Please enjoy.

Santana sat in Kurt's office for an impromptu meeting. She vaguely knew it was pertaining to Dancing with the Stars but you couldn't really blame her mind for wandering to more interesting things. Things like how beautiful Brittany looked in the moonlight the other night.

Kurt's ears twitched when he heard a breathy sigh come from the brunette in front of him. Taking in the singer's face, you could tell she hadn't heard a word he was saying.

"Really Santana? Day dreaming?" He scowled, not impressed. "You're acting like some love stuck high school student."

Effectively snapping out of her daze, she looked up somewhat sheepishly at the angry gay.

"Don't get your panties twisted, lady face. I was just thinking about how we're going to pull this off."

"Well Santana, if you'd been listening instead of fantasizing about Brittany, you'd know that's exactly what I've been talking about." Kurt rubbed his forehead. He could feel a stress migraine coming on and just hoped it wouldn't cause premature wrinkles. "By the way, what is it with you two? What's going on?"

Santana had the decency to blush but pushed her hair back to gather her cool so she didn't go all Lima Heights on Kurt. She knew he meant well and was trying to help her, but there are lines that not even he can get away with crossing.

"Nothing. And even if there were something, which there's not, it's none of your business. God, your worse than an old lady with gossip." Santana fixed him with an annoyed glare.

"I'm not blind, Satan. I just need to know because I'm your manager and I need to be able to keep things tame and out of the public eye. I'm trying to look out for you here."

Santana held back the growl that threatened to escape then sighed in defeat. "Fine. We're, you know, talking...maybe dating? All I know for sure is that we're more than friends." Santana almost regretted telling him that much when the knowing smile stretched across his face. "Like you stated, I don't want to go public. I'm not ready for that type of..announcement yet."

In reality though, Santana was ultimately adding that part for Brittany. She just doesn't want to scare the girl off. Not when she's already in so deeply. Which is why she's so willing to keep it a secret even though she herself is all about being out and proud.

After a short silence, the brunette was starting to feel guilty for telling Kurt before even talking to Brittany about it first, so she decided to steer the conversation in another direction. "Okay, so I'm performing along with dancing on the next episode. It shouldn't be that hard. I'm Santana Lopez. I've dealt with much worse." She murmured nonchalantly, but really she was looking forward to it. She hadn't performed, singing wise, in a long time, too long if you ask her.

"God, and I thought working with Rachel was hard." He sighed. "While you're singing, there's going to be a performance by two of the professional dancers dancing. I need your okay to set it all up."

"Alrighty then. Work your sparkly magic, lady lips." She winked.

"I'm going to need the song you want to perform with, as soon as possible so I can tell the studio, and you will probably need to go and do sound check at the dance studio." He continued.

Santana nodded and pursed her lips. She already had a particular song in mind, an old favorite. She felt something akin to nerves once she realized that she'd be singing in front of her blonde. Now she'd have to pull out all the stops, for sure.

"Also, while I have you here, what are your thoughts on going on tour this year? It would be very favorable especially from all the publicity you're getting from Dancing with the Stars."

Santana just rolled her eyes at him. She had more important things on her mind that may or may not have a full head of blonde hair. She knows her fans would love it if she went on tour again, but she isn't so sure that she wants to be traveling so much. It is just something she needs to think about.

"What did you get Streisand's little stalker for her birthday?" She changed the subject.

Then of course, she was subjected to hearing Kurt go on about all the new outfits he had bought for her. How they were all specially tailored to fit the midget's short frame. Just as she started to tune him out again, he asked her what she'd gotten Rachel. All she did was smirk and let him know it's a surprise, which leads Kurt to look at her with a face full of terror and dread, like he already knew what to expect from the brunette.

"Alright let's take a break, everyone." Brittany yelled out and paused the music before grabbing her water bottle and taking a long gulp. She wiped the sweat off her brow and sat against the mirrors while she watched her students mingle amongst each other.

Brittany's chest swelled with pride as she watched them. She loved seeing the smiles on their faces while they were in here. Other people might get worn out by dancing all day, but it only served to make the blonde more energetic. It made her happy to be able to teach others something she loved so much.

