Tennis was simple, right? Well, Akaya should have just stick to tennis, and not other things, because where he's heading now is a whole lot complicated, and it probably won't be easy to go back.

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"Buchou!" Kirihara's loud voice echoed through-out the whole Rikkaidai's tennis courts, as Yukimura greets everyone as serenely as he usually do.

"Akaya," the ever-enigmatic buchou replied with a nod, a smile evident in his face.

"Ne, buchou," Kirihara inquires, "Are you free this afternoon?"

The remaining tennis club regulars stopped to look weirdly at Kirihara, with the exception of Sanada who walked towards the two, and Yukimura laughed, before he said, "Ano, Akaya, I'm going somewhere later on."

"EEEHH?" Akaya pouted, before he complains, "But, but, there's this movie out afternoon, and I thought that buchou might want to watch Hell Rings with me."

Sanada went up and asked, "Hell Rings?"

"Sa-sanada-fukubuchou.!" Akaya gave a sheepish smile before he said, "I-it's nothing."

"Hell Rings is the latest gore movie that was just released today," Yanagi said as he steps out, "It's a very horrific tale, and it has mature content."

"Mature Content?" Sanada repeated, before he asked, "Is that the reason why you asked Yukimura to watch it with you."

"E-eto, ano.." Akaya looked around before he sighed and said, "Well, I was thinking that buchou can just smile at the people at the movie house and they'll allow us to watch it… even though we're under-age."

A silence passed through the courts before Jackal said, "You really think that buchou's smile can be your ticket at a mature movie?"

"What are you saying," Niou smirked, and added, "Anyone will give in to Yukimura-buchou's smile."

"Yeah, yeah," Marui seconded, and patted Akaya on the back, "Nice plan, Akaya."

"Hahaha," Yukimura chuckled, and added, "Well, I would have given that a try, Akaya, unfortunately, I'm going to visit the hospital after practice."

"Hospital?!" Sanada asked, voicing the regulars' surprise.

"Not like that, Sanada," Yukimura chuckled again, before he added, "I'm visiting someone."

Yanagi asked, "A new candidate?"

"Eh?" Yukimura tilted his head before he said, "It's a girl."

Marui popped his gum, Niou smirked like a chesire cat, Hiroshi's glasses glinted, Jackal grimaced, Yanagi opened his eyes, forget the stoned Sanada, and Kirihara voiced out a loud, "EEEHH?"

Yukimura sighed before he said, "Time to practice."

After hours of grueling practice, the whole court was devoid of anyone but the regulars, who simultaneously headed to the locker room, that is before Yukimura picked up his tennis bag, and said, "I'll be going first."

Before anyone can reply, Yukimura said, "Sanada, Renji, take care of the team."

As both members of the Rikkai's Three Demons simultaneously nod, Yukimura walked out of the tennis courts.

-Next scene-

"Yukimura moves damn fast." Niou said with a smirk before he heads to the locker rooms.

"Heh," Marui grinned, "I've always pegged Mura as a nurse's man."

"Fatty," Niou shook his head, with Marui protesting in the background, "It's not a nurse he's visiting."

"Eh," Marui tilts his head, "You know who, Haru?"

"Well," Niou shrugged as he showed a photo of Yukimura and a girl who looked liked a middle schooler.

"A girlfriend, huh," Marui nodded his head, squinting a little and paused, as he adds, "Well, I guess it's perfectly natural."

"EEH?" Akaya screamed as he overheard the conversation, and asked, "Buchou has a girlfriend?"

"Geez, bakaya," Marui smiled, and said, "It was about time."

"Yeah," Niou nodded, and said, "It's perfectly normal, and we're talking Yukimura here, the girl must be pretty special."

"B-but," Akaya said, close to tears, "I thought tennis was buchou's priority, not girls."

Neither replied, and Akaya burst out of the locker room, hurriedly out of the courts.

Niou smirked, and before a while, Marui said, "Haru."

"Marui," Niou replied back, and then he smirked that smirk.

"That girl isn't Yukimura's girlfriend," Marui asks, "Isn't she?"

"Hmm," Niou pauses, before he casually shrugs before he said, "Of course not."

He adds, "Mura's married to tennis, anyhow."

"So," Marui nods, "What are you trying to do by making Akaya hysterical, not that I don't find it hilarious."

