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Summary: When Voldemort realizes just how important Harry Potter is to him, he'll do anything to keep the boy safe. Anything.

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Chapter 22: A Lord's Rage

Voldemort's POV

My blood was boiling, my mind caught in a never-ending rage that seemed to fill my thoughts. The outside world seemed muddled and foggy to my ears as I paced my office, my magic crackling under my skin with every step. I vaguely noticed that Narcissa sat by the door, sobbing uncontrollably while Lucius tried and failed to both reassure her about their heir's safety while trying to keep up his pureblood mask. My mind returned to its previous thoughts and the more I thought about it, the more enraged I became. Dumbledore had weaseled his way into my home, had ripped through my wards like they were child's play and had DARED to take what was MINE!

:I will skin him alive for this!: I hissed venomously as I spun around and sent a curse at my desk, setting it aflame.

Though it was unnecessary damage, it made me feel better and calmer. With one last look at the Malfoy's, I swept from the room and into the dungeons. There I entered the first cell, where it looked like Greyback had just finished…'integrating' our dear friend Alastair Moody. The man was little more than a bloody pulp at this point, but that mattered not. With a look, Greyback grabbed Moody by what was left of his hair and dragged him to his feet.

"Dearest Moody, I will admit, I think this is a good look for you. Covered in your own filth, bloody and broken. Yes, a good look indeed." I said and he scowled.

"Go to hell, you empty, soulless monster." He hissed and I laughed.

"I'm a monster? Really, Moody. You're one to talk. Look what sort of man you are following. A man who was so happy to abandon you here to save his own skin. Now that, that is heartless." I replied and he glared.

"I'm curious about something, Moody. I really am." I started as I began to pace before him.

"You sent your beloved followers to the home of my greatest ally without backup, without a plan, without even a shred of concern for their safety. It's…quite unlike you." I said and he growled, but with a quick shake from Greyback, said nothing.

"My question is this…why? Why go after Potter instead of helping your comrades? Why is he so important?" I asked as I stood before him.

Moody said not a word, but it didn't matter.

"Well, too bad really. Because I already know why. I know about the horcrux, I know about Dumbledore's games and I know all about the Great Duel he planned. So you're about to die for nothing." I said cruelly before I went to walk away.

Just as I reached the door, a loud screech caught me off guard and I turned to see that Moody had ripped himself from Greyback's hold and was about to tackle me. Without a thought, I Crucioed him until he was screaming bloody murder. With a wave, it ended and Moody lay unconscious, but something did not add up. Why attack me now? What was he trying to do? Without a second thought, I bent down, opened his remaining eye and ripped into his mind. At first, he put up a pretty good fight, but I wasn't being gentle or nice and I quickly overpowered him. Ripping into his most guarded door, I found myself in a memory.



Moody sat in what looked to be the kitchen of a very old house, one that hadn't been properly taken care of. He sat at a small table with only two other people. One was Dumbledore himself, but the other was a man I didn't recognize. He was old, much older than even I, with a hunchback and a long white beard. At first, he seemed like a simple old man wearing a nice robe, but the look in his eyes said otherwise. With that Dumbledore spoke.

"Are you sure this will help, my friend? The boy is often unpredictable." Dumbledore said and I got the vague idea I knew exactly who he was talking about.

The old man grinned as he pulled a rather old book from his robe.

"My friend, please. I have been studying these things all my life. I promise you, this book has everything you could ever want, including a way to bind the boy to your will. If that doesn't work…well there are many ways to ride a broom as the saying goes." The old man said with a cruel smile.

"I see, very well. Thank you, old friend. You have helped me a great deal." Dumbledore said as he stood up and with a flash of his wand, the old man lay dead on the floor.

With a nod in Moody's direction, Dumbledore grabbed the book and left while Moody took care of the body.

End Flashback


I ripped myself back from the memory and my mind whirled. Mind control? Had the man gone mad? Surely, he was mad! I got to my feet and looked at Greyback, who looked curious, but confused.

"Chain him to the wall, I do not want him to be comfortable in anyway, then return to my office. It seems Dumbledore is getting bolder." I said as I spun around and left.

