Chapter 2-And so the story begins

A figure sighed as he looked at the scroll that had arrived at noon. It contained details of the Fourth Shinobi War that had occurred in the Elemental Nations, but surprisingly it wasn't hidden villages against each other. In fact it was all five great hidden villages, as well as all the other smaller hidden villages against Akatsuki and the hidden Sound Village. Turns out both Madara Uchiha and Orochimaru bolstered their forces with missing-nins and thugs to rival the other hidden villages in terms of manpower and it seemed that they were winning especially since they were using the biju that they extracted out of their jinchuriki. So far they had the Ichibi, Sanbi, Yonbi, Gobi, Rokubi and the Hachibi, but they didn't have the Nibi, Nanabi or the Kyuubi. Nibi's jinchuriki was cornered by Akatsuki but then a stranger came and literally obliterated the Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakazu, following that the jinchuriki just disappeared of the face of the Elemental Nations. The Nanabi's jinchuriki was a different story. She was being hunted by her own villagers who wanted to beat her for being a jinchuriki but after she had rounded into an alleyway she found a dead end. When they were about to attack her though they were slaughtered and the jinchuriki was gone. Finally the Kyuubi's jinchuriki simply vanished after he had been exiled. Many people had looked for him but they had no luck in finding him.

' That was ten years ago', Naruto thought as he sighed again as he contemplated on what to do. So far the scroll had stated that they would like an alliance to combat the Akatsuki and Orochimaru, however in order to make it more persuasive they even added in how likely they were to attack his own nation once the Elemental Nations were overrun. Now after that subtle message Naruto had half a mind to refuse the alliance after all his nation was so far away that by the time they arrived, they would be tired and not effective in combat.

When Naruto had left Konoha and climbed the wall he was stunned to say the least. There were bodies everywhere blood covered the grass he could hearing roars of what he assumed were demons or a battle in the distance. He traveled for two years in the land he learned from great warriors and fought even stronger warriors each time coming out stronger after everything. After a year of fighting and killing he got sick of it and decided to bring the together to fight as one instead of each other, and he did it it took another year but he did it he almost died multipel times but he succeded. After he became Emperor he decided to turn the strength of most of the empire from war to science It did wonders.

Buildings made of bricks and metal instead of wood, weapons that made the Yondaime Hokage's Hiraishin look primitive, a navy that dwarfs the wooden boats the East use, medical facilities were more efficient than even Tsunade, communications that made the East's short-wave radios became toys that were beaten by kids walkie talkies and overall everyone was happy. (AN: Imagine the continent with cities along the edge that faces the east with the suburbs just behind them and the countryside behind them)

There was no crime or corruption, all of it wiped out before it could fester and grow. People were supportive of just about everything he did. His title as leader of the emperor of the western elemental empire was sort of passed down through the family, but if they were seen as not worthy then another would be chosen. Once chosen though they would permanently stay in as leader and no one can remove them and all the decisions are final, nobody else could defy them.

Looking through the pros and cons of the proposition he saw a chance at gaining something from this. Then he placed the scroll down onto his desk made of oak and glanced around his office. It was painted white and had a kind of government feel to it. At one end of the room was his desk and large leather chair, large windows behind him showed the view of his nation that he ruled and also a flag of his nation, which was white with the Uzumaki clan symbol in the centre. In front of him were two leather couches that were perpendicular to his desk with a small table between them. On the other end of the room was the only door that the room had.

Looking back on his life he absently thought back to the day he was exiled after he had successfully completed his mission to bring back his old team mate, Sasuke Uchiha... the damned Uchiha scum he remembered the day he found out about his family and what curse the brought to his family during his first year as empoer.



"Kyuubi..." said Naruto looking into the blood red eyes of the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"Naruto...why have you come here" said the Kyuubi looking into the deep blue eyes of the Uzumaki emperor Naruto Uzumaki.

"You know why i am here" he states while walking closer to "his" cage .

"You want my you not Naruto" "He" says as Naruto comes to a stop in front of "his" cage.

