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Part 3- Stranger-Danger

Emma could hear the beat. Had everything been a dream? Emma was back in her building in Allston and the college kids were partying again. She'd kick their asses, those spoiled brats. Of course, it had been an insane dream. Emma was alone and had to find more work.

She had no family and her kid would never want to find her. There was no Snow White mother and Prince Charming Father, and of course Neal was just an asshole. There was no Henry. No Henry for her, anyway. At least she had her Beatle, which she would use to drive through the house of those college kids if they didn't turn down The Clash. Well, at least it wasn't Pitbull. But hearing Combat Rock didn't make up for not having a family and probably being completely crazy.

"Emma," someone whispered.

Now what?

"Emma, wake up," they whispered.

She opened her eyes and saw bricks in the darkness. She saw the outline of a woman.

"Emma, I don't know where David and Henry are," she said, "and the music is really loud."

"Mom?" Emma gasped and turned on the light.

There she was, Mary Margret in the apartment light in her white night gown. She smiled widely. She was real, still. Emma was waiting for the day when she wouldn't be.

"Wait," Emma said squeezing the bridge of her nose and shutting her eyes to the bam-bam-bam of Straight To Hell.

"This is the happiest I've seen you in weeks," she said, "Did you just say Henry and David are gone?"

"Oh," Mary Margret said and her smile faded but then appeared in a smaller version, "Yes, you—you just never call me 'mom'."

"Oh," Emma said as she swung her legs out of bed.

"Well, I am approaching 30 and how old are you?" Emma asked.

"Oh," Mary-Margret said, "I—I don't know. I was in the woods for one year, two years, maybe 3? And then we came here and- 28, maybe."

"You're younger than me?" Emma said.

"Oh, I don't know," she said, "I could be off. I mean really I'm 56. Wow!"

"But not really; it's just weird," Emma said.

"No, well yes, but I am your mom," she said.

"Mary-Margret, let's get Henry and David," Emma said.

"Of course," Mary Margret said, "I guess they're at Granny's with the music. What is that music?"

"Straight to Hell," Emma said.

"Oh, is that bad? Are David and Henry in danger?" Mary-Margret asked.

"Well, Henry is, from me," Emma said, "It's eleven o'clock."

It seemed like almost everyone in town from the ages of 18-55 were stuffed into Granny's. Granny herself just seemed to think that everyone stuffed into her place was the greatest thing. Ruby and some others were hustling to get everyone drinks, which they clearly did not need. Emma pushed passed people dancing and talking. There were people smoking, and Emma was pretty sure she smelled something other than cigarettes. What the hell?

"Do you see Henry?" Emma turned to Mary Margret.

But, Mary-Margret was no longer by her side. Emma saw that Archie was talking to her and there were ten people between them. Archie looked happy rather than worried about Mary Margret. This wasn't right. Something weird was going on. She didn't see Henry anywhere.

"Dude, dude, is what he's telling me true?" a woman's voice howled.

Emma recognized that voice over all the talking.

"Well—" a man said and she surely recognized that one.


"So, let me guess," the woman said, "You're Paul Bunion and you—you're Aladdin. Aladdin was one of my first sex dreams. You would think it would be weird with the cartoon thing, but no."

Of course, Emma remembered the voice, Faith Pratt. Now Emma saw her in a low-cut striped gray sweater that cut off at her low-riding black jeans. She wore red lipstick that rivaled Ruby's and black eyeliner. Her long dark hair fell in waves. She smiled at Neal whose fiancé seemed to be nowhere. Leroy was on the other side of Faith Pratt grinning. Emma had a feeling that this chick could bring this whole town to its knees if she didn't stop her, and where was her sleaze ball husband?

Emma saw him at the counter on the stool he seemed to like. Emma decided to go talk to him, as he seemed like the more reasonable of the two, which was saying very little. When she got there William Pratt was talking to Ruby. He was leaning over the bar and whispering to her and looking at across the diner at his wife.

