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Summary: When Voldemort realizes just how important Harry Potter is to him, he'll do anything to keep the boy safe. Anything.

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Chapter 23: New Faces in New Places

Harry's POV

I had lost track of the days in this damned forest. It could have been a few days or a few weeks with how thick the canopy was above us. There were times it seemed like nighttime, only for us to stumble upon a clearing and find out it was midday, making even easier for us to lose track of time. We seemed to be going north by following the stream we found, but I had no idea how far we had gone. Draco's ankle had been revealed to be broken, so we splinted it with two pieces of wood and ripped pieces of my robe.

At first, we argued and fought, but I think as time passed and we realized we were alone, we started to rely on one another and that made us somewhat close. Well, close enough to be on the first name basis. I was somewhat happy to have him here, mostly due to loneliness, but he was also a good source of information. Due to being Snape's godson, he had been taught about different plants, so we at least knew which ones were eatable or not. I had tried to fish or catch something using the river we walked along, but I had no tools and the animals were scare, so we relied on plants. I looked up to check on Draco. He was sleeping since we hadn't the night before.

I sighed. Last night had been a dozy since we stumbled upon some of Aragog's children and had to run for our lives. We eventually lost them, but were too afraid to sleep. Now, we're taking turns, hoping that they don't appear again. I bent down and splashed my face, trying to get rid of the grime and dirt, but only ended up smearing it. I washed my glasses and used a clean piece of my torn, ratted robe to wipe them off. I stood up and walked over to Draco's side, sitting down and just keeping an eye on him.

:Brother?: Loc suddenly hissed to me and I jumped.

I hadn't heard from either Horcrux in days, Loc because he was resting and Tiara (my own name for him) because he was annoying. I pulled Loc out and held him up.

:Yes?: I hissed and Draco shivered in his sleep, moving away subconsciously.

:Brother….danger…: he hissed and I blinked.

:Danger? Danger where?: I asked, only to hear a growl.

I froze and turned my head slowly. Right behind us, on a hill, was a drooling, red eyed wolf with huge fangs. I sat there, frozen as it began to move closer before I slowly reached out for Draco. He moaned annoyed as I began to poke him quickly before he hissed at me.

"What is it, Harry! I'm tired!" he hissed, only to take one look at my pale face and turn quickly.

He paled as the wolf growled harshly, drool dripping from his exposed fangs. Draco squeaked in fear as the wolf was joined by three others that slowly began to circle us. We moved closer and cling to each other. My eyes filled with tears and I could see the same tears in Draco's eyes as he buried his head in my neck, trembling and whimpering. They moved closer until a sharp whistle caught their and our attention. We looked up and gasped.

Above us stood the most incredible and most intimidating woman. She was tall with tanned skin and black hair done up in a ponytail. Her outfit was a simple ripped tank top that did nothing to cover her stomach and ripped sweatpants. From her yellow eyes, we could see that she was definitely a werewolf.

"What are you doing on our lands, wizards?" she asked sharply and Draco flinched harshly.

"W-We're lost…" I started, only for one wolf to snarl harshly and move closer.

"Ruin! Quit your growling!" she snapped and the wolf flinched and moved back, making me sigh in relief.

She slip down the hill and moved around until she stood in front of us, arms crossed and scowled.

"And I'm supposed to believe two brats got this far into our territory by wandering? I doubt it." She said coldly and I swallowed, but lifted my chin and met her eyes.

"We were attacked and our portkey messed up. We ended up here and my friend is hurt. I don't want any trouble; we just want to get out of here." I stated, trying to sound somewhat confident, even if I didn't feel that way.

She bent down and met my eyes. Our eyes locked and I tried to get them to show my honesty when the wind picked up and she blinked before leaning forward. One sniff to my shoulder and she pulled back.

"Who are you to Fenrir?" she demanded and I blinked, thrown by the sudden question.

"H-He was watching over me at the Dark Lord's mansion." I replied and she glared.

"Do I look stupid to you?" she hissed and I pulled back when the wolves got closer, once more growling.

"N-No." Draco whimpered and she snorted.

"Then you're lying and that's even worse." She said standing up.

Anger boiled in my stomach like a sudden flash fire. I stood up, making Draco call out as his cover was removed.

"I am NOT lying." I hissed at her coldly and the forest went silent.

My eyes, burning like emerald fire, met her vicious gold as she moved into my space.

"Then why do you smell like him if he was just 'watching' of you?" she demanded and my anger turned to confusion.

"What do you mean?" I asked confused and she sneered.

"I mean, you stupid brat, that you smell like one of his cubs! So who are you really? His new cub? His new beta?!" she said grabbing my robe and pulling our faces together.

"W-What? What are you talking about? I'm not even a werewolf!" I snapped and she frowned and gave me another sniff.

"You sure? You smell like one." She said and I nodded.

"Greyback was watching over me. He touched me once or twice, but it was only a hug." I said and she gasped eyes wide as she dropped me.

I landed on my ass with a scowl, but she seemed to completely ignore me.

"ONLY a hug?! Do you know what you're saying?! Fenrir doesn't GIVE hugs!" she said placing her hands on her hips and I gave her a look.