"No i don't want your power Kyuubi i need it to protect my empire to the friends and family i made here" Naruto says as he floats up to the seal on the middle of the cage.

"Very well...Let us begin NARUTO" Kyuubi roared at him while crashing through the caged after the seal was ripped off.

The battle between the two with Naruto throwing jutsu and various techniques at the Kyuubi, and the Kyuubi throwing Bijudama's and it's own kitsune techniques such as the kitsune bi. The battle was going on for hours with it starting to go ing to Kyuubi's favor and when it seemed he was going to lose something happened and he meet the two people he though he would never meet his parents.

"You have...fought well friend but..I will never be...under your just give up" the Kyuubi huffed out looking down on a tired and beaten Naruto on his knees.

"Huff...huff...huff...huff...Kyuubi...your stronger...then the stories say...but I wont...give up...I wont surrender...I...WILL...WIN WRAAAAAAAH. He shouted at the ended as chains ejected from his body and a shout of a jutsu he new to well "Rasengan".

Looking up he say what in his opinion was a very beatific women and the one man he both respected and hated at the same time the Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki though the later unknown to him.

"Yondaime-sama" Naruto breathed out.

"Hello...Naruto" Minato said with a smile on his face.

"Who are you" Naruto said with a confused look on his face.

"I'm Hurt you don't know me Naruto but I shudent be surprised you haven't been told" Kushina said in a motherly tone of voice.

"Kushina...sigh how could you expect him to know something he has never been tolded though considering how he is related to you i soudent-BLARGH" Minato didnt get to finish as the newly named Kushina had brought her fist down on his head hard on the ground.


"Whats going on dattebayo" Naruto said utterly confused but was finding it hard not to laugh at the misfortune Yondaime.

"Dattebayo huh you really are like me" Kushina said in the motherly tone yet again.

"What does the mean..." Naruto said with tears threatening to spill out of his eyes.

"So you figured it out huh" Kushina smiled at Naruto and was wrapped in a hug by him.

"Mom" Naruto said with a low voice with tears now spilling out of his eyes.

"Mom huh I'm so happy to hear that from you Naruto my son" Kushina said herself crying a finally being called a mother by her own son.

"Naruto" Minato said finally getting off the ground and looking straight at him as Naruto let go of his mother.

"..." Naruto was silent he started to walk and was close to Minato at least a arms length apart.

"Naruto im gla-BLARGH" Minato yet again didnt get to finish his sentence as Naruto had drove his fist into his stomach hard that had Minato hunching over in pain.

"O..Ok I...deserve that...ow...Naruto i just wanted to say im proud of son" He said With a warm smile on his pain filled face.

"Kushina...Minato...I should have know you would come here" The Kyuubi snarled at them being hold down by Kushina's Chains and being slightly hurt by the Rasengan.

"Naruto my son we will have to finish this later but right now you must defeat the Kyuubi and gain access to "his" chakra" Minato said getting ready to fight with his son and his wife.

"Mom...Dad...stay out this is my fight between myself and the Kyuubi I don't want either of you to interfere in this fight I may have "his" knowledge of my strength but I dont have his respect which I'm going to earn right here and now" Naruto said with full conviction in his voice.

"Naruto are you sure" Kushina asked to her son.

"Yes Mom I'm sure please I'm strong enough to win Just believe in me and I will" Naruto said to his Mother.

"Ok son we wont interfere and good luck" Minato said standing down from the fight.

"Good luck Naruto my son" Kushina said giving Naruto a quick hug and a motherly kiss on a cheek that made a tear escape from his eye.

When the tear hit the ground they both went at it again Naruto and Kyuubi trading blows Naruto had to call upon the powers of sage mode to over power "him" and was able to beat him with his strongest jutsu the Wind style: RasenShuriken which had both of his parents wide eyed at the complete form of the Rasengan and the power behind it. He was finally able to connect his chakra to the Kyuubi's and pulled hard and connected the Kyuubi's chakra's to his and was able to complete his jinchuriki form. (AKA first clock form)

"Naruto" Minato said getting the attention of his son still in the Kyuubi clock.

