Chapter 34: Relaxation

A/N: Kouichi wears a full – sleeved dark black jacket on top of his red full – sleeved shirt. He has stopped wearing his short – sleeve green shirt. Takuya has started wearing full pants; he also wears a red full – sleeve jacket instead of his short – sleeved one. Tommy now wears full pants and a full shirt. He also wears a full – sleeved green jacket. Zoe and J.P.'s clothes remain unchanged. Kouji wears full pants and a full – sleeved dark blue jacket.

Emperor SS: Hey guys! I'm back!

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J.P.: Traitor! You promised that we'll be your top priority!

Emperor SS: Listen J.P., there will be sometimes when I'll write other things to get my mind off the ever – present Writer's Block. I just couldn't come up with a good idea about how to continue this story. So, I shifted my attention.

Zoe: Anyhow, that hardly matters anymore. From now on, will this story be your top priority?

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Kouichi: You finished 'A Fight'?

Emperor SS: Yeah! It was a short one, only 5 chapters and an Epilogue.

Tommy: Tell us a little more about it.

Emperor SS: Why?

Takuya: No particular reason.

Emperor SS: Well, it was an Adventure 02. It has the Ken x Kari coupling…

Kouji: Wait, what?! You're a Kenari fan?

Emperor SS: Ah…yes, I am.

Zoe: Really?

Emperor SS: Yeah! I love that couple. It's much better than the T.K. x Kari coupling.

Kouichi: Guys, we can talk about this in the post – chapter commentaries. For now, let's begin the chapter.

Emperor SS: Right! Beelzemon, do the recap!

Beelzemon: In the last chapter, the gang got a surprise visit from the Shadow Warriors, a group of fake clones of the Legendary Warriors who work for Daemon. As expected, a huge fight ensued. Even though we won, BlackBurningGreymon managed to get the Key of ZeedMillenniummon from Takuya. Now, the Daemon Corps have 10 keys while we have the last 2. If Daemon gets them, then ZeedMillenniummon will be revived. Now, let's read this chapter:

The vast desert glowed like silver in the night; the three moons of the Digital World were shining with all their glory. It was past midnight at this moment. Everything was quiet and peaceful, after the massive battle between the Legendary and Shadow Warriors, which had resulted in a Key being stolen by the bad guys.

Anyways, the DigiDestined were sleeping in their tents, which were situated on a hill – type landform. The people of K9 Town had to sleep in tents due to the destruction caused by the Shadow Warriors.

All the DigiDestined were sleeping peacefully…except Kouichi Kimura, the DigiDestined of Darkness, who was sitting outside, watching the wonderful desert below and the moons above. Only one thought was going on in Kouichi's mind, the thought of Duskmon and the Shadow Warriors.

Time had worked wonders for Kouichi; he had completely been transformed from an emotional fool to a calm and sharp gentleman. He had also gotten a lot stronger than before.

"Marvellous," mumbled Kouichi as he stared at the desert. He wasn't able to get sleep, so he had decided to get some fresh air.

Suddenly Kouichi felt a presence around him. He immediately knew who it could be.

"Tommy, what're you doing out here?" asked Kouichi calmly, he didn't bother to turn around.

"Geez, you've a third eye or what?" asked Tommy sarcastically as he took a seat next to the DigiDestined of Darkness. "You couldn't sleep either?"

"Yeah," replied Kouichi. "Like the scenery?"

"Oh, of course!" replied Tommy. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

"Yup," said Kouichi.

"So Kouichi, what's the real reason?" asked Tommy as he adjusted his cap.

"What real reason?" asked back Kouichi.

"Why're you out here?" asked Tommy simply.

"Couldn't sleep," answered Kouichi as he turned to look at the DigiDestined of Ice, who was now standing with his hands in his pockets.

"I've known you too long to believe that," replied Tommy calmly.

"What are you? The C.I.A.?" joked Kouichi.

"There's no C.I.A. in Japan," replied Tommy.

"Right," muttered Kouichi.

"Now, out with it, K.K.," said Tommy as he turned his sight from the desert to his friend.

"Mr. Eyeball Freak and his partners – in – crime," replied Kouichi.

"Duskmon and the Shadow Warriors," mumbled Tommy, before replying properly. "You know…that worry isn't entirely yours."

