Title: Thoughts

Summary: Two-Bit reflects on some thoughts about Soda.

It was a different feeling, the way I felt towards him. I wanted to see him in a different light than what he showed the rest of the gang, but I already had. He confided in me a lot of his worries. His worries about Ponyboy after Johnny and Dally's deaths, what he was more upset about when Sandy left him and just life worries in general. You would have it set in your head that he would confide to Steve about these things but he didn't, he confided to me.

That is what set it in my mind that the feelings I felt toward him were different.

I sat staring at the empty fire pit in the lot contemplating my feelings toward Soda. I liked him as more than a friend. I was going to be the damn fool that contemplates such thoughts as what it would be like to confess to Soda my feelings. I let my thoughts wander a bit and figured I could just let them go as wild as they wanted. It was time for a nap anyway.

The thoughts ran through my head randomly as I lay down on the car bench, barely staying long enough for them to be thought about twice. What type of person is Soda going to get himself next? Will they be nice? How long will it be in the relationship before Soda kisses them or gets kissed by them? What would it be like to kiss Soda?

I stopped my random thoughts at that one. What would it be like to kiss Soda? Would it be soft and sweet like cotton candy at the fair? Would it be tangy and undesirable to me after the first kiss? Would he kiss back? What would it be like to kiss Soda? Suddenly, I could think of nothing but wanting to kiss Soda.

I got up on the bench and headed to the Curtis house. I was going to find out what it was like to kiss Soda. If the rest of the gang despised me for it, they would have to deal with it for the one time that I kissed Soda.

As I neared the house, I saw Ponyboy outside on the steps reading a book. He looked up when I opened the gate. "Hey Two-Bit." He called.

I nodded, "Hey, Pone. Soda home?"

Steve came out of the house. "Yea Soda's here, I will see you guys later. I gotta meet up with Evie."

I smiled and went inside. I had only kissing Soda on my mind, so when I found him in the kitchen, conveniently alone, I made him aware of my presence by grabbing his arms and turning him to face me and locking lips with him. The response came quicker than I imagined it would. Before I could break away, I felt him wrap his arms around me and attempt to deepen the kiss. I chuckled and broke the kiss.

"Hey Soda." I said light-heartedly.

He smiled up at me. "Hey Two-Bit."