All credit goes to the writers of Lost Girl and the actors who portray the characters.

Rating: M

Characters: Bo/Tamsin

Status: In progress

Something just didn't add up

"Normally things would never play out that way between us", Bo thought to herself.

There were limited snarky comments, a hug initiated by the Valkyrie of all things, and that look in her eyes… Regret? Sadness? It was so hard to interpret when the rest of her face was so stone cold. Bo's eyes flashed blue again. After everything they had been through in the past few weeks, she never would have anticipated Tamsin plotting against her. Their relationship was based on giving each other shit, some inexplicable sexual tension, and most of all an unspoken respect for one another. They were equals, cut from the same cloth, both warriors, always having their guard up, only lowering it slighty when around each other, knowing the other would compensate. Tamsin was never one to turn down a drink either, alone or with company, Bo knew this, especially after their 'lunch' of tomato juice, celery and vodka they had shared before their trek to Brazenwood, before it became abundantly clear their relationship had changed, it was also a turning point in Bo and Lauren's relationship.

Lauren… her face dropped as the realization of their "break" set in. She shook her head for a moment, why bother thinking about Tamsin and whatever she is up to when some serious drinking needed to commence to numb the pain. When she invited Tamsin to have a drink before she snuck off, it wasn't entirely innocent… sexual tension, damn sexual tension, it was undeniable. Bo threw back a shot of tequila.

"Pass out and you won't have to think about either of the blondes", Bo thought to herself.

"This plan is Kenzi approved!" She chuckled and took another shot.

Tamsin jumped into her old truck and took off into the night. One more strand of hair and the rune bottle would have all of the contents it needed to work. What it would do, she had no idea.

"Bitch, do I look like a wizard!" This was the only response Acacia would give when Tamsin asked about what would happen.

"A response like that and somehow I'm the bitch." The Valkyrie shook her head and rolled her eyes.

Then she caught a glimpse of the box with her mentor's hand in it on the passenger seat and cringed, smacking her hand against the steering wheel. "Shit!" While Acacia was 10 pounds of attitude in a 5 pound bag, she was Tamsin's oldest friend, her only friend really, and now she was gone.

"Nice little gift from Oden… fucker", she thought to herself.

What did she have left… Tamsin no longer had any weaknesses, no liabilities who could be used against her. To be strong, hard and always get the job done. That is what Acacia would have wanted. Then she realized, there was one; one person who she could see being happy with, that challenged her, accepted her, and maybe even cared for her, Bo. Bo was her greatest source of strength, and her greatest weakness. If anything was to happen to her... "Oh screw you Acacia, you were a miserable old bitch! A great mentor, but a bitch all the same. I choose happiness. I choose Bo." She pulled up to where she and Acacia had sat earlier that day on the back of the truck. They shared a few beer, and reminisced over the old days. Tamsin buried the box and bowed her head, hoping her friend's soul arrived in Valhalla where she would finally find peace amongst the great warriors of the past, then she drove home to start some drinking of her own.

Bo sat on the couch, bottle of tequila within arms-reach, and a table to daggers spread out in front of her. She picked up a small blade and threw it, watching as it plunged into the chest of the manikin she set up a few feet away. Then suddenly her phone rang. She saw Lauren's name come up on the screen and was instantly concerned, after the beating she had taken today. She answered,

"Lauren! Is everything ok?"

"Yes Bo, I'm perfectly fine, I just wanted to let you know that I am fine with it."

"Lauren, fine with what?" Bo asked, hurt from the comment about being 'perfectly fine', they had just broken up a few hours ago.

"Fine with you and Tamsin, I mean obviously you will never develop into anything serious, and where she is a Valkyrie she should be able to more than satisfy your… needs."

Bo instantly became hot when she said 'needs'. Tamsin did taste divine, and was on a whole other level of hot. And then it occurred to her.

"You heard that I kissed Tamsin? Lauren I was going to tell you, I just—" Bo sputtered, feeling an unreasonable amount of guilt over one little kiss.

"Bo," Lauren cut her off, "Tamsin stopped by today and told me about it. That's how I know. I may have over reacted and slapped the bitch, but now reflecting on it, it makes perfect sense on a scientific level. I just wanted you to know, I don't want you neglecting your nature and not feeding properly because of the events from tonight. Good bye Bo."

