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Chapter 14

"Honestly this fog doesn't seem so bad," J.P said, "I mean it's harmless right?"

"For the time being," Yu said, "But it'll get worse."

Teddie ran back in panicking in his bear suit and fell over tripping.

"Whoa not so fast Ted," Yosuke said, "what's wrong?"

"The fog is in my world too," Teddie replied, "If we don't hurry it'll try to merge the worlds again…"

"Hold on we don't even know where Izanami is right now," Kanji said, "We can't just run off blindly."

"Kanji's right," Yu said, "I promise we'll do what we can to stop the fog but we don't have anything to go on right now."

"Ah sensei you're so brave," Teddie said hugging Yu who sighed.

Yu noticed his hug seemed a bit too tight for his liking and tapped Teddie on the shoulder.

"What's wrong Sensei?" Teddie asked.

"Air…" Yu started.

Teddie realized what he was doing and backed off laughing nervously.

"Sorry sensei," Teddie said, "I don't know my own bear strength."

"Dude seriously the bear puns are getting old," Yosuke said.

"So it seems we have another problem to deal with now," Mitsuru said, "whoever sets these things up likes a challenge it seems."

"We've defeated Izanami before we can do it again," Naoto said, "right Yu?"

"Yeah," Yu said, "I mean we might even talk her out of doing all this."

"You sure she'd listen to us?" Yukiko asked, "I mean she says her will is mankind's will."

"Well we could make everyone want peace than," Teddie said, "I'm beary adorable and I could convince them all to want peace."

"And you're letting that TV interview go to your head," Yosuke said sighing.

Yu heard his phone go off and saw a text from his parents.

"I have to get home," Yu said, "My parents want me home they're worried about this fog."

"Not alone," Mitsuru said, "STREGA might not want you anymore but Mariko does."

"Well I can't stay here," Yu replied, "so someone will have to come with me."

"I'll come with you," Mitsuru said, "I need some air anyways."

"Mitsuru?" Akihiko asked.

"I'll be fine," Mitsuru said smiling, "I can't stay cooped up in here forever."

"Just be safe," Akihiko said.

Both left and headed outside.

Yu noted that the streets were more empty than normal in the evenings.

"They're probably all worried about the fog," Yu said, "I know I am."

"I'm not," Mitsuru replied, "You're lucky to have parents that worry about you."

"I'm sure you did too," Yu said, "I mean how could you not?"

"My father worried about me most of the time," Mitsuru said, "when I was still in school and we had our own problems I wanted nothing but to help him out so he wouldn't have to feel so guilty."

"Guilty?" Yu asked.

"My family ran the experiment with the shadows and my father disapproved of it," Mitsuru said, "For years he tried to fix it but he was being played and made it worse."

"By Ikukski right?" Yu asked.

"Yes," Mitsuru replied, "he was killed trying to stop him and if I'd only noticed…"

"Hey you didn't know," Yu said, "It's not your fault and it wasn't his either it was all that guys fault."

"Yes but it seems he's still causing trouble," Mitsuru said, "in the form of his sister."

"So are you wondering if this is all worth it?" Yu asked.

"At times," Mitsuru answered.

"Trust me it is," Yu said, "I know there were a few times I was thinking like that but…if I would've given up…"

"True," Mitsuru said smiling, "You do remind me of Minato."

"I'm sorry," Yu replied, "If that brings back bad memories…"

"No it doesn't…" She said, "he did so much for us and he paid the ultimate price for it in the end."

"He found his answer I guess," Yu said.

"Why word it like that?" Mitsuru asked.

"Seems fitting," Yu said, "Did how I said it bother you?"

"No," Mitsuru replied.

"You can tell me if it did," Yu said, "I won't get upset."

"Don't worry," Mitsuru said and got him home, "You should lock the door just in case and get plenty of rest."

Yu nodded and headed inside while Mitsuru turned to walk off.

She closed her eyes thinking of Minato and sighed.

'You know you could've saved him if you were stronger but you relied on Minato' Her voice said suddenly, 'and it killed him…'

"What is this?" Mitsuru asked stopping, "Where's that voice coming from?"

'That's not important is it?' The voice asked, 'you feel like you need to be stronger so that Yu doesn't follow the same path as Minato…'

"I believe in him," Mitsuru said.

'Of course you do but you don't want to admit that you want to be stronger so you can help him' The voice said, 'Always so tough aren't we?'

Mitsuru stopped suddenly and closed her eyes.

"No I don't need strength," She said.

'Suit yourself' the voice said.

Mitsuru heard footsteps behind her and turned to see herself there with yellow eyes.

Her other self pushed her into a tv nearby and disappeared as well.

The fog suddenly lifted and the tv died.

And chapter 14 is complete

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