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Title: Before There was White...

Summary: Because before Sydney was honest, she was lost in denial. A prequel to 'White.'

He remembers the first time he told her he loved her. She had shook her head, and told him she didn't feel the same way. He had called her a liar, and pushed her against the wall kissing her so hard they both felt dizzy.

But she didn't stop him, and when he had pulled away her eyes betrayed them both. She had begged him for just one night, and he had blatantly turned her down. He had told her he didn't want 'just one night' with her, that he wanted forever and if he had to suffer, then she had to too.

After that confrontation he had made himself as scarce as possible. He couldn't handle being around her knowing she couldn't be with him simply because of social status. He sulked for weeks. However, unbeknownst to him, Sydney felt the same way.

She berated herself for being selfish, fickle, and materialistic. She couldn't believe how silly she was being. Bridge made her happy…. He made her smile… and whenever she needed something he'd put aside everything for her. How could she be so unfair?

Truth be told, she hadn't loved Steven… The handsome brunette who had taken her breath away. She loved that her parents loved him. She loved the things he bought her, but she didn't love him. She could never love him because she was in love with Bridge Carson.

Bridge Carson… She loved him and as horrible as it sounded, Sydney Drew always got what she wanted…

On the night she cornered him, he was still bitter about her reasons for turning him down. He had roughly pushed past her, making snide remarks about spoiled little rich girls. Her bright blue eyes had filled with tears. Harsh as his barbs were, she knew they were true. But she wasn't giving up. Sydney Drew didn't give up.

She had grabbed his arm and spun him around and practically threw herself at him, fusing her lips to his. He had kissed her back at first, but he remembered what she said, and all his dreams shattered all over again as he shoved her away. She growled, and jumped on him yet again.

She had kissed him over, and over again, promising everything she had to offer if he'd only hold her in his arms again. Her lips were so soft, and her body was so close to his... He couldn't resist all that she was offering. All that she was asking.

She didn't want just one night to remember him by. She didn't want some hazy memory clouded by lust. She wanted him for forever. For the love he was so set on her having. So she whispered in his ear the very words he had said to her earlier: "I want forever with you too…"

He had stumbled into his room with her body still clinging tightly to his. But that had been before he stumbled across her body, limp and red, lying on the bathroom floor… Before he had ever stopped to think that maybe somebody saw her with him that night.

Nope…. The SPD Green Ranger never gave any thought to the brunette he saw flee the hallway.

But maybe he should have… And maybe if he did she'd still be with him now.

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