Speaking of others making her happy, Brittany caught little Ellie sitting beside her. The young girl had been questioning her each day on the whereabouts of Santana. It was kind of cute actually.

"Where is she? Did she say when she was coming back?" The little blonde asked again with a hopeful smile.

"I'm not exactly sure, Elle." Brittany grinned apologetically and patted the young girl on the head. "Not yet. But the next time I see her, I'll tell her that you demanded she come back."

Brittany found herself wondering the same exact thing. She just really wanted to see the other girl again. Although, her mood was increased tenfold since she'll get to see her tonight at Rachel's party.

She's just happy that Sam is coming with her to the party. Rachel had invited him by request from Mercedes. She had also invited Blaine because she knew Kurt would have a fit if she didn't which lead to Tina and Mike being invited as well. So at least she'll know more than a few people there, which she's thankful for.

She has no idea what to expect with this party but she gets to see Santana, so it can't be too bad. That might be the only reason she's actually going because she's starting to have some serious withdrawals from her singer, she thought with a pout.

She was shaken out of her thoughts by the small blonde next to her, poking her shoulder. She looked over and smiled apologetically before glancing at the clock and doing a double take. How long had she been day dreaming.

Brittany stood up and stretched before calling out to her students. "Alright, breaks over!" The dancer walked to the front of the class and cued one of the students to hit the music. Then just like that, her thoughts went blank while the music filled her body and flowed through her veins.

Once the class was over and she said her last goodbye, Brittany pulled out her phone, deciding to text Santana.

I miss you -Brittany Pierce

Brittany bit her lip. Was she being too honest? Santana probably doesn't miss her, they just saw each other. But it was the truth. Brittany really did miss Santana.

We're going to see each other tonight Britt. -Santana Lopez

Before the blonde could text back, she received another text right after the first one.

I miss you too. And I cannot wait for tonight, even though it is a Rachel Berry party. -Santana Lopez

Brittany giggled at the brunette's seemingly dislike of the birthday girl and felt her heart warm as she re- read the first part of the text before responding.

Even though we're going to see each other tonight? [; Me neither. And Rachel's not that bad. -Brittany Pierce

Smart ass. She is once you get to know her. What are you wearing? -Santana Lopez

You love my ass. Why Miss Lopez, I do believe you're trying to sext me. -Brittany Pierce

I've learned to appreciate the finer things in life. ;p Oh my god, Britt! I meant, what are you wearing to the party! -Santana Lopez

Brittany blushed then bit her lip, she'd be sure to wear something that showed off her ass tonight. She couldn't help the laugh that bubbled up as she finally got home. She really loved teasing the brunette since she was so easily worked up.

So that's what you were doing the other night then? Appreciating me? [; That's for me to know and for you to find out. But I just got home, so I'm gonna go get ready now. I'll see you later. -Brittany Pierce

Santana stared at her phone screen, her jaw dropping only slightly at how bold the dancer was being. She re-read the message with a small smirk. If that's how the blonde wanted to play, game on. The brunette stood up and sauntered over to her closet to pick out the sexiest outfit she could find. It was her turn to make Brittany's jaw drop.

After she succeeded, she went into her bathroom to turn on her shower. Tonight was going to be very interesting, that's for sure. Maybe she'd be able to sneak off with Brittany and appreciate her some more. Santana bit her lip with a lecherous grin just thinking about it. She shook those thoughts from her head so she wouldn't have to end up taking a cold shower.

Brittany was almost ready; she had just slipped into her favorite pair of denim shorts with some short cut cowgirl boots and now all she has to do is put on her shirt which has an old faded American flag on it and slips off the shoulder. She turns to her bed to pick up said shirt and finds Lord Tubbington laying on it and sleeping soundly.

"Sorry Tubbs, but this isn't your size." She said as she picked the cat up and placed him on a different spot of the bed. He didn't even wake up.

Brittany takes the shirt and puts it on, looking in the mirror with success. It isn't anything fancy, but with this she can still dance, it is a party after all. After checking herself out in the mirror once more, she went out to the living room to find Sam waiting for her.

"It's about damn ti-Holy shit, Britt." Sam's eyes bulged out of his head once he saw the blonde's outfit. "Oh that's right, Santana is going to be there tonight." He teased, while his eyes still moved up and down the blonde's form.