Niou shrugs again and said, "It's the springtime of youth."

"Please," Marui blanches, "Don't make philosophical remarks, you trickster."

"Well, if you are the genius you say you are, fatty," Niou continued, ignoring Bunta's protest, and said, "You'll understand it in a few days time."

"Hey," Marui said, "I am a genius, but I'm not fat."

"So you say," Niou said as he walked off, and said, "You still up with our coffee, Jackal's treat, remember?"

"Of course, that's free treats," Marui grinned, before he said, "I'll be catching up in a while."

Niou nods, and Marui arranges his tennis bag. As he walks off, he stopped as he noticed that the picture that Niou showed earlier was left in the bench.

Marui picks it up, and for the first time, notices the familiar girl. Who was this girl with lavender hair and pale blue eyes again..?

"Shit," Marui curses as his eyes widen in realization.

"What are you trying to do by letting Akaya in on about that girl that you love, huh, Haru?" Marui said as he popped his gum and notices another picture.

It was the picture of the same girl but this time it was with Niou, and while the girl was smiling, Niou was looking intently at the girl, eyes averted from the camera.

Marui takes the two pictures before he drops it in Niou's locker and walks off, wondering, but then decides not to think about it, but instead concentrate on the treat Jackal will give them.

-Next scene-

Akaya panted, as he breathed heavily, and entered the hospital. The people inside immediately noticed him, and a female nurse went up to Akaya, and asked, "Are you okay?"

Akaya nods, and pauses as he tries to stabilize his breath, and then he said, "Is there any water?"

Of course, in every female in the place thought, the cute boy was sparkling, complete with doggy ears, as he asked, "Water? Pleaaase?"

The astounded female nurse nods right away, and asks him to sit down and wait as she went to the nurse section to get water. Akaya nods back, sitting patiently and breathlessly on one of the chairs, before thinking about the conversation he has overhead a while ago.

Is buchou really visiting his girlfriend?

It's not that Akaya can't accept the existence of Mura-buchou's supposedly girlfriend, but Akaya never really thought that Yukimura would have one, because, logically, anyone sane enough knows that Yukimura is married with tennis, and Akaya supports that fact.

However, the overheard conversation between his two sempais sounded a little true, try as he might deny. Well, if buchou liked the girl, then, why not, right? But somehow, Akaya cannot understand that Yukimura-buchou would try to hide it from them, after all, aren't they a family, even though most of the times dysfunctional, but still?

As Akaya tried to contemplate on the matter a bit more, the nurse tapped him in the shoulders, and before he can even react, handed him with the water, with a little, "Here it is."

"Thank you very much." Akaya said with a cute, innocent smile, and the female nurse couldn't help but blush.

"If you ever need anything, feel free to ask me in the counter," she said as she points to the nurse counters then walks off as soon as she saw Akaya nod.

Why was Akaya here again? Oh, right, buchou.

Akaya breathes out as he took out the picture of the girl, the one in the other picture with Yukimura-buchou, which has magically appeared in his tennis bag. He have no idea, but maybe Niou-sempai, or Marui-sempai placed it in his bag to help him with his search.

He remembered asking around for information, and also remembered the reaction as he shown is to the other regulars.

-Next scene-

Akaya walked towards Yagyuu-sempai and Jackal-sempai as he ran out of the clubroom and met both of them waiting in the gates, and then he saw the picture in his tennis bag, and remembered that it was that girl with his buchou.

So he asked them, with the picture in his hand, "Ne, sempai-tachi, do you know her?"

Unnoticed by Akaya, Yagyuu's glasses glinted, and Jackal's smile decreased in size. Akaya tilts his head to the side, and Jackal asked, "Where did you find this?"

"Ano, it magically appeared in my bag," Akaya said with slight embarrassment, before he inquires, "Isn't she Yukimura-buchou's girlfriend?"

"Hahaha," Jackal let out a laugh before he said, "Is she now?"

Akaya's eyes widen, unable to detect the sarcasm in Jackal's voice before he said, "Is she?"

Neither Yagyuu nor Jackal commented and Akaya took it as a yes, and before anyone can give anymore reaction, Akaya run off to find the other two of the Rikkai's Three Demons.

As soon as Akaya is out of sight, Jackal said, "Isn't that girl…"

"Niou-kun's..?" Yagyuu continued for him, and answered, "I think so, yes."