"…like a sideways caramel tootsie roll with a sweet crack down the middle. She'll want to make it all about you, but, you gotta remember it's all about her and that's when the rush comes, "

That was what Emma heard him saying to Ruby over the music and she really wished she hadn't. She stopped listening but saw Ruby was grinning. Now Bloc Party came on. This was not right.


Mary Margret came up to her and hugged her like they were girlfriends who lost each other at a club, which wasn't that far off.

"This is wrong," Emma said.

"Oh, Emma!" she said, "I'm sorry for what I did, but can't I still hug my daughter?"

"Mary Margret, I don't care about what you did. I care that this place is going insane like Spring Break and I don't see David or Henry."

"They aren't answering their phones, but maybe they can't hear them in this music," she said, "I like this music."

That was it. Emma found her way behind the counter and shut the music off. Everyone groaned and murmured.

"What gives Emma?" Granny asked.

Emma didn't answer because when she got up from unplugging the music she locked eyes with:

"Faith Pratt," Emma hissed.

"Officer party crasher," she said, "What the hell is your problem? Who are you in this Disneyland? Little Miss Muffet who had a spider crawl up her ass?"

People laughed.

"Who are you?" Mary Margret was suddenly by Emma's side, "Why are you bothering my daugh—my friend?"

Mary Margret knew this woman was an outsider. It seemed like everyone else was forgetting it.

"Big surprise, your friends with Debbie Downer. I'm Faith The Vampire Slayer. Who are you, lady? I've seen you in here for a week dragin' your sad ass around. Are you little Bo Peep? Did you lose your sheep?"

People laughed again.

"That's it!" Emma barked and grabbed the woman's arm and went to twist it behind her back.

"Hands off!" Faith Pratt said.

She had twisted out of Emma's grasp and looked ready to fight.

She thought she heard Neal object in the gawking crowd.

"Emma it is okay," Ruby said softly.

"No, it's not! I don't know what's gotten into you," Emma said, "All of you. But they are the cause."

"I wish I brought my sword," Mary Margret whispered to Emma.

"What seems to be the problem, Officer?" the Brit, William Pratt, sauntered over from the counter.

"William Pratt," Emma said.

"Emma, what are you doing?" Another man Emma knew asked as Neal just stood with the crowd.

"David!" Emma gasped, "You're—you're partying with these people too?"

"Partying?" David said, "I was just dancing with Mother Superior and I had a one beer. It turns out we both like The Clash. I just needed a moment away."

"Oh, David," Mary Margret said looking pained and guilty.

"A moment away? Really? Because that seems like a good idea now," Emma said, "You know you're still The Sheriff of this town. This is still a town, and we still have to keep an eye on visitors. Where's Henry?"

"Henry?" David asked.

"Yeah, Henry!" Emma said "My son, your grandson. He clearly followed you down here."

"Grandson? Okay, for reals, just tell me what's up with this town. I know it ain't Disney come to life. There are no cute talking animals. Thank god, those things 'll cut you. So, what is it? Ageless Stepford families? Demons disguised as mostly boring White people?" Faith Pratt said.

The people still listening laughed. Neal was one of them.

"Suburbanites who partake in demon sacrifice, is my guess," William Pratt said,
"It would explain why they have no other bar or restaurant or party place. It all happens here. Maybe they sacrificed the rest of the werewolves. Did the town drown your pups, Ruby?"

"Yep, I mean, what was I gonna do with seven kids anyway," Ruby joked as she walked past William Pratt with dishes and he seemed to grab her ass.

"Get your hands off her- tale!" Emma said realizing Ruby was wearing a fake tale over her black skirt.

At least Emma hoped it was fake. Most People stopped gawking and started getting back into their own conversations. Some people started leaving and talking on their phones.

"Why are you even wearing that, Ruby?" Emma demanded.

"Faith said we should have a club night. You can wear whatever on club night," Ruby said

"Ruby, you don't know this woman. They've done something to all of you. They're conning you all—Mary Margret, don't," Emma said.

