Chapter 2: Negotiations

'No it can't be...', Tsunade thought as she looked at the armoured man in front of her. The way he looked showed an aura of calmness yet it showed authority and power beyond any she had seen before. Not even the Shodaime, Nidaime, her own sensei the Sandaime or the Yondaime commanded such an environment that made her and the other leaders feel insignificant.

Soon the chopping noise made by the strange transportations slowed down and eventually ceased altogether. It was then that everyone got a better look at their newcomers.

'Naruto...', a panic-stricken Kakashi thought as his only visible eye widened in disbelief as he gazed at the student he so willing cast off, even though he didn't teach said student enough to be considered his sensei to begin with...

Then a lot of emotions started to appear on his expression, the two most prominent ones being anger and nervousness. anger from seeing the boy, no man, and nervousness because he was worried of Naruto's reaction to him and Konoha after everything they had done to him.

Gai was on similar thoughts but was not as worried as Kakashi was on how Naruto would react to him personally because, unlike his rival, he never did anything to him in the past to create any ill-will between the two.

"Yugito!", the group heard A shout as all eyes turned towards the other females who were equally as armoured as the blonde ex-leaf shinobi though their coats were a different colour, Yugito's blue and Fu's green. Upon recognising them they discovered the two females were the jinchurikis to the Nibi and Nanabi and that their leader was the jinchuriki to the Kyuubi.

"The Yellow Flash...", Onoki muttered as he looked at the blonde with a slight fear in his eyes as well as a small sweat running down his forehead. Everyone now looked at him but their attention was then drawn back to blonde when he gave a small laugh that somehow made the atmosphere less tense.

"I may look like my father but I am not him. I'm his son Naruto Uzumaki, Shodaime Uzukage of the United Whirlpool Nation and son of Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage and Kushina Uzumaki, the Chishio no Habanero. Next to me are my second-in-commands and wives Yugito Nii-Uzumaki, Fu Uzumaki, Hitomi Uzumaki, Matabi Uzumaki, and Chomei Uzumaki. We came here today to officially begin negotiations between your alliance and my nation. Though there will be demands made and some may not be met, I hope that in the end everyone gains something out of it. Now do you have a room where we could all speak please?", Naruto announced in a kind tone that made the leaders think that so far the relations were going well...

...Or so they thought...

"Yes of course please follow me.", Mifune greeted with a neutral expression.

Nodding back Naruto then turned back towards the soldiers that were still standing in the same position as before.

"Okay men at ease. Your orders are to set up a rendezvous point here and be prepared for immediate extraction. If you see anybody that has either a black cloak with red clouds printed on them or they carry a hitae-ate with a musical note on them then contact me immediately. Do not attack them unless they attack first as we are not at war with them. That is what this meeting is about, however be cautious around them and if they seem to be heading to our negotiations then you may engage them as well but do not prolong the battle. Understood?", Naruto ordered and received a clear 'Hai Naruto-sama' from said soldiers.

Turning back to the kages Naruto followed them into a big building, in which he assumed was the meeting place, with his wives following behind him.

Gokage Meeting Room

The room itself was dark and it had two levels to it. On the bottom was a circular table with the insignia of each nation behind a chair on the wall, indicating where each person will seat. Above them were balconies where their bodyguards would stand watch over the proceedings.

Once everyone took their seat their bodyguards were told to go up to the stands. While the Elemental Nations' ninja climbed with using the tree-walking exercise Yugito and Fu just jumped up to the stands with little to no effort being used.

This caused many of the shinobi present to stare wide eyed. Nobody they knew could do that kind of jump, even with the aid of chakra. Only the use of the Shunshin no jutsu could match that, but because of the sensitivity of the meeting nobody was allowed to use Nin or Genjutsu to avoid others thinking it was the beginning of an attack.

'What the hell have you been up to gaki.', Tsunade thought as she noticed that the armour they wore was very light yet it offered protection from even chakra enhanced weaponry.