"Hmm," Jackal wondered, "I wonder how Kirihara got that picture.."

"Anyway, that's Niou-kun's and Kirihara-kun's business," Yagyuu shrugged as he steered the conversation to another topic, "Where are you treating us, Jackal-kun?"

-Next scene-

Akaya panted, but managed to reach both Sanada-fukubuchou and Yanagi-sempai who were casually walking by a river, talking amongst themselves quietly, but stopped to turn around when Akaya shouted, "Fukubuchou! Yanagi-sempai!"

"Ah," Yanagi nodded despite the small surprise, and said, "Akaya."

"Akaya!" Sanada said, and asked, "What are you doing! Shouting so loud in the streets, you're being a nuisance to the surrounding people."

"Eh," Akaya shivered with slight fear of Sanada-fukubuchou, before he bowed and said, "Sorry!"

Yanagi smiled before he asked Akaya, "So, is there anything you need, Akaya?"

"Uh, right!" Akaya grinned as he tilted his head to the side, and rummaged his bag, and before Sanada can comment, he held out the photo of the girl and asked, "Do you know her, sempai-tachi?"

Yanagi's eyes opened before it closed immediately after and Sanada looked at the picture, realizing that it was somewhat familiar but refuses to recognize it, as he dismisses it and said, "I don't know her."

"Oh," Akaya looked somewhat crest-fallen at Sanada's answer before he looks at Yanagi and said, "How about you, Yanagi-sempai?"

"She's," Yanagi pauses before he said, "My data assumes that the girl is currently in a hospital."

"Oh," Akaya nods, and asks, "Which hospital?"

"Akaya, do you remember the hospital Yukimura was previously admitted in?" Yanagi asks, and Akaya nods, and Yanagi adds, "She's staying there."

"Oh." Akaya said for the third time, he bows to both his sempai, and runs, but not before he whips, "Thank you, sempai-tachi."

"Akaya." Renji stops him in his track, and as Akaya turns around, Yanagi said, "Her name's Akashi Chiyoko."

Akaya nods, and bows again, and continues to run to the hospital.

"Akashi Chiyoko," Sanada repeats as Akaya was out of view, and asks Yanagi, "Isn't she Yukimura's cousin?"

"She is." Yanagi nods, and then he asks, "That's the first thought that came into your mind when you heard her name, don't you?

"Is there anything else?" Sanada asks.

"You never changed, Genichirou," Yanagi sighs, and then adds, "That girl is, was maybe, Niou's…"

"Is she?" Sanada said, "Chiyoko is Yukimura's cousin, Yukimura's, we all know that, don't we?"

Yanagi shakes his head before he added, "Of course."

"Then that's all there is to it." Sanada declares, and the topic was temporarily dropped off, and both Demons of Rikkaidai continued walking.

-Next scene-

Well, if Akashi is what Yanagi-sempai said she was, then maybe they met on the hospital? Maybe during the times that the regulars were on practice and no one kept Mura-buchou company. Akaya took another look at the picture, somehow, the girl was familiar, and he can't help but think that maybe he knows someone related to her, or maybe she was in his class at times?

Akaya can't fully grasp who she is, but still, another look at the picture and he understands that she might be Yukimura-buchou's type, that is, if buchou had any type of girls whatsoever. After all, the girl looked like one of those girls that would smile daintily, and would love to take care of gardens, but that's probably just Akaya's judgment

He shrugs, he'll know soon enough, probably, and then he walks to the nurse counter, and asks, "Ano, do you know where Akashi Chiyoko is staying?"

"What's your relation to her?" The female nurse asked as she looks through the files. Akaya tilts his head and said, "I'm her friend."

The female nurse blushed at Akaya's cuteness, and decided not to ask further questions, and then said, "She's staying in room 039, in the fifth floor of the hospital."

Akaya nods, and then ran off once again.

-Next scene-

Akaya reached the fifth floor by foot, and as soon as he arrived in the fifth floor he was breathless for the nth time of that day. He pauses for a while to catch his breath, tennis practice is harsher than this, and then he walks around.

"036, 037, 038, 039, 040…" He tracks back his steps and said, "039?"

Unable to contain his excitement and nervousness, he knocks the door, and alas, Yukimura-buchou was there, and Akaya cannot help but squeak, "Buchou?"