To her shock Emma's mother seemed to be talking to Faith Pratt and not in argumentative way. The woman had gotten close to her mother and was staring into her eyes. Mary Margret's eyes shined with tears. Emma went to go to her mother and push Faith Pratt away, but before she could she felt a hand on her shoulder. She was ready to knock it off until she saw it was David.

"Emma, these people are harmless," David said, "Friendly even. They're a married couple who wanted to dance. We used to dance. They're playing music I forgot or never remembered in our world. I mean, in my coma. Music I forgot after I woke up from my coma. Anyway, maybe if you didn't act so suspicious people would be less suspicious."

"Because what you said wasn't suspicious at all," Emma said, "and speaking of suspicious I looked up these two."

"You were in a coma, mate," Spike said, "Comas are a bitch. Faith has been in way more than me but…"

"Really?" David asked, "Did she get all her memory back? Because—"

"David," Emma snapped, "Stop it!"

"That's bullshit!" Faith Pratt yelled suddenly at Mary Margret, "You're telling me after all that bitch did to you, and was going to keep doing to you, that you feel bad for icing her? You're in a war. You did what you had to do. You're heart only turns black when you have nothing left to protect. Don't waste your time on tears, snow white."

"Who told you I was Snow White?" Mary Margret asked.

"You're Snow White?" Faith Pratt asked.

"Mary Margret!" Emma gasped, "Am I in Invasion of the Body Snatchers? These people are manipulating you! Stop telling them everything. I've done research on them. It wasn't easy."

"Not as easy as we look," William said.

"Emma—" Michael Tillman was trying to say something to her.

Another man who had left his family to party with some strangers. Emma ignored him.

"You're clearly too cool for Facebook, Mr. Pratt," Emma said to the man, "You're not what you seem on paper. You graduated from Oxford with a degree in English lit?"

"How I ever talked you ever talked me into putting that into…" he grumbled to his wife who had now come next to him and was glaring at Emma.

"Hey, it's not like it's not true besides a few credits. The dates might be off. So, we're arrested because he too sexy to be a Rhode scholar? Remember how I thought it was road scholar, like you lived on the road lugging along books about dead guys?"

"It's about as useful," he said.

"You can't be that stupid, Ms. Pratt. You've taken a lot of classes. Most mythology, some on science, one called Demons, Portals, Magik. Two child development classes that didn't really fit." Emma said.

"They let anyone take classes online. Maybe I'm smartening up to reel in my next nerdy rich husband after I drain this one of his trust fund," Faith Pratt said as she crossed her arms and glared.

"Emma," Neal decided to try to say something now and to get near her.

Too late, Neal. Emma ignored him too. He had Marco next to him. Really Marco? The man had a son at home. What was he doing partying here? These people were definitely doing something. She kept her eyes locked on Faith Pratt.

"But, it says you're the one with the money," Emma said to Faith, "Left to you by Connor Angel or Angel Connor- the records are often confused, and before that Richard Wilkins. Two men that died mysteriously, really mysteriously. Wilkins even knew a girl with a name similar to yours who also died mysteriously, after escaping prison. See, I think you already reeled in your rich men and now you're with the one you want, a con partner. Only it isn't enough, because it never is, is it? Even the kid isn't enough. That's why you left her behind and came here because you heard that this town has something worth stealing. Some magik maybe? Is that what you and your partner in crime are looking for?"

Faith Pratt suddenly had a rage in her eyes as she lunged at Emma. Emma wasn't expecting that, but now everyone could see what this woman and her husband really were.

"You stupid fu—" she roared.

"Love, love, love…" William Pratt was on his wife faster then Emma saw him move.

He had grabbed her up in a backwards bear hug her feet were off the ground as she thrashed. It was like he was singing a tortured rock ballad Love, love, love to calm her down. It didn't appear to be working.

"Let me go!" she yelled, "Let me go, Spike! I will kill the bitch where she stands."

Really? They were sticking with the whole "Spike" thing as his name. Emma smirked.

"You know I'll never let you go," he grunted still holding her.

"Maybe you should," the girl grunted.

