Chapter 23

The lady walked in. Carlos just couldn't remember her name for anything in the world. He just couldn't remember who she was.

"Hi, Carlos. You feeling alright, sweetie?" She asked sweetly. Carlos remembered that he liked this lady. She was always nice to them, always gave them what they wanted...

But he just didn't know who she was.

Carlos looked up at her, squinting his eyes a little. He shakily grabbed the whiteboard and marker off of the stand next to his bed and scribbled something down. He hadn't written in such a long time, and his hand muscles were so weak, that the words ended up looking like noodles.

Who are you?

The lady looked at him, shocked. "You... you don't remember me? Not at all?"

Carlos shook his head, writing something else down. I remember you, just not your name.

Kelly looked relieved at that, but she still buzzed in a doctor. The doctor told her it was normal for fire victims to have a bit of memory loss.

"I'm Kelly. Do you remember? You boys are in a band, Big Time Rush? Gustavo is you manager? Big, fat, loud, bad temper?"

Carlos grinned at that. Kelly. That was her name. It all clicked in his head. Gustavo. Big Time Rush. His friends.

Katie's death.

That was what had started this whole mess, wasn't it? Katie had left those tapes for the 13 people who had caused her to die. Carlos himself had been one of them. He had been afraid Kendall especially would have blamed him.

Now he was scared of the same thing, except he had actually killed someone. He wasn't just the process of killing someone. His own sick, dirty hands had done it.

Carlos stared down at his bloody, bruised hands, tears suddenly in his eyes. He had killed him...
What if he had a family at home? Kids? A wife? Friends? He had destroyed more than just one person with his one stupid act.

"Carlos! How are you feeling?" It was his friends. Kendall, James, and Logan. He remembered them well. They were the last people with him in the fire. Kendall looked a little worse off than the rest, but overall they looked okay.

Carlos wondered how he looked.

Carlos smiled at them, wincing at the pain in his jaw. I'm fine. Just thinking.

The boys stared at each other. "Carlos, buddy... you know you didn't kill that man, right?" James started slowly.

Carlos looked up. What?

Logan chimed in. "Yeah, cause of death: excessive smoke inhalation." He recited like a doctor.

Carlos looked down at his hands. Maybe they hadn't shed innocent blood after all... But it only made Carlos feel a little better. If he hadn't hit that man with the stupid vase, then he wouldn't have passed out and then he wouldn't have died.

So it was basically still his fault. They just would blame him for it in court or whatever. It wasn't legally his fault. But in his head, it was still his fault.

Carlos just shrugged up at his friends. They looked at each other worriedly but decided to let it go for now. Carlos was too tired for this.

"Carlos... The detective needs to talk to you." James started slowly. Carlos blinked and nodded.

He told the detective as much as he could; about where he hit the guy in the head and what he remembered before he passed out. The detective wrote it all down and thanked him. Then he left.

Carlos couldn't tell if what he'd given him was good information or useless information.

His friends sat with him in his room for hours, not saying anything. What was there to say? Everything they had to say would just be casual conversation, or something they'd already talked about.

Silence was the most comforting answer for all four of them. They all just needed time to soak it all in... especially since the trial was going to be moved to next week. It was decided (by who the boys had no idea) that the boys would be able to heal in one week.

And they needed to get Jennifer Knight in jail fast. Even Kendall agreed with that.

This was for his sister. No matter how hard it would be to put his own mother in jail, Kendall knew this was what his sister would have wanted. She needed her vengeance.

And his mother had been number 13, hadn't she?

Kendall sighed, putting his head in his hands. It all used to be so simple... why was everything crumbling apart now? He was only 18.

"Kendall?" Logan was calling him. He had to get back to leader mode.

"What about our... the trial?" He asked meekly.

Kendall didn't respond for a while. "I... I don't know." He finally got out. "We're putting my mother in jail for sure. But after that... I don't know, Logan."

Logan nodded in acceptance. "But... but how are we going to win? We're going to win, right?"

Kendall nodded, laughing bitterly. "They gave you a black eye, and this fire is on them too. And they kidnapped us. And we have the tapes for proof. Don't worry, Logan. Look at us. We look horrible. That's gotta be enough evidence, right?"

Logan looked around, his eyes staying on Carlos' burnt up body. "Yeah. You're right, Kendall." He finally said.

James nodded. "When is he wrong, Logan?" He joked.

Logan smiled a little at that. "Lots of times, but we won't get into that right now." He smirked at Kendall's expression.

"Take that back, you little twerp!" Kendall said, faking anger. Logan smiled at him deviously.

Suddenly, he saw Katie. That little devious smile she'd always had. But then he shook himself out of it.

Katie was the past now. He was going to win this trial thing for Katie, and then he was going to forget about her.

He had to, or he wouldn't know how to cope.

"You alright, Carlos?" Kendall asked, pushing Katie to the very back of his mind. Taking care of his friends was the best way to do that.

Carlos shrugged, sluggishly scribbling on his whiteboard. It feels like I got sunburn all over my body but only worse.

Kendall smiled at that. That was exactly how he had felt the past couple of days. "I know how you feel, buddy. Don't worry. You'll be better soon."

Carlos smiled, wincing a little at the pain. His friends made everything better.

Things were going to be okay. Not totally awesome, but they would be tolerable. They still had the trial, and then after the bad guys were lock in jail, things would start to be good again.

Carlos leaned his head back against his pillow and sighed.

He just wished he could get out of this stupid hospital room.

Line line line

Kendall looked at himself in the mirror. He tucked his shirt in, he adjusted his tie.

The trial was today.

The boys had done quite a lot of healing the past couple of days. Logan and James were back to normal, Kendall just had a little bit of noticeable burns on his arms, and Carlos still had a bad cough.

But they couldn't postpone it any longer. They had to get his mother in jail, fast. Who knew what else she would do?

Kendall sighed, sitting down on a chair beside him and putting his head in his hands. His mother... he was sending his own mother to jail. It broke his heart; he'd never felt anything as heartbreaking as sending his mother into jail.

Other than Katie killing herself.

That was the one motive Kendall had for getting himself into that trial and testifying against his mom. Katie had wanted it. His mom had hurt Katie. And that wasn't acceptable.

His mother kidnapping them and hurting his friends was a tiny incentive compared to that stupid tape about his mother abusing Katie.

"Kendall Knight?"

Kendall looked up; a man stood at the door. It was his lawyer, Jimmy. His mother was suing them for damage of property; but if she went to jail, the sue would be ignored.

"Yeah. That's me." Kendall said.

The man nodded, shaking hands with him. "Hi. We're about to start... you're friends are all waiting by the entrance to the court. Are you ready?"

Kendall licked his lips nervously. Was he ready?

"Yeah. I'm ready."

Let's do this, Katie.

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