"Why...Why did you choose me I know I'm your son but why" Naruto asked

"Naruto I was the Yondaime Hokage and as a kage I couldn't ask another parent to sacrifice something I could not" Minato said in a sad tone.

"It's true Naruto he didn't want to in fact I pleaded with Minato to let me take back the Kyuubi into myself and let it die with me" Kushina said as she hugged Naruto as he was crying on her shoulder.

"...Wait you said take back what do you mean" Naruto asked

"I held the Kyuubi before you as Did my auntie be for me did Mito, she transferred the Kyuubi to me shortly before she did and when I was pregnant with you the seal weakened at the time of your birth and the Kyuubi got out" Kushina said as she released her son from the hug.

"So it's my fault the Kyuubi escaped" Naruto asked

"No Naruto it's not on the day of your birth the seal held up fine it was what happened afterwords we were attacked by a man in a mask with a sharingan he held you hostage and drew me away from Kushina and when I got you back he was gone and had unleashed the Kyuubi from her and then had it attack the village" Minato explained to his son.

"Naruto my baby boy we don't have much time left our chakra is almost up we just want to let you know that we are proud of you your an emporer of a hole kingdom you have brought peace here I wish i was Konoha but if your happy here then know I'm happy for you" Kushina said as Minato steped foward to say his final words.

"Naruto my son you have surpassed me in all ways possible you have mastered the Rasengan and actually beat the Kyuubi know all that's left is for you to learn my Flying Raijin jutsu both me and your mother left all or techniques in a scroll I put a sealing tattoo on the bottom of your foot before the sealing of the Kyuubi learn well and become even stronger and protect everything you hold dear to you" Minato said with a smile and with one last hug from his father Minato vanished.

"Mom thank you for everything I will always love you I just wish I had more time with you" Naruto said as tear spilt out from his eyes.

"Naruto my little boy I love you so much but it's time for me to go I will always love you to and Naruto...Thank you for being born our son" Kushina said as she also vanished from the hold on Naruto.

"...Mom...Dad...thank you with everything you have given me i will protect everyone and destroye the Uchiha's the have done this to us none shall live the Uchiha clan will be no more" Naruto said with

"You did well Naruto-Kun and i can finally tell you what i have been wanting to for years" A strong but caring female voice from behind him stated.

"Who are you" Naruto asked as he prepared for a battle if one would start.

"I'm hurt Naruto-Kun I mean we did just have a great battle" The women stated with a pout on here face which made Naruto gain a blush on his face but gets what she had just said.

"K-Kyuubi" Naruto stated in shock with a blush still on his face (AN from this point on Kyuubi's voice will be normal)

"In the flesh Naruto-Kun" She says as she start's walking closer to him.

"W-w-what Kyuubi I though you were male not a freaking smoking hot women" Naruto says while a very small tint of pink appears on the Kyuubi's cheek's.

"Well I'm not a male and thank you Naruto-Kun I'm pleased to hear what you think about me" She says finally infront of Naruto.

"K-k-k-Kyuubi what are you doing" Naruto ask as the Kyuubi leaned in close to his face.

"Just giving you a award for being the only being on this planet to ever defeat me..and win my heart" Kyuubi says a she kisses him on the lips.

"H-huh" Naruto says with a full body blush that rivaled the kyuubi's hair.

"Hitomi my name is Hitomi call me that from now on Naruto-Kun" She says as she leaned in to kiss him again.

(FlashBack ends)

Naruto smiled he remembers how happy she was when he released her after learning all of the Nin-Gen-Tai-Ken-and Fuinjutsu his parents had left for him. Sure there had been some problems after he pulled her out he found out he had destroyed the shiki fuin seal on his body and the seal was meant to protect him from Hitomi's chakra and even when it was gone for a moment it was enough to turn him into a hanyo or a half demon. It maye have been for a split second but he took most of her chakra sure a few months later she recovered it but it still stood he was at least as strong as the Nanabi. She had been his first mate but she wasnt the only one no he had four more beautiful women his mates Yugito, Fu, the Nibi or Matatabi as her given name was, and the Nanabi or Chomei. He remembered how he found and rescued them and it was only thanks to his spy network which beat Jiraiya's by lightyear's by being able to use the more advanced technology to comunicate with his empire.

