Rose and Dimitri were best friends since grade school. Dimitri's senior year, they finally became a couple. A few months after Dimitri graduated he went off to LA in search of a music career. For some unknown reason he quit all contact with Rose and his family, leaving Rose devastated.

Now 5 years later Rose is headed to LA to try and make it herself. What she doesn't know is Dimitri is still in LA…

Rose is 21 going on 22, Dimitri is 24 he left at 19, Viktoria is 19.

Karolina has Paul and Zoya, Sonya is pregnant. Paul is 8 and Zoya is 2.

The Music in this story will be extremely varied. I know it will start off country and probably end up switching between a few genres. You can either pretend it's all country or whatever your favorite type of music. It will all mostly be country and/or Rock (such as kate voegle, pink, The Script…if you'd consider them rock…who knows).

"I'm sorry Roza it's just not going to work."

I awoke with a gasp. Those words repeating in my head like they usually do when I first wake up. For a minute I forgot where I was until I looked around and realized that I was still on the greyhound bus. My eyes wanted to start tearing up remembering the goodbyes I said earlier in the day.


"I'm going to miss you Roza!" Said my best friend Viktoria.

"I'll miss you too! But I promise we'll keep in touch." I told her trying not to cry.

"Yea, that's what he said too," she muttered looking down. I grabbed her shoulders softly.

"Look at me," She slightly lifted her head. "I am NOT him and I will not just up and leave and forget all of you. I promise nothing will get in the way of our friendship."

"Promise?" she asked looking so scared. I can't blame her. Her brother, my ex-best friend/sort of ex-boyfriend Dimitri, left home to join a band and quickly forgot all about his family and friends back home…that was 5 years ago.

"Hey, you're my sister and I couldn't get rid of you if I tried!" I told her with a smile. She grabbed me in a tight hug.

"Damn right! You can never get rid of your favorite sister," she said with a chuckle.

"I would never want to. Maybe once I find a place and get settled you can come visit."

"Maybe…" she said hopeful. I know she's still pissed at me for not letting her come but, I was glad I talked her into staying and finishing up at the community college first.

"I'll call you at least once a week."

"You better or I'll come hunt you down and kick your butt!" she fake threatened.

"You wish you could," I told her with a laugh.

"I can and I will if you don't call!" she said with a laugh. I looked at my watch and realized the bus was going to leave here in a few minutes. "I have to go shortly, I need to tell the others bye still."

"I guess I can share," she said with a laugh. I turned towards her sisters Sonya and Karolina. I quickly hugged Sonya.

"If you run into my brother out there kick his ass for me ok?" she said with a laugh, half-joking and half-serious.

"I'll be sure too," I told her with a smile. Sonya and I used to hate each other but we worked passed it all and she really helped me out when I was going through some stuff.

"Good luck, and don't forget to come visit your God daughter" she said with a smile. Then hesitated unsure. "If that's ok?"

"Really?" I asked shocked. She nodded and I hugged her even though she probably hated it. "It's amazing. Thank you."

I pulled back and turned towards Karolina and her two kids, Paul and Zoya. She was holding Zoya so when I hugged her I hugged them both.

"Be safe! Please!" she said. I knew she was terrified for me, if I was honest I was pretty scared myself.

"I will I promise," I reassured her. I turned towards my other best friend Mason.

"I'll come out there soon," he said promisingly.

"I know but take your time. Enjoy being here with your family, I'll be fine on my own," I told him. He was planning on coming with me originally but he had some family issues pop up so he was delayed for a while. I gave him a quick hug before moving on. We had already said everything that we needed to. Next up was Paul. I crouched down in front of him. He's 8 so he's not very tall but still tall for his age.

"Bye Paulie," I told him softly. He was not very happy about my leaving.

"Do you have to go?" Paul asked.

"Yes but I promise you'll see me again soon."

"I never see Dimka," he said and my heart broke for him.

"Hey who else am I going to play cars with?" I asked smiling.

"You promise?" he asked.

"Scouts honor," I told him putting my hand up in a salute.

"When I get bigger I'm going to come out there with you and I'm going to be a singer just like you and Dimka," he said proudly. It was heartbreaking how much he idolized Dimitri even though he barely knew him.

"I look forward to it but you can't come out until you're really big and strong," I told him.

"Hey Aunt Rose, if you find Uncle Dimka will you tell him I miss him and ask him to come visit? And if he doesn't remember how to get here can you show him?" he asked sounding so hopeful.

"If I see him I will definitely tell him that," I told him even though it broke my heart. Some days he was convinced Dimitri was just lost others he accepted the truth. It was hard on him to accept that Dimitri wanted to stay away so it made it easier for him to just create a story. As he's getting older it's getting harder for him to believe it but he still tries to cling to it. I gave him a huge hug and then moved on to the last person. Olena. This was probably the hardest goodbye. Over the years Olena has pretty much taken over the role of my mom and it was really hard to leave. She has always been there for me no matter what.

"You be careful and call me when you get there please?" she asked.

"I'll be as safe as possible and will definitely call you." I said giving her a hug.

"I have a gift for your trip," she said with a grin before reaching in her bag and pulling out a foil wrapped package.

"Is that what I think it is?" I asked with a grin. She nodded. I squealed and hugged her again. Olena's black bread was magic. It is my absolutely favorite food. "Thank You!"

"No problem dear, I figure you'll get hungry on the way and in between pit stops."

"You know me so well!" About then an announcer came on saying it was last call for my bus. "Well that's me. I'll see you again soon."

"Goodbye sweetheart," she said waving me off. I grabbed my bag and started walking towards the bus. Before I walked up the stairs I turned towards everyone. They were all waving and some were shedding a few tears. I waved goodbye to my family and headed off to find a seat.

I sat there watching them out the window, they were waiting for the bus to take off. My eyes started watering but, I quickly pushed them back. As happy and excited as I was to head out to LA and start working towards my dream of singing, it was extremely sad to leave the only family I've ever known. You can tell how close I am to my own parents, they weren't even here to say goodbye…I doubt they even know I'm leaving. I haven't spoken to them in three years. It's really scary and exciting at the same time to go out to LA with really no plan. I've spent the last three and a half years since graduation saving up so I have a decent amount of money to get me by but not enough. It's scary leaving the safety of my family and friends and journeying out on my own.

As the bus pulled out I waved one last time, knowing most likely they couldn't see me but trying anyway. Once they weren't visible anymore, I brought my feet up in my seat, put my hood up on my hoodie, and put my head phones in. I leaned my head against the window and drifted off to sleep listening to my favorite playlist…


I looked at my watch and realized we still had quite a few more hours to go. I started getting nervous thinking about the conversation with Paul. What if I did run into Dimitri? How could I handle it? Part of me hoped I would find Dimitri so I could finally get some answers but another part of me hoped I didn't. I don't need to run into him again and be reminded of the pain I went through. I've worked really hard on getting over him and all that happened and I really wouldn't want to see that progress shattered. Well I'm not even sure if he's still in LA, for all I know he could be long gone by now.

I knew there was no going back to sleep so I decided to grab my note book out and try to write a new song. It was going to be a long ride…