The sleigh gently touched down at the North Pole, and Jack leaped off gracefully. He watched as the others swung themselves out, chattering excitedly about what had happened.

"I prepare feast, yes?" boomed North. He snatched at one of the elves and held it up to eye level. "Tell kitchens to prepare feast! Big feast! For tonight!" He dropped the elf, which scurried off. "And don't eat the sugar!" he roared after it. The others laughed, and Tooth turned to the Easter Bunny.

"Were you here last time they got at the candy canes?" She asked. Sandy grinned, and laughing faces appeared above his head. The Easter Bunny shook his head, but Tooth dissolved into giggles and never actually got round to saying exactly what had happened last time the elves had got at the candy canes.

Jack's shoulders hunched forward as he watched their amicable conversation, an awkward smile frozen on his face. They seemed to have forgotten he was there, and he wasn't sure how to remind them.

"Do not remind me of that!" laughed North. "I almost had to cancel Christmas!"

"I think you told me about it; was this in the seventies?" asked the Easter Bunny. They nodded, and he howled with laughter.

"One of the reindeers told me the whole thing just last year! Oh man, that sounded hilarious. I wish I had been there!" Jack wondered if they were going to tell him about what had happened the last time the elves had gotten to the candy canes. It didn't seem so. He focused on tracing delicate frost shapes into the snow, gently guiding the staff where he wanted it to go. Tooth began to tell them about how a cat had managed to get into her palace just a few months ago, and what had happened with the fairies. She was just reaching the punch line when a sharp gust of winter air swirled in around them.

"Now, come in; is too cold out here," declared North. The others walked towards the door, but Jack lingered, unsure whether he was included in the invite. The door swung shut behind them, and he sighed, turning away sadly.

"Hey, Frosty?" The door was open again, and the Easter Bunny's head poked through. "Are you coming?" A smile spread across Jack's face, and he dashed forward.