"It is my problem, Tommy," replied Kouichi as he shifted his sight from the DigiDestined of Ice to the desert. "I have the remaining two keys of ZeedMillenniummon and those freaks are after me!"

"Kouichi, let me tell you a small story," began Tommy. "There's this guys, who's walking down a road. Suddenly, he falls into a manhole; the walls are so steep, he can't get out. A doctor passes by, our man shouts, 'Hey Doc! I'm stuck here, can you help me?' The doctor writes a prescription, throws it down the hole and moves on. Then a priest passes by, the guy shouts, 'Father! I'm stuck here, can you help me?' The priest writes a prayer, throws it down the hole and moves on. Then a friend passes by, our man shouts, 'Hey Joe! It's me, I'm stuck here. Can you help me out?' Upon hearing this, the friend jumps into the hole himself. Our guy yells, 'Are you stupid?! Now we're both stuck here!' The friend replied, 'Yes, but I've been here before and I know the way out.' Kouichi, as long as you've a job, we have a job." concluded Tommy.

"So Kouichi, will you let us help?" asked Tommy.

"I guess," muttered Kouichi. "You know…maybe we could do something."

"What?" asked Tommy.

"I have the last 2 Keys of ZeedMillenniummon. So if I get captured, Daemon will have them and nothing will be able to stop the revival. Therefore, I wish to share it with you," explained Kouichi.

"Good idea," said Tommy.

"Well, here goes nothing," sighed Kouichi as a Data Stream came out of his D-tector and went into Tommy's D-tector. The data stream had the Key of ZeedMillenniummon.

"It's going to be dawn in some hours. I think I should get some sleep. What about you?" yawned Tommy as he began walking back to his tent.

"I'll be there soon," said Kouichi. "You know…you've really grown up, Tom."

"I guess I have," grinned Tommy as he entered his tent. Some minutes later, Kouichi also entered his tent.

Meanwhile in a castle.

"That kid has given one of the keys to his friend," said a cloaked digimon as he looked upon his servants from his throne. "We have to get it!"

"Yes, Lord Daemon," replied Duskmon. "We've started preparing plans; you'll have something by tomorrow."

The Next Morning.

"So, what do we do today?" asked Takuya as he stretched his arms.

"If the Shadow Warriors don't destroy the peace, we could take some time off," suggested Kouji. "We've been fighting for quite some time. It would be alright to take a day off."

"Yeah, I agree," agreed J.P..

"But what'll we do?" asked Biyomon.

"I know the answer!" came a voice and the DigiDestined turned to see Labramon and Cerberumon coming towards them.

"Hey, Labramon, Cerberumon!" greeted Zoe.

"Children would you like a detailed tour of the town?" asked Cerberumon.

"We'll love it!" said Bokomon. "Right, Takuya?"

"Yeah!" replied the DigiDestined of Fire.

"I could also introduce you all to some of my friends, who'll help you in the battle against the Daemon Corps," said Labramon cheerfully.

"Then let's go!" exclaimed Tommy as he and the others began following the dog – digimon.

Soon they were in a small field like area of the town. There they saw some really strange digimon. One looked like a red – black version of Agumon, the other was a green – white version of Lopmon and one was a female fox – like Digimon.

"Guys, meet my good friends, Guilmon, Terriermon and Renamon," introduced Labramon as the three digimon bowed their heads as a greeting.

"Nice to meet you all," Takuya said, being the bold Leader of the Gang. "I'm Takuya, the Inheritor of the Spirits of Fire. These are my friends, Kouji, the Inheritor of the Spirits of Light, Kouichi, Kouji's twin brother and the Inheritor of the Spirits of Darkness, Zoe, the Inheritor of the Spirits of Wind, Tommy, the Inheritor of the Spirits of Ice, and last but not the least, J.P., the Inheritor of the Spirits of Thunder."

"Nice to meet you all," said Renamon smiling. "We've heard a lot of things about you guys."

"Yeah," said Terriermon as he hopped on Guilmon's head. "You're all the famous DigiDestined, right?"

"Yup, that's us!" exclaimed J.P. "Labramon says that you all can help us in fighting the Daemon Corps, is it true?"

"Yeah!" answered Guilmon. "All three of us can Digivolve to Champion level. We'll help you."

"That's great!" chirped Biyomon. "By the way, I'm Biyomon, a friend of these children."

"Nice to meet you, Biyomon," replied Renamon.


