You're not Afraid?

Ok, this FanFic is based off of the 2012 version of the turtles, we all know that in their world when normal people look at them, they just run and scream, but what if while on patrol they meet another young girl (that is obviously not April) that wasn't even the slightest bit afraid when she meet them? Allow me to tell that story, I'll be following with the series just to see how my character will play in the show. Enjoy! (P.S. This story starts off in episode 5 'I think his name is Baxter Stockman')

Ch.1 His name is Baxter Stockman and her's is Maria

The guys managed to sneak away from the sewers for some late night skating, Mikey was using the new T-pod that Don made and was listening to the new songs it was down loading. They stopped on top of one the building that over looked a cement stair case, obviously it was a perfect for grinding until they saw something or rather someone in a strange looking metal suit.

"Who the heck is that guy?" Don asked as he was the first to see the guy

"I don't know, but he needs a beat down!" Raph said getting ready to pound the guy

"Hold on Raph, we don't he's going to do anything wrong he.. he could be... on his way to... church"

"Wearing high-tech battle armor? What kinda church is that?"

"A really awesome one!" Mikey quietly said

"What ever, its my call, I'll decide who gets a beat down."

That's what he said until he saw the guy using some kind of laser to melt the lock off a door.

"That guy needs a beat down!"

That's when they sprung into action, but before they did Mikey saw something out of the corner of his eye. He looked to the other street, but after what he saw he had to do a double take to make sure he saw what he thought he saw.

A girl about the same age as them, with mid waist long dark brown hair, her eyes were a mix of light blue and green which made them look like an aqua color, but in a different light they looked light blue. She was wearing a white, black and gray plaid short sleeved shirt with a white camisole underneath. She had on dark blue jeans and a pair of dusty black cow boy boots, she also had her hands in her pockets. Over all, she was really pretty, he would have kept on looking, but his brother called him and told him to come on.

He listened to his brothers and got into the fight with Stockman. And he was dealt with quickly and swiftly. How ever Stockman's elbow jammed into a window, thus breaking it, and setting of an alarm. Then they threw him into a dumpster while he swore revenge saying his name was Baxter Stockman.

When the police came they made it to the roof tops and watched as the police left the scene. Mikey was enjoying his self, until he saw that girl again. Without even thinking he breathed a sigh like he was daydreaming. The guys turned to see their youngest brother staring that something.

"Uh... earth to Michelangelo, are ya still there buddy?" Don asked as he waved a hand in front of his face.

"dude what are you staring at?" Raph said impatiently. Mikey answered by pointing at the girl he saw.

When they looked in her direction they had a similar reaction like when Mikey saw her.

"Whoa." Leo breathed quietly

"Wow!" Don said obviously impressed

"Dude!" Raph said blinking a few times

"I know right? We gotta say something!" Mikey said his eyes still on the girl. So while his brothers were still staring like he did, he whistled and shouted "HEY!" while waving.

The guys were snapped out of their daze when he did that, then tried to stop them, they still couldn't afford any one to see them. So Raph and Leo covered his mouth

"Mikey are you crazy?!" Leo shouted quietly

"You better zip your mouth shut, before I rip it off!" Raph shouted quietly to his younger brother.

"Uh guys... I think it might a little too late to start pounding him now." Don said as if he was afraid.

They looked to the girl one more time, only to find that she was looking back. Her bright aqua eyes were looking at each of them, they would switch from one turtle to another. They were to afraid to move, their cover was blown, but instead of running and screaming like humans normally did, she just gave them a small smile and raised one hand in the air and waved back at them. Then she continued her walk.

Now to say that they were confused about how this girl reacted to seeing them, was an understatement. Wanting to know more about this girl they followed her.

They were following her for about five minutes until when they came around the next corner she was gone. They were about to investigate until someone pulled on the ends of each their bandanas. They all screamed and turned around to find the girl trying to not to laugh.

