first of all i want to thank you for reading this. it means a lot to me!
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I step out of my bed and yawn.
I take a look at my alarm clock only to see that it's 6 a.m, way too early but I just can't sleep anymore. I check my cellphone. No texts. Which is pretty normal for a Monday morning. Britanny and Santana always skip their 1st period every Monday because they simply don't want to wake up that early.
I walk to the bathroom and take a look in the mirror.
I don't like tired at all today, I look kind of pretty. I smile and grab a brush and brush my hair. I brush my teeth and put some make up on. 'Today is going to be a good day, I know it' I whispered to myself.

second period, English class

I walk inside, to my surprise Brittany and Santana are already sitting there.
'Hi Quinn' Santana says and she smiles. 'Santana, you look tired.' 'I am, my neighbors had a party last night and the music was so loud, i just couldn't sleep.' I raise an eyebrow. 'what?!'Santana snaps at me. 'You aren't going to tell me you didn't joined the party. 'No, I really didn't 'Good girl' And I pet her head like she's a dog.

Suddenly, something else catches my attention.
A girl walks in to the classroom, she has beautiful long brown hair, hazel eyes and she wears a blue dress with orange and white stripes on it and a cute little bow in her hair. The girl is so beautiful, I've never seen someone or something so beautiful. 'Quinn, Quinnie? QUINN' 'oh eh what?' 'What were you looking at?' 'Oh, that girl, is she new?' 'I guess so, look at that dress she's wearing, 'it looks like it's made from my grandma's curtains.' Brittany and Santana both laugh, but I don't. 'That's not funny guys' 'Come on Quinn, seriously what's up with you?' 'Nothing, you guys should jut show some more respect towards people.' 'Jeez Quinn, you're grumpy.' 'I'm not.'