Hello all you lovely people! I'm back and ready to dazzle you with my newest story. Now I don't know if this will be a one-shot or be an actual series, so you must have patience with me. But for now, let's start the show, shall we?

Summary: When Voldemort realizes just how important Harry Potter is to him, he'll do anything to keep the boy safe. Anything.

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The Most Precious Snakeling

Chapter 1: The Snakeling

Harry's POV

The second Voldemort took over my mind was the second my life became hell. Pain like no other raced through my head and body. It felt like a thousand Crucios were cast upon me and my mind longed to shut down to get away from the pain. I could barely make out what Voldemort was saying to Albus Dumbledore, but I knew whatever it was, it didn't bode well for me. The more time he spent taunting Dumbledore, the more I longed for him to just get it over with.

"Just fucking kill me already!" I sobbed in the privacy of my own mind.

"Let this end! Please make it all stop!" I thought as I tried to push Voldemort from my mind.

He laughed at my weak attempts to dislodge him from my mind. I could practically see his grinning face, knowing and enjoying that he was causing me pain. It was only then that I felt something else. Pushing him a little harder, I felt something begin to bend. Thinking it was his hold on me; I pushed against it as hard as I could and felt it shatter like glass under my will.

The pain immediately died and I was left feeling…calm. Warm almost, like I was wrapped in the most wonderful blanket. My knees became weak and I collapsed to the floor of the Ministry, sighing in bliss as the feelings continued to drown me in a world of wonder. I didn't want it to end and I soon found myself asleep.


Voldemort's POV

I ignored the boy's weak attempt to force me from his mind, too busy enjoying his pain and the distress of the man I hated so. Knowing that I was causing both my enemies such pain was addicting and I soon found myself taunting the old man into killing his dear Golden Boy. For a while, I felt the boy turn his attention to something else in his own mind and paid him no heed until it shattered. It was then and only then did I feel it. A single piece of my soul called out to me from deep within the boy's own mind.

Trying my attention inward, I found myself shocked when the feeling of completion came over me. It was like the boy had found my shatter soul piece and accepted it as a part of him, reminding me of my dear Nagini. The warmth surprised me and I found myself struggling not to give in, no matter how much my battered soul wished to.

"A horcrux! The boy, the blasted child is my horcrux!" I thought with shock.

I vaguely felt the boy drop to his knees as a blanket surrounded us both. It was then I knew that I couldn't let the boy die.

"He's mine! The boy is mine! My horcrux, mine!" my insane mind supplied and my soul agreed.

I knew I had to do something. I couldn't leave the boy here after this development. It was too risky, too dangerous.

"It seems I'm leaving with a guest." I thought to myself as I forcefully took control over the boy's body.

He didn't seem to notice in the least and I wondered how it must feel to him, but I ignored those thoughts as I gathered up my magic and forcefully apparated from the scene right before Dumbledore's' eyes. The second we touched down at Riddle Manor, I separated myself from the boy and found myself standing over him. He was unconscious, dirty, and bloody, lying on the dusty floor in the den. With a growl, I walked over to a nearby chair and slumped into it, covering my eyes with my hand as I tried to figure out how it all went wrong. As I sat there, my mind drifted back to the night I murdered the Potter's.

Even then, I had been worried about how easy it was to find the keeper and get the information from him. How simple it had been to walk to the front door, enter the house and kill the Potter family, all but one.

"There should have been more wards. More traps or something! If they were truly being protected, Dumbledore should have known the moment I showed up!" I thought furiously.

My mind went around and around in circles as my eyes drifted over to the unconscious boy, who had moved slightly and was now laying curled up in a ball on my floor. As if lightening struck me, I realized that the key here was Dumbledore himself. With that piece figured out, all the other pieces fell into place. My eyes went wide.

"He knew…" I whispered, almost blown away by the sheer shock that gripped my soul.

"He didn't appear because he wanted this to happen. He wanted the Potter's dead…he wanted me to make this mistake…he knew I would make a horcrux!" I whispered frantically and with that, I slumped back, mind blown by the sheer madness that was Albus Dumbledore's grand plan.

My eyes locked onto the unconscious boy and it was then I had a thought.

"My other horcruxes, are they safe? Are they even still left where I put them?!" I thought jumping to my feet, my mind moving at the speed of light.

So lost was I that I never heard the door open until a single hiss caught my attention. Looking over, I saw my dear Nagini moving towards the teen and watched in fascination as she tasted the air around him before wrapping herself around him, nuzzling his hair as she hissed sweetly to him, like he was one of her newly born hatchlings.

:Sweet snakeling, how small you are. Oh sweet, little hatchling, how dear.: she hissed at the boy, who mumbled back and actually moved closer to her.

:Nagini, my dear. Why do you talk to him so? Do you not recognize your master's enemy anymore?: I hissed back and the huge serpent simply looked at me.

:Silly master, he is no enemy. He is a hatchling, little more than a baby snakeling. Can't you tell? He carries your scent now, which means he must be yours. Not enemy, master. Just hatchling.: she hissed back teasingly, almost as if I was some stupid child.

With a sigh, I sat back in my chair, watching as Nagini cuddled my once enemy, now horcrux. This was going to be a long night.

To Be Continued?


Well, there you have it. I'm guessing this is going be my first part to a series. I hope it's ok and if anyone wants to help me out, that would be great. Send me some ideas and I'll see what I can do. For now, later.