Brittany tucked some of her hair behind her ear, "Don't tease me Sam. That's bullying and I don' t want LT picking up on your bad habits." She stated while not looking up as she walked towards the door. "Come on before we're late, and stop staring, you have a girlfriend, remember?" She teased.

Sam had the decency to blush and locked the door after Brittany. "Ew, Britt. You're like my sister. And she's not my girlfriend...yet."

Once they arrived at the address and entered Rachel's place, they were stunned. Brittany knew that Rachel knew a lot of people, but this was an understatement. Her house held a classy and sophisticated air, but she could still sense the craziness just brewing and getting ready to be released.

Sam and Brittany walked through the room, searching for the birthday girl. There was a makeshift stage at one end with people singing (shouting) and what appeared to be a lot of weird Broadway people mingling at each corner. Brittany glanced down at her outfit, second guessing her decision. Maybe she should have dressed up a little more.

A few minutes into the party and they found the small brunette passing out pink wine coolers to people.

"If you've ever wanted to taste a color, you'll drink this." She hiccupped and shoved off the wine cooler into some random person's hand before turning and looking for the next victim. "Brittany and Trouty Mouth! I mean Sam. Sorry." Rachel apologized then shoved a wine cooler in each of their hands. "Hanging around with Santana so much, her bad habits kinda rub off on you." She explained.

Brittany was giggling into her now opened wine cooler, while she took a swig. Sam awkwardly waved it off while subtly scanning the crowd, for Mercedes no doubt.

"Happy Birthday Rachel." Brittany greeted with a sincere smile. "We're sorry we didn't bring a gift, we didn't quite know what to get you and it was kind of short notice." The blonde pouted.

Rachel grabbed a shot off of a wandering try and threw it back. "Don't worry about it." She gestured behind her to the table of overflowing gifts. "I'll probably end up returning half of them for something better." She shrugged then pointed over to the living room. "Your people should be over there. I have to go find more pink, I mean drinks." And with that, the short girl wandered off into the crowd, stumbling into people all the while.

Brittany and Sam looked at each other quizzically but decided Rachel would be fine, so they took off to where their friends were. They find a buzzed Quinn sitting next to Puck, who was nursing a beer. Across from them was a sober Finn and Kurt, who was making puppy eyes at Blaine. The ladder was too tipsy to notice but Brittany caught him sending a smile Kurt's way which made the other boy blush lightly and smile back.

Mike and Tina were sitting on a love seat together, wine coolers in hand. Last but not least was Mercedes who had just sat down on the empty couch. Immediately she noticed Sam zone in on the girl. She could tell he was just itching to make his way over and gave him a light push in that direction, causing the blond to glare in return.

Brittany rolled her eyes and dragged him over to the couch to sit next to the dark skinned girl, while she occupied the space next to him. Just like that, Sam and Mercedes were lost in their own world, everybody else but a distant memory. Brittany wished she hadn't finished her drink so fast so she'd at least have something to busy herself with since her favorite person wasn't there yet.

After everybody greeted one another, Puck got up and left with the excuse of getting more drinks. As soon as he was back, he thrust drinks into Brittany's and Sam's hands. He pulled a bottle of Grey Goose from his pants saying to raided Rachel Berry's liquor cabinet. After making sure everyone was good, he sat back down.

"Cheers to getting Rachel wasted as fuck and getting this shit show started!" Puck yells then everybody drinks with Brittany fist pumping in the background.

They had their own little area for drinking games. They played Gachoball, Chandeliers, Flip cup, and some card games that Brittany couldn't remember the name of. It wasn't before long that they were drunk and storming the stage. However, before Brittany could join them she was cut off by Quinn and the taller blonde gave her a drunken smile in return.

"Hey. Quinn right?"

The demure blonde nodded her head. "That would be me. I couldn't help but notice that you keep looking for someone. It wouldn't happen to be a brunette singer with a bad attitude, would it?" Quinn's eyes pierced through Brittany's and the dancer didn't like it. It was almost like the other girl was trying to see into her soul.

"Uh, yeah kinda. I was just hoping to hear her sing, you know?" Brittany gestured to the stage.

