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Team Meeting

Tasha left the roof, but Darcy pulled Clint to a stop. He raised an eyebrow at her and she offered a shaky smile in return. "So," she stared, one hand going up to brush back her hair as it moved in the wind. "I…uh, I…haven't really been able to talk to you about…everything." She bit her lip.

Clint reached out and ran a thumb along her lip, tugging it free with a gentle motion. "It's been kinda busy," he allowed.


"And it's…odd." He stepped up closer, his hand moving cup her cheek.

"That's one word for it," Darcy chuckled as she dropped her hand to her side. No fear showed in her stance or her expression, but a hint of caution entered her gaze as the laughter died away. "Too odd?"

"Didn't say that," he admonished. Now his fingers moved to her hair, catching a lock and giving it a sharp tug. "No putting words in my mouth or getting ideas in your head without me getting a fair say." He leveled a sharp look at her. "Got it?"

"Got it." Relief pushed away the caution in those clear green eyes. "It's just… Well, I've never had a guy actually 'meet' my parents before."

Clint choked off a laugh, his hand sliding to the back of her head and pulling her forward. He pressed a kiss to her forehead. They stood in silence, letting the wind circle them, tugging at hair and clothes. Her eyes slipped shut as he pulled back an inch or so. "Got to admit, I've faced maniacs bristling with a full armory that didn't scare me as much as that meeting," he told her. "But…I figure you're worth it." Her breath rushed out of her and he pressed another kiss to her forehead before stepping away. His hand trailed down her arm to grab her hand. "Come on," he grinned. "Let's go tell the others, hmm?"

Laughter spilled out into the night as she let him pull her into the building and out of the wind.

The two of them made their way into the media room to find it full of the in-house Avengers. Clint's eyes narrowed while Darcy lifted her eyebrows. "What did you do, Tasha?" Darcy shook her head. "Call a meeting?"

"She told us you had something to tell us," Jane explained from her perch on one of the barstools. "She pulled Bruce and I out of the labs and got Pepper to get JARVIS to kick him out. What's going on?"

Tasha shrugged as Darcy level a flat stare in her direction. "You would have dithered too much," the red-head explained. "This way you can tell them all at once and get it over with." Mischief glittered in her eyes as she glanced around the room. "Besides – I did tell you I wanted to be here and who knows when I might get called away?"

"You are so evil," Darcy sighed. Clint moved up behind her and she leaned back against him. "Okay, so-."

"You two crazy kids getting married or something?" Tony interrupted. His own mischievous grin blossomed. "'Cause that's sure what that scene on the roof looked like."

"Tony," Pepper shook her head.

"What?" he demanded with a shrug. "The whole damn place is wired. Everyone knows that."

"JARVIS," Darcy bit out.

"Yes, Miss Lewis?"

"You might want to put a leash on Stark's spying or you're going to start sounding like Sean Bean," she informed him. A grin flashed across her face. "Now, me? I'd find that sexy, but something tells me you won't like it."

"Hey!" Tony frowned at her. "You're not allowed to threaten JARVIS!" He glanced at Pepper. "Is she allowed to threaten him? I don't remember giving her permission to threaten JARVIS."

"Zip it, Stark!" Jane huffed at him. "No offense, JARVIS," she glanced around the room before fixing a glare on Tony, "but I should ask her to do that to remind you not to steal other people's stuff. Not to mention switching out that stuff you call music for elevator music or something."

Tony's attention shot to Jane. Bruce rolled his eyes and began to rise.

Darcy pinched her nose and sighed, deciding she better interrupt the incipient breakout of science warfare before someone – read: Jane – went for quality homicide. Yes Tony had survived multiple other attempts, but he'd never, ever dealt with Jane.

Tony's mouth opened.

"So, anyway," Darcy announced in her best projecting voice, "I needed to tell all of you that Nick Fury is my dad."

Glass shattered as Pepper dropped her drink. Jane's eyes grew wide enough to qualify her as an anime character while Bruce all but collapsed back into his chair. Steve seemed to choke on air, but Tony though… Darcy bit back a laugh at Tony's reaction.

Tony froze, jaw still hanging open from his attempt to respond to Jane. He managed to close his mouth as he turned, each motion slow and deliberate as if too much speed would overwhelm him. Darcy gave him her brightest smile as his wide, wide eyes locked onto her. The silence in the room seemed to grow as Tony opened his mouth, blinked, and closed it again. Another moment passed and he opened his mouth again. This time he seemed to get enough air through his lungs to manage a one word reply. "Fury?!"

"Did your voice squeak?" Darcy tilted her head, amusement lacing her tone. She heard Jane give a small shocked giggle, but kept her eyes on Tony.

"What? No!" His voice still sounded a little high. Then he cleared his throat. "No." A frown crossed his face. "Fury? Nick Fury? One-eyed pirate with control issues Fury?"

"Yes," she nodded, blinking her eyes into a wide, innocent look. "That Fury."

"How the hell did that happen?" A wicked twinkle entered Darcy's expression, but before she could speak Tony threw up a hand and pointed at her. "That's not what I'm talking about."

She pouted at him, but let it go. "He's my step-dad, so that particular come back doesn't quite fit."


"Yeah, he's married to my mother," she replied.

Tony raised a brow. "You have a mother?"

Pepper lifted a hand to her brow as Steve rolled his eyes. Behind them both, Bruce looked at the ceiling, a concentrating expression on his face though his lips twitched. The best reaction belonged to Jane who started cackling, almost falling off of her stool with the force of her laughter. Tasha snagged her, holding her in place as she directed an arch look at the billionaire. "Did you think the director used a test tube?"

"A test tube for what?" Coulson strolled into the room, lifting a brow at the room as he gave a nod to Darcy and Clint.

"Uncle Phil!" Darcy bounced towards him, throwing her arms around him. After a moment she leaned back. "Tony's surprised I have a mother."

"Really, Stark?" Coulson's voice could not have been drier after a week in the Sahara.

"What?" Tony demanded. "Okay, I knew she biologically needed a mother, but she never mentions the woman."

Darcy scoffed as she moved back to Clint's side. "And you didn't hack my file?"

"You were a college intern to Foster," he shrugged. "JARVIS said you were clear and Pepper's been lecturing me on that kind of thing." He frowned. "Apparently I should have reconsidered."

"Wouldn't have mattered," she told him. "The file's false."

"I can find the real one," Tony assured her.



"Don't you damn well dare!"

Reactions from Pepper, Steve, and Jane filled the air, but only Jane's drew Tony's attention. He gave her a confused look, but did not get a word out before she hopped off her seat and strode over to him. "You leave her alone," the petite scientist growled. She poked him in the chest, moving her finger when she hit the arc reactor. "If anyone's allowed to get grumpy about secrets, it's me. And I'm not." Jane tossed a quick smile to Darcy before scowling at Tony again. "I'm surprised and curious and will probably pester her with questions over ice cream, but she's still my assistant, so you leave her alone."

"You can't tell me you're not-," Tony started.

Jane interrupted, "I'm a little peeved about SHIELD stealing-."

"Borrowing," Coulson put in.

She glared at him. "Stealing our stuff, but other than that I'm fine."

"For the record," Darcy piped up, "I did protest."

"She did," Coulson acknowledged. "And she made sure I kept your notebook instead of letting our scientists have it."

A brilliant smile crossed Jane's face and she turned away from Tony to give Darcy a hug. "See? The best of assistants."

Darcy's chin went up even as she returned the hug. "Damn straight."