Soon after that he saved Yugito Nii, Matabi's container, and Fu, Chomei's container, from both the Akatsuki and her own village respectively. They then travelled to the empire and became very close. Seven years after his banishment they became a couple with Yugito and Fu becoming Naruto's girlfriends. Another year later became his mates which allowed him to release there Biju which inturn also became his mates.

'Now with this alliance I could demand for my clan's heritage back that was stolen by Konoha.', Naruto thought with a scowl in place. You see when Uzushiogakure was destroyed by a combined effort of Iwa and Kumo the Sandaime Hokage came in and claimed the land as a extension of Konoha without any consent from the survivors and threatened any all of them with his large army of shinobi that forced the survivors to flee. The reason his mother went to Konoha was because she thought she could get the Sandaime to restore the land. Her plea was left unanswered as the Sandaime didn't want to insted he took taken advantage of the mineral rich lands and now had a surplus supply of chakra appsobing metal or he would have if the remaning Uzumaki surviors didnt enable a barrier of whirlpools and Malestorm's that we're five time's a strong than before. She didn't want to stay but had to stay in Konoha as a necessity. Then due to her being the only Uzumaki in Konoha other than Mito Uzumaki she had to become the second jinchuriki to the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Later on she fell in love with Minato when he saved her from Kumo nin who wanted her for her special chakra that could subdue a biju and soon fell pregnant with Naruto. Then on the day of his birth the Kyuubi was ripped out of Kushina by Madara Uchiha and his father was forced to seal it inside of him when it was obvious the Kyuubi wouldn't stop rampaging even after the Genjutsu on it had been released.

Naruto wanted to take back what was his, especially since it was taken by someone who had no rights to it in the first place, but he wanted to do it without putting his nation at risk. The country had only been around for ten years and some were still affected by the violence that existed before them. He didn't want to cause harm to his country because of him being selfish, no matter how many times he could be.

Sighing again he pressed the intercom to his wives and said, "Yugito-chan, Fu-chan, Hitomi-chan, Matabi-chan, Chomei-chan can you come here please?".

"Sure Naruto-kun."

Ten minutes later his door opened and in stepped his mates.

Yugito wore dark blue jeans with a picture of a pink cat paw at the bottom of her right leg, white trainers, a white T-shirt that covered her C-cup breasts and had styled her hair in a bandaged tail that went down to the small of her back. Also on her were various exercise equipment for monitoring oneself, i.e. heartrate monitor and a watch.

Following her was Fu who wore similar to Yugito except it had a butterfly on her jeans and she wore a red T-shirt that covered her C-cup breasts. Other than that though they wore exactly the same.

Hitomi was waring a short red kimono black shoes that came up to almost her knees and hade a sword at her waist.

Matabi was waring a kimono with a aqua ble trimings a sash and lite blue swril markings on it.

Chomei wore a forest green kimono with dragon lilies her favorite flower decorating it.

(AN: I am not going to talk about facial features. If you don't know look it up and i have pictuers of how Nibi looks like and Kyuubi to not for the nanabi sorry.)

"What did you want to talk about Naruto-kun?", Yugito asked as they both sweated slightly.

Throwing the scroll to them, to which Fu caught they opened it to read the contents. A series of emotions played across their faces, most notably confusion, coldness then finally anger.

Throwing the scroll back to him Fu told him what they felt about the alliance.

"How dare they try to involve us into their war and instead of making us worried they should have just come clean and say that they need our help badly!", Fu stated loudly.

"Yeah after everything that they have done to innocent people they dare say that they are justifiable? Especially to jinchuriki. They treated us like vermin. In fact only Killer Bee got any kind of recognition and that only happened when he was in his late thirties, Kumo was under attack and he almost died in the process.", Yugito added.

