*Godrick's Hollow*Halloween*1981*

Lily Potter was a woman who lived for those close to her, the reason she had defended Severus Snape as long as she had during school against the Marauders.

It was also the reason she would have to condemn her son to the life of an orphan.

Four months ago she had heard that blasted prophesy, and apparently, so had The Dark Lord.

With the words that the prophesy had spoken 'neither can live while the other survives' she knew what she had to do.

Every waking moment until she could barely move had been spent searching for a way to make sure her son, her pride and joy, to survive the impending attack on his person.

She had found it two months ago.

It was a ritual, as old as the Celtic Druids, that would put a magical barrier around her son, protecting him against any and all kind of harm, from insect bites, to blocks on his magic, to the killing curse.

Apart from the runes needed, something that almost every ritual required, the sacrifice was almost too much for her.

She would have to die first.

She didn't want to leave her son alone.

But if she wanted him to live, to survive, she would have to.

And so, when the dark lord came to her home and killed her husband, she was ready.

When he demanded she step aside, she didn't.

When the killing curse struck her, she only dropped one tear.

She had fulfilled her purpose as mother; she had sacrificed everything for her child.

What Lily Potter, formerly Evans, didn't know, is that magic is sentient, not a being for it had no mind, but it was malleable, and with enough will, with enough strength of mind and soul, its results could be changed.

She wanted her son to live, to be protected forever, and so, magic answered.

A full barrier of magic would protect him from those with intent to harm.

She didn't want to leave him alone, and so, magic tied her soul to her child, giving him a mother when she should have died.

When Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore tried to block the magic Harrison James Potter gave off in an attempt to make him appear like a muggle-born, the spells shattered a few hours into the night of November first.

When Harrison was shoved into the small cupboard under the stairs by his uncle, magic prevented collision and made him comfortable on the floor.

When little milk and food were given to the baby, nothing but nutrients came from the meal.

When hours on end were spent under the stairs, Harrison only giggled and played with something only he could see.

Not even the darkness affected him, because Harrison James Potter would always have his mother there.

And so starts yet another story by me.

GatorLHA2 mentioned that I could apply the same principle of 'Tales of Uzumaki Naruto' to a Harry Potter story.

One month later comes the result.

Previous reader will remember that I said that I will concentrate on 'Harry Potter and the Mexican Mages' for two weeks, this will be changed slightly to allow the first two chapters of this story to come out, expect the next one on the next monday.

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