Unrelenting Memories

Chapter 1

"The school's name is Seirin. It's located in Tokyo, not far from Daiki's school." Akashi Seijuro threw a photograph in the middle of the large, round table. The small picture showed a small school and a sign that read 'Seirin High School'. "The address is on the back of the photo."

Four colored heads leaned over the photo, intrigued at what kind of school their teammate went to. One by one, each face turned disappointed. Aomine Daiki grabbed the picture and flipped it to read the address. "This is such a disappointing school. Why would he choose this one?"

"What he chose doesn't matter." Akashi flipped the picture back so that the other four could imprint the school into their minds. "He joined the basketball team, and it seems all the players are liking him too well."

Aomine grunted. "Sounds like him all right. So naive; he probably doesn't know they're all after his body."

"Hmph." The second tallest there pushed up his glasses and narrowed his eyes. "This is why he is so foolish. He should have picked Shutoku High for his high school." Midorima Shintarou glared at the picture in disgust, offended that he had rejected the offer to join Shutoku, but enrolled in such a small and petty school.

Murasakibara Atsushi opened a bag of chips and put two at a time in his mouth. "Mm, do you know the names of his new teammates, Aka-chin?"

A malicious expression claimed Akashi's face. "I do." A notepad was also thrown into the middle of the table. They all huddled closer to get a closer look. A list of names were what they found. "This 'Kagami Taiga' is the most dangerous. He has already become quite good friends with him." A look of hatred flashed across Akashi's eyes.

"Kagami . . . Taiga, huh?" Kise Ryouta looked at the circled name. His usually cheerful and clever eyes turned into animosity toward Kagami. "How dare he . . ."

"We are not simply going to sit and wait, are we?" Akashi smirked at the growing hatred he could feel in the atmosphere. Dark, purple auras emitted from each player in the room.

"Of course not," Aomine chuckled darkly. "They dare touch what's ours; they're going to see that we don't share."

Murasakibara lifted his half-lidded eyes to meet Akashi's. "Can I take two at a time?"

"All in due time, Atsushi," Akashi reassured. "So I assume everybody knows the plan?"

Midorima pushed up his glasses. "Of course."

"I call this Kagami guy."

"I was going to get him, Aominecchi!"


Akashi smiled ever so slightly. "Perfect."

Somewhere else, a poor soul who happened to be passing the closed room, felt the killing intent and had nightmares for the next several weeks.

I told you I would be releasing two stories at the same time (ish). This is just a break from my serious stories, and it's something I can write to relax when I'm too tired to write my serious ones. I'll have fun writing this :)

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