Running a hand through his still spiky blonde hair he replied with a sigh, "Yeah I know but there are still people who are being harmed because of Madara and Orochimaru and to be honest I would rather choose the lesser of the two evils here. The hidden villages may have hurt innocent lives as well, but most of that I know was done unintentional. The only time that didn't happen was with us containers specifically and not everyone in general ".

All of there expression softened at that. Despite the harm done to him by Konoha he was still willing to ally with them if it meant the safety of innocent people. It was one of those qualities that made people open up to him or try to befriend him. What Konoha had done was throwaway a diamond in the rough and in the end what was Konoha's loss became the West's gain.

Thinking over it a little more they looked at each other for a moment before nodding back to him, to which he pressed a different button on the intercom that connected him to the communications department.

"Fuki-san, can you please send a message to Konoha to tell them that I will meet them and the other Kages about an alliance at the Naha port (AN: That is an actual in Japan. If you were wondering) in Kirigakure two days from now. Also inform them the reason why the Naha port was chosen was because of the amount of space needed for our arrival.", Naruto said as he took his finger off the button.

A second later he heard a female's voice reply back.

"Yes Naruto-sama, right away.", the intercom then went silent.

After that was over he walked over towards his mates and gave them both a kiss on the lips before flashing to their shared room in the Emperor's mansion.

For that night the mansion of the Emperor was aloud with moans and sounds of flesh smacking flesh.

One day later in Konoha...

Tsunade sat behind her desk in the Hokage tower in worry as she held the letter that had arrived from the Western Elemental Empire that morning. Standing in the room with her were the other four kages. Mei Terumi the Mizukage. Onoki the Tsuchikage. Gaara no Sabaku the Kazekage. Finally there was A the Raikage. Standing with them also was Mifune the samurai leader of the Land of Iron and representative of the smaller hidden villages that couldn't have a kage.

Looking at the letter in front of them on the desk they studied it and if they were honest it looked weird to them. Instead of a sealed scroll they got a light brown, rectangular envelope that was sealed on the back. The address read:

Tsunade Senju, Hokage

Hokage Tower


Elemental Nations

Then in the top right-hand corner was a blue stamp with a white swirl in the centre.

Looking to her fellow kages in confusion she asked them what was on their mind.

"Well it seems that they have started using alternate means of communication, but lets see what they sent back.", Mei offered, receiving numerous nods the room's other occupants.

Turning over the letter and breaking the seal Tsunade took out the reply and read it aloud for everyone to hear it.

"Dear leaders of the Elemental Nations

I have recently received your letter containing the want for an alliance and I must say it was a shock to say the least. I have given it consideration and have decided that an alliance may be possible if we talked face to face so I will meet all of you at the Naha port in Kirigakure tomorrow in the evening, the reason for this is because of the space needed for our arrival. Also I will be bringing some guards with me for protection so feel free to bring some along as well.

On a more serious note, please do not send any ninja through unauthorised or it will be taken as an act of aggression on your side and an alliance will be impossible.

Yours sincerely


Emperor of the Western Elemental Empire"

Just below that was another swirl, only red instead of white.

"I have seen that swirl before.", Onoki muttered as he saw a look of recognition appear on the faces of the Raikage and Hokage as well, though the reason was different.

"That's the symbol of Konoha. Who does he think he is using our symbol. When he comes here I should demand he remove it and pay compensation to us for forgery.", Tsunade ranted until she was interrupted by a cough from the Raikage and the Tsuchikage.

"Actually Tsunade-dono it is the other way round.", A said as he saw Tsunade raise an eyebrow in confusion.

Seeing A's reluctance to continue because of his predecessor's mistakes Onoki decided to pick up from there.

