master and i are currently helping pokemon here at the liberation center. think of the liberators as the rangers without limits. we work with rangers, dont get us wrong. our mission is still the same. free pokemon from bad humans.

master is here to give a big speech and aid in some work here. we saw some abused pokemon brought in as we got here. some had beaks torn off, some where missing parts if their limbs. i had to go to the restroom shortly after i walked in. master waited for me like normal. i cant stand to see all these hurt pokemon, i puke every time. master can hold himself better than i can.

it reminds me of when this organization first started, i had just evolved into a kirlia, things changes a little. master would not let me ride on his shoulders anymore, i could however hold hands, wile we walked i was finally tall enough to reach it. master liked to take me to parks when we were at towns. he didn't mind me hugging him once in a wile. we started our journeys saving pokemon all over. it wasn't just be gone for a day and be done, we where gone for months on end. we shut down factory's of canning fish pokemon, salter houses of miltanks tourose and buffilants.(i cant spell pokemons names right all the time).

over time everyone in the team evolved also. dewott became samrott, riolu became lucario, grouleth became arcinine, gibble became garchomp, and flaafy became amferose. master praised then on their hard work, but i felt guilty that they did hard work and i was just dead wait. when i was a kirlia i started to practice my psychic powers, from time to time i formed a mind link with master he never noticed, i got better at it and was able to hold the link longer. the link gave me images from master mind. master was always thinking about what he could do to help pokemon, once he was stuck on thoughts of a women. i was so mad, and i didn't know why for a wile. i met the women he had stuck in his mind she was pretty but i didn't want her to take master from me. they where nice to each other as we traveled together. i saw master slowly start to loose himself to this woman. i read her mind she was trying to get him to leave the liberators so her boss could still make money of the body's of pokemon. that's when i made my first psychic communication with master, and evolved.

he was shocked at first, but then accepted it, our talk consisted of what master was becoming and what his dream was. he eventually came back to what was right. he broke up with the women,and we now have these special conversation all the time. when i evolved i could sens peoples emotions every where, and master had to set up new rules for me again. we couldn't hug like we normally did, not in public. next we could not hold hands when around others. we could not cuddle when sleeping in a camping area full of people. i have to remain a emotionless composer around others and i cannot act to friendly to master. oh how i hate these rules and i know master dose not like them ether. at first i didn't understand why these rules where needed, but then i learned people could get the wrong idea about us and think bad things about master, plus if a rumor started about master having a relationship with a pokemon. it would ruin the liberators. i would never want to be the one who makes masters life difficult.

its night time now, and master and i are done working for today. masters work is paying a hotel room for him and his pokemon. when we got in, the room looks nice, it has bed and couch, a bathroom, washer and dryer, a view of the city, and a big fluffy pillow on the bed. master sat down on the bed and opens his back pack.

"can you come here?" he ask me. i sit next to him and i feel him tying something to a lock of my hair, and he puts something in my hand. in my hand is a little stuffed heart completely worn out. it was from my old stuff ralts that i used to carry around, that i got my first day with master. i stand up and look in a mirror. he tide a bow in my hair with the same string bow that i got on my first day. i blush as i look at myself, and wonder why master was being so nice. then he gives me a hug from behind.

he rest his head on my shoulder and says "remember the day i took you to the amusement park. i wish i could do that again but i have been so busy that i have not had time to make any plans to celebrate our three years of being friends. im sorry. im a horrible master"

"master! don't say that about yourself." i yell through a mind link. looking at him angrily in the mirror.

"but its true i cant keep up my job and be a trainer for my pokemon at the same time. its too much. i can't do this forever. maybe i should give it to someone else i will still help out but not to where im always having to travel 24/7. maybe just take time to spend with you." master tells me.

"master." i turn around and look master in the eyes, he feels guilty for his work and neglecting his job as a trainer. its not very often but master dose have break downs when he cant take the pressure of work. to him everything he dose is wrong, and he feels like he can never finish his goal, or anyone will feel anything for him again since his grandmother died. "you can't bear the pain of all the suffering pokemon in the world. all we can do is keep going and make less pain and suffering. you ended mine when i was broken, you gave me a reason to feel happy again, a reason to live." i told him, then i did something i with i should have done a long time ago.

i grab his chin and kiss him on the lips.

"gar-" said trying to stop me from kissing him again, but fails. his lips were soft, my body was wanting more. we break for air. i push him down on his back, and he protest again. "gardevoir stop. it's illegal for this to-" i kiss him again to stop him. i grab his hands, our fingers locks together, and his tong pushes into my mouth. probably out of instincts.