Time for some Digimon Info:-

Name: Terriermon.

Level: Rookie.

Type: Animal/Beast.

Attribute: Vaccine/Data.

Family: Nature Spirits/Wind Guardians/Virus Busters/Metal Empire.

Attacks: Terrier Tornado, Bunny Blast.


Name: Guilmon.

Level: Rookie.

Type: Reptile.

Attribute: Virus (Not the bad one).

Family: Nature Spirits/Dragon's Roar.

Attacks: Rock Breaker, Pyro Sphere.


Name: Renamon.

Level: Rookie.

Type: Animal/Beast Man.

Attribute: Data.

Family: Nightmare Soldiers/Nature Spirits/Virus Busters.

Attacks: Diamond Storm, Power Paw.


"My pleasure," replied Biyomon.

"So, what do we do now?" asked Tommy.

Just at that moment, Cerberumon walked up to the gang. "Children, I want you all to see something," he said.

"Sure thing, Cerberumon," replied Takuya as the DigiDestined and the Digimon started following the Mayor.

The gang walked up a small hill, to a cave. The hill overlooked the vast desert. The hill was situated near an oasis. Cerberumon walked into the cave, followed by the curious DigiDestined and the Digimon, Labramon & Co. knew the place very well and just smiled.

The sight that greeted our heroes was a wonderful one. Hundreds of baby digimon flooded the area. There were small newly hatched or in – training digimon everywhere, there were also many unhatched Digi – Eggs sprawling the place. The place was the Desert Continent Primary Village.

"Wow!" said Tommy as he picked up a Koromon.

Suddeny a voice yelled, "Intruder!" The shocked gang turned to find a strange Digimon, which looked like a giant rabbit.

"Antylamon, it's alright. They're the DigiDestined," said Renamon as she put up a paw towards the rabbit – type digimon. "Takuya, this is Antylamon, the caretaker of the Primary Village."

"Antylamon?" said the group, clearly confused.


Digimon Info:-

Name: Antylamon.

Level: Ultimate.

Type: Exalted Beast.

Attribute: Data.

Family: Wind Guardians/Virus Busters/Nightmare Soldiers.

Attacks; Bunny Blades, Treasure Axe, Arm Bomber, Meditation Cure.


"Oh, I'm sorry," apologised Antylamon.

"Don't mention it," replied a smiling Zoe.

"Hey Bokomon, does your book have any more information about Antylamon?" asked Tommy.

"Sure, Tommy," replied Bokomon as he flipped open his oh – so – familiar book. "Antylamon is one of the 12 Deva Digimon, who serve the Celestial Digimon." (Note: Actually, the Deva Digimons serve the 5 Digimon Sovereigns. But this isn't Digimon Tamers, so they serve the Celestial Digimon).

"Deva Digimon?" asked a confused Kouji.

"The Devas are digimons based on the 12 creatures of the Chinese Zodiac," explained Guilmon.

"I know, the monkey, the tiger, the rabbit, the horse, the snake, the rat, the dragon, the ox, the sheep, the rooster, the dog and the pig, right?" said J.P.

"Bingo!" exclaimed Neemon. "The 12 Devas."

"Well, are there more of them?" asked Takuya.

"Of course, there are all the Devas!" replied Cerberumon. "Many of them are mayors of other towns in this continent."

"Except the other 6," muttered Terriermon sadly.

"What do you mean, Terriermon?" asked Biyomon.

"It's a long story," said Labramon, who was equally sad.

"Well, we've time for a long story. Shoot!" instructed Takuya.

Antylamon sighed and said, "Six of the 12 Devas turned their backs on the Celestial Digimon and went rogue. At first we thought that they'll realise their mistake and return to the side of good, but instead they joined Daemon and his forces."

"That's just sad," mumbled Kouichi.

"Who were the 6 Devas?" asked Takuya.
"The monkey, horse, snake, ox, dragon and the rat," answered Cerberumon.

"Names," demanded J.P.

"Makuramon, the Monkey Deva, Indramon, the Horse Deva, Sinduramon, the Snake Deva, Vajramon, the Ox Deva, Kumbhiramon, the Rat Deva and Majiramon, the Dragon Deva," answered Terriermon.

"Traitors!" hissed Bokomon.

"I must warn you children to be cautious, the Devas are extremely powerful and can attack any moment," warned Antylamon as she picked up a Motimon and put it back in its place.

