Unrelenting Memories

Chapter 4

"Kuroko . . . are you sure about this?"

Kuroko turned his head just as he touched the handle of the door, looking at Riko in confusion. "What do you mean, Riko-san?"

The coach shifted uncomfortably. Behind her stood the Seirin team, including the haunted Kagami. "Well, it's a party. With your old teammates. Aren't we intruding?"

Kuroko scratched his cheek. "Akashi-kun said to bring my new team," he said. "How are you intruding?"

Riko swallowed at the mention of the captain of Generation of Miracles. The Seirin team sweat-dropped. He doesn't get it . . .

"O-oi, Kuroko," Kagami called nervously, stopping Kuroko from opening the door once more. "T-this old team of yours—they wouldn't h-happen to have red hair?" Hyuuga looked at him strangely for this, but the ace needed to know. The torture someone had inflicted on him; Kagami shivered.

"Red hair? Akashi-kun has red hair." Kuroko was also confused by this question. "May I open the door now?"

"O-oh, all right," Riko took a deep breath. "We're ready."

The whole team of Seirin stood in front of Teiko Middle School's first gym. This was where the Generation of Miracles and the first string had practiced when Kuroko was still in middle school. Somehow, Akashi had managed to talk to the manager and principal of the school to convince them to lend the gym for a day, even though they were all high-schoolers. The others decided to not question his ways.

Kuroko swung open the gym door, a feeling of nostalgia overcoming him. Seirin huddled at the entrance, straining their necks so they could see the Generation of Miracles. They weren't like Seirin expected them to be. It was utter chaos.

Aomine and Kise were tugging back and forth on both a basketball and some sort of gift bag. You could hear their loud insults of:

"Aominecchi! Give me the basketball! I got it first!"

"Shut up, Kise! I told you I'd give you the ball if you give me the bag!"

"It's not my fault Aominecchi forgot to buy something! This is my gift to give!"



Aomine suddenly let go of both items and lunged for the blond. The two went tumbling across the floor, grunts and loud insults emitting from both. Midorima looked at them in distaste and knew he would never act as the animals they were. He turned back to Murasakibara and continued his argument,

"I keep on telling you, Murasakibara, the main dish goes in the middle. It's customary!"

"You're wrong, Mido-chin," the purple-head argued. "This is a party. It's supposed to be disorganized."

"It most certainly not be disorganized!" Midorima said. "Akashi has put me in charge of the preparations. The food, decorations, and gifts must be in complete order. The lucky items I have placed around the room must also not be touched."

Murasakibara glared down at him. "That makes it a boring party, Mido-chin." He then rudely swiped his finger in the dipping sauce for the chips and tasted it with his tongue.

Midorima's left eye twitched in annoyance.

Akashi ignored his former teammates and leaned against the far gym wall. In one hand, he was spinning a basketball with the tip of his finger. The other, he had scissors dangerously dangling from his index finger, innocently swinging back and forth. Although the red-head was usually aware of his surroundings, he didn't notice Seirin as he stared at the opposite wall from him. A dark look glinted in his eyes.

Kuroko spoke, "Ano . . . "

Even though it was soft-spoken and extremely quiet compared to the noise in the gym, the Generation of Miracles stopped their activities and simultaneously averted their gazes to Kuroko. Aomine and Kise stopped rolling and froze in position, Aomine on top with Kise pinned down. Midorima stopped his closing of a fist, readying himself to punch the purple-head if he ruined the food one more time. Akashi's ball slowed to a stop, and he gracefully tucked it back under his arm. The scissors, however, did not stop moving back and forth.

"Kurokocchi!" Kise said first, happily. He kicked off Aomine, whom grunted and stumbled back, and quickly stood to run toward their favorite player. Kuroko was suddenly crushed in a strong hug, his face stuffed into a clean, expensive shirt. "Is it just me, or did you shrink, Kurokocchi?"

Seirin stared, dumbfounded. "Kise-kun, that hurts," Kuroko stated. Kise immediately let go. "And you just grew taller."

"Get off of him!" Aomine shoved Kise off with tremendous force. The model staggered to regain his balance.

"Don't be rough, Aomine-kun," Kuroko reminded.