"Faith, it's okay," Ruby also seemed to be helping to hold the small woman back.

Emma heard someone say her name again.

Granny got in on the action too by getting right in front of Faith's face.

"Faith," Granny said, "You're better than this. You both are. Emma is no threat to you. She's just threatened by you. Once you both see that…"

"Emma," Mary Margret pulled Emma's attention away, "That wasn't very nice. But we have—"

"'Wasn't very nice!'" Emma spat, "Sometimes you really are like Disney's Snow White and I'm getting sick of it. All I did was tell the truth! She just said she wanted to kill me and I'm not very nice. These people are charming the pants of all of you. Don't you find it a little suspicious that you wouldn't talk to me, or listen to me about killing Cora for weeks but you told this skank in two minutes, and now you feel fine? And David is out here drinking and talking about The Clash. Ruby is ready to jump into a furry three-way and Granny is—"

"Emma, I don't feel fine," Mary Margret said, "I've been working up to talking, but I love you. I didn't want to burden you. Sometimes strangers are easier—"

"Strangers are easier," Emma balked, "How can you say—"

"Emma, it's Henry," Neal said.

"Henry," Emma said, "Henry is a kid. I expect him to be charmed by motorcycles, and guys with rock star accents who talk about action movies, and pretty women with boobs, but not you. For so long Henry was alone. People told him he was crazy. He knew things weren't right, but had no one to believe him. So now he'll just talk to anyone who seems like they want to listen, even though he has me. Maybe it was because I was a stranger to him for too long but you all—"

"Emma," Neal said, "I just got a message from Henry saying he was in a stranger's van."

"What? He's not here?" Emma demanded.

"Oddly, we didn't invite your 12 year-old kid to drink with us at club night," Faith Pratt said now looking calm and smug, but something in her eyes was pained.

"Like that's ever stopped Henry," Emma said then she turned to Neal, "He said he was in a stranger's van?"

"Well, he said it was the exterminator guy's van with some other kids. Michael and Marco can't find their kids either," Neal said with the phone to his ear.

"Ava and Nick left me a note saying they were going to Six Flags," Michael Tillman said.

Six Flags? Neal looked panicked.

"C'mon, Henry answer!" he yelled, "He just turned his phone off, but I was able to track it. He was heading North on Main."

Neal could track Henry's phone. They had just met. But he was his father.

"It sounds like he's leaving town through the north exit," David said, "But my car is blocked in. Whose car isn't blocked in?"

"They left with The Exterminator? Who the hell is The Exterminator?" Emma demanded.

People started talking excitedly. Talking about whose car was where and how they would lose their memories if they left.

"Six Flags at midnight?" Faith Pratt said, "Don't your kids here in Fairyland know any better?"

Before Emma could respond David turned to her.

"Emma, you'll have to be the one to go after them. Henry is safe, but if the other kids will lose their memories…"

"It doesn't sound like Henry is safe, David. What is going on?" Emma demanded, "This can't be someone from Storybrooke. Why would they do this?"

"I don't know. We do have our town exterminator. Nice, quiet guy. What's his name? Declan Colonge. He doesn't appear to be here. But, I don't think he-"

"No, no one in town would do this," Emma said, "If they did they would lose everything."

"Maybe there are people that want to lose everything," Mary Margret said.

"I don't care who's doing it and why," Neal said, "Let's just get them before they leave with our kids."

"Right!" Emma said and raced out to get her car.

When she got outside she couldn't believe what she saw. It was like a scene from a panicked town evacuation if the people were drunken idiots. People were arguing and almost fighting. David had to rush into break up a fight. The road was all blocked up with cars and no one could go anywhere. This wouldn't be happening if that stupid couple hadn't convinced Ruby to have a club night.

Emma froze with realization. She headed back towards Granny's Diner where she found Faith Pratt sitting alone. William Pratt was gone. Everyone was scrambling terrified about what was happening to the children. Meanwhile, this woman was looking out the window at a booth with a phone in her hand and a piece of apple pie under her Mila Kunis-like face. Emma was done. She smacked the phone out of the woman's hand.