"I don't blame you, she's a wonderful singer, but she always comes late to parties." Quinn shrugged. "Although, I'm surprised she's taken quite a liking to you. She usually doesn't let people close to her, not to mention so quickly."

Brittany just nodded her head politely but on the inside she was blushing with happiness. Whatever Brittany felt for the singer, she had no doubt that Santana felt it right back.

"I'm somewhat close to her and I'm still trying to get on her good side." She rolled her eyes. "Our friendship is more like a friendly rivalry. We get into fights more often than not, mostly because each of us always tries to one up the other. She's a loyal friend though and I wouldn't trade that for anything."

The blonde found herself listening closely to Quinn's words. It was interesting hearing someone so close to Santana divulging information that Brittany previously had no recollection of. Brittany was pulled out of her thoughts when Blaine came out of nowhere and dragged her up to the stage. The dancer took a second to look back at Quinn and give her a small smile and a wave.

Thirty minutes later, Santana walks in with her gift in hand. She makes her way to the gift table and manages to squeeze it in so it doesn't fall off. She scoffs at the amount of presents Rachel's collected so far.

Santana looks around and can't find the midget anywhere in sight. With a reluctant sigh, she pushes her way through the crowd of Rachel's friends. I bet half these people just walked in off the street, Santana grumbled to herself and heard people muttering amongst themselves.

"Santana Lopez is here!"

The brunette rolled her eyes and heard music blasting through the speakers and assumed that's where Berry was. She walked into what used to be the dining room, but instead was turned into a small karaoke stage, and did a double take. She couldn't believe her eyes; surely she was dreaming.

There on stage, was Brittany and the gel addict, otherwise known as Blaine, singing the classic song 'Shout'. They pair have drawn a decent sized crowd that was going wild. The brunette was in awe, she'd never seen anything so perfect.

Come on now, (shout) Don't forget to say you will. Don't forget to say, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. (Say you will)

Brittany's face was lit up with jubilation as she belted out the lyrics, her body couldn't help but dance around the small stage. Santana was enamored at the sight. She always knew Brittany was beautiful, but it was like she was seeing her in a whole new light. And that outfit, was Brittany. As the blonde did a spin, Santana could see the shorts pulled tightly, but perfectly over the dancer's firm ass.

You know you make me wanna shout! (shout!) Kick my heels up and (shout!) Throw my hands up and (shout) Throw my head back and (shout!)

Her mouth watered as her gaze traveled upwards, admiring every inch of Brittany. She licked her lips. Oh what Santana would give to do a body shot off that body. She settled for grabbing a clear shot from the offered tray in front of her. She threw it back and reveled in the burn it left.

They were killing the song and all Santana could do was watch as many people sang along to the lyrics with them. As soon as the song ends, the crowd erupts into applause and cheers, as well as Santana while she made her way to the stairs on the side of the stage so she could wait for Brittany to come down. She watched the blonde's face light up as her and Blaine bowed in thanks.

Once Brittany is within hearing distance, Santana tells her, "So not only can you dance but you can sing as well?"

Brittany looked up with bright eyes, searching for the familiar voice that drifted up to her ears. Right away, her eyes locked with Santana's and it was all she could do not to just launch herself into the other girl's arms. The only thing stopping her was the crowd of people she'd never met before, and the fact that she was more than a little tipsy and would probably miss the brunette and face plant on the floor.

Coming back to the present, the blonde looked down shyly and tucked her hands into the pockets of her blazer. "They forced me into it, really since I was the only one who hadn't sang yet." She rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet.

Santana had what felt like a permanent smile on her face while she listened to the blonde. Brittany was positively the cutest person she'd ever had the fortune of meeting. When Brittany finally made her way down, Santana stepped closer and wrapped her arms around the dancer's lithe neck, pulling her into a tight hug, her heat beat racing once Brittany's arms snaked their way around her waist.

"Hey. It's about time you got here." The blonde murmured into Santana's ear quietly.

"Hi. I like to make an entrance." Santana teased. "Sorry I kept you waiting."

When they pulled back, Brittany dragged Santana over to the rest of the group by her hand. Santana wasn't paying attention to where they were going; she was too focused on the fact that Brittany was holding her hand. Again.

