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Chapter 5: Opportunity

Streets in New York

Cornelia's POV

It was a bright day in New York. After the situation earlier, I went to my summer classes. First was Dance class. My sister told me that I should take dance and performing arts this summer because I won a lot of medals. But I want to be a karate master, so I add it to my summer classes.

I went to the New York Dance class held at the Performing Arts center and it is also the same place for my performing arts class. When I was walking at the streets, I bumped someone. Her grocery items are scattered on the floor. I quickly pick it up.

It was an old lady. "I am so sorry mam, I was not looking at my direction." I apologized ahead. I give the fallen items to her plastic bags.

"It's okay dearie. But can you assist me by putting them at my house?" She asked neatly. She was a kind old lady, she reminds me of my grandma.

We went to her apartment.I helped her get in. "Dearie, would you mind putting these groceries in the kitchen?" I nod and I put them in the kitchen. I looked at my watch, I'm gonna be late. I thought.

"Excuse me mam, but I am gonna be late for my summer class." I said. "Can I please go?"

"Wait dearie." She went to her room. By then, she brought a box. She opened the box and revealed a circular bottle with a pink mana surrounded by it. "My name is Lin Chin Yang and this is the heart of Kardankan. This heart holds a power that can destroy worlds. It needs a new protector because I am going to pass away. I choose you, dearie."

She hand it to me and she close my hand. "Why me?" I asked. I never been chosen on something so valuable before. Maybe this old lady is not joking. I mean, she is very serious as she hand the heart to me.

"Because the moment I saw you, I knew that the heart will be safe. With great power comes with great responsibility.

"Because you have potential I can sense it. You are the Guardian of the Heart. You must protect it even if it cost your life." She said.

"Wait!" I asked. But I'd loved to ask more but those words can't spit in my mouth. "What is it dearie?"

"If I am the protecter, do I have powers too?"

"Of course! You will control the four elements and you can open portals to another world. You are the new ambassador of earth."

"Wow. If you have any problem, you can contact me using the heart."

"Okay. Thanks."

"Do you have a dance class?"


"Good." She lead me to the door. Then she waved goodbye and I went to the streets and went to my dance class. I kept on touching the necklace that the old lady gave me. Why would she pick me? Of all the people? Why me? My day just got weirdier and weirdier.