"Cerberumon, can you contact the other 5 Devas, who're on our side?" asked Takuya.

"Yes, of course," replied Cerberumon. "Forgive my curiosity, but why do you ask?"

"Contact them and tell them to get here as soon as possible," ordered Takuya. "We're gonna have them help us and our objective."

"Fantastic idea, Takuya!" remarked Bokomon. "We need all the help we can get."

"We sure do!" Takuya grinned.

"I'll contact them," smiled Cerberumon as he ran out of the cave and out of sight.

"Children, can you help me take care of the Digimon?" requested Antylamon.

"Of course, right guys?" said Zoe.
"Yeah!" replied the others as they got to the gruelling task of taking care of hundreds of baby digimons.

Cerberumon soon returned with good news. "DigiDestined, the other Devas will be here by tomorrow!" he notified.

"Great!" replied Takuya as he fed some milk to a DemiMeramon. "It would be good to have some allies."

"Yeah," muttered Cerberumon.

"Well, I've fed my batch of baby digimons," proclaimed J.P. "What about you guys?"

"Mine's nearly done," replied Kouji.

"Same here," said Tommy and Zoe.

"I think I'm done also," spoke Kouichi.

"What about you, Takuya?" asked Bokomon.

"My batch is a little big." Takuya grinned sheepishly.

"Make it fast, goggle – head," instructed Kouji.

"I'm trying!" replied Takuya, clearly annoyed.

After some long minutes, Takuya had put his batch to sleep. "Phew! That was hard!" he exclaimed as he smiled at the countless in – training digimons, which were sleeping peacefully.

"These digimon are the reason we have to stop Daemon, once and for all!" growled J.P.

"We will, J.P., we surely will," replied Takuya thoughtfully.

After getting over with their baby – sitting duties, the gang was just chatting carelessly in the Primary Village.

"So, what do you think will be our next plan, Takuya?" asked Terriermon.

"I don't know, Terriermon," replied Takuya. "But we can't let them strike first. We have to pioneer."

"Completely agree," said Labramon. "We will go and kill them at their own places!"

"Hold that thought, my friend," warned Kouji. "Pioneering isn't always good. If we go and make a mistake, we'll change the whole situation. This is a war where mistakes aren't a possibility, we make mistakes or we don't, as simple as that."

"Good logic," said Zoe as she played with a Motimon.

"Come on, Kouji!" complained Takuya. "Don't be indecisive!"

"I am not being indecisive," replied Kouji. "We have to be extremely cautious in this war."

"This isn't a war," said Tommy angrily. "It's just an armed fascist rebellion, which has to be crushed!"

"Calm down, kid," said Kouichi.

"This is a war, Tommy. We're fighting extremely capable evil digimons. They are well – trained and well equipped. Remember they stole weapon blueprints from the Army's Flame Terminal Outpost? They have thousands of weapons, weapons which are capable of mass destruction," explained Kouji. It was true, the DigiDestined were fighting a war, in which no one seemed to be winning, at least for now. The Daemon Corps would do something, and then the DigiDestined would undo the damage. This game of cat and mouse was never ending.

"What do we do?" asked Biyomon hopelessly.

"We'll first talk with the other 5 Devas and see if they can help us. Our future actions will be based on the – hopefully optimistic – result of that meeting. From here, we take extremely cautious steps and we always keep our guard up," answered Takuya.

It was getting dark by now, so the gang decided to head back to the main area of the town.

Suddenly, two Agumons approached the DigiDestined. "Hello, we're the Agumon Brothers and we've recently opened up a karaoke house, would you please visit it?" asked one of them.

The Chosen Children looked at each other smiled. "We'll love to!" said an enthusiastic Takuya as the gang (with Cerberumon) began following the Agumons. Soon, they reached a small hut – type building, where a lot of other digimon were found.

"Wow!" exclaimed Zoe as she looked at the various digimons which were seated in the room. The floor was of wood and the audience was seated on the floor. The audience faced a wall which had a podium attached to it. The podium had a microphone and two speakers in the background. A computer was attached to the speakers.

"You're first!" said the 2nd Agumon as he shoved Takuya on the stage. Takuya was a little nervous, but nervousness was not his cup of tea. He grinned broadly and grabbed the microphone. He then nodded to the Agumon brothers who hit some keys on their computer and the music started.