"What are you doing?" Emma demanded.

"Being harassed by local law enforcement even though they have better things to do," Faith Pratt said, "Like teaching your small town kids basic stranger-danger skills."

"Look," Emma said, "I don't know what magik you used to charm all these people into thinking you're something more than some con artist, but it isn't working on me. I'm The Chosen One and I have powers that you can't even begin to imagine and if you and that sleaze ball think you can take our kids I will rip—"

"Whoa," Faith Pratt said, "I barely know what to do with one kid let alone a bunch, and the only charm I have is liquor and a big mouth. These people really needed to find the fun. It's like they've been stuck in this battle that has nothing to do with them that they have no control over. Just one word of advice though, be careful throwing around that Chosen One thing it—"

Emma hit her in the face closed-handed.

"Where's my kid, bitch!"

"Ow," Faith Pratt said, "You hit like a Boston girl, but still a girl."

Emma was expecting the other woman to be more shocked or hurt. Instead she just adjusted her perfect chin on her heart-shaped face.

"I grew up in The Foster Care System there," Emma said, "You don't wanna fuck with me."

"I knew I didn't like you for a reason," she said, "Maybe we fought over a snack once. I thought you were Snow White's daughter. She wouldn't approve of the language."

"I'm no one's daughter but I'll kill you if you hurt my son," Emma said, "Where is he? Where's your sad excuse for a husband?"

She had hit Faith Pratt in the face twice on her third swing the other woman grabbed her fist. Emma glared at her with surprise and suspicion as it looked like she was not at all affected from being punched three times. She only had a small cut on her full pouty lip.

"Emma," a woman's voice pleaded, "Stop it!"

"Mary Margret!" Emma gasped, "Why aren't you out looking for Henry?"

"I went to get help," she said, "and then I wanted to check on my daughter."

She sounded heart-broken but Emma couldn't focus on that because she had to deal with who Mary Margret brought in.

"It seems like that was a good thing too. You don't want a family of black hearts," Gold said and smiled.

"How is he going to help?" Emma said.

"I—I don't know, but we have to figure out who is doing this and why," Mary Margret began.

"Or why now," Gold said and looked at Faith Pratt, "So, someone has gotten our Chosen One all upset. I heard there was another new girl in town but unlike our Emma she has a devoted beast."

"Oh, c'mon!" Emma said, "Can we all just stop. It's her! It's him! The guy is named 'Spike,' for crying out load, and he's gone all of a sudden. She's here being used as the charming bimbo to distract us as he, and their partner, take off with the goods. It's classic. Only now the goods are our kids and—"

"Spike and I were here the whole night," Faith said.

"Yeah, that's why I said you had a partner," Emma said, "Who 'Spike' clearly went to meet."

"That doesn't even make any sense if we were gonna kidnap the kids wouldn't we all be gone," Faith said.

"Maybe he left you here to take the fall," Emma said.

"You're a terrible cop," Faith said.

"At least I'm not a terrible person."

"Really? Hitting a mother? Accusing her of being some Black Widow?"

"Just because you're a mother that doesn't mean you're a good person."

"Emma, dear—" Gold began and Emma was glad when Faith cut him off.

"No kidding," Faith said and sighed, "Look, Spike left on the bike the minute someone said the kids were heading north. He's going to cut the van off and get all the kids and probably kick the ass of whoever was trying to take them."

"He told you that?" Mary Margret asked.

"No," Faith said, "We didn't need to have a conversation about it and play detective, while working out our issues, and then run around with our head's up our asses because we're professionals. I know that's where he went and he'll be back with your kids any minute."

Gold laughed. Emma noticed Faith Pratt glanced at Gold and didn't seem to recognize him, but she seemed to know he wasn't just some middle aged guy. Emma could sense this, and she could also sense that Faith was telling the truth. But, for the first time Emma felt she couldn't be so sure.

"Mom!" Emma heard.

"Mom, I was with Eva and Nick and Pinocchio. They say 'hi'," It was such a sweet sound.

