A Cup of Coffee ~Chapter 5~

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Once all the evidence had been collected and there was a photo and sample of all that was needed, Team Gibbs packed up their equipment and headed back to NCIS.

Abby would be busy processing the samples found at the crime scene for a couple of hours but since Ducky and Palmer had left with the body some time before them, they should be finished with the initial autopsy by now.

Gibbs gave orders for the rest of the team to find out all they could on their dead Petty Officer and then headed towards the elevator to pay a visit to his trusted M.E.

Ducky was not ashamed to admit that he was stumped; he had absolutely no idea what could have cause this poor man to die.

Frowning he looked down at the body just as the doors opened and Jethro walked in.

"What have you got for me Ducky?"

"Not a lot I'm afraid Jethro."

"Can you at least tell me how he died?" Jethro asked.

"Unfortunately I cannot; there are no bullet wounds nor stab wounds, there are no indications of any poisons and nothing to say he died of natural causes. I have absolutely no idea how this young man died."

Jethro was annoyed, first no coffee and now a dead Petty Officer with no cause of death. Frowning he stalked out of autopsy hoping that Abby had something he could use.

As Ducky watched Jethro leave autopsy he turned back to the Petty Officer on the table.

"Your death reminds me of one I heard about in Scotland; they never did find out how he died. Hopefully you will be different my friend."

Abby didn't have her usual loud music playing when Gibbs walked into the lab and he didn't like the thoughts that the silence brought with it.

"Have you got something for me Abs?" Gibbs asked.

"Sorry Bossman, all I can tell you is that the container held a slice of vanilla cheesecake and the cup a latte; there were no poisons of any kind."

"And that's really all you can give me Abby?"

"Sorry Gibbs, my babies couldn't find anything."

Gibbs sighed, why did this case have to be a difficult one.

"However, there is the note on the side of the coffee cup…" Abby added.

"A note? What does it say Abs?"

"It just says, 'If you need help' and then there's a telephone number."

"And whose number is it Abs?" Gibbs questioned.

"Well the number is for a small coffee shop not far from the park where the Petty Officer was killed; the Marauder's Place." Abby replied.

"Good job Abs." Gibbs said while placing a kiss on her forehead; hopefully this number would provide some sort of lead.

Abby smiled as she watched Gibbs walk out of the lab, turning back to her computer she turned on her music and blasted the volume throughout the room.

Walking into the bullpen Gibbs heard Tony talking to McGee and Ziva.

"I think this case is going to be a bust guys, there's hardly any evidence and no witnesses."

Seeing the looks his teammates were giving him Tony quickly added, "However I'm sure that our extremely intelligent boss will be able to solve it."

Gibbs smirked, "I will if you ever get around to telling me who the victim was Dinozzo." he said while slapping Tony on the back of the head.

"Of course Boss. McGee, you're up!"

McGee smiles slightly and then brings up the profile of the victim on the big screen.

"Petty Officer Oliver Pilgrim, works at the base and lives with his wife in a small suburban area not far from here. No criminal record, not even any disciplinary actions against him. He's a model citizen; even volunteers at a dog shelter on the weekends."

"If he's so perfect then why did someone knock him off?" Tony chimed in.

"That's what you have to find out Dinozzo." Gibbs barked, he then pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to him.

"What's this for Boss?" Tony asked, looking at the paper he now found in his hand, on it was number.

"It's for a coffee shop not far from the crime scene and that number was found near the body. The person on the other end of that number is our only lead in this case Dinozzo. I don't care how you do it Dinozzo, just get that person here." With that, Gibbs stalked off.

Glancing back at the paper Tony sat at his desk and picked up the phone. As it rand he wondered how he was going to get this person to the base without any hassle.

Suddenly a voice spoke up with a prominent British accent, "Marauder's Place, this is Harry, how can I help you?"

Tony replied with the first thing that came to mind, "Hi, do you do deliveries?"