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She's just about finished with her run around the park, when she feels her phone vibrating through the strap on her arm. She slows her run to a walk and accepts the phone call.

"Hello?" She says into her head phones still slightly panting.

"Hey, Brittany" She knows its Tina. They have been friends long enough to be able to recognize her voice. While Tina is her friend first she also is a co-worker. They both work for the TV show "Dancing with the Stars". Brittany is one of the dancers and Tina is the person in charge of the dancers. Choosing which one of them will be dancing with whatever "stars" they have for that season. Brittany knows the new season is coming up so she is guessing that is what Tina is calling her about.

"Hey Tina, figure out who I will be dancing with yet? Please let me have somebody better than who you stuck me with last year because I think I would have had a better chance with Lord Tubbington." She teases, even though she doesn't even remember his name, the man had two left feet and liked to stomp them right on top of Brittany's. She was icing after every practice. Thank god they only made it to the second round. But she knew all of that wasn't really Tina's fault.

Tina chuckles, "I said I was sorry for that! How was I supposed to know Finn Hudson dances like a zombie?" Brittany laughs and makes a mental note to try to remember that name, because Tina has always told her that it was rude to forget names. Tina continues, "but yes, I have you all set up with your uhh partner for this season." Brittany thinks Tina is acting strange but chooses just to let it go, being excited to know who her partner is.

"Cool, who is he?" Tina doesn't respond right away, and Brittany hears her sigh into the phone before speaking again. "Your partner is Santana Lopez. She is a popular singer around our age. No real dancing background, but she can move her feet better than Finn."

Brittany doesn't think she heard right. "I am dancing with Santana Lopez, a woman?" She asks in disbelief. "Shouldn't she be dancing with one of the male dancers? Like Mike! Why don't you just have her dance with Mike and find me somebody else."

Tina response quickly this time, "Mike already has a dancer, some rich girl named Sugar Motta. And Santana doesn't want to dance with a man; she wants to dance with a woman." Brittany should be shocked, but she is not. Tina goes on, "Come on Brittany! You can be the lead and Santana can follow. It will be way easier for you, and not to mention you would be saving your best-friend a lot of work." She says with a hopeful voice

Brittany's walk comes to a full stop and she places her hands on her hips. Shaking her head she agrees to do it, not that she really had a choice because Tina has magical Asian powers that can persuade people into doing anything she ask. Mike is always caught under her spell, but Sam that is because Mike is whipped. Even though she said yes, she is not really sure how she really feels about dancing with Santana Lopez on live television. It is all she can think about as she makes the walk back to her and Sam's apartment.

3 weeks earlier..

"Consider it like a personal mission I have sent you on Kurt." Santana says into her phone as she crosses a street to get to the Starbucks on the other side. "Look if they want me that bad they will figure out some way to make it happen. I don't really see what the big deal is anyways. We live in Los Angeles gay things are happening ever where!"

Kurt sighs into the phone, "Those 'things' are not taking place on national television, and defiantly not on a dancing show that has always had hetro dancing partners. I don't think you fully understand how much ass I am going to have to kiss to make this happen."

She enters the Starbucks and gets into line. "Maybe I will be the trend setter." She says as throws her hand into air. She really doesn't understand what the big deal is, well maybe she does. But they should have been expecting this. She is openly gay and strongly believes that there is a double standard when it comes to these things. Like a man and a woman get to dance on stage and have their bodies pressed up against each other and it is fine and dandy, but when 2 women dance together it is inappropriate. It just makes her head spin. "This is the deal Ladylips; I dance with a woman or not at all. You should be proud of me for taking such a stand and not complaining that I am actually forcing you to do your job."

She hears Kurt sigh again before placing her order and waiting for her drink to be made. "I am proud of Santana, I really am. But I don't know if I will be able to pull this one off."

She gets her drink and exist the coffee shop starting the walk to her office. "Then let me give you an incentive; you make this happen and I don't post those photos of you sleeping with your boyfriend pillow to every social networking site I have." She gives her phone her bitch smirk.

Kurt gasps, "I thought you deleted those you evil bitch!" He pauses as he hears Santana laugh and say nope. "Fine," He says. "You have a deal Satan. But let it be known that I think you are just as much of a pain in the ass as Rachel." This just causes Santana to laugh even more.

"Now we both know that is a god damn lie." She says with a smile and walking into her office throwing her bag down and walking to her desk. "Make it happen Hummel, and you will be able to keep whatever dignity as a man you have left." Before she can hear him respond she hangs up, and sits in her chair thinking that she will probably post the photos either way.

She arrives back at her and Sam's apartment, looking around she sees that Sam isn't home but she does see Lord Tubbington sleeping on the couch and she goes to join him after placing her phone and headphones on the kitchen counter. The cat wakes up as couch dips when Brittany sits on it, but LT doesn't move a muscle. She places her hand on his head and starches behind his ear.

"What did I get myself into Lord Tubbington?" He just purrs in response. Brittany takes that as the cue to talk so she tells him about the phone call that just happened with Tina and who her new dance partner is for the show this year. Over the years she has found it is easier to tell him what is happening that writing it in her dairy because he would just read it anyways. When she finishes telling the cat what happened he just pushes his head into Brittany's hand.

"I don't know what I am going to tell mom and dad." She throws her back into the cushions, "All I know is there is no way they is going to be happy about this." But what can she do? This is her job, and this season this means dancing with a girl.

David and Julia Pierce were normal parents. Julia Pierce was a stay at home mom, raising the two daughters while David Pierce was working at fire station in a small little lake town that was only a little more than 3 hours away from LA. Brittany loved home, she loves her family but she is different from them. She was never any good at school like the rest of her family. She was always running off to some field to go dance. She couldn't sit through church without getting bored, and as she got older these things just became more obvious to her. Getting through high school was easy but hard at the same time. She was a popular cheerleader, but also a glee club loser. Lots of people knew her, they almost all made fun of her, calling her stupid and retarded. Mike and Tina were her only real friends. Tina was the person who got Brittany to join glee club half way though freshman year. She found her dancing out in the field one day after school when she was just trying to return Brittany's backpack to her, because they had history together and Brittany was forgetful about things like that. Tina also got Mike to join, she found him dancing in one of the empty class rooms. Brittany swears it's the Asian powers that lead Tina to them both. Mike and Tina started dating a couple month after all of us being in glee club together.

Brittany, Mike, and Tina managed to escape the small town by moving to Los Angeles. Brittany and Mike got into a performing arts college and Tina went to a local junior college. Brittany had fun in college, not so much with the actually school part. She only loved the dancing. She had fun at the parties. Brittany hooked up and dated both boys and girls. Brittany liked people because they were a boy or a girl she just liked them for them. She was bisexual, but that was her secret. Well Tina, Mike, and Lord Tubbington know but she would never tell her parents. They are totally homophobic, just like everybody was in that small town. She knows that they would hate her, and even thinking about it makes her want to cry.

So she throws herself up from her couch and walks to her shower telling herself that she doubts that her parents even watch they show anymore.

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