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Chapter 2: Save You Tonight Part 1

At the Lair... (20 minutes ago)

Leonardo's POV

After a very tiring training with Master Splinter, Mikey forced us to watch a lame tv show. Raph who is very much annoyed, is starting to explode right in front of us. At least Donnie not acting weird like Raph.

Raph kept on moaning and moaning, "Awww! Come on, Mikey! Can we change the show?" Raph said, getting annoyed. But Mikey just keep on watching. "Just chill Raph." He said and laughs. This is bad. I said to myself.

"That's it Mikey!" He stood up and chased Mikey to the kitchen. "Come back here!" He kept on chasing him. I went to Donnie, maybe he won't be boring at all.

"Hey Don." I greeted. "Hey Leo, remember the last time we fought Kraang?" He asked. I nod at him directly.

"Well, I decided that I should make a detector for Kraang's robots. You see they have been spotted every night when we go to patrols. I think they have been planning on something." He said and he showed me a big screen. It was a full map showing the whole city of New York. He showed the recent activities that involved Kraang. Donnie has installed the device. The device was small but it can detect any activity that involves Kraang.

"What do you think about it Leo?" Donnie asked directly. "Please express your opinion."

I nod, "It's good at least it helps right?" I asked and he grinned. Then a red light beeps.

"What's going on Don?" I asked directly. He started to type in the computer. Then Mikey and Raph stopped chasing and they approached to us to see if there's any problem.

"What's going on Donnie?" Mikey asked, watching Donnie do his thing.

"I think the alarms are off. Kraang is spotted in the city. Wait, I can hack into a security cameras." He said.

"I thought we kick his butt last month." Mikey said sarcastically.

"We did kick his butt. But this time, I think he's plotting a revenge." Donnie said. Then the screeen popped.

There we saw a bunch of Ultrons walking in the streets. They were carrying in their backs. Hostages. They put the hostage in the van. Kraang was laughing and they rode off.

"We have to tell Master Splinter right now." I told them and we took our weapons and we went to Master Splinter's study. We knocked, "Come in, my sons." He said. We knelt down and bow at the same time. He was meditating as usual. He was serious when he see us.

"What's wrong my sons?" He asked.

"Master Splinter, Kraang was spotted in the city. This time, he's bringing hostages." I said.

"You know what to do my sons." He replied.

"But Master Splinter, what if we bring those hostages here, in case if they need any medical attention." Mikey asked, using his lame brain again. I heard Donnie and Raph sighed while I slap my face with my hand.

"It is okay if necessary Michelangelo." Master Splinter said and Mikey smiled. I can't believe Master Splinter said yes to his stupid question.

"Thank you Sensei." we bowed together and left the room.

We went to the tunnel and we rush to the sewers. We arrived at the rooftop. We plan for our plan.

"What are we doing here again?" Mikey asked.

"Shut up, lamebrain." Raph replied.

"Guys, there's the truck!" Donnie yelled.

"You don't have to scream that loud." I told him. We chase the truck but we were just in time for it. But the truck was headed to the underground road. "Guys, where do you think they are headed?" Mikey asked us.

"I don't know." I said as we follow them. Then they were actually headed to an abandoned warehouse. Kraang was happy for the moment. He asked the Ultrons to prepare I think. We hide at one of the boxes.

"Sir, the operation is ready." One of the Ultrons said.

"Very Good. Prepare the test subjects." Kraang said.

"We have to wait for the right time, right Leo?" Donnie asked.

"Yeah. We have to find those hostages first." I ordered. We went separately, me and Donnie while Mikey with Raph. We went to the west wing. "Don, we have to check every pod to see if the hostages are here."

I let Donnie hack one of the doors. I realize that Donnie was hacking in a wrong doors when we heard a scream. The scream was full of pain and sorrow. We hurriedly went to the direction of the scream. But there were Ultrons guarding the room.

"We need a distraction." I said. Then I saw Mikey running into the opposite direction and it seemed to catch the Ultron's attention. "What's that Kraang?" asked Ultron.

"I don't know Kraang." replied the other one. They followed Mikey. "Don, hack now." I ordered.

He quickly hack the door. The other door open. We hide. Kraang exited from another door, maybe the exit one. The screams stopped. Someething's not right.

"I'm done Leo." He said and we enter the room. The room is huge. There were four pads and they were two girls. The first girl was asian, judging by her face. She has a long black hair and olive skin. Next one was blonde. She has a white skin and was pretty if you ask me.

"Let them go Don." He quickly type something and then the pod opened and we caught the girls in our arms. I caught Donnie staring at the asian girl. I gotta admit I was staring at her too. She is very pretty.

As we were mesmerize by these girls, we heard an explosion outside.