Takuya was a really good singer. His singing style was bold and courageous. The hall erupted in claps as he finished his song.

"Bravo, Takuya!" yelled Tommy as Takuya got down from the podium.

"It was nothing," laughed Takuya as a blush appeared on his face.

Next was Kouji's turn. 'I am gonna be better than Takuya,' he thought as he smirked his way to the podium and grabbed the microphone.

"Kouji, you can do it!" cheered Takuya as he gave thumbs – up to his best friend. Kouji replied with a grin and nodded to the Agumon brothers, who started the music.

Kouji was equally good. His singing style was powerful and lone – wolf type. He sang with passion and soon found himself listening to the loud claps of the audience.

"I didn't know he sings that well," remarked Kouichi as his brother smiled and got down from the podium.

"I guess there are a lot of things you don't know about him," replied J.P.

"I guess yes," mumbled Kouichi.

Next was Tommy's turn to sing. He wasn't very happy at the idea, but few words of encouragement from his friends got him going. As usual, he grabbed the microphone and gestured to the Agumon brothers, who started the music.

For a kid, Tommy was pretty good. His voice was innocent and melodious. His singing style was soft and soothing. A style the audience liked very much. He was given a thunderous applause by the people who had gathered in the hall.

"Thanks!" yelled Tommy as he got down from the podium and walked up to his friends.

"That was pretty good, kid," remarked J.P.

"Thank you," replied Tommy.

Now came the turn for J.P.'s performance. He strode up to the microphone confidently and grabbed it, but this fake confidence was only to impress Zoe. In reality, he was a little nervous. In conclusion, J.P. sang pretty well, his singing style was rock and roll. He also got a thunderous applause from the audience.

"Zoe how was it?" asked J.P. as he got down from the podium.

"It was pretty good, J.P., but Takuya was better," replied Zoe. J.P.'s face fell in a comical style, which caused a good laugh from the gang.

Next was Kouichi's turn. Like his brother, he sang pretty good and received a good deal of applause from the audience. Kouji was surprised that his brother, who seemed like a shy kid, was actually a confident guy.

"Bravo, bro!" cheered Kouji.

"Thanks, guys," replied Kouichi as he got down from the podium and headed to the gang.

By now it was getting pretty late, so one of the Agumon brothers said, "Cerberumon, it's getting pretty late. We'll like to close and go to rest."

"Alright," replied Cerberumon. "Guys, its closing time, go to your homes and rest!"

The audience followed the instructions issued by the Mayor and left.

"It is quite late," said Takuya as he checked his wrist watch. The gang was standing outside the Karaoke House.

Suddenly, Guilmon and Labramon came running to the gang, they had gone for some work while Tommy was singing.

"Terriermon is missing!" informed Labramon, who was panting.

"What?!" yelled the others.

"What do you mean?" asked Cerberumon.

"Sir, Terriermon and we had gone to the local ground. Labramon and I went to greet a friend, while Terriermon stayed behind. When we came back, he was gone and we found this note," at this point Guilmon gave Takuya a note, which read:


We have captured your friend. If you wish to see him alive, then come to Eden Ruins tomorrow, by noon. If you fail, then Terriermon will be sent to Digi-Hell.

-Duskmon & Co.

"We have a problem." Takuya sighed as he gave the note back to Guilmon.


Emperor SS: Liked it?

Takuya: First of all, thanks for the rest…

Emperor SS: No problem!

Takuya: …Secondly, what the hell is wrong with you?! Can't you stop giving us problems?! I'm sick and tired of these battles!

Emperor SS: Whoa! Calm down, buddy.

Takuya: Sorry.

Zoe: So, S.S., tell us more about 'A Fight'?

Emperor SS: The plot is something like this – Tai and Matt have a small disagreement which turns into a big fight, which is hurting the unity of the team. To solve the problem, the 02 Gang devises an effective plan, but things don't go as expected.

Kouichi: What is the plan?

Emperor SS: Read the fic to find out!

Kouji: What couplings?

Emperor SS: Ken x Kari is the main one. Some other couplings include Taiora, Koumi and Daiyako.

Tommy: You don't like the TKari coupling?

Emperor SS: No! I hate it! Just like I hate Sorato!

J.P.: Calm down, S.S.

Emperor SS: Fine. Anyways, Biyomon do the conclusion.

Biyomon: Readers don't forget to R & R! Goodbye!