"What the? Are you trying to give us a heart attack?" Raph said clearly annoyed

"I'm sorry, but I had to do it. Its not exactly every day a fifteen year old girl is followed by four mutant turtles." She said trying to fight back the laughter

"Yeah well is not everyday that a human girl acts so relaxed when she's see's us." Leo said adjusting the back of his bandana.

"Look I'm sorry ok, but if you wanted to know who I was, you should of asked." She said with a grin on her face.

"Um... so how come your not like afraid of us or whatever?" Mikey asked

"Am I supposed to be?"

"Well no its just... no human has ever just looked at us the way you did." Donnie said

"Hey I'm not the kind to judge someone just because of how they look. Its like the old saying goes 'Never judge a book by its cover.' Besides everyone knows that looks can be deceiving, but you have nothing to worry about when it comes to me. Ok?"

It was clear that this girl had no intention of harming them, but still why would she be so calm?

"By the way, my name is Maria." She said holding out her hand.

"Well Maria" Leo said as he was the first to shake her hand, which she did "I'm Leonardo, call me Leo, and these are my brothers."



"And Michelangelo"

"A pleasure I'm sure." She said she would have continued until she looked up into the sky and saw that the full moon had come out from behind the dark clouds of the night.

"Listen, I wish I could stay, but I can't. I have to be some where, its very important." She said with a sad look on her face.

"Let us take you there, if you're in a hurry." Leo offered

"NO!" She shouted

They were all taken back by her sudden out burst, what would make this calm girl go off like that?

"I'm sorry, I have to go." Was all she said as she ran off back flipping off of roof tops and jumping distances and normal human could never reach!

"Hey wait, when we can we see you again?!" Mikey shouted. She must have heard him because she stopped.

"We can meet back right where you guys are standing OK. But right I really have to go! Until next time, goodbye guys!" and those were her final words as she disappeared into the night.

They watched as the girl named Maria ran by jumping from roof top to roof top. They were hoping that they would meet again, and if not sooner.

They left and made their way back to the lair.

"Alright, it's two am, Splinter's still asleep." Leo said

"Dudes, we just pulled off something without splinter knowing about it, this epic." Mikey said with huge grin

"It was not epic, it was a really bad idea."

"Why?" Raph asked as flipped into beanbag chair "we got out there and stopped a sleez ball, not to mention that new girl we met, with her we probably just made an ally. So what's the problem?"

Meanwhile Mikey was searching for the T-pod, but couldn't find it, it must fallen off of him while they fought Stockman.

"Ya know I'm a little curious about those skills that Maria pulled off when she left. She was jumping and using acrobatic skills that no regular human could use unless they were enhanced by something." Donnie said as he put his hand to his chin, thinking deeply.

"So she's probably studies martial arts like us." Raph guessed.

"Maybe, but I can't help but wonder."

Meanwhile with Baxter Stockman...

Stockman managed to pull his self out of the dumpster, and landed with a crash. But as he got up he saw a blue glowing disc in the distance. Curious he took the head phone piece and plugged it into his armor. But it was surrounded with a dark red glow, and the armor seemed to repair its self. He flashed an evil smile, with a whole new plan to get his revenge.

How ever, little did he realize that he was being watched, by a figure on top one of buildings that surrounded him. The figure had razor sharp fangs, long black claws, pointed ears on the top of its head, a long, thick fur covered tail, and its eyes were a dark red. When it saw what Stockman had done, it had a pretty good idea about what would happen next, it let a low growl escape its throat and set off to watch as its plan unfolded.

Meanwhile back at the lair with the guys.

They were doing their early morning exercises, but everyone acted like they were half asleep, Splinter was obviously not happy with this.

"Knees higher Leonardo. Extend Michelangelo. Raphael do you call that Kohtanchi, because I do not!" Splinter yelled

Donatello some how did a technique wrong and nearly landed on his face.

"Yamie!" Splinter shouted once more.

His sons got in line and kneeled before their sensei.

"Is there something you want to tell me?" He questioned his son

"Something we wanna tell you? Uh... nope." Mikey said

"You all seem tired."

"No were not!" Leo said with a smile

"Wide awake!" Donatello said a smile

"Fresh as daisy's!" Raph said backing up his brothers, also with a smile on his face.

