Katie Knight couldn't believe she was doing it.

She grabbed the box, walked quietly out of her bedroom. Please… please don't let anyone wake up.

Katie turned back around, went back in her room and stuffed a bunch of clothes under her blanket to make it seem like there was a lump underneath it. She turned on the lights, looking at her room one last time.

The Big Time Rush posters, her stock market reports… this was the last time she'd ever see them again. She felt tears in her eyes, but she knew it had to be done.

It was way overdue.

She walked out for the second time, closed the door shut gently behind her. The box slipped from her hands. She winced at the loud crash it made. She froze. Please, please don't let anyone wake up…

"K…Katie?" Katie turned, her eyes widening. "Wh… what are ya doing?" She breathed softly. Kendall. She'd forgotten the boys were sleeping on the couch tonight, probably tired after a long day at rehearsal.

"I'm… I'm just getting a drink. Accidentally knocked over a chair. Sorry, go back to sleep." Kendall grunted something incomprehensible, turned around and started snoring again.

Hard to believe that would be the last time Katie heard his voice.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Katie picked the box up, walked towards the door. She put the box down in front of the door, turned back and stared down at her four snoring brothers. Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos.

The boys who had ruined her life. One way or another.

She bent down and kissed Kendall on the forehead. It would be the last time she was doing it, after all. No need to be embarrassed. She kissed each of them on the cheek, first little Carlos, then smart, smart Logan, then James. That last one lasted a little longer.

She picked the box up, opened the front door, stepped out. Closed the door behind her softly. Took the elevator downstairs, exited the lobby.

She grabbed her bike, accidentally scraping the handlebars. But who cared anyways? She wouldn't need it after tonight anyways. She tied the box to the bike, started pedaling towards her destination. She had to get the box to the right person. She knew who it was going to be now. It just suddenly came to her.

Someone trustworthy, maybe the last kind person left in the world. Maybe that was an exaggeration, but whatever. She didn't care anymore.

She stopped in front of the building, dropped the box off. Wrote the name on the box with black marker. Finally let it go, all her hard work, got back on the bike.

She found herself in front of the bridge before she knew it. She tossed the bike aside. She felt the wind blowing in her hair as she walked onto the bridge. She looked down. The water was churning beneath her loudly. So loud she almost couldn't hear herself breathing.

Car horns beeped, she heard some people laughing. It had been a long time since she'd even felt happiness and joy.

Too long.

She took a deep breath… was this really worth it?

She pulled her sleeves up, saw the scars. Reached into her pocket, felt the note. Her suicide note.

It was worth it.

She climbed up, looked down. She was ready. Ready to leave.

She was more than ready. She was excited. Excited to leave this cruel world and go to whatever lay beyond it.

Finally, finally, she could let go.

The water felt good on her face, and she thought she saw a bright light before everything turned black.

Chapter 1

Two weeks later…


Kendall waited for the elevator doors to open, and then stepped out cautiously. He looked around, but didn't know what he had been looking for, exactly. What was he afraid of? What had he expected?

He walked through the lobby, ignoring the pitiful stares he received from everyone. He dug into the pocket of his coat, fished out his keys, and unlocked the mailbox with the "2J" on it.

He took the mail out, shutting the mailbox just as quickly. He was just about to leave, when he saw it.

A box, lying on top of the mailboxes. It had his name on it. Kendall Knight. He grabbed it and stuffed it into his coat. He didn't want anyone to see it, but he didn't know why. Just had a feeling it was important. And personal.

When he got home, he locked his door and ripped the box open. Something hard and black fell out. He picked it off the floor, wrinkling his eyebrows in confusion when he saw a tape. Like, one of those cassette tapes people in the 70's used.

"What the…?" Kendall muttered to himself. The peeked into the box and saw a sheet of paper stuck in. He took it out.

Hello, Kendall. I see the tapes have gotten to you. Good. Good to see it got this far already. Well, there are rules to this, so read carefully:

Who was this person? How did they know his name? Maybe it was one of those crazy creepy fan stalker people. Kendall nodded to himself. That was it.

1. Listen to all the tapes in order. Kendall looked in the box, saw that there were 5 tapes total.

2. Pass the tapes on to the next person in line. If you're the last one, return it to the keeper of these tapes. You'll know who it is. Trust me.

Kendall was getting more and more confused by the second. What was going on? He doubted this was a fan. He highly doubted it.

3. You must pass the tapes on to the next person. If you don't, the keeper will reveal all the secrets hidden inside of them. Secrets? What secrets? What could possibly be bad enough that Kendall wouldn't want to get out?

So that's it. You must be wondering what the heck is going on, right? Well, there are 5 tapes in this box, and each containing 3 reasons why. Except for the last one, which only has number 13 in it. That's the worst one, trust me. Whoever lucky number 13 is, you can keep these tapes. And they will be with you forever and ever...

Just listen to the tapes. It'll all be explained in time. You'll see.

Kendall put the note down, confused. What the heck was this? How did whoever it was know his name, if it hadn't been a fan? What if it was sent to the wrong person?

But who else was named Kendall Knight? Even if there was someone with the exact same name as him, what chance was there that they were supposed to receive this same exact box?

But when Kendall read the last two lines of the note, he felt his heart freeze, his breathing stop. Everything made sense.

Get ready for the ride of your life, Big Brother.

Katie Knight

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