Aomine scowled, but didn't answer. Instead he turned towards Kagami, loathing that the ace was still alive, but smirked all the same at what Akashi had in store for him. Kagami noticed the smirk and took a step back. He didn't even bother yelling at the ganguro for what he did the other day.

Midorima pushed up his glasses and carefully analyzed Kuroko's new team. Nothing but weak-looking fools. They obviously won't have enough skill to show Kuroko's true talents.

Murasakibara looked lazily their way, but gave a half-hearted wave to his Kuro-chin.

"Tetsuya," Akashi greeted, pushing himself off the wall. The scissors had yet to stop moving. All eyes averted toward him. Seirin frowned at his short stature, only about an inch taller than Kuroko, and thought, This can't be the captain of the Generation of Miracles. But the name Kuroko called him said otherwise.

"Akashi-kun," Kuroko said back, an unfamiliar spark in his eyes. Kagami visibly took another step back, fear evident on his face. Hyuuga gave him a smack, telling him to get it together. "Scissors are dangerous to carry around like that, Akashi-kun."

By then, all five of the colorful teenagers crowded in front of the Seirin team. With Kuroko, the Generation of Miracles were finally reunited. Riko shivered at the atmosphere. W-what is with this intimidating feeling?

"I am glad your . . . companions were able to make it," Akashi said with restraint.

"Yes, but what is this for, Akashi-kun?" Kuroko thought it was too random to have a party at their old middle school. Akashi always did things for a reason, even if he chose not to share it.

"I only wanted to see how you fared." Akashi's scissors moved back and forth faster. "And have a friendly match. After all, you did pick a surprisingly weak school, Tetsuya." His gaze burned toward Seirin, whom have cowered under his stare. "Come in. The gym is ours until the evening."

"Tetsu-kun!" Before Kuroko could take one step, a pink monster pushed through the Seirin crowd and tackled Kuroko. The teal-head managed to keep from falling. "Kya~You still look so adorable! I'm so glad I could see you again!"

"Momoi-san," Kuroko's face was pressed into Momoi's large breasts. "You're suffocating me."

D-die, Kuroko! Seirin thought.

"Oi, Satsuki! Who invited you?"

"Don't be mean, Dai-chan!" Momoi glared at her childhood friend. "Akashi-kun said to bring some friends to join the party. Neh, Akashi-kun?" Akashi gave his confirmed nod. "I brought lots of people! I invited some of the old members of the first and second string! Oh! And Dai-chan, I invited some of your teammates from Touou, too!" She pointed through a small opening between Hyuuga and Teppei. Sure enough, there were a dozen people waiting, mostly consisting of vaguely familiar faces from middle school, and three from Touou. Aomine glared at the Touou captain, Imayoshi, who only creepily smiled.

"Why the hell would you do that, Satsuki?" he ran a hand over his face.

"Because they were the closest team in Tokyo! And they were easy to persuade."

The way the Touou members shivered told the Generation of Miracles Momoi did a little more than casual 'persuading'.

"Come in!" Kise chirped enthusiastically, waving to the members outside. "We have lots of food!"

And so the party started.

Teiko Middle School's first string gym was huge. Multiple basketball courts were set up in the gym. In order to ease the tension between fellow basketball players, many of the members played their own mini matches, either against a stranger or against themselves. The Generation of Miracles didn't participate in the small matches, knowing it'd be useless to play with such weaklings, but instead observed and tortured Seirin in small, secret ways. Again, Kuroko was simply clueless to this while Murasakibara distracted him with the many vanilla milkshakes Akashi had generously provided for the party.

"You still like vanilla, Kuro-chin?"

"Of course. Vanilla is the best."

Seirin, meanwhile, were not enjoying themselves at all. Time after time, the members of Seirin found themselves targeted. Targeted by whom, they were finally figuring it out.

A clipboard sailed through the air and impacted itself hard against Hyuuga's head. The shooting guard yelled at the instant pain and fell to the floor. He clutched his injured spot, hearing the innocent clipboard scatter across the court. Two of his teammates came to help him.

"You all right?" Teppei lent a hand down to which Hyuuga took gratefully. The other teammate helped him stand.

Midorima strode across the court and stopped in front of the three. He pushed up his glasses. "I apologize. My fingers slipped." He then passed them without another word to retrieve his clipboard.