As everyone took a seat Naruto took off his trench coat and laid it on the back of his chair revealing to everyone his full body armour. In addition to this he took off his weapons and placed them in front of him on the desk.

Once everyone was seated Naruto took the time to observe his surroundings. Opposite him was Mifune. On his close left was Tsunade, next was A, then Onoki, then back to Mifune, after him was Mei and then finally Gaara was on his close right.

'Wow Gaara made Kazekage. Good for him at least one us was able to gain the respect they deserved.', Naruto thought as he gave a small smile in greeting towards the redhead. Said man smiled as well and nodded his head in respect for his brother that he had dubbed because of what he used to contain and the same burden that Naruto still carried.

Mifune then stood up and addressed the table.

"As I represent all of the minor countries I will be the one to oversee this meeting and will step in when needed. Please may all participants avoid fighting as it will cause problems for the Shinobi Alliance in the future...You may begin now.", Mifune announced as he sat back down in his chair whilst silence temporarily loomed over the room.

While everyone were trying to think of the best way to start the meeting Naruto was analysing each kage with his armour and it displayed on his interface (AN: I am talking about those plates that move in front of Raiden's eyes as he fights) all of their known abilities and personality.

'Gaara no Sabaku, Godaime Kazekage and son of the Yondaime Kazekage. Although he has improved himself overall he still relies too much on his sand and so as a result he is still weak at Tai and Genjutsu. Plus his ninjutsu is heavily sand based. Personality wise he is still monotone in just about everything that is official and never lets his emotions rule his decision that isn't related to his family. The youngest kage present.', Naruto read on his interface as a hologram appeared of Gaara and the text appeared beneath it in a pale blue colour. The picture though did not obscure his sight and it didn't affect his posture, so the kages didn't know that he was getting information from them. Inwardly he sniggered when he predicted their reactions.

First would be shock from the abilities shown.

Second would be anger from the revealing of said information.

Third would be demands for the technology so that they could be used against each over in the future.

'Tsunade Senju, Godaime Hokage and granddaughter to both Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki-Senju. Medic-nin and is only one of two people to know her super-strength jutsu, known to kill a person with one hit. Known to be the best medic in the Elemental Nations and has had to suffer the loss of both her lover, Dan Kato, and her brother Nawaki Senju. Has a slightly quick temper that can be taken advantage of, responsibel for banishing me...(mental sigh)...Depending on her actions from now on will determine her standing with me.'

'A, Yondaime Raikage and son to the Sandaime Raikage. Only known user of the Raiton no Yoroi that enhances his speed to the point of being second only to Hiraishin and ex-partner to Killer Bee. Faced my father during the Third Shinobi War and lost but barely. Is known to allow his emotions to rule him at times and was the one to call all the kages together for the first meeting that resulted in the Shinobi Alliance.'

'Onoki, Sandaime Tsuchikage. Only known user of the Dust release that enables the user to manipulate molecules and therefore gives them the ability to disintegrate anything on a molecular level. Only person alive to fight against Madara Uchiha and still live. Has had dealings with Akatsuki in the past...hmph I respect him for his ability to fight but as a person I do not trust him. He is indirectly a reason that my kind were hunted down like animals as he essentially gave them the finance for their organisation.'

'Mei Terumi, Godaime Mizukage and leader of the rebel forces that overthrew the Sandaime Mizukage. Known user of the Yoton and only known user of Futton style of ninjutsu, (AN: Do not get that confused with fuuton. Futton means boil release and fuuton means wind release). She is very neutral when it comes to politics and is known to make good decisions, however has an anger problem when references to her past love life. Rumours say that Akatsuki originated from her nation but our sources say it was Amegakure that it came from.'

'Mifune, leader of the samurai nation Tetsu no Kuni. Has fought Sanshouo no Hanzo in the past. Is also neutral and doesn't like to be involved in shinobi affairs. Made an exception because the Akatsuki threaten everyone and not just the ninja.'

Soon Gaara mustered up enough courage to start off the proceedings.