Michelangelo didn't answer, he just yawned and fell asleep on the floor.

"So you wouldn't reject to a little round of... Roundori?" Splinter asked as he pulled out his practice sword.

The guys looked skeptical, but Splinter was quick to act. He layed each one them on their shells. Each one in pain and in a daze.

"I hope you learn turtles that truth isn't the only thing that hurts."

Training was done for the day and everyone went to doing their own thing. IN the living room, Raph was reading one of his comics, and Leo was watching Space Adventures. And Leo was repeating what the captain said.

"We may have started this rebellion by accident, but by the rings of Nebular, we are going stop it on purpose." Leo said in perfect sync with his fav character.

"You seen this enough times chief?" Raph asked looking up from his comic

"Shhh. This is the best part." But that part was taken down by a breaking news bulletin. Office building being trashed by new super villain. And as the news went on the guys heard them say his name. (at this point all of the turtles were in the living room)

"I think his name is Baxter Stockman." Raph said non-chalantly.

"how did he upgrade his armor so fast?" Leo asked trying to find a clue.

And he did, when they saw a round disc on his chest. Their eyes grew wide, and then they turned a death glare on Mikey.

"He has the T-pod?" Donnie said clearly angry

"Oh... um... yeah... I might have dropped that during the fight." He said with a sheepish smile on his face.

"You dropped it during the fight?! Nice going Mikey!" Donnie shouted

"It your fault!" Mikey shouted back

"How is it my fault?!"

"You know I can't be trusted with nice things!"

Now Donnie was close to just about losing his temper.

"So the chip is upgrading his suit the same way it upgraded the T-pod?" Leo asked skeptically

"If that thing keeps going there's no telling how powerful he'll get." Donnie said

"This had gone too far, we've got to tell Splinter about this." Leo said to his brothers

"Tell him what, that we turned a whack job into a super villain? Do you know what he'll do to us for that? He pounded us into the ground for being sleepy!" Raph retorted

"Look we beat Stockman once, we can do it again. We just have to find and beat him before Splinter finds out." Donnie said

"Ya know if my opinion counts for anything, Donnie is right." Mikey said sitting in his beanbag chair upside down, while reading his comic book.

"Aw, thanks Mikey, but it doesn't." Donnie said with a sour face

"Didn't think so."

"Hey what's this report about?" Raph asked out loud while looking back to the T.V.

"Anyway in an unrelated news, this city is becoming curious about local wildlife coming here to New York. Citizens have been spotting the same creature every night for the last 2 weeks. Here is a picture that someone sent in, saying they had a close encounter with the creature." The new woman said as a picture of strange creature covered the screen.

They all stared at it in disbelief. It was like a wolf/humanoid hybrid. It had pointed dog ears on its head, a long wolf like tail, and razor sharp fangs and claws.

"So is it possible for wolves in Manhattan?" the news woman asked

"Dude, that is cool." Mikey said getting up close to the picture.

"A creature like that is worth investigating if ya ask me." Donnie said looking at the creature

"ok look we stop Stockman first, then we can see what we can do about this wolf thing." Leo said ready to go.

Then they left to find Stockman.

They landed on top of one the old abandoned ware houses to see Baxter trying to think of a name.

"I am no longer Baxter Stockman, I am the Baxman. No, I am the Suitinator, oh that is terrible! Captain Punch you... hard. Oh why is this so difficult?!" Stockman groaned in frustration.

The guys came in and surrounded him.

"I kind of like the Suitinator." Mikey said to him self.

"Ok Stockman, just take it easy, no one wants to hurt you." Leo said his swords at the ready.

"Really? Did I miss a meeting?" Raph asked confused

"We just want the T-pod."

"What? You mean my source of power? Why? So you can laugh at me again, throw me in a dumpster?"

"Sounds good to me." Raph said as he sprang into action.