My mind turned to Severus and where he was. He had not been seen since he had returned from meeting Potter and that seemed odd to me. He must have hear that the Malfoys had been attacked, so why was he not here? I scowled, had I been betrayed by the little weasel? Time to check.

"WORMTAIL!" I screamed and the rat-like man suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Without a care, I ripped open his sleeve and pressed my wand against the mark, calling for Severus to appear. I ignored the rat's cries and pleas as I dragged my wand away and had him follow me. In my office, I found Lucius clutching his arm and Narcissa trying to calm him.

"Have you heard from Severus, Lucius?" I demanded, but the pureblood shook his head.

"After the attack, I attempted to firecall him, but I could not get through." He replied and I scowled, but just before I was about to send them to hunt him down, an elf appeared with a very frazzled Severus in tow.

"M-my Lord! I have horrible news." He replied as he knelt, but I scowled.

"Where were you, Severus? And don't try to feed me any of your pathetic excuses! The Malfoys were attacked and Dumbledore has now taken both Draco and Potter as hostages, so I am NOT in a forgiving mood!" I snapped and he paled.

"Dear Merlin, no. My Lord, we have to stop him! He plans on-" he started, but I cut him off.

"If you are going to tell me about his plan to control Potter through mind control potions, I do believe it is too little too late." I hissed just as Greyback entered ad everyone seemed to pale completely.

"M-Mind control, My Lord?" Lucius asked in shock and I nodded.

"Why?" Greyback asked as he leaned against the wall, seemingly shocked.

"To force him back into the war, but My Lord, it gets worse." Severus replied and I looked at him.

"He knows that Potter could possibly throw off the potion, so he has a back-up plan. He plans on poisoning him with a depression potion that will end with the boy's suicide." Severus revealed and I felt shock overcome me.

"W-what is this man thinking?" Narcissa whispered as she covered her mouth in shock.

"He plays on winning, one way or the other." I replied.


Normal POV

Harry moaned as he slowly came too, his head throbbing along with his back. As he opened his eyes, he immediately took note of the leafy canopy overhead and the rough ground under his back. Slowly getting up with a hiss, he looked around, a little shocked that his glasses were ok and unbroken. As he got up, he immediately noticed that Draco lay next to him and he moved to make sure that the blond was ok.

"Malfoy? Malfoy, you ok?" he asked shaking him awake with a groan.

"I'll only be ok if I open my eyes and I am back home, in my bed and that was all a horrible dream." He said as one eye peeked open.

"Then I think you're screwed there." Harry said with a sigh as Draco rolled over with a whimper.

"How's your ankle?" he asked and Draco sighed as he looked down.

"Well, it's still numb if that's what you are asking. Do you have any idea where we are?" he replied and Harry looked around.

Everything looked familiar, but then again, it was a forest. All trees and bushes looked alike. With a shake of his head, he got to his feet before helping Draco up.

"Should we stay here? I mean it's not safe." Draco said as they started walking.

"True, but staying in one place also makes us sitting ducks, so no, not a good idea." Harry replied as they began to move.

They walked for what felt like hours, realizing they had been out for at least a few hours with how far the sun was overhead. As they moved, they worked together as well as they could, but spoke little. After about an hour, both of them were hot, sweaty and about ready to collapse.

"W-We have to find water and food." Harry finally said as he began to look around, listening for some sort of stream.

After some time, they found one and drank greedily, ignoring their subconscious concerns that it might not be the cleanest water to drink. With that, they sat down for a bit before Harry sighed.

"I'm sorry you got dragged into this, Malfoy. You shouldn't be here." Harry said, but Draco snorted.

"Please, Potter, let's not start on the pity party, shall we? We both know that it is Dumbledore's fault we are in this mess, more specifically why I'm in this mess, so get off your high hippogriff and let's find a way out of here." Draco said as he got to his feet, only to be caught by Harry when he stumbled and almost fell.

"Alright, alright, you bloody ferret." Harry said with some gratefulness in his tone as he swung Draco's arm over his shoulder and they started walking once more.

To Be Continued.


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