Seirin's members sweat-dropped. How many times had his fingers 'slipped'? Maybe if he would take off that tape from his fingers, he wouldn't 'slip' anymore! Hyuuga thought angrily.

Around the same time, Kagami, who had slowly gotten back to his usual self through basketball, was defending against Izuki. Before Izuki got to dribble, though, Kise 'accidentally' flung his water bottle in the air, uncapped. Water splashed all over Izuki and onto the floor. The black-head took a step in surprise, ultimately slipping and falling on his butt painfully.

"Ah, sorry!" Kise ran over to the scene. His furrowed eyebrows and guilty smile told the two he was sorry. The look in his honey-colored eyes told otherwise. "I guess I didn't have a tight hold on my water bottle."

"It's . . . all right," Izuki said, still dazed by what happened. He slowly stood back up to avoid slipping. "Do you have an extra pair of clothes? A uniform?"

You could obviously see three sets of uniforms sitting on the table, untouched. "No, we don't," Kise deadpanned. "We have a towel, though. Murasakicchi! Could you pass that towel?"

"Mm," Murasakibara responded, tossing Kise the dirty towel. The blond handed it to Izuki.

Izuki hesitantly took the food-stained towel. " . . . Thank you."

Kise stared at Kagami in the eyes. His friendly expression had been erased. "It's no problem," Kise said. He continued to stare at Kagami. The ace found himself almost cringing.

"Kise! Help me with the drinks!" Aomine shouted across the court.

Kise blinked. "Okay, Aominecchi!" He turned to run back, but not before giving Kagami one, last burning glare. Kagami, not knowing the blond at all, was having second thoughts of whether Kise was part of the . . . attack days ago.

"Look, Mitobe!" Koganei ran around the court, his arms full of snacks. "They have all these different flavors for chips! There's even a chili—Woah!" The small forward ducked lowly just as a spinning basketball flew right above his head. He could feel the ball brush against his hairs.

Aomine ran toward them. "Sorry," he called, but as he passed them, he grumbled a low, "Tch. I missed."

"Hey! Do some stretches before actually playing!" Riko complained to her players. "Especially you, Kagami and Kuroko! We need you guys for the . . . " her voice faltered as she heard a loud crunching noise coming from the top of her head. She felt bits of crumbs fall onto her hair and onto her shoulders. Riko, startled, looked up, only to have more crumbs of chips fall onto her face.

Murasakibara was towering behind her, his left hand holding a bag of chips while his right occupied itself by stuffing in large amounts of food inside his mouth. His mouth was only so big though, so the leftovers fell down to the coach's head.

"A-are you eating on top of me?" the coach asked, almost fearfully.

The giant looked down with lazy eyes. "Mm . . .Yeah, I guess," he said with his mouth full. The two didn't say anything more or moved. Riko felt more crumbs fall onto her head. "S'ry," Murasakibara said, finishing the last of his chips and walking on as if nothing happened.

Eventually, most of the basketball players got tired and stood at the sidelines where food and chairs awaited. Seirin huddled together, Touou sat far across the gym, the Generation of Miracles occupied themselves near Seirin, but not too close, and the others drifted around. Momoi had planned many multi-tasking activities, so no one was without an activity. Kuroko stayed somewhere between Seirin and his old team. He found if he went too close to Seirin, Akashi would beckon him over to do some ridiculous job for the party. And if he strayed too close to Generation of Miracles, Seirin would give him a fearful glance.

Kuroko had no questions of this.

"Kuroko," Riko hissed. The teal-head responded with a curious glance. "Are you sure we were invited?"

"Yes," he blinked. "Is there something wrong?"

"Of course there's something wrong!" Hyuuga snapped. "I've been getting hit with clipboards and flying basketballs for the past hour!"

"I was splashed with water from a water bottle," Izuki spoke up.

"I tripped seven times from legs and objects," Tsuchida admitted.

Kagami shifted. "I haven't had anything done to me yet . . . But they keep glaring at me." He rubbed the sweat off from his towel. He wasn't sure if the sweat was from running or from fear.

"And all these 'accidents' are coming from them!" Teppei discreetly pointed to the Generation of Miracles.