"If I may be the first to open this discussion. First of all I would like say that we are in greatly need of your help with dealing with both of the Akatsuki and the hidden Sound Village. What we mainly lack are the manpower, medical and other supplies that have become scarce. We were wondering if you could spare any to help win this war that would surely follow you if it were allowed to spread-",

"I demand that you hand over Yugito to us as she is still a registered kunoichi under Kumo. I already lost Bee to the Akatsuki I won't lose her to them as well! ", A shouted as he stood up in an attempt to be intimidating to the Uzukage.

Sighing from the predictability of the Raikage, Naruto turned and gave him a deadpan expression.

"Raikage-dono as much as I respect you for trying to protect Yugito-chan then why didn't you send a search party for her when she was attacked by the Akatsuki in the first place. When I found her she was fighting two Akatsuki and was close to losing, when I intervened and saved her I asked her if she wanted to go back to Kumo. Her answer was no and added that you probably set her up since apparently you never cared about her. She said that whenever she was mistreated you ignored her, but when Bee was mistreated you practically beat the offender to a bloody pulp. Then when she went missing my sources told me that you didn't even try to find her, but we have been informed that when Bee was captured you practically declared that all the other nations were at fault for losing people of our kind. Don't make demands that you are not entitled to.", Naruto started off in an even tone but ended up loudly stating the Raikage's fault in the first negotiations.

A looked down, finding the floor more interesting at the moment after being verbally assaulted and being correct in each accusations as he sat back down in his chair.

Calming down Naruto turned back towards the other kages and he decided to make his opinion known.

"Now before any one interrupts me I would like to make some suggestions. First of all my soldiers are designed to fight battles and not to go into espionage or spy related missions. With this in mind I can take care of the main front-lines with your ninja in support or using them to do one of three things, assassinating, sabotage or information gathering. With me so far?", Naruto questioned and receiving nods in response.

"First of all do not think, for one minute, that my nation will be under the command of the kages present, nor their shinobi. Prejudices in the past have caused people in the west to be wary of people here in the east. In the face of this my forces will only answer to orders that are approved by my army's counterparts, any shinobi who tries to force one of my forces to do an order will be considered a threat to my men and killed on sight or captured and put on court-martial. This also means that my army will not stay in any hidden village in the efforts to avoid conflict between allies, no doubt that there will be some fool either in my army or yours' that will try to start something. As for their fighting prowess I propose a challenge I will face a shinobi or shinobi's of your choosing without using chakra, you can even have a Hyuga use their Byakugan to be sure that I am not using chakra and instead of my using my own gear I will use the standard equipment my men use to show you how efficient they can be.", Naruto sternly told the kage's.

The other kages were thinking of possible opponents that would have high a chance of beating him but before they could speak Tsunade decided to give a proposition of her own.

"If I may ask my fellow kages, may I offer the challenge of the entire Konoha 11 facing you Uzukage-dono in one-on-one fights in Konoha's Chunin Exam arena? They are all either tokubetsu jonin or fully-fledged jonin and are a suitable challenge, especially since a kage is still a powerful opponent even when they deliberately weaken themselves.", Tsunade offered as the other leaders considered her solution. In truth she wanted them to meet to get their problems sorted and off their chests. Back to the thoughts of the kages many thought it was a good idea.

After all the Konoha 11 were known to be a group of very skilled Konoha nin...

...That and they were the first generation to pass with 8 of them being clan heirs, 1 from a civilian councilwoman and 2 being orphans...

...And that they barely survived their first chunin exams with only the Nara being promoted...

...And that officially they had beaten Orochimaru's personal jonin bodyguards known as the Sound Five despite the fact that in reality they were mid-chunin in terms of actual power and skill...

...Yeah very powerful...

"I will accept your idea if the other kages agree.", Naruto spoke cheerfully but his voice seemed to contain anything but that.

This was picked up by everyone there but only the Hokage, her bodyguards, the Kazekage and Naruto's wives knew why.

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