"Lauren, wait I—" the line went dead.

Bo sat there for a moment, stunned. Tamsin. Tamsin stopped by at Lauren's to nark on me about the Brazenwood kiss. Was she responsible for this breakup? Bo was suddenly filled with rage, she felt rage and fury and some other emotion she could not quite label everytime she thought of the Valkyrie. Yes, Bo had kissed her, in the woods but that was for a feed. And yes, she couldn't deny that there was something more behind the kiss in Brazenwood, but Tamsin had no right to interfere in her relationship with Lauren like that. Bo had to see her, to confront her, to knock her the fuck out! God knows the bitch deserved it!

Tamsin was a strong adversary, even if Bo did want to mess up her pretty face a bit, she would have to come up with a better plan than barreling into her apartment and confronting her half in the bag. Even with her new sense of power since the dawning, Tamsin had some serious power of her own, and Bo knew stopped for a moment and took a breath, she thought about Brazenwood, the way Tamsin practically threw herself into Bo's arms overjoyed that she was okay, the way she gently placed her hands on Bo's face and breathed her in as their lips touched. The way that Bo had absolutely no control over herself, reciprocating and running her hands up Tamsin's arms. It was how she imagined others to feel when she used her powers of persuasion on them, but Tamsin was no succubus, she had no such power. And then to Bo's dismay, Tamsin pulled away ending the moment and pulling them both back into reality. "Fuck it." Bo grabbed her black leather jacket, becoming angry again. Why did the Valkyrie has such an overpowering effect on her! She was overwhelmed with emotions: anger, lust and confusion. Her eyes glowed an electric blue as she slammed the door behind her, not sure what she was going to do once she reached Tamsin's house, but one thing was for certain, it was going to get physical.

Tamsin was sitting in her living room in front of the TV, paying more attention to cleaning her gun than whatever show she was on. She grabbed the bottle of vodka sitting next to her and took in a mouth full, she nearly choked when she heard the incessant pounding on her door.

"Whoever this is had better have a death wish", the tall blonde thought to herself as she walked towards the door.

She opened it and saw the succubus, who had clearly been drinking, standing before her breathless and clearly pissed. There was only one explanation.

She smirked, tilting her head slightly, "Soooo… I take it you talked to the good doctor. Or not-so-good, where does everyone stand side wise after this whole sappy breaku—"


Bo's fist collided with the side of Tamsin's face, taking the blonde aback for a moment. She shook it off, wiping her mouth and turned her head back at the succubus, still appearing supremely pissed.

"Alright, maybe I deserved that…" the Valkyrie straightened up, towering over Bo in an attempt to intimidate her, a trick Acacia taught her years ago. She hoped it would make Bo more hesitant to swing again, and not force the blonde to react. "You got your shot in, try it again and I won't be so forgiving," she warned.

The side of Bo's mouth came up a little, the nerve of this girl, to think for a second she can take on an enraged succubus. She charged Tamsin, but the blonde merely stepped to the side grabbing her back and hip checking Bo, who fell to the ground with a crash. "Please… don't be shy… come in." The blonde waved her hand sarcastically, taunting the succubus.

Bo jumped back to her feet, eyes glowing blue.

Tamsin was impressed. Bo's vibrant blue eyes instilled a certain level of uncertainty in the Valkyrie she was not used to experiencing. Such a worthy opponent… such a warrior. Tamsin shook her head. While she didn't want to hurt Bo, her actions were making it mighty difficult to suppress her competitive Valkyrie-side that thrived off of feeling dominant.

"Back off Bo, last chance. I had no intention of breaking you and the human up! You to had a hell of a lot of other issues going on in your little soap opera between you, the doc and the wolf, before we locked lips in Brazenwood. I think if we just take a second to calm down here you'll see that –" She was stopped short dodging a punch from Bo.

Thank God she was significantly under the influence in comparison to Tamsin, thus slower and not as accurate, or this little sparing match could have had a much different outcome.

"Jesus Bo!" She said as she dodged another attack, the two were sparing around her living room now, Bo throwing punch after punch, Tamsin continuing to resist attacking back and desperately trying to explain.

"If you would just listen…" This was clearly out of the question.

