Mystery Kisser

Summary: A silly blindfolded kiss in a kissing booth has Lauren Branning going crazy. Just who is her mystery kisser? Two-shot.

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Part 1:

The square was buzzing with excitement for the locals as today, Saturday, they were holding a fair in Walford to raise money for the local hospital; the main organizers being Alfie Moon and Roxy Mitchell. However, as usual, the whole square had come together to do their own bit to help. It wasn't exactly a full on fair but there were various tent booths with games inside and a few rides, such as a carousel, a mini big wheel and a cascade slide. There was also a dunk tank and trampolines down where the market usually was.

"Anyone else a bit disappointed there isn't anything more interesting?" Tyler Moon asked, sitting on the steps outside number five, with his girlfriend Whitney Dean and their friends, Lauren Branning, Alice Branning, Fatboy and Poppy Meadow. Their other friend Lucy Beale was working on the cafe stall so they kept going back and forth to Lucy.

"Come on, man, there are heaps of things to do; you're just not trying hard enough to enjoy it." Fatboy commented; he was always the optimist in the group, along with his girlfriend Poppy.

As much as it was nice to have something different happening in the square, it did feel to most of them like there was only so many times you could wonder around the same places, "Like what? The throwing coconuts at cans tent? The silly mirrors tent? The mini helter skelter? The dunk tank? Can I dunk you, dude?"

Fatboy gave him an 'are you crazy look', "And get this bling all wet? Ruin these clothes? Don't think so, bro" Lauren Branning rolled her chocolate brown eyes at the two boys. "I'll dunk you."

"Nah, you're all right." Tyler sighed and looked back over the square before he suddenly turned back to look up the steps to his friends. "How about we make this interesting? Who's up for a dare?"

"Tyler, how old are we?" Lauren asked; seriously, truth or dare? They weren't ten years old anymore.

"Do you have anything better for us to do?" He challenged; Lauren looking at her cousin, Alice, next to her and rolling her eyes knowing it was a pathetic but she really didn't.

"As long as it doesn't turn out as bad as last time, fine." Last time they had played a game like this, well spin the bottle, last summer to be exact, Lauren ended up being deserted after everyone got picky about other kissing each other, resulting in her getting drunk all on her own.

"And seeing as you are so up for playing, you can go first. Only rule is, this isn't your normal truth or dare; it's dare or dare; everyone has to do a dare. And it has to be involved with this silly fair." Tyler explained as the others groaned.

"Seriously?" Fatboy asked, bemused. Tyler nodded, flashing his cheeky Moon grin.

"Just get on with it, Tyler." Alice told him, hooking her arm through her cousin's, knowing how bored Lauren was getting.

Targeting his first victim, the one who was showing most resentment to his idea, Tyler looked at the brunette smugly, "Right, Lauren, I dare you to go in the one tent everyone is avoiding, well everyone apart from the desperate people; the kissing tent."

The brunette Branning blinked and looked at the brown haired male horrified; she might not have high standards when it came to men but kissing some old guy who had probably been dragged in to help, while she was blindfolded, really didn't do it for her, "What and kiss some old pervert? Are you serious? Everyone's avoiding that tent on purpose because it's that bad!"

"Oh that's a good one; I haven't seen anyone come or go from there since Mo left." Fatboy commented, bumping fists with Tyler.

Lauren swatted Fatboy's shoulder, "Fats, stop encouraging him. You're supposed to be on my side."

"Baby girl, live a little; what's the worst that could happen?"

Glaring at her so called friends, she looked at her girlfriends for help but none of them seemed to be willing to stick up for her. "You guys suck. Fine, let's get this over with." Lauren was never one to back down from a challenge; a result of her stubborn Branning trait.

The group made their way over to where Lucy's cafe stall was outside the Beale house, just a few down on the opposite side from the kissing tent located in the square gardens. Whitney was filling their blonde friend in as Tyler led Lauren over to the tent. The scowl on Lauren's face remained fixed in place.

Tyler handed over a pound over to Tiffany Butcher who was manning the tickets, "Can I get one ticket please?"

"You'll need two if you both want to go in." The ginger girl told him, as Lauren looked at him.

"Yes, Tyler, why don't you come in too? Get to experience a kiss too." Grinning, the male shook his head at the brunette's tactics.

"It's alright, Tiff, it's just Lauren who's going in. Off you go, Lauren. I'll be right here waiting and don't even think about cheating because I'll know if you don't do it."

Huffing, Lauren stomped her feet and headed inside the tent and away from her so called friend's prying eyes. "I hate you, Tyler!"

"Hey, Tiff, you got any idea who's doing the kissing?" Tyler asked, turning to the young girl next to him and ignoring his girlfriend's best friend's comment.

"Haven't got a clue."