Kuroko frowned at the accusations. His innocent mind didn't allow him to believe his old teammates would do such a thing to his new ones. "I think you're mistaken. Akashi-kun would never allow the others to attack someone. He usually is very hospitable to guests." Seirin wanted to almost strangle Kuroko. Could he not see that smirk on his former captain's face every time they were hit? "Murasakibara-kun must be stressed because we are eating his snacks, and Midorima-kun is usually in charge of the party preparations, so he must not be feeling well. Kise-kun and Aomine-kun are normally rough."

"Talk to them, then," Riko ordered.

"Talk to them?" Kuroko's blue eyes gazed blankly at his coach.

"Yes. Tell them we're fearing the safety of our team, so they should lessen the accidents."

"Akashi-kun doesn't take too well with orders."

Riko looked around. "Well, then, take Kagami with you."

The ace backed up. "O-oi, don't make your own decisions about me. I'm not going."

"Come on, Kagami! Isn't your name Tiger?" Hyuuga and Teppei gave him a huge push toward Kuroko.

It was a too hard of a push for Kagami, however, since he hadn't been expecting it. With Teppei's and Hyuuga's muscles combined, Kagami felt his body forced forward, stumbling toward Kuroko. The teal-head, slow and weak in strength, couldn't stop the motion and found himself tackled by Kagami. Kuroko fell backwards, felt the gym floor slam against his back, and his breath was stolen from the heavy weight of his partner.

Something chapped and warm pressed against Kuroko's lips. Blue eyes widened when he realized Kagami's lips were upon his. Shocked, bulging red eyes stared back at him. There was a moment of shock before the ace hastily unlocked his lips and scrambled up. "Sorry, Kuroko! Damn it, I—" he froze, in mid-speech, when he felt a dangerous, threatening aura creep up behind him.

He dared to turn his neck to see the source of the aura.

The Generation of Miracle's faces were all dark and furious. Murasakibara was clutching onto his sixth bag of chips so tightly, you could hear most of the remaining chips crushing under his hold. Midorima covered his eyes with his hair, and he was slowly unwrapping his bandages from his left hand. Aomine had a fire lit in his eyes, the ball between his hands flat from the extreme pressure. Kise stared hard and long, any trace of fake enthusiasm gone and replaced by morbid anger. Even Momoi gazed at Kagami as if he were the deer to her lion.

Akashi let out the most murderous atmosphere. He had his head down, but when he raised it, goosebumps appeared. His eyes were wide with murder, anger, and violence, the red-and-yellow colors bringing out their most dominant feaures. You couldn't tell if his lips were pulled into a smirk or into a frown, but something was there; something waiting to explode. A threatening promise lurked within his expression.

All five players of the Generation of Miracles thought:

He tainted Kuroko.

And that was enough reason for murder.

"R-really, Kuroko," Kagami suddenly stammered. "It was an acc—" He was again stopped, but this time by a pair of scissors. It flashed before him, striking cleverly against his cheek, and nailed itself against the wall. A small cut appeared.

"I planned on waiting," Akashi murmured very lowly. "But you may now proceed."

Each player snapped their heads up and looked at their target. Glee filled their expressions. Kagami swallowed.

Kuroko finished wiping his lips and looked around, confused at why it had gotten so quiet. "Ano, I heard there was vanilla cake. Can we eat that now?"

The party went on without incident for the other members.

Kagami went through Hell.

During the slicing of the cake, he was purposely given one, small slice of cake. He had eaten the slice, but found himself running to the bathroom minutes later. The drinks he drank tasted awful, and he even found some type of toe nail in his coke. If he was in a thirty feet radius within Kuroko, random scissors would fly by very close to him. And when they played Pin the Donkey, courtesy of Momoi, he swore he could see his face incorporated into the donkey's. Kuroko, though, who was the first to pin it, couldn't see with his blind fold on.

And then, suddenly, Kagami disappeared. Along with Akashi.

Kuroko frowned when he saw that his old captain and ace were missing. "Hyuuga-senpai, where's Kagami-kun?"

Hyuuga went pale and immediately looked sick. "You don't want to know," he whispered.

Kuroko furrowed his eyebrows. Five minutes later, Akashi came back, wiping his hands with a paper towel calmly.

Aomine grinned. That'd do it. You're not getting any closer to marrying Tetsu, Kagami bastard! Or taking his virginity.


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