"I was sent here on a job, a job to collect you for someone. You've been marked and I'm supposed to bring you in." Tamsin started explaining, all the while blocking Bo's attacks, thanking God she was used to sparing with Dyson. Hard to compete with the speed of a wolf, but she still managed to kick his puppy ass.

"Originally I thought it was going to be easy. But you aren't just another mark Bo!" Tamsin exclaimed ducking a round house kick to the head. "Bitch is flexible," the blonde thought.

Suddenly Bo stopped. This seemed to sober her up a bit. "Not just another mark. What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Bo dropped her guard for a moment.

Tamsin became frusterated, not wanting to explain that her feelings for Bo were getting in the way of her job. She smirked, smacking Bo with an open hand on the side of the head.

"Hey!" Bo exclaimed, amused and annoyed at the Valkyrie who was now bouncing around her in a fighting stance, guard up, clearly taunting her.

"Hands up succubus! You started this, better finish it." Tamsin exhaled sharply blowing a blonde strand of hair that had fallen out with all of the ducking and dodging around the empty living room.

Bo smirked, attitude plastered all over her face. "I have never had a problem finishing."

Tamsin rolled her eyes and threw a quick jab that Bo dodged with enough ease. Maybe the brunette was sobering up a bit. "Better speed this along so I don't lose my edge," Tamsin thought.

"You pulled out my hair earlier when you hugged me. Why? And for the love of God don't say you hugged me out of feeling bad or I knock you out here and now." Bo said.

"The man who hired me, sent me something called a rune jar. I don't know how it works, but it is supposed to weaken you. The dawning made you stronger, and this would make it easier for me to kick your cute little ass. I needed one hair of someone you loved, the Doc, two stands from two people you trust, I got one from D-man, still working on the other, figured I would target your human. Then three from your head." Tamsin explained.

"Doesn't sound to me like you have had too much trouble getting the job done so far… Let me help you with the last bit." Bo moved fast, throwing a jab with her right hand and catching Tamsin with an uppercut in the stomach with her left. The Valkyrie's stomach was harder than Bo had anticipated, and the impact hurt her hand a little, but she proceeded. Bo plucked a strand of blonde hair from Tamsin's head as she was keeled over.

This set Tamsin off. "Bitch you did not just touch my hair," she said between gritted teeth.

The Valkyrie grabbed Bo's shoulders and shoved her hard into a wall, placing her forearm over the succubus' neck and glared into her eyes.

Both girls stood there for a moment, bodies pressed against each other, catching their breath, trying to decide what their next move would be.

It was Bo who finally spoke up. She held up her hand that was clinching the blonde Valkyrie's hair. "A strand of hair from someone I trust. Kenzie gets moody when people mess with her hair, plus with the wigs that girl wears… wouldn't want you to get a dud."

Tamsin's jaw clinched. The succubus always had a way of catching her off guard. First with the sucker punch and now this? "I would rather take another smack to the face," Tamsin thought to herself.

"Damn it…" she whispered breaking Bo's gaze. "Damn it. DAMN IT BO!" She punched the wall next to Bo's head infuriated that her emotions had this kind of control over her, and that the succubus could bring them to the surface with such ease!

"Tamsin…" Bo whispered, "you're grip on my neck… if you could just loosen it a little so I could brea—"

Suddenly oxygen was the last thing on Bo's mind. Tamsin had clashed their mouths together aggressively. They met like the swords of two warriors battling. Breathing would involve pulling away from the Valkyrie which was out of the question. Instead Bo deepened the kiss placing a firm grip on Tamsin's hips pulling their midsections flush together.

Tamsin removed the death grip she had on Bo's neck and gently grazed one hand up Bo's arm, while the other reached up into her thick brunette hair. Chills ran up Bo's arm following Tamsin's had reminding her of the Brazenwood kiss. "This girl HAS to be part succubus."

The blonde teased her hot tongue over Bo's bottom lip, causing the succubus to drop her jaw in anticipation for their tongues to start sparing, as they just were. Instead Tamsin pulled back and smirked, looking at an eager Bo pressed up against the wall.

Bo opened her eyes and realized what the devious Valkyrie was doing. Teasing her, trying to establish dominance. Not against a succubus, not at this game. Bo bit down on her own lip, seeing this had an immediate effect on Tamsin as her eyes widened, a wave of arousal rushing through her. The succubus was good, but Tamsin was convinced she was better.