Lauren entered the white tent and rolled her eyes as she saw the black blindfold on the table; why was it so important that people didn't know who the person doing the kissing was? Were they that hideous that whoever was in charge of this booth knew people would walk out and tell everyone to avoid the tent when someone saw the person? Was it even a guy like everyone expected? She really wasn't in the mood for dealing with another female. Not that she hadn't already kissed a girl; she and her friends had been a little adventurous one night when they were younger and decided to see what the fuss was about. Lauren knew the moment she had kissed Lucy she definitely wasn't into girls. Sighing, she put the blindfold on knowing that the quicker she did, the quicker this would be over with and she could go back and torture Tyler and her friends for this set up.

"I'm ready." She called, pulling the material tight over her eyes. Although part of her was tempted to leave it loose to try and find out whom it was but a greater part of her told her to cover her eyes because if this person was as bad as she was thinking they were, she didn't need visual torture too.

Sensing someone come out from behind the black curtain that split the tent to give the kisser their privacy, she felt them slip the ticket from her hand before their hand rested on her cheek. She shuddered as she tried to brace herself for the sickening feeling she was about to feel. However, before she could think, she sensed the other occupant's face move in front of hers. She just hoped she could hold back the puke if they were that awful. Or had bad breath. Or both.

Instead, the young Branning didn't shudder in disgust but in pure anticipation after feeling the large warm hand caressing her cheek. Surely it should just be a quick kiss, no touching and it would be over and done with. But yet, for some reason, she didn't protest at the touch. If anything, it made it more intimate which isn't what she expected.

After what felt like forever, but in reality was probably only a few minutes at the longest, and beginning to wonder if the person was hesitating, she felt warm breaths tickling her lips. Her heart was racing a million miles an hour in anticipation. Feeling the person running their soft fingers over her lips, her breathing became even more hitched.

The moment the other person's lips captured her own, she almost felt her legs give way at the sensation's she felt; this wasn't the horrific experience she was expecting. No, it was probably one of the most mind blowing experiences she'd ever experienced from just a kiss. Maybe the fact she was blindfolded had heightened her sensitivity. Obviously sensing her instability, she felt a hand wrap around her waist, pulling her flush against a sturdy chest; strong arms holding her tight.

Keeping her hands to down to her side, almost as if they seemed to have frozen to her body, she melted into the kiss, trying to ignore the spark she felt from the kiss, while resisting the urge to wrap her arms around the neck of whoever she was kissing. The nineteen year old managed to just about suppress the moan that was building within her, knowing there was no way she could moan and let the person know how much she was enjoying it. Who the hell was she kissing that was bringing out this reaction in her?

"Lauren? Are you ok? You can come out now."

The kiss was broken, far too soon for Lauren's liking, when Tyler's concerned voice floated from into the tent from outside. How long she'd been in there, Lauren had no idea. Much to her disappointment, the strong grip on her waist slipped away and she sensed the person quickly move away before she had chance to pull her blindfold off.

What the hell had just happened?



Lauren shrugged as she was met by Tyler at the exit. "What's there to say? I did it; I kissed them. I've had worse." Nonchalant with her answer, she walked over to where there other friends were while trying to compose herself. She felt she needed to lie down after everything that had happened within the space of the last ten minutes.

"Are you ok, Lauren?" Alice asked, concerned seeing the reflective and quiet state of her cousin.

"Was it as bad as everyone said it was?" Whitney probed at the same time; the half-dazed girl still trying to make sense of everything.

"Were you completely freaked out?" Lucy enquired, trying to get an answer from her best friend who didn't look like she was going to start talking anytime soon.

"Do you feel like you need a wash?" Everyone looked at Poppy. "What? If she feels that dirty, she might feel like a wash."

Taking a deep breath, Lauren finally felt composed enough to speak again. What was she supposed to say though; should she openly admit it was good but then the other girls might want to get in on the action, making Lauren feel an instant pang of jealousy at the very thought of someone else kissing her mystery kisser. "It wasn't great, although I've had worse. Wouldn't go back for seconds, if you know what I mean. Not worth the money; I could kiss someone better without even trying."

"Did you see who was doing it?" Fats asked, making Lauren genuinely think about whether she could identify her mystery kisser based on the very little she had to go on. Honestly, she had no idea.

"No. They'd gone before I could even comprehend anything. Probably for the best; they probably don't want people to be able to identify who is such as lousy kisser." Lauren mentally scoffed; lousy was the last thing that had crossed her mind and she definitely wouldn't mind going back for seconds. The only thing that freaked her out a bit was the fact that her kisser knew who she was but yet she had no idea who they were.

"Well that was a dull ending." Tyler commented, feeling like the outcome was an anticlimax to what they were all anticipating. "Well, as that failed, who's up for the Vic?"

The group headed into the pub, leaving Lucy to get back to running her stall without distraction.

However, Lauren knew despite her friends already being over it, this wasn't the last time she would be thinking about her earth shattering kiss. Or the potential owner of those lips she so desperately craved to taste and feel against her own again.

Just who was her mystery kisser?


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