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A Cup of Coffee

Harry Potter had moved to America. The wizarding world no longer needed him, and it had brought nothing but heartbreak and betrayal. So he had packed his meagre possessions, changed his fortune to American dollars and bought the first ticket out of England. One thing he hadn't counted on was Remus Lupin's and Nymphadora Tonks' newly born son. According to their will if Andromeda Tonks, the boy's Grandmother, wasn't fit to take young Theodore Lupin then his Godfather was to be given full custody.

Harry didn't mind really. Being a father just meant some of his plans had to change. He purchased a lovely house, two storeys with a nice backyard for Teddy to play in, and bought an extra ticket. They would be fine in America, safe and hopefully happy.

Harry and Teddy had spent the last two years getting accustomed to life in Washington D.C. Harry had used his vast inheritance in those years so he and Teddy could just live, now Harry was bored. He and Teddy had chosen a different route that morning for their daily walk. Harry pushed the stroller while Teddy trundled along beside him awkwardly. Having just learnt to walk Teddy was enthusiastic about his new found gift, though slightly uncoordinated.

Harry looked away from where Teddy was walking and saw a for sale sign on a small shop just ahead of them. Harry steered the stroller toward the shop, dragging Teddy off his path towards a fire hydrant. Peering through the window into the dark space beyond Harry knew he had found just what he needed. Teddy looked at his caretaker and then at the building. The funny man that fed him seemed very happy when looking at the building, that usually meant treats for him, so he would be happy too. When Harry heard Teddy laughing and clapping he looked down and said, "Yes Teddy, you will get lots of treats." He looked back at the shop and pictured how it would looked, a fireplace off to one side, a long booth against the window, a display full of homemade sweets, and the delicious aroma of coffee to top it all off.

With magic and money it didn't take very long to get the new coffee place up and running. It was two months since Harry had found the shop and the Marauder's Place was now ready for it's opening day. Knowing that he was close to the Navy Base he was prepared for lots of Navy officials coming in for a morning cup of coffee. And he was right, he had just dropped Teddy off at a babysitter; feeding him a lolly laced with a potion to suppress his metamorphic abilities, for twelve hours, and headed off to open up for the very first time.

As he unlocked the door he felt like he was back at Hogwarts. Red, green, yellow and blue chairs were all divided into four separate groups. Each had its own section in the café to represent the houses in his old school. Just inside the door in warm yellow, lay a table with two chairs and a couch. Perfect for the calm and humble Hufflepuff's to sit and enjoy the food and drinks ordered at the counter at the back wall. In the far right corner, in dark royal blue, nestled beside a large bookcase sat armchairs and couches perfect for the studious and quiet Ravenclaw's. In front of the fireplace to the right side of the shop lay a row of tables and high-backed chairs in dark green, ready for Slytherin's to sit and just do what they please. Whether that was talking to their companion or quietly reading or thinking. And then, Harry's favourite spot, based on his own house, a large booth chair lining the window and wall all set for rowdy and excitable Gryffindor's to enjoy time with their friends.

Yes, Harry was very happy with the way the Marauder's Place turned out. Now he was ready to start setting out the food he had baked the night before and warming up the coffee machines, and hoping that someone would stumble upon his little haven and ask for a warm cup of coffee.