"You see Tsunade-dono that symbol originally came from the Uzumaki clan in Uzushiogakure. Due to their close connection with the Senju clan the Uzumaki clan gave permission to Konoha to use their symbol as a sign of friendship. The symbol is now shown on the leaf headbands and on the back of the chunin and jonin flak vests. Also the last initial of his name is U, this could mean Uzumaki. So who ever this N.U. is they could very well have all rights to the symbol, even retire it if they want to. The reason why Raikage-dono here is reluctant to continue is because during the Third Shinobi War Kumo tried to kidnap an Uzumaki but was foiled by the Yondaime Hokage, who was a chunin (AN: Was he a chunin at the time?) at the time.", Onoki finished as he saw the embarrassed blush that the Hokage was now adorning. It shouldn't have been news to her, especially since she was the Hokage and a Senju to boot.

It was then that Tsunade realised how important the Uzumaki were to Konoha's founding. Without them the Senju and Uchiha would have never found a neutral country to negotiate in and would have kept on fighting. How when Madara first used the Kyuubi to attack Konoha Mito Uzumaki, her own grandmother, sealed it within herself to protect them. Then the abuse that one Naruto Uzumaki suffered at the hands of a village that prides itself on his symbol. Finally the fact that the Academy didn't teach anything about the Uzumaki clan was the salt added to the injury. Konoha had taken everything that belonged to the Uzumaki clan, yet gave nothing in return, claimed what was the Uzumakis' as their own and abused the last of it's members. It was one the most awful betrayals that could be committed in the Elemental Nations.

"How is he supposed to get there the next day. It took three days for the scroll to reach him. How is he going to cross the sea that splits the East and West apart, it's nearly impossible for us to cross it.", Mei stated wanting to get back to the topic at hand.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts she made a mental note to right the wrongs Konoha has made. Starting with the Uzumaki clan.

"I don't know maybe they'll surprise us again. For now though I think it best that we retire for the day and we all should meet at the Naha port tomorrow evening as it said in the reply.", Mifune said as he bowed in respect and left along with the other kages. After bidding the other leaders goodbye she looked at current jonins to decide who were best to bring along.

Time-skip: Morning Konoha...

"Take care and good luck Tsunade-sama.", Hinata shouted as her and the other shinobi and villagers stood at the gate to bid her goodbye.

"I will Hinata. Take care everyone we should be back the next day or the day after.", Tsunade replied as she, Gai and Kakashi waved farewell and started their trip to the Naha port in Kirigakure.


"Kurotsuchi-sama, look after Tsuchikage-sama.", an Iwa villager shouted as said person grinned and waved in response.

She and Akatsuchi were her grandfather's bodyguards for the meeting and were just about to set off...

...If the Tsuchikage's back hadn't thrown itself out when he tried pick up a back pack.

"OW! OW! OW! Damn this traitorous back of mine."

"Told ya you were too old to have the hat, maybe you should hand it over to me now while we have the chance.", Kurotsuchi joked as she only received a death glare from the Tsuchikage.

"Hmph.", Onoki replied before all three used their ability to fly to get to the Naha port on time for the meeting with the cheers, and in some cases laughing, of the villagers and shinobi behind them.


"Make sure you take care of Mei-sama, Aoi, Chojuro.", the Mist shinobi shouted as they and the other villagers gave similar words of encouragement.

"No worries. By the time we come back the Alliance hopefully we will have another ally to help us in our struggle.", Mei announced as her villagers cheered in response.

"Lets go. We should be the first to arrive considering the port is in our nation.", Mei said as the trio made their way pass the gates to their village.

"H-Hai, M-Mei-sama.", a nervous Chojuro said as he received a whack to the back of his head from Aoi.

"Hmph, in my time men didn't break down like that..."

'Break...', Mei thought as a dark aura started to appear around her.

"I mean what happens when you are up and in an engagement with the enemy..."

'...Up...Engagement...', Mei continued to think. Her dark aura becoming more dense.

Turning to Aoi and closing her only visible her she gave him a sickly sweet smile as she said in an equally toned voice.

"Aoi...Shut up or I'll kill you."

"Ah! What did I do wrong.", Aoi exasperated as he jumped back a few steps in fright.


