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Cortana felt sadness well up inside her. She knew she was just a computer program, but she couldn't help but feel emotions towards him.


Could artificial intelligence even possess emotions?

She must, because she didn't know how else to describe these feelings.

She wanted to be one of them, one like him. Because then they could be together.

But for now, she would just have to deal. She would protect him, guide him, be there for him.

They had a friendship, one built of trust. She cared about him, about his emotions and his feelings. If anything had happened to him… she didn't know what she would do.

She wished she was human though, so she could reach out and touch him. Feel his solid form…

Cortana knew wishful thinking wouldn't get her anywhere. But she couldn't help but embrace the feelings welling up within her.

She loved him. But they would never be together.

She was a computer after all.