"Ok, so what does that have to do with anything?" I asked and she rolled her eyes.

By now, both the wolves and Draco were looking at us with funny expressions and I had to wonder how funny we must have looked to get that reaction. She began to pace, every once in a while looking at me before muttered and looking away. Finally, I sighed and leaned back, wondering when she was going to get over her little breakdown. Finally, she stopped and stared at me and Draco for a while.

"So, where are you trying to get to?" she finally asked and I blinked before looking at Draco, who shrugged.

"We just need to get out of here. The headmaster at Hogwarts was trying to kill us." I explained and she blinked.

"Kill you? Why?" she asked curiously.

"Because he's crazy!" Draco stated, finally speaking up and she raised an eyebrow.

"Well, yes. He always has been, but why you two?" she said as she waved at us to get up.

I helped Draco to his feet and wondered what would happen now. She started walking up the hill and away from the stream. We gave each other a look, but with a growl from one of the other wolves, we decided to follow her.

"Because he's convinced we're now useless to him and, therefore, expendable." I explained and she looked at us.

"He really has lost it this time. Anyway, my name is Luna. The wolves behind you are Ruin, Scar, Lightning, and Savage." She said with a wave of her hand.

"I'm Harry Potter and he's Draco Malfoy." I said and she stopped completely before turning around and giving me a wide eyed look.

"Wait, YOU'RE Harry Potter? The Boy Who Lived and all that jazz?" she asked getting in my face and I leaned back, nodding slowly.

"Um yes?" I replied, giving Draco a confused look as she gasped at us.

"Wait wait wait! So…Dumbledore is trying to murder his Golden Boy?! Since when!" she demanded and Draco snorted.

"Apparently, it's always been the game plan if his ramblings were any indication." He replied and her mouth dropped.

"Well, damn." She muttered turning around and started to walk again. We followed silently as she led us deeper into the forest. We traveled forever it seemed and I was starting to get tired. I could feel Draco leaning on me more and more until we finally just dropped to the ground. Luna looked at us with confusion as we lay there, aching and panting.

"Oh, I forgot you were wizards…" she muttered scratching the back of her head before walking over and picking us up by the back of our robes.

We squeaked and tried to wiggle free, but with a sharp growl, she shook us and we stilled, allowing her to carry us the rest of the way.

We eventually ended up at a cave where two more werewolves were waiting. The two males stood up as we approached and I found myself shrinking back as we got closer. I saw Draco do the same before she dropped us by their feet. The two male towered over us and I flinched when they scowled heavily at us.

"Who are they?" one asked his voice gruff and loud.

"Are they lunch?" the other asked with a cruel grin, but Luna snarled and they went silent.

"They are Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter and they are not to be harmed until we can get in contact with Fenrir." She replied and the bigger of the two males, the one with the gruff voice, snarled violently.

"Greyback?! Are you out of your mind, Luna?! What do you expect us to do? Walk up to his pack and ask for a meeting?" he yelled and I saw Draco begin to crawl backwards, but stopped when the crueler one gave him an evil smile.

She gave him a look at was colder than the Antarctic.

"No, I doubt he'd even allow us into the camp, but we can at least walk them there and hand them over, Marcus." She stated like she was talking to a child and he glared.

"Oh? And how do you expect him to react when he smells you on them, huh? You don't think he's gonna come after us? I can smell Greyback on the kid from here!" Marcus replied, getting up in her face.

"Step back, Marcus. You remember how this went last time you started this shit?" she said coldly and he held himself there for a minute before standing down.

She nodded as if she expected that reaction. The other male scowled at Marcus.

"So now what? We feed them or something?" he asked and she nodded slowly.

"Oh really? And how do you expect us to do that when we can't even fend for ourselves?" Marcus asked and she frowned, looking down and crossing her arms.

I watched this all with baited breath and looked at Draco from the corner of my eye. He gave me a nervous look and I swallowed harshly. I had no clue how this was going to end, but I hoped it was in our favor.


Dark Lord's Mansion

Normal POV

Voldemort sat at his fixed desk, glaring down at the reports on his desk. They were all reports on Hogwarts and Dumbledore, but had little actual information, only restating the same wards and lack of Dumbledore sightings on the property. He scowled and set them all aflame, making sure they wouldn't ruin his desk. Draco and Harry had been missing for over a month now and it was getting closer to September 1, when all the children would come back. Severus would not be returning since Dumbledore's public announcement on Severus' involvement in Harry Potter's kidnapping. The old fool had announced that two days after Harry and Draco disappeared, claiming Severus had known where the Dark Lord was holding Harry when he went missing during the Ministry break-in and claimed that Severus had done nothing to return their missing savior and then vanished during the summer.

He scowled. With Severus out of the picture, they would have a hard time getting information from the inside and now, he couldn't even help retrieve Draco or Harry. Voldemort leaned back and rubbed his temples, trying to relieve a headache. He wished he had seen Dumbledore's little trap earlier, but it was a little late for do over's now. He needed Harry Potter back and he wasn't going to rest until the young man was back where he belonged, under Voldemort's watchful eye. A knock made him resurface from his thoughts and he looked up.

"Come in, Lucius, what news do you have for me?" he asked leaning forward.

To Be Continued?


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