Persona: Return of Midnight Troubles


It was dark in Tokyo that summer and even darker in a tall skyscraper in the City.

"So The Dark Hour and the Midnight Channel you say?" A man's voice asked, "Both were very strange events and both were stopped?"

"Yes," A woman said, "They were both stopped rather strangely,"

She turned her laptop to face the man.

"They say that one day they became aware suddenly of the phenomenon and were praising the end of the world," the woman said, "it seems it was linked to the Kirijo group and their experiments."

"Oh yes that experiment," The man said, "it's a shame that there were weak willed people involved."

"Yes I believe they created something called Tartarus," The woman said.

"How did you find that out?" The man asked.

"I met with someone calling their group Strega in the past," The woman said, "I never thought it would be useful now."

"So this Tartarus was what?" The man asked.

"It seems that the experiments were done at Gekkokun High school and when the Dark Hour occurred it morphed into a tower of some kind," The woman said.

"And it just vanished forever?" The man asked.

"Yes sir," The woman said, "That's what I heard."

"And this other incident with this Midnight Channel?" The man asked.

"It started off in Inaba," The woman said, "Mostly as an urban legend."

"Urban Legend?" The man asked.

"Yes," She said, "It was said if you look at a TV turned off at midnight you see your soul mate."

"Seems like something a teenager would believe," The man said."

"Only the person shown on TV ended up dead," The woman said, "And there seemed to be a pattern involved with the weather patterns."

"Oh yes the murders in Inaba," The man said, "They caught the killer didn't they?"

"Yes a detective called Adachi," The woman said, "After his arrest he admitted to his involvement."

"So what's this have to do with the research?" The man asked.

"Well suddenly people that appeared on the channel didn't end up dying," The woman said, "They were saved by some miracle some would say."

"Again what does this have to do with anything?" The man asked, "I'm losing my patience."

"Well it's a hunch but I believe that you're research on Persona's could have something to do with both incidents disappearing," The woman said, "I believe it's time to research the link between all this."

"Suppose I agree to this deal," the man said, "What would you propose we do?"

"Find these Persona users and study them," The woman said, "With their power we could create strong super soldiers."

"Without a single clue on where to look," The man said, "It would be a waste of funding."

"Not really," The woman said, "I've been able to bring back some people with my own research that could help us locate these special people."

"Who?" The man asked interested now.

"Strega…" She said.

A/N: Hope you like the prologue and please read and review. This will be a persona 3 and persona 4 fanfic so expect characters from both games in it. And keep in mind I've only played Persona 3 but I know the basics of Persona 4 so if I screw things up with Persona 4 content please forgive me. Anyways until next time.