He went in for a face blow, but was punched in the gut and landed with his shell to the wall, then to the ground. Donnie tried, but got the same treat meant that Raph did, only he landed on the ground. (P.S. I really don't wanna get into the details about this fight, so I would just really like to tell you what happened at the end of it.)

At the end of the battle, Baxter used Mikey the like a nunchuck, and then threw them into a dumpster.

"Foolish turtles, did you really think you could defeat me?"

"Well yeah." Mikey said nonchalantly

"All my life, people have laughed at me. The kids from my school, my co-workers, the woman that fixes the coffee machine. How was I suppose to know that you don't poor totter in on top? But when they behold the power of this suit, they won't be laughing anymore, they'll be trembling in terror!" he shouted in anger.

All of a sudden the suit grew even bigger than before, it was three times its normal size!

"Donnie what's happening?" Leo asked clearly afraid

"Stockman and the T-pod. They're merging. They're becoming a single entity." Donnie said as he looked on in wonder and in fear. But mostly in fear.

"The Stockman Pod." Mikey said in a low voice.

After that they managed to get out of the dumpster and made a run for it. They ran the streets, hoping that they could run away from Stockman.

"Every body split up!"

"What? No way! He's gonna follow me!"

"Why would he follow you?"

"They always follow me!"

"Just stop being paranoid and run!"

They did as planned and split up. Leo went left, then Donnie went right, the Raph went right and Mikey kept going straight, but of course Baxter followed him.

"Ahhhhh! I TOLD YOU HE'D FOLLOW ME!" Mikey shouted to his brothers, who probably didn't hear him.

He went all different direction to try and shake him, but nothing worked. He scaled a wall using his ninja skill and managed to get on the other side, but Baxter just busted down the wall.

He kept running until he couldn't find a place to go to get away. He turned to face Stockman, scared out of his mind. Stockman was about to attack, when something caught his and Mikey attention. A deep and low growl was coming from the top of one brick building, what was on it they really couldn't believe. It was the wolf creature. Their eyes were met with its dark red eyes. Its pearly white glittery fangs could seen as it growled, it had a soft look in its eye when it looked at Mikey, but became furious when turned to Stockman. It growling became louder and louder, until it started to snarl. It let out a snarling bark as it got up and landed on the ground in full wolf form. It was a gigantic solid black wolf, with piercing dark red eyes. If looks could kill and you looked this thing in the eye, you'd be dead.

It walked towards the two slowly, but when it got in between the two, it turned to Stockman, and bared its fangs, letting a low growl escape its throat once again. Then without warning it leaped at Stockman and knocked him to the ground. The wolf must have been stronger than it looked because its claws dug into his armor and it kept a firm grip.

Mikey watched in horrified, he would've kept staring if the wolf hadn't looked back at him and barked loudly. He shook his head took off, the wolf waited until he was a good distance away to let go of Stockman. After that it jumped off of him and used its claws to scale the building and make to the roof, where it managed to conceal its self in the dark.

It looked out in the distance and saw Mikey on another roof top looking it right in the eye. It held the eye contact for only a moment then it ran off into the night.

Mikey rejoined his brothers and they made their way to the nearest manhole cover, when they were about to enter, they heard the sound of rock crumbling from above them. They got their weapons out and were ready to attack, but what they saw actually relieved them. It was Maria.

"Hey guys, sorry about being late, I had a little something to take care of." Maria said as she landed in front of them. When she looked at them, they were covered in bruises, scratches, in other words, they were black and blue all over, with a hint of purple. "Oh my gosh, what happened to you?!" she said in a scared and worried voice as she walked up to Leo and placed a hand on his cheek.

When Donnie saw this action, he felt a twinge in his chest, but he couldn't tell what it was for.

Leo pushed her hand away gently.

"Its ok Maria, we'll be alright." Leo said trying to reassure her.

"Um, no offence, but you guys do not look ok. Look the least I can do is treat your injuries." Said with a stern look on her face.

"Listen, that really isn't nessacary, you don't have to do anything. We'll be ok."

"Leo please, let me help you guys, even if you said no, I'd just come with you anyway." They all gave a weird look when she said that. "Ok the first thing you need to know about me, is that I am very stubborn and will not take 'no' for an answer."

