I wrote 2x05 as the setting of Bo and Lauren's couch-cuddling. That was me getting my episodes mixed up, because yes, that scene is actually in 2x06 (I think? Or am I still getting muddled?) Anywho, I'm gonna leave it that way. Because I want this upcoming scene to be set at the end of the same day on which the previous scene occurred. SO basically, pretend both Pt 1 and Pt 2 are happening in 2x05, before Bo and Lauren get their sexy on. I could've taken the smut road with this, but, I just really, really love the idea of Bo and Lauren cuddling. Bo always runs off when they sleep together, leaving Lauren to recuperate. So this is all fluff and cuddles to satisfy my craving. I may, however, be inclined to add some sexy times on the couch when Bo and Lauren wake up, if anyone wants it. I'm not great at it, but I can try :p

Recommended Listening: 'Warm Whispers' by Missy Higgins.

"Bo, buddy!" Kenzi leapt off the couch as Bo began unfolding the spare bed sheets she'd brought downstairs. "The platonic love of my life," she continued around a mouthful of Lauren's scrumptious baked goods. "C'mere." She pulled Bo close. "Auren-lay's ot-nay aying-stay, is she? Because she's already messed up the kitchen and I don't want her messing up the couch."

Bo crossed her arms and eyed the cookie in Kenzi's hand pointedly. When her muffins had proven to be a hit with Kenzi, Lauren had continued to whip up an assortment of delicious treats to appease the young woman.

"She won't," Bo replied, picking up a pillow and punching it into shape. "I'm taking the couch. Lauren's taking my bed."

Lauren heard Bo's comment and rushed in from the kitchen. "No no no no no. No. I couldn't put you out!"

Kenzi rolled her eyes. "And on that "oh, please" factor of ten, I'm out!" She slapped Bo on the butt playfully as she left the room. "Goodnight!" She turned back for a moment when she reached the stairs and smiled at the sappy look her best friend was giving the doctor.

Bo grinned at Kenzi's antics, her smile softening as she turned back to Lauren. The doctor gestured nervously with her hands.

"I will take the couch."

Bo sighed and dropped the blanket she'd been unfolding. She stepped closer to Lauren, speaking quietly.

"You've just been through a lot, with The Ash. And I know you took an oath to look after people medically and all, but you need to let someone else take care of you for a change."

Lauren smiled and her cheeks grew rosy. Bo laughed softly at the sight.


Their eyes met for a moment, searching for things left unsaid. Lauren was the first to look away, nodding.

"Right." She paused for a moment and looked back up at Bo as though there was something more she wanted to say. But all that came out was, "goodnight."

Lauren could feel Bo's eyes following her intently as she stepped forward. She heard the brunette's breath hitch when they were close enough to kiss, then release as she stepped to the side to move around her. It was a thrill, knowing that she was so easily able to attract the succubus' complete attention, and she felt daring as she brushed her breasts lightly against Bo's arm when she walked past.

Bo's eyes fluttered and she smiled knowingly at Lauren's burning aura. When she finally turned around she found the stubborn doctor bent over the couch, adjusting the sheet. Lauren's actions paused when she felt Bo's eyes on her and she turned to look at Bo over her shoulder.

The succubus growled at the darkened eyes peering at her through blonde tresses. She lunged forward and spun Lauren around to face her before claiming soft lips with her own. She heard a startled moan and pulled the doctor closer, feeling strong hands tangle themselves in her hair.

Lauren's tongue brushed against Bo's lips and Bo allowed her to deepen the kiss. She slipped her hand beneath Lauren's shirt and ran her hand up her spine. Lauren shivered at the contact and moaned her appreciation, but then Bo's hand was suddenly gone. And then Bo's lips.

Bo leant her forehead against Lauren's, breathing heavily, her hands resting on Lauren's hips.

"Bo," Lauren whispered, bringing a hand up to cup her cheek. "Are you okay?"

"We shouldn't do this."

Lauren let go of Bo and stepped back. The succubus wanted to kick herself for the sadness she'd brought to Lauren's eyes.

"I mean, right now. We shouldn't do this right now." She took Lauren's hands in her own. "But I want you to come to bed." She blushed lightly. "To sleep. Just sleep. F-for now."

Lauren chuckled. She'd never known Bo to stumble over her words. She'd seen the mistress of seduction, and now she was seeing the shy woman hidden beneath that.

Bo cleared her throat. "Let me start that over: We'll share the bed. If you insist on being stubborn about it."

Lauren placed a gentle, chaste kiss on Bo's lips and allowed herself to be led upstairs.

Lauren watched from under the covers as Bo blew out the candle on her nightstand and climbed into bed. They were both silent for a moment, unsure of the proper etiquette for the situation.

Bo's sigh broke the silence. "Goodnight," she whispered into the darkness.

"Goodnight, Bo."

Lauren waited a beat before rolling over, her back to Bo. She'd hoped that Bo might say something, do something.

Bo heard Lauren's sigh. She reached across the cold sheets, searching for Lauren's warmth. When Lauren turned to look at her, she pulled the doctor into her arms. Lauren rested her head on Bo's chest, listening to her heartbeat. Bo's hand found hers in the darkness and she felt their fingers intertwine. Then her hand was being lifted and Bo's lips touched her skin gently.

Lauren felt tears welling up in her eyes. If she and Bo had made love tonight, she knew she'd have woken up wondering whether Bo really cared for her or if she was just someone to take Bo's mind off her break-up with Dyson. But this tenderness, she knew, was all for her. A promise from Bo of a chance for something more.

Thanks for reading, sorry if it was terrible :')