Brittany looked back at Santana when they finally got there and smiled softly when she saw the look of pure adoration on the brunette's face. With a squeeze, Brittany released her hand and gestured over to everyone.

As soon as the other's noticed the new addition, they were on their feet and shoving shots into both the girl's hands.

"Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots!" Puck chanted and lined up shot after shot.

Brittany grimaced after her third shot of God knows what and glanced over at Santana, who was downing her fifth one. Santana looked up and caught Brittany staring at her then gave her a secretive wink while licking her top lip seductively. Santana was too damn sexy. It wasn't fair that she got to look so good in that tight, mint green dress when Brittany couldn't touch.

Out of nowhere, a wild Rachel Berry had appeared with a full try of shots, wanting to take a few with her friends.

"Okay peasants, your turn to take shots with me!" She yelled out as the glasses were handed out. What Brittany wasn't expecting was for Santana to suddenly get up and start yelling at Rachel in another language. If she was being honest, it was pretty hot.

"Escucha, Soy de Lima Heights Adjences y yo tengo Orgurro. Sabes lo que pasa en Lima Heights Adjences? Cosas malas!" Santana's breasts were aching with rage, rage she was suddenly unleashing on Rachel.

Rachel cowered and hid in Finn's arms for protection. "Not the nose, please!"

Quinn, Puck and Brittany grab onto Santana, who started to flail her arms and kick her legs, hoping to have the satisfaction of hurting Rachel. On the other hand, Kurt was no where to be found having booked it the hell out of the way cause who in their right mind would cross Santana Lopez, even more so when she's drunk and angry.

Brittany's arms were around Santana's waist while she was whispering soothing words into the brunette's ear, attempting to calm her down.

"San calm down. Please, stop the violence." Brittany's thumbs rubbed against the material of Santana's dress, softly. "You don't want to waste your time trying to beat up Rachel when you could be enjoying your night with the rest of your friends."

Surprisingly, Santana felt the anger in her body start to dissipate as she leaned into the blonde's comforting embrace. When she finally came down from her angry place, she squeezed Brittany's arms in thanks then they moved back to the couch together, sitting right next to one another. Even though the threat seemed to be gone, Brittany still tried to keep Santana's attention on her so it wouldn't backfire.

The pair was so caught up in an intense stare; that they didn't seem to realize Quinn was staring in their direction with a calculating face.

Santana looked up at the blonde from beneath her lashes and subtly moved closer under the guise of crossing her legs. That action drew Brittany's eyes to the long tan legs that belonged to the brunette. She wondered if they felt as smooth as they looked. Hopefully she'd be able to find that out later.

"Stop looking at me like that." Santana said, suddenly.

"Like what?" Brittany wondered.

"Like you want to devour me whole."

Brittany blushed and leaned closer to bump their shoulders together. "You should really keep your mind out of the gutter San." She teased.

"It's hard to not think sexy thoughts when I'm with you." Santana whinned.

"I want to kiss you so bad. It's been too long." The blonde murmured and grinned in triumph when she felt Santana lean into her.

"You're not making this easy." Santana sighed. This was going to be a long, drawn out night.

A couple hours later everyone was laughing their asses off while Puck stood up, trying to imitate an even drunker Rachel Berry.

"Noah, that's not even close to any of my mannerisms." Rachel huffed and crossed her arms. "Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to open my presents. So I expect all eyes on me." With that said the short brunette wobbled to her feet and headed toward the stage.

"Can I have everyone's attention please? It's time for the birthday girl to open her gifts!" She squealed into the microphone, causing half the crowd to wince in pain.

Brittany tried to focus on anything and everything to keep her mind off her bladder which was about to burst. She was squirming in her seat trying to cross and uncross her legs subtly.

Santana felt the couch move every other second and frowned as she looked over next to her, finding the cause.

"Britt, what's up?" The singer asked, concerned.

"I've had to go to the bathroom for like an hour, but the line's a mile long." She pouted back.

"Come with me, I know where a secret bathroom is." Santana wiggled her eyebrows then pulled Brittany off of the couch with her, linking their pinkies together. They walked upstairs to Rachel's master bathroom and Santana gestured her arms out. "I know all the best secrets around he-"

Suddenly, the brunette was cut off as Brittany's lips pressed against hers while the blonde pushed them backwards into the bathroom. Brittany slammed the door shut by pushing Santana up against it. Before the kiss could get out of hand, the dancer pulled back.