Leo thought it over for a second, if she really wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer, he might have no choice.

"Alright, I guess the best place would be in our home, but that would mean you'd have to meet our sensei, Master Splinter."

"I promise to be on my best behavior, and it would be an honor to meet your master."

And with that they jumped down into sewers and made their way home. When they were there, every light was out and it was pitch black. They kept bumping into each other, just when they made it down to the last step on the stair way, the lights came on to reveal master Splinter. Donnie stood up straight and got in front of Maria to shield her.

"And where exactly have you been?" Splinter asked with a skeptical look

"Um... no where." Raph said nervously

"How did you get so hurt?"

"OH! Um... we were..." Leo said, but was at a lost for words

"Got hit..." Raph said trying to help

"By a..." Donnie said continuing the sentence.

"By a bus!" Mikey said

Splinter looked at them with a slightly raised brow, and when Mikey smiled most of his teeth fell out, and then he looked at them with an arched brow.

"Got hit by a bus?" Donnie said angry at Mikey

"Well what was I suppose to say? Meteor, cow, flying building?" Mikey said and then the two locked eyes in an angry stare.

"Donatello, who is the young lady you are shielding?" Splinter asked looking at Donnie.

He looked at his master surprised, but took a step to the side to reveal Maria. Splinter looked at this young girl, with curiosity. Her long loose dark brown hair that reached her mid waist. Her bright aqua eyes that seemed to brighten the room even more. And she was dressed in white long sleeve thin dress shirt, a pair of dark blue jeans, and black flats. But then he noticed a necklace that hung around her neck, a silk back necklace with a Japanese symbol on the silver pendant. He recognized this symbol, because in Japanese it meant 'The Black Wolf'.

"Step forward." He ordered

Maria looked at Splinter with a small hint of fear in her eye, but did as she was told. The guys were afraid for her, they had no idea what was about to happen next.

"What is your name?" he asked

"My name is Maria."

"How do you know my sons?" he asked calmly

"I know them because, the other night when I was taking my nightly walk, I heard Mikey whistle and waved at me. I only gave them a small smile and waved back. And it wasn't hard for me to realize that they were following me, wanting to know why I wasn't afraid of them. And I wasn't afraid of them because, I'm not the kind to judge someone just because of how the look, maybe someone looks bad, but maybe they're not bad at all. So I took the chance and spoke to them, but after seeing them like this, I only want to help treat their injuries. I hope you can except me into your home." She said that last part with a bow to Splinter.

"You seem like the kind of girl that would not tell a lie, so you are welcome here, but you must promise not to tell the surface world about us. It is for the best that the world not know of our existence." Splinter said with a kind look on his face.

"Thank you sir."

"Please, call me Splinter."

She smiled at him and then turned to the guys, who were looking at her in a small shocked way. She then treated their wounds, provided a few bandages, how long it would take to heal, all the medical stuff, and when she was done, they looked as good as new. Splinter then called them to come to the training room to have a word with them, and Maria was allowed to come with them. They all sat Indian style, Raph, then Mikey, then Leo, then Maria, then Donnie. They began to tell the story of who Baxter Stockman was and he became so powerful, how they got hurt, but the part of how Mikey got away was what really caught their attention, esp. Maria's.

"So when I tried to get away he only caught up to me, then when I thought I was cornered something came in and it saved me." Mikey explained

"What was the creature that saved you Michelangelo?" Splinter asked

"Uh, well you guys know about that weird wolf thing that's been seen around town?" They all nodded their heads in response. "I think that's what saved me, because when it landed on the ground to get in between me and Stockman, it was full fledged wolf. I mean like the paws and a tail, and the fangs, and what ever else."

"Well we in dept to this wolf for saving you, but I am still very disappointed in you all. The way of the ninja is to do no harm. Unless you mean to do harm, then do lots of harm." Splinter said with a stern look on his face.

"Yes sensei, we understand." Leo said as he and his brothers bowed their head to their sensei.

