The Beginning

Author Note: I believe this is the first Brats of the lost Nebula fic ever, takes place after the final episode, but you don't really have to have seen it to understand this fic.

Ryle sighed, Duncan had left the planetoid for a while to visit with his grand father. His favorite person to argue with was gone. The others and him had decided to stay on the planetoid, in case of Shock attack. The Shock would at least add a little excitement, but the Shock hadn't attacked anything in months thanks to the Hosts disappearing. He left he walked outside there base and looked to the sky, man was he bored.

He walked out a little further, maybe Zadam was doing something interesting. Though all he mostly did was hang out with Lavana. He sighed at the though of those two together. He knew they were. Actually an unofficial couple, missed chance there. He always kinda hoped maybe he had a chance with Lavana. Her and Zadam seemed to connect instantly.

He then spotted them, hanging out on the same hill they usually did. He turned away, this wasn't cheering him up. He began to walk away, back to the base.

Halfway there he was stopped.

"Hey Ryle, checkin' out the love birds?" Triply asked. Ryle stopped and looked to her.

"Makes your stomach turn don't it?" He shot back. Triply giggled.

"Jealous?" She taunted.

"No. Not really. Kinda. Maybe. Yes. Totally. Absolutely. Definitely." Ryle admitted.

"I know you, you liked Lavana." Triply taunted some more.

"Ya well, what's it to ya squirt?" Ryle huffed.

"Why do you always call me squirt? You not much older then I am." She asked.

"Will you just leave me alone?" He begged.

Triply grew concerned.

"Gee, I'm sorry. I didn't know it was bothering you that much."

"It aint, I'm over it." Ryle lied.

"Oh come on. Sure Zadam and Lavana are together but there are other girls in the galaxy." Triply offered.

"Ya, whatever. I've never been popular with ladies alright? Even back on my home planet."

"Oh there are plenty of girls who find you cute." She said.

"How would you know, you don't know many girls." Ryle said, looked to the ground.

"Well, I think your cute...." Triply admitted. Ryle's eyes shot open.


She looked to the ground kind of nervous.

"Ya." She said, expecting him to chew her out, about how he was a great warrior and didn't need something like a dumb girl with a crush on him.

"Cool." Ryle blurted out excited. Triply looked at him surprised.

"I've never actually had a girl say I'm cute before." Triply smiled, this was turning out a lot better then she thought it would. She paused for a moment the placed a quick kiss on Ryle's blue cheek. He looked shock, his face turned a shade of purple, his species form of blushing.

Triply laughed and walked off. Ryle was quick to follow, this could be the beginning of something interesting.

To be continued?