"oh master i love you" i gasp between breaths. i use telekinesis to turn off the lights, and undo the top button of his pants. master rolls us over to where he is on top. he pulls away from our kiss. "stop we cant do this, its wrong for this to happen. what would happen if we got caught? it would ruin the liberators group and we are barley holding together."

i get frustrated and ask "is it wrong to love your master? is it wrong to want to be there for your master? no matter what?"

master became guilty again, he wants to try and stop me. i kiss him again. this time he he pulls me closer to him, and i pull off his shirt. then i touch his chest and slide my hands over his lightly toned body. once my hands reach his pants he stops again. "we can't. if we get caught-" i cut him off with another kiss pulling his pants down leaving him in his boxers. i could tell he was feeling guilty again, and tell him "please i know you think about me at times,and i wish to make those wishes true" his face became a dark shade of red. he doesn't stop me this time as i remove his boxers and she erect member. he blushes and again try's to stop me.

"this is wrong. we shouldn't be doing this, and i don't want you to be taken away." master tells me, but i already know the consequences if we get caught, and if we do i will take the blame. although master would be right to not let this happen. tonight we are alone in this hotel, he was only carrying me as his pokemon. i want master to understand how i feel. i take my head to his member. "Gar don't, its dirty- ah!" master moaned, as i sucked on his member, it was throbbing as i sucked on it, masters hands where tightly holding on to the bed as i then hum vibrating his member."ah im gonna!" master moans shooting his cream in my mouth. it was salty and bitter. he pants wile i clime up to him to kiss him again.

"master i only want to make you happy and to love me like i do." i told him wile rubbing his member making it stiff again. master hugged me and whispers in my ear, but i could tell he wasn't ready to admit it. "i love you- too. could we um- continue?" he was nervous, completely unlike masters normal self. i pull him down to where he is on all fours above me. we kiss again, wile i move my legs around his waste he moves his kisses down my jaw, slowly to my neck where they where all soft and gentle, wile every touch fills me with pleasure, he moves to my collar and continues his kisses. his hands slowly start moving from my waste and move up to my stomach. for a current virgin he's quite amazing at foreplay, but my desires start to beg for him, wile moaning lightly i beg him to start. he is hesitant, but he positions himself at my entrance, he puts the tip in and stops. he takes a deep breath to calm down, and slides a little further in until he hits a barrier. i nod for him to continue, he pulls back and thrust breaking my barrier, and it hurts so much i start to cry. master sees the tears and kisses them away, he apologizes and tells me that the pain will go away. his words comfort me as they always do. we wait a wile then i tell him to go again, he starts slowly pumping in and out, it felt nice, i moan when he hits my special spot.

"your moaning is very cute." master says talking dirty.

i get back by telling him "your bigger than i thought. i thought i was going to have to say 'is it in yet?'" making sure to mock him lightly.

master starts thrusting faster, we kiss again, muffling our moans. his tong now exploring my mouth, oh how i love him. his thrusting gets even faster, and harder, and touching got more intense. i could feel a sensation building up in me. "master, im- gonna- come." i tell him. "me too" he says. his thrusting becomes rapid and violent. i cam and so did he, his seeds going deep inside me as my juices spill over his member. we breath heavily for a wile. we kiss lightly once more and cuddle together under the covers.

i wake up with master cuddling me. i slip out of his arms and move to the bathroom, im covered in sweat. i turn on the shower and clean up. when i got out master was still asleep. i pick up masters bag and pull out his laptop. and start it up. i put my hand to my tummy and feel something there, something small, and very faint. i learned to read and write English a long time ago. i type a question about my species.

'how long does it take an egg to form in a Gardevoir?' i was afraid that i might be pregnant with master...

'it takes nine days for it to develop and two more for a ralts to hatch from the egg.' i panic a little from this, and type something else.

'can a human mate with a pokemon?' the results come up.

'very few species of pokemon can bread with humans, first a pokemon must be humanoid, second the species must have the ability to communicate with humans though their mind or speech. third pokemon that mates with a human, the child will be pokemon if the mother is pokemon, and if the mother is human, it will be a child that resembles a pokemon in later years. fourth legendary pokemon can bread with humans weather they can communicate or be humanoid, and make humans that resemble pokemon. finally it is illegal for humans and pokemon to mate under the world united laws protecting people and pokemon agency W.U.L.P.P.P.A.'

i look at master and smile, i know the future is going to be tough for master and i know he will defend me with his life. i turn off the computer and go back to cuddle with master, he wakes up and kisses my ear. "good morning. i love you."

"i love you too." i tell him. he pulls out a phone from his pants and makes a call. "hey you know who is second in charge of the liberators, he's now the boss. i quit, tell everyone i could not take the pressure any more and i had a emotional breakdown." master hung up the phone and cuddled with me some more. i became shocked when i heard what he just did. i know master and i just started a relation ship and all but to quit for me. i take a deep breath and sit up. master looks worried, as i sit up. i take a second deep breath, and get ready to tell master the only thing i want to tell him.

"master, i think im pregnant we won't really know until the next eight days are up." masters face goes blank, then a smile creeps up on his face, as he hugs and kisses me.

"well then there is more to love and more reason to live for you." master says as we begin our new life together in the lupus region. where peace has been already solved, and master and i live together in a home deep in a mountain range far away with the other five, they too have children of their own now also, and master and i will have more to come and all we can do is be happy and do what we feel is right.