"Darui, C. Make sure Raikage-sama is safe and keep him in line. Don't want his emotions to get in the way if he screws up. Kami he almost did during the Gokage Summit.", Mabui said with amusement in her eyes as she and other villagers and shinobi bid their Raikage luck with gaining another ally.

"Don't worry Mabui-san. Raikage-sama will keep his emotions in check. Right Raikage-sama?", C questioned as his companion smirked at the slight sweat the Raikage had when he was questioned.

"Y-Yeah sure...(clears his throat)... Well come on now Darui, C, lets go before we are late.", A stuttered slightly before recovering and finishing with a conviction in his voice that made many of the others smirk at the Raikage's slip up in posture from his usually stuck-up personality.

Many hours later at the Naha Port...

The port itself was very large. The docking being large enough to hold a whole street. Problem with this design being that the town in the port being small and compact in order to not use up any more space. Originally it was designed to hold what the Elemental Nations deemed as 'Deep Sea' ships that could not co into the shallows...

...What they didn't take into account was that there were vessels that were even larger than what they saw as 'Deep Sea' ships and that is exactly what the five kages and Mifune were facing for in front of them a long way away was a huge ship that was made of metal. They also noticed that it also contained other metal-like things and that it could carry more men than they thought possible. (AN: CV-67 Aircraft Carrier)

"Oh my.", Tsunade stated as she and the other leaders of the Alliance could only nod in surprise at how orderly the Empire's forces were.

It was then they noticed that a number of differently clothed men boarded the strange metal objects that were resting on the deck of the ship. They then saw the blades on top of the objects start to spin at blinding speeds and, much to their shock, the objects started to fly in their direction. That was a feat that only the Tsuchikage and his top shinobi could perform.

As they got closer they heard the chopping noise the objects made and saw the uniforms that, what they could only presume as, the soldiers wore were very odd to them. (Imagine Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 US Rangers, desert version)

The objects seemed to form a backwards triangle with the two on either side of the middle one further in front.

Eventually they felt the force being projected from the rotating blades and had to use their arms to shield themselves from the dust being kicked up.

"MY WHAT YOUTHFUL IDEAS THE WEST HAVE BROUGHT!", Gai shouted, seemingly unaffected by the force being exerted. Though none were surprised given his insane training routine and his specialisation in Taijutsu.

Soon the objects landed and once the blades started to slow down the soldiers disembarked carrying weird objects (Colt M16A2) from their transports and lined up on either side to form a path perpendicular to the middle transport. (AN: Just like in Star Wars 4 when Darth Vader disembarks from his fighter in the Death Star)

They then saw six figures stand up from the transport three in rather unique looking armour (They are dressed as Raidon from MGS4, including a trench coat only difference is that Naruto's is black, Yugito's blue and Fu's green. Also it is entirely removable, they have have duel Fabrique Nationale Five-seveN on their sides and they each have a Colt M4A1 SOPMOD strapped to their back. Naruto has a shotgun attachment, Yugito has a fore grip and Fu has a grenade launcher. All three also have ACOG scopes. Add in the usual daggers and serrated sword and that's their outfit completed. The other three have what the always have on but the nibi and nanabi both have a modified B23R pistol that fires both at single and three round burst.)

Once the leaders got a clear sight at the three they could only stare with open mouths in shock. They were none other than the only jinchuriki that Madara still did not possess yet. Tsunade, Kakashi, Gai, A, Darui and C were more affected than the others. Especially when they saw the sunny blonde hair of Naruto and the pale blonde hair of Yugito. (AN: Fu's leader Shibuki can't be present as he is represented by Mifune)

Walking down pass his soldiers, who saluted him as he passed, Naruto made his way to the shocked leaders and he and his mates couldn't help but smirk at the frozen looks that were plastered on the leaders of the Elemental Nations faces. Once he was in front of Tsunade he gave a small chuckle that made her pay attention to him specifically rather than absently.

"Hello it appears that you all are in need of some help. Why don't we find a better place to talk about this alliance that you and the others want..."

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