15 OWLs

Sirius was proved right. By the time they went to Hogwarts for their OWLs, they already finished studying most of the sixth year syllabus. Fleur joined them, of course, along with James. Misty wanted to come and take care of the baby, but Harry assured her there would be many house elves at Hogwarts, all wishing to help just the same and they would be offended if he brought her with him.

They arrived to the school a week earlier, so they could get into the mood and, as they both agreed, help Neville with his last-minute studies.

"Do you mind revising with us?" Harry asked Neville soon after they settled down.

"Are you sure? I may slow you down, you know..."

"I'm sure it would help us understand. Hermione has told me that whenever she helps somebody, it also helps deepening her understanding. I've given her a lot of practice," Harry chuckled.

Eventually it wasn't only Neville. Hanna and Susan joined him as well and even Parvati and Lavender participated occasionally. They all agreed that the week spent with the Potters had given them more understanding and knowledge than most of the year.

Like always, the OWL exams were scheduled very tightly, with no time to revise between them. Hermione was frantic about revising, as always, yet with both Harry and Fleur calming her down, it wasn't too bad. The best reality anchor, though, was James, as his mother, even when immersed deeply in her studies, would leave everything if she felt he needed her.

Both Harry and Hermione found the exams really easy. This was no news for Hermione, at least as Harry saw it, but it was a new experience for Harry. He was sure that studying with Hermione and not being held back by Ron helped a lot. He also found that helping his friends in their studies gave him another boost in understanding the subjects.

They also enjoyed being back with their friends. Neville was the most happy to see them and was spending with them every moment he could spare, usually accompanied by Hanna. Their other class mates seemed also happy. Lavender and Parvati (and occasionally Padma as well) could spend hours just coo'ing at James and enjoying his smiles and his giggles. The boys didn't pay much attention to James but were obviously drooling when seeing Fleur, who enjoyed teasing them with her allure each time.

Ginny and Luna proved to be more practical. They loved spending time with James but they also offered to help as needed, since they were not burdened by the OWLs. They were unprepared for the "Thanks, but the house elves are already doing so much that there's nothing you could do to help."

"We missed you at Quidditch this year," Ginny told Harry. "I've taken your position as seeker, but both Cho and Cedric are much better than me. We've only managed to be ahead of the Slytherin team. Are you coming back next year?"

Harry looked at his wives before answering, after sensing their feelings. "We shall probably come, but only if we find Fleur some position at school or near it."

"Oh, that's great! I'm sure Professor McGonagall will be glad to make her an assistant professor, especially if Professor Lupin continues. He needs somebody to cover for his 'little furry problem', you know."

"That may also depend on Dumbledore," Harry said cautiously.

"Professor Dumbledore will resign at the end of this school year," Luna said dreamily.

"How do you know?" both Harry and Ginny asked.

"He just seems to attract too many nargles. This probably means that his end is near," she answered in the same tone.

Harry decided to pay more attention to the headmaster. This wasn't easy to accomplish, as Dumbledore seemed to miss most meals and Harry wasn't sure that visiting his office was advisable. Yet, two days later, Dumbledore appeared at dinner.

He looked a bit confused and his clothes seemed to be in worse shape than he ever saw them. A short glimpse into his mind approved the initial impression: the man was losing his abilities and was on a fast decline. Luna's words seemed less prophetic and more like the conclusion reached by examining the facts.

Harry felt sad for the old man. Despite some disputes they had, he admired Dumbledore as a great wizard, yet that greatness seemed to be in the past already. Hermione's hand pressing his raised his spirit and Fleur's, on the other side, made sure to keep it high.

And still, with all the revising, the baby, the friends and the exams, none of his wives would let Harry go to sleep before the three were fully sated. Harry wondered if this was the cause for his excellent mood, which even the most difficult exams didn't affect much. He sure slept very well after the nightly activity, sandwiched between the two naked bodies of his wives.

The farewell feast was just as cheerful as ever. The house elves did their best to spoil the students with the best of everything and with more deserts than even Ron could handle. Harry was happy to be among his friends, whom he had missed for most of the year. Neville, Fred, George, Dean, Ginny, Seamus, Lavender and Parvati were sitting as close to him and his wives as they could. Luna Lovegood, Susan Bones and Hanna Abbot also joined them after spending some token time at their respective house tables. Harry was surprised when Daphne and Tracey did the same, leaving the Slytherin table to join his group.

Looking at the head table, Harry noted that Professor McGonagall was looking at the group and nodding approvingly, as did Professor Flitwick and Professor Sprout. Snape was also looking, his face unreadable. Harry didn't bother to read his mind. He focused on Dumbledore, who looked a bit more lively than the last time he had seen him.

As the students were finishing their meal, Dumbledore rose and clapped his hands. All talking stopped as everybody was looking at the aged headmaster.

"It is with great pleasure and some sadness that I declare this term finished. Most of you will come back here after the summer vacation, eager to learn a bit more and ready to do some new mischief..."

Some laughter was heard momentarily. Dumbledore's eyes sparkled for a moment and then turned dull again.

"Some will not return, though. The seventh year students have just graduated. They are leaving school and start their adult life. We all wish them good luck..."

Most students applauded, joining the good wishes.

"I am also leaving the school for the last time. As some of you have noticed, my health is deteriorating and there's not much to be done to help this old body. I have resigned from my position at Hogwarts as well as the other positions I've been holding. I intend to spend the rest of my days in a warmer place, enjoying myself as much as this frail body would allow, before going on the next great adventure. The governors have accepted my recommendation and decided that the next Headmaster will be... our beloved transfiguration teacher, Professor McGonagall!"

The hall erupted with cheers and applause as McGonagall stood up and joined Dumbledore.

"We all thank Professor Dumbledore for his long service at Hogwarts," she said, making the noise quiet down. "We also wish him a peaceful and pleasant retirement. We wish you all a joyful summer vacation and we're expecting all the returning students to be here on the 1st of September for the next term. Those who have not finished packing, please do so now, before going to bed."

Harry was looking forward to the last two years at Hogwarts. It would surely be nice to just be at school without worrying; to just spend time with your friends and enhance your knowledge. They would still not be normal – this concept seemed to never apply to Harry. He would be a father already, and judging by Fleur's hints – he'd have another child before he would reach his seventh year. Yet with two lovely wives and a few loyal friends he felt happy and content as he had never felt before.

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