"Sorry, I just couldn't help myself any longer." She breathed out heavily.

Santana's only answer was to wrap her hand around Brittany's neck and pull her back in for more. Brittany smirked into the kiss as her hands fell to Santana's hips so she could pull them into her own. With a moan, the blonde's mouth opened just as Santana's tongue darted inside, massaging against Brittany's.

Santana gasped once she felt the dancer's hands travel south, caressing the inside of her thighs as they shook from stimulation. If Santana's mouth wasn't so busy, she would have begged the blonde to move her hand just a little higher.

Not able to take the teasing anymore, Santana grabbed onto Brittany's shoulder and turned them, so the blonde was pushed up against the door instead. Their lips molded together, Santana couldn't get enough of the dancer's delectable taste. Brittany groaned into the kiss, tilting her head to deepen it.

Brittany threw her head back panting so she could catch her breath. Santana just continued on sucking and biting down the singer's throat, tasting each inch of available skin.

"Fuck Britt, I'm so wet." Santana whimpered, her hips rolling forward into Brittany's, searching for friction she so desperately needed.

Brittany's body flushed as she remained pushed up against Santana. The brunette's words were only serving to make her body get unbearably hot, yearning for release. Santana's kept kissing the blonde's throat and kissed along the other girl's jaw line, ending at her ear before breathing hotly against it.

"You're so gorgeous, baby."

If Brittany wasn't so focused on the throbbing between her legs, she'd be smiling like a dork at the fact that Santana just called her, 'baby'.

Right as the blonde was about to bring Santana in for another heated make out, a loud bang sounded on the bathroom door, reverberating throughout the large bathroom.

Brittany looked up at Santana with a panicked face and slowly set her down, the brunette sliding against the blonde's body before fixing her dress.

"I need to use the bathroom."

Santana sighed in relief when she realized it was only Rachel. This would be almost too easy. "Rachel, there is no time for that! Barbra Streisand is downstairs waiting for you!" She says through the door.

They heard a high pitched squeal and then a, "I knew she would come!" Rachel yelled out, running down the stairs.

Once the hobbit left, the two girls in the bathroom just stared at each other, relief sketched over each of their faces. They realized they wouldn't be able to continue, so Santana gave Brittany a soft kiss on her cheek with a murmured, "Go pee and I'll meet you downstairs." She smiled.

When Brittany finally makes it back downstairs, after taking a couple extra minutes to cool off, she found the party just how Santana and her left it. All their friends are still talking and drinking even more, which they'll probably regret tomorrow morning. Rachel is now singing Don't Rain on my Parade while all of her Broadway friends give her a standing ovation. At least, that's what Brittany assumed. She hasn't really seen them sit all night.

She's happy that everyone is having such a great time, she is too, but it would be even better if she could go sit by Santana and just hold her; to just immerse herself with the brunette. But she knows that tonight isn't the night to deal with those problems. So with a sigh, she stays strong and grabs herself another drink before heading over to sit with her friends. Even though she can't be all over Santana in public, Brittany was having a really good time. She settled for secret glances and even the odd wink or blown kiss.

Soon enough, the party was settling down and people were starting to leave. Brittany saw Mercedes and Sam stand up together, whispering quietly to themselves before yawning then looking over towards Santana. The brunette walks over to Brittany and pulls her up by the hand, leading her to the coat closet so they could get some jackets.

Brittany found herself leaning into the singer and not caring all that much, it's not like there were many people left and the ones that were, were passed out drunk. Santana handed the dancer a jacket before donning her own leather jacket. The blonde gazed at her girl appreciatively. There was just something about a woman in leather.

"I think Mercedes and Sam are about to leave. If we hurry, we can catch a cab with them." The brunette stated, leading the way outside.

They met the other couple on the sidewalk and the agreed to all share a cab. When it pulled up, Sam held the door open for Mercedes before sliding in next to her, leaving enough space for Brittany to slide in next. Brittany noticed Santana's furrowed brow, accompanied with a frown. The face she makes when she's thinking too hard.