"Henry!" Emma bolted from the booth and had her arms around him.

She saw that Neal was there with his hands awkwardly in his pockets.

"He said that Spike stopped the van," Neal said, "Wasn't he just here? It-it should have been me. I can't even save my own kid."

"The fact that you can't always do that but want to must mean you're a dad," Faith said.

"Isn't this so sweet," she heard Gold say as she embraced Henry, "But you all still have a rat to catch."

"What are you talking about, dad?" Neal demanded.

Emma didn't care. She just cared about Henry.

"Henry, what happened? You got into a van in the middle of the night with a stranger who wanted to take you out of town? What were you thinking?"

"I—I don't know. I don't remember going to the van I was just there. He was really nice," Henry said.

"Henry, strangers can seem really nice but can be evil. You know that!" she said.

"Of course," Henry said, but sometimes strangers turn out to be people you know, or friends

Emma couldn't help but think that Faith Pratt was right. Her son was a small town naïve kid.

"Like Spike and this man?" Emma asked Henry, "Were they friends? Did it seemed like they knew each other?"

"No, Spike made Mr. C stop the van and he seemed mad. I didn't really know why. Mr. C was just being nice. But, it was weird now that I think about it. It felt like it was so much fun, and that no one would mind, but—but everyone would mind, and the rest of kids would lose their memories!" Henry stopped and shook his head; "There's no way that's okay. That had to be magik. Who would do that?"

"Thank god!" Emma said, "I mean not—I'm just glad you know better than to go off with a stranger."

"But he wasn't a stranger," Henry said and looked at Mary Margret, "It was Mr. C, Mr. Colonge. You know, Mary Margret. The guy who came to our school when we had rats."

"He always seemed so nice and quiet," Mary Margret said.

"It's always the quiet ones," Gold said.

"No, not always," Neal said, "In fact sometimes not at all. What do you know dad?"

"Who me?" Gold said and smirked.

"Listen, old man!" Mary Margret said and backed Gold up against the wall, "If you knew there was some kind of pervert here among the children and you did nothing I don't care if you're my grandson's grandfather I will—Oh, I—I'm so sorry, Mr. Gold. I—"

"Mary Margret, what's wrong with you?" Henry asked, "You don't think Mr. Colonge did the magik? That he would have really hurt us? Like kill us or…what? Why would he do that? Faith, why is your mouth bleeding?"

Emma didn't like the look on Henry's face. Maybe she wanted him to be naïve in some ways. Just in that moment Ruby came over.

"Henry," she said, "Why don't you come over with Eva, Nick, and Pinocchio and have hot chocolate."

"It's okay, Henry," Emma said, "I think the grownups should talk for a sec."

Henry went with her.

"You're over-protectin' that kid," Faith Pratt said.

"You have no idea what you're talking about!" Emma said.

"Oh, I thought I was the evil kidnapper," she said as she picked up her phone and only looked at it.

"But, it doesn't matter," Faith said again.

"It does to me," Neal said, "What do you know about this pervert Colonge guy, Dad?"

"It's not as bad as all that," Gold said and laughed a little, "Maybe it was a little worse. But, maybe I was the only one watching him and keeping him under control. None of you thought of that."

"Well, whatever you were doing clearly stopped working and my kid almost paid the price," Neal said.

"It doesn't matter," Faith Pratt repeated looking at her phone.

"I'm sorry, son," Gold said, "I have no idea why he would do this now. What he could get out of it. What he could want. In our world he took the souls of children and fed on them to keep his own child-like joy and wonderment. I don't what he could get with them here and how he would have that powerful magik to get them."

"It doesn't matter," Faith Pratt said again.

"You mean someone else has gotten a hold of powerful magik besides you or Regina," Emma said.

"If he did why would he be leaving?" Neal said.

"It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter!" Faith Pratt sang like a bored kid, "God, you people do love your Scooby gang time, but you don't listen. Spike saved the kids. He got the guy. He beat the shit out of him. He might have done you all a favor and killed what the guy owes people when you mess with your kids."