"So what do you think would be a fitting punishment?" Splinter asked Leo

"We need to clean up our mess."

"Yes you must find a way to stop this 'Stockman Pod'."

"But master we don't know how, we got are shells kicked twice because of him." Donnie said with a distressed look on his face

"Uh, and no offence master, but ninja's never had to go up against guys in armor." Mikey said

Splinter sneered at him, which made Mikey look at him nervously until he looked at the sliding doors that lead to Splinters room. The doors illustrated ninjas fighting a mighty warrior with metal armor.

"Oh... I mean... Ninjas always had to go up against guys in armor." Mikey said trying to save his self.

"Nice save." Raph said sarcastically

"What was their secret master? How did they do it?" Leo asked his sensei

"They knew how to fight through the way of the ninja. They knew that you should never fight the armor, but you fight the man inside it." He said as he turned to the picture of an evil looking spirit leaving the warriors body. The guys gave each other a look, but then Mikey spoiled it.

"Why are we all looking at each other?"

Now it was Maria's turn to speak up.

"Listen guys, I'm sorry but I have to go." Was all she said as she stood up and left the training room.

"Wait a minute your leaving again? Why, what's so important that you have to leave again?" Leo asked as he and his brothers followed her.

"I have my reasons. Now please, I can't be here right now, there's something important I need to take care of. I'll see you guys later ok, bye." After that she left running at an extremely fast pace. Little did the guys know, was that her necklace began to glow.

"Man what is her deal?" Raph asked arms crossed

"I don't know, but we can worry about it later. Right now I have an idea for how we can stop Stockman. But first we need to lure him to a certain place, and for that to work we need bait." Leo said

"And where are we gonna get bait that can lure Stockman?" Mikey asked

They all gave him a look that said 'you'. Mikey eyes grew wide, and he held his arms out in front of him to keep his brothers back.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, there is no way I'm doing that!"

"Do you really think you have a choice?" Leo said with a smirk

"No." Mikey said finally giving up.

Meanwhile, on top of one of the buildings in New York, Leo, Raph and Donnie were waiting for their brother to come back.

"Do you really think this is a good idea?" Donnie asked Leo

"Like master Splinter said, don't fight the armor, fight the man inside. And if there's one thing we know about bad guys, they love chasing Mikey."

"GUYS! The Stockman pods got, MISSILES!" Mikey shouted as he finally lead Stockman to their meeting point.

Their plan sprung into action as they surrounded Stockman, and pulled out metal chains that each of them threw around the armor. They held their ground and kept as steady as possible, but Mikey took this as a chance to tease him a bit.

"Ha, who's trembling in terror... Ahhhhh!" Mikey began, but then screamed as Stockman broke the chains and fired a dozen more missiles. They managed to evade each one of them, and Mikey made a quick save by using his nunchucks to hang from a rope that was conveniently located right above him. The fight was about to continue, when they all heard a wolf howl in the distance. They looked to a gigantic black wolf with dark red eyes looking down at them from atop another building. They were ready to fight back until it jumped from its place and landed a short distance from where they were standing. It moved forward, but stood beside them facing Stockman. They weren't expecting this thing to fight with them, but for now they were just gonna roll with it.

As the fight broke out, the wolf followed Raph's lead and went for a frontal attack. He stabbed his sais into Stockman's armor cracking it in the process, the wolf did the same as it dug its claws deep into the suit, then pulled down leaving three large and deep claw marks in it. They were both thrown back, but they got up again, and went for another attack. When Mikey tried to against him alone, he lost balance and was thrown into another building and went straight through the wall!

"Mikey!" Leo shouted

"That's it, you're going down!" Raph shouted as he began to attack even harder, and the wolf joined him on that part.

Meanwhile Leo and Donnie were running across his extended arms like it was a tight rope, and tried a first assault together, but it only resulted in them getting spun around and thrown to the opposite side of the building. They were about to fall over the side of it, but Raph caught, by grabbing their arms before they could go any farther. Suddenly they heard the sound of a loud shriek of pain that a dog would use when its hurt. They turned to see that the black wolf was thrown at their feet, with a few bruises on its legs, back, and one under its chin.

