideration for the fact that Lara was in the room. Lara tried to switch out but was having no such luck.

BANG! Lara jumped at the sound and looked up to see a girl near the other table.

"Ow, Shit that hurt" the girl muttered. "Sorry dad, I almost broke the camera".

Lara wasn't sure who she was talking to until she saw the camera in her hand. The girl put the camera down on the table and picked up the chair she had knocked over. The girl had short black hair that was cut at an angle. She looked to be Asian. She was wearing a pair of red shorts with a gray t-shirt. Lara couldn't help but think she was really pretty.

"Are you okay?' Lara asked concerned.

The girl looked over at her and smiled. She grabbed her camera and made her way towards Lara.

"Yeah I'm fine. I am a bit clumsy at times… Well actually all the time. I'm Sam Nishimura." She held out her hand.

"Lara Croft" Lara replied shaking her hand.

"That's a cool name. Guessing from your accent you're from around here." Sam sat up on the table next to Lara's papers and was peering down at her.

"Um… Yeah, I was born in London. You sound American?"

"Yep, that I am. I didn't want to go to school in the states so I came here, University Of Cambridge. I'm studying film, what about you?" Lara was taken back by how fast she spoke. If Lara hadn't known any better she would think she was on crack.

"Archaeology" Lara replied

"Ahh that would explain why you are in the library. Couldn't wait to start digging." Sam smiled and winked at Lara.

Lara caught the pun and smiled back. "Actually, I'm doing English homework"

"Homework!? Already? That sucks."

"What are you doing in the library?" Lara asked since due to her response she assumed Sam didn't have any homework.

"Documenting. My dad got me this camera, so I am doing a tour of the school. The library was my last stop. A filmmaker got to film everything, you never know when something gonna happen." Sam grabbed the camera and flipped it open. She pointed the lens towards Lara.

"Say hello"

"Please don't, I hate being filmed" Lara put her hands in front of her face.

"Oh come on, we are making memories. You never know, one day, in thousand years from now someone might find this tape in the ground. They will decide to play it to find out where it came from and they will discover that the famous world renowned archaeologist Lara Croft was on this tape. We could possibly be making history right now Ms. Croft. Isn't that what archaeology is about, discovering the past? There needs to be memories in order for there to be a pasted so come on and stop being camera shy. Let's start our adventure." Lara peeked through her fingers and saw that the camera was still pointed at her and that Sam had a goofy smile on her face. She gave in and put her hands down and smiled at Sam through the camera.

"Hello" she said

Sam had fallen asleep right when Lara started talking about the memory but Lara couldn't help but continue to relive it. It was a great moment and one that changed her life. She had met her best friend. From that day forth, they were always together. Sam with her camera and Lara with her notes.

She looked so beautiful that day. I remember it as if it happened yesterday. Who would have thought that we would still be together? She was right about everything. We made memories, and we have had an adventure. Together. I'm so glad she is alive. I'm glad she knocked over that chair.

Lara looked down at her best friend and couldn't help but feel a deep feeling in her stomach. It wasn't a bad feeling, it was an unknown feeling. A nervousness almost. But a nervousness of what? Lara couldn't figure it out. She brushed it off as a feeling due to being tired. She decided to get some sleep to. She let go of Sam's hand and crawled into the other bed right next to Sam's. She would get herself looked at when they docked since the doctor that was aboard the ship had gotten off at the last docking area due to an emergency. The captain said that there was a medical bay at the shipping port where she could get looked at properly. In the meantime he had given her some pain killers so she popped two in after she crawled under the covers.

As Lara was getting comfortable Sam started shifting around and had gotten a tense look on her face. Sam started to mumble "no, no, no". Lara got out of bed and climbed on to Sam's bed and pulled her close. Although it was a bit cramped and Lara was on top of the blankets Sam had started to calm down and had stopped moving around. Lara figured that she shouldn't try to move so she put her head down on the pillow and soon fell asleep with her arms around Sam.