She traced her index finger over Bo's collar bone moving her hair over her shoulder. Bo was overcome by the thought of her neck now being exposed to Tamsin's seductive ways. The Valkyrie made her move, running her soft lips over Bo's jawline, up to her ear where she whispered, "I thought you were mad… shouldn't I be unconscious by now?" Bo felt Tamsin's warm breath on her skin as she whispered, taunting her, taking her teeth and gently nibbling her earlobe and flicking her tongue in the process. She then moved down to her neck, placing open mouthed kisses down one side and moving back up, gently suckling, hoping to mark the succubus.

Bo's eyes closed and she tilted her head back granting Tamsin further access to her neck, and a soft moan escaped from her throat. She could feel the blonde smile against her neck, knowing that she was fully in control over Bo. She was not used to being the one getting seduced, giving up control and allowing another to lavish her. Tamsin truly was her equal.

This thought fully unleashed the succubus, pulling Tamsin up to her mouth and kissing her hard. Her hands moved under the back of Tamsin's shirt, and she sent red waves of pleasure and persuasion through the Valkyrie. Tamsin felt the hot waves travel over every inch of her body, coursing through her.

Before she had time to realize Bo was taking her turn at being in control, she was shoved against the wall, exchanging places with Bo, who proceeded to firmly grind her pelvis into Tamsin, eliciting a sharp inhalation as she threw her head back, accidentally hitting her head against the wall. "Becareful detective," Bo softly moaned into her ear, "you may end up unconscious yet."

Tamsin tore Bo's leather jacket off and threw it to the ground. She grabbed her neck and brought her in for a deep kiss. Bo brought her hand up and cupped Tamsin's breast with one hand, wrapping her other around her lower back. The Valkyrie then pushed back against Bo with her hips, giving her enough space to move away from the wall and step forward, forcing Bo to take a step back. "Bedroom," Tamsin breathed, Bo nodded giving her a seductive smile. Tamsin moved back in for another kiss, and the two stumbled through the door and into the room.

Bo reached both hands in front of her and ripped Tamsin's button-up top from her body, exposing her toned abs and black bra. She stared for a moment, mesmerized. Tamsin snapped her out of it, pushing Bo against another wall and pinning her hands above her head. She kissed Bo, and nipped her lower lip, grabbing the bottom of Bo's shirt and tearing it over her head.

Slowly bringing her hands down Bo's arms that were still raised over her head, and gradually dragging them to her sides. Tamsin's whole body began to slowly move seductively down Bo's tracing her tongue along her torso and placing gentle kissed over her stomach. When she had dropped to the point of Bo's belt, she looked up with a mischievous look on her face. She stared Bo in the eye's and bit her lower lip as she undid Bo's belt painfully slow.

The Valkyrie watched Bo's face as she gritted her teeth together in anticipation for her next move. Popping the button on the top of Bo's pants and slowly undoing her zipper. Tamsin then slowly moved her hands onto Bo's hips, caressing down Bo's inner thigh and bringing her hands around her knees and back up the other side of her stretching her long fingers over Bo's firm backside. She snuck her fingers into the top of Bo's pants and gave a gentle tug, pulling them off.

Tamsin took the succubus' red underwear between her teeth, pulling gently and letting them snap back against her. She placed kiss just above the midline of her underwear, and seductively worked her way back up Bo's body.

She stood in front of a very flustered Bo, clearly proud of working over the succubus' body with her hands and mouth, leaving her standing there completely breathless. "Like puddy in my hands," Tamsin thought. This thought turned her on, she loved to be in control, and it was even sweeter that it was Bo who was under her spell.

Bo's eyes flashed blue and a predatory look took over her face. She glared at Tamsin and smiled a seductive smile. The Valkyrie's stomach suddenly filled with butterflies.

"Proud of yourself?" Bo murmured.

Tamsin tried to keep her cool, "Mmmmm, very much so. To seduce a succubus… Yep, can cross that one off my bucket list."

Bo laughed like she knew some kind of secret that Tamsin didn't, causing Tamsin to lift her brow in curiosity. Bo paused for a moment and said, "My turn," and grabbed Tamsin, throwing her onto the bed.