Just as Santana was about to open her mouth, her words got cut off as Brittany pulled her down and into the cab so she was sitting on her lap.

"I'm not about to make you sit up front with the cabby." The blonde mumbled against Santana's shoulder as her arms came to wrap around the shorter girl's waist.

Sam was busy nuzzling his face into Mercedes neck while the she was giggling and pretending to push him away. They drove to Mercedes place first and Sam went up with her after they all said their drunken goodbyes. As soon as they were gone, Santana slid over into the empty seat next to the blonde and rested her head on Brittany's shoulder.

"Would you like to go back to my place? We don't have to do anything; I just really like waking up to you." Santana hid her face in Brittany's neck then felt the girl nod.

"I really like waking up to you too."

Santana paid the cabbie then stepped out of the car, stumbling slightly as she reached in for Brittany's hand. Both of them leaned into each other, helping the other make their way up to Santana's apartment. Santana was standing outside her door, trying (failing) at unlocking it. Her tongue was sticking slightly out of her mouth in concentration as she missed the lock, time after time.

Brittany thought Santana was just the cutest drunk person she'd ever seen and sneakily pressed herself up against Santana's back, one arm wrapped around her waist while the other came to steady the brunette's hand.

"Damn door."

Brittany just giggled into Santana's ear and helped her finally unlock the door after five more tries. Apparently Brittany was more than just tispy as she had thought.

"Success." Santana whispered drunkenly as she lost her footing before Brittany held her tight.

"Sweetie, I think you're drunk." Brittany couldn't stop chuckling which in turn made Santana erupt into laughter.

"Nu uh, you're drink Britt." Santana pointed in her direction. "I mean, drunk. You're drunk. Now come on, we's be gettin' into our pj's."

"I know I'm wait, I'm not drunk. Yeah that's it." Brittany pondered out loud when she heard her stomach growl. "Saaaan," she whinned. "I'm hungry."

"Okay Britts, I'll get some food in you." She wrapped her hand around Brittany's and pulled her towards the kitchen.

When Santana finally finished cooking their grilled cheese's after several failed attempts and a small kitchen fire, they walked over to the couch in the living room and started munching on their food.

"Mmm. Your grilled cheese's are heaven."

Santana thanked her with a smile. It made her happy whenever the dancer liked something that related to her. Santana was taking a sip of her water when she realized what she wanted to talk to Brittany about.

"Hey, B. I gotta tell you something."

Brittany stopped her feasting momentarily and gave her attention to the girl next to her. "What's up?"

"Well, you remember Kurt right? My manager." Santana continued once she got a nod from the blonde. "He uh, he kinda asked about us." The brunette could feel her skin clamming up. She knew how sensitive this topic was to Brittany and didn't want to upset her.

"What did you say?" Brittany tiled her head with curiosity.

"I didn't really know what to say, but I mentioned that we were...more than friends." She said the last part quietly, trying to gauge Brittany's reaction but she couldn't wait any longer to ask the next question. "Britt, what are we?"

Brittany bit her lip. Santana looked so nervous so she set down her plate and gently ran her thumb across the back of the brunette's hand. "I'm not quite sure myself; although we have been on two dates." She coyly replied.

"So dating? We're dating?" Santana jumped in.

"I like the sound of that." Brittany agreed.

"Me too." Santana smiled as Brittany kissed her cheek ever so softly.

The brunette set her plate down next to Brittany's and cupped her pale cheek in her tan hand before leaning in slowly. Her eyes flickered between the two blue ones and watched as they fluttered shut just as Santana connected their lips.

Brittany moaned softly into the kiss. For some reason, this one was more intense that all the others. It was slow and sweet, seductive even. They were taking their time exploring the other's mouth. Brittany hid her fingers in Santana's thick hair, pulling her closer into herself. Santana sighed which Brittany took that moment to dart her tongue inside Santana's mouth, unleashing a groan of satisfaction from the brunette.

Santana slowly pulled back from the kiss, her teeth clenching down on the blonde's bottom lip before letting it go with a pop, then sucking it into her mouth softly, kissing it one last time. As she opened her eyes, right away she noticed the pout fixed on Brittany's face.

"Why are you pouting? Am I really that bad at kissing?" Santana joked, but there was a somewhat serious undertone to it.