"You don't know any of that," Emma said.

"I know my man," Faith said.

"Well, then maybe I should arrest your man for murder."

Faith scoffed, "Arrest your mother with your plastic badge."

"You-" Emma began furiously.

"Ladies, please!" Neal said, "Not that watching you two go at it hasn't been tons of fun but can I just know for sure that this is over so I can know my kid is safe."

"Good luck with that, Aladdin," Faith Pratt said, "His adopted mom sounds like a psycho ice queen and your baby-mama wants to lie to him and arrest the only guy who's done anything tonight."

"No one is arresting anyone," Mary Margret said, "We just want to figure out what happened, Faith."

"'Faith'," Emma grumbled, "You're on a first name basis? You've known her five minutes."

Mary Margret gave Emma a glare she had never seen before. Maybe her heart was getting darker.

"I don't know why my frie—my daughter- is behaving so terribly towards you. I think it's because it's hard for her to believe people can reach out, or be in love in this world without ulterior motives. I guess I can't really blame her. She's had a hard life. I wasn't able to raise her and a girl needs her mother."

Emma noticed Faith Pratt looked up from her phone to look at Mary Margret.

"Everyone needs there mother," Neal said, but we don't always have her

Emma had to stop her mouth her hanging open.

"My girl needs her father, that's for sure," Faith said quietly.

She looked at her phone again. Emma wasn't so into making eye contact either.

"Look," she said, "Can I just talk to—talk to Spike so I can find out what happened for sure and see if our kids are still in danger."

"They won't be," Faith said, "At least not from that guy. As far as talking to him, get in line. He's not answering his phone, which is weird."

"I don't mean to upset you, Faith, but maybe Colonge won the fight," Neal said, "He'll wish he hadn't if he was trying to take my kid's soul."

Faith Pratt snickered. "Oh, you were serious. There's no way in Disney Hell that my man got taken down by some father goose perv."

"Now now," Gold said, "Let's be fair. Declan never had those proclivities. The only thing he ever cared about was getting the children's joy and charm. In fact, if I remember he rather fancied The Queen. He once took 12 children's souls and sold them for a chance to meet her."

"Doesn't sound pervy at all," Faith Pratt said.

"Yeah, Declan steals kids souls and has a thing for Regina," Emma said, "That doesn't sound dangerous. No need to mention that, Gold."

"You know," Gold said, "I've had a bit on my mind lately. Too much to remember every insignificant unsavory soul."

"Well, it's not like he's going to get anywhere with Regina," Mary Margret said, "She'd end anybody who hurt a child. Well, at least Henry."

"Oh, I get it," Faith Pratt said, "You keep The Ice Queen around to do your killing. That only works so long before you have to get your hands dirty. Besides, she doesn't seem so bright. She's convinced Spike is gonna hurt Henry."

"I don't keep Regina around to kill people!" Emma said, "She's not so—I mean, she—Why am I explaining myself to you? I'll tell you one thing she isn't stupid. She way more powerful than you think, and she would kill someone like your husband if she thought he'd hurt Henry."

"Hmm, I wonder why your tamed beast didn't come back with the children, dear," Gold said.

Emma didn't realize he was talking to Faith Pratt until she answered him.

"To do some 'R' rated violence on the perv," she said, "Why? If you're trying to hint at something I'm a little slow. But if you're saying that bitch has got my hands on her husband and you know something about it, my fists tend to speed my brain up."

"I'm just a man who knows the people around here very well," Gold said with a grin and his hands up

She jerked her mouth back in a sneer but before she could speak Henry walked back to them.

"Oh, Faith," Henry said, "Regina drove us back and she and Spike were going to talk for a while. She wanted to have a private talk with him and Mr. Colonge. I think she thought he was friends with Mr. Colonge like Emma did."

"Now my brain is telling me your other mom and I should have a private talk," Faith Pratt said, "Real private and quick."

She rose from the booth with a deadly look on her face. Great. Emma was going to have to protect Regina and get this chick's husband. Would this night never end?