Brittany giggled and shook her head, her pout disappearing right away. "You're perfect at kissing, San. Which is why I was so sad that we stopped." The blonde ducked her head shyly.

Santana used her hand to bring Brittany's face back up and eye level with herself. "Britt, if we kept going we'd end up going too far. But sometime soon, I won't stop you and you'll have free reign all over this hot bod." She ended her speech with a wink.

"Now how's about we get our pajama's on and get some sleep?" Santana held out her hand for Brittany to take.

Brittany laughed quietly into her hand and followed after Santana, who dragged her into her bedroom. Santana walked over to her closet grabbing her pajamas, before rifling through her closet and pulling out another pair of shorts. Just as she was about to grab another tank top, Brittany reached in and pulled out her cheerleading hoodie.

"Can I wear this instead?" She pouted with innocent eyes.

"Stop with that pout, B. You can wear it." Santana rolled her eyes with a smile about at how whipped she was for the taller girl.

The blonde fist pumped excitedly and started to change out of her clothes, pulling her own shorts off with one go and replacing them with the other shorts then happily donned the hoodie. Santana just stood in awe, too stunned to do anything but watch.

Santana started to tug off her own dress but groaned when it got caught on her head. Brittany heard a frustrated sigh, so she turned to look over at Santana. Her breath caught in her throat. Santana's dress was pulled all the way up, stopping at her head and showing off all of her sun kissed body in all it's glory.

The brunette heard a whimper come from the blonde and grinned. Thank God for Victoria's Secret. She felt the air change as Brittany stepped up next to her. She could almost feel exactly where the dancer's eyes were roaming. Her belly filled with heat at the thought of Brittany admiring her so closely and thoroughly.

Santana stood in a deep velvet purple bra that seemed to push her breasts up just perfectly. Brittany licked her lips, wishing she could lean down and taste them but she continued on with her admiring gaze. Her eyes moved over the expanse of Santana's stomach, watching as her abs tightened and un-tightened before moving further down.

Brittany gasped loudly, leering at the purple thong. Her body heat just went up considerably. Her mouth was dry and she was pretty sure any and all liquid in her body was now settled between her legs. Before she did anything either of them would regret, she quickly helped Santana lift her dress off of her head before handing the brunette her pajamas.

"Here." Brittany offered, her voice low with arousal. Santana gulped at the blonde's tone and the sight of her blown pupils. She decided to dress fast so she could put both of them out of their misery.

Santana pulled some of the unneeded pillows from her bed, and stepped back from it, as Brittany pulled the covers up, she glanced at her last name that was written across the back of her hoodie the blonde was wearing and couldn't fight the smile that broke across her face. She climbs into the bed next to Brittany.

The couple lay quietly on the bed, their heads turned towards each other as their eyes just flitted over the other's face. It was quiet but it wasn't an awkward quiet. It was peaceful. More peaceful than Santana's felt with anyone.

"Thanks for being so understanding about my situation, San. It really means a lot to me that you haven't given up or moved on since that would probably be easier than sticking with me."

"You don't need to thank me, Britt. I just know how hard it can be and I just…I want to be there for you." Santana stroked the side of Brittany's face tenderly.

"You have a way with making me feel more comfortable about my sexuality and possibly telling people." Brittany admitted, leaning into Santana's soft touch. "I mean, I'm not ready to tell my parents or anything, it's just..with you, I think anything's possible." The blonde had a relieved smile on her face, like she'd been wanting to say that for a while.

Santana was so touched by Brittany's words and especially her courage. She would do anything to make sure the blonde remained happy. After that, they continued to just stare at each other contentedly until their eyes started to droop with sleepiness.

Eventually one of them, if not both, moved into each other. So now Santana lay on her back as Brittany's head rested on the brunette's chest with her arm resting against Santana's stomach, her leg thrown over each of Santana's while the singer's arm stretched across the blonde's back as they cuddled into each other.

Words weren't needed to convey how right both of them felt at that moment. Nothing bad could touch them in there. Not when they were wrapped up in each other. And that was just the way they wanted it. Soon enough, they were lulled to sleep by the sound of their heartbeats in sync with one another and smiles on their faces.

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