"Ha, any last words turtles?" Stockman asked as he was ready to deliver the finale blow.

"Just one. Bees." Leo said


"BEES!" a voice that came from behind shouted

That voice belonged to Mikey! He had a beehive in one hand as he used the wire like a zip line. When he was close enough, he threw the hive into Stockman's face, and the bees went into an angry swarm. He screamed in terror and tried to swat them away, but his size was causing him to fail. During all of this, the suit extended to reveal...

"The T-pod!" Leo shouted upon noticing it.

"Ok guys, let's do this." As they were ready to attack, they heard the wolf growl, they looked to see that it was standing on all fours again! Every bruise it had was completely gone and perfectly healed. It got into a position and was ready to attack. They all gave it a grateful look and then attacked together.

Donatello got the first hit as he struck him with his bo-staff right in the gut. The wolf got the next hit as it swiped at him three times, and as a bonus it bit down on one corner of his suit and ripped it off. Mikey got the next punch as he used his nunchuck to strike him in the head. Raph got the next one as he delivered a power house kick to his chest, Leo got the finale blow as he used his katanas to swipe at him and he fell to the hard ground below.

Stockman groaned feeling the aches and pains that were left over from battle, when he opened his eyes he saw Leo, and his katana was pointed right at him. But took it away and stabbed to T-pod and removed it from the suit. A bright red beam of light shot forward from it as it lost power. Stockman climbed out of the suit his face covered in bee stings, but that was the least of his problems as he was surrounded by the turtles and the black wolf that was baring its fangs.

"So uh... will call it a tie?" he asked nervously

"You wanna call it a tie Raph?" Leo asked. In response he cracked his knuckles and his signature grin.

"No, NO!" Stockman said as he was thrown into a dumpster once again.

"Now it's a tie." Leo said as Raph closed the lid. They cheered and Mikey jumped with joy knowing they won the battle. The wolf was calm and looked at all four of them, but then it turned around and started to walk away.

"Hey, where ya going?" Mikey called to it, the guys turned and looked at with curiosity.

"Hey come on, were not gonna hurt you." Mikey said as he got down on one knee and held out his hand.

The wolf looked from him to his brothers and came forward slowly. When it was close enough it sniffed his hand and nudged it with its nose. Mikey began to rub its head, then it sat down and began to pant like a house dog.

"Wow, its like this thing is already trained." Donnie said as he stepped towards the wolf and came down on one knee like Mikey. As he was looking the wolf up and down, the very first thing he noticed when he first looked at it was that it was huge. It was even taller than Mikey when it sat down. As he kept looking it over he heard a thumping noise and saw that its foot was tapping up and down. He then saw Mikey found a special spot somewhere behind its head he was scratching really fast, and the wolf had its tounge out and its tail was wagging really fast. Leo and Raph saw this and stifled a laugh.

"Aw, who's a good boy?" Mikey asked playfully as he continued to scratch the wolf.

But it heard what Mikey said, it pulled its head back and growled.

"What's wrong boy?" He asked. But the wolf only growled louder.

"Um... Mikey, the reason why it's growling is because that boy, is a girl." Donnie said with a blank expression. The she wolf agreed by barking and its tail wagged.

"Well, you sure got some skill with those claws huh girl?" Raph said as he petted her on the head.

"Yeah skill like that could be put to good use on our team." Leo said as he came forward

"Yeah, what'da ya say girl, you wanna come with us?" Mikey asked excitedly

The she wolf only looked down solemnly and looked back up at them. She stood up on all fours and nuzzled the side of her head on Mikey's cheek and did the same with Donnie. It looked at them all and then turned around and began to run.

"Hey wait!" Mikey yelled. He would have gone after her, but she jumped on to the side of a building and began to scale it with her claws. When it reached the top, it stood proud and tall and a sense of nobility as its figure was stood out from the light of a full moon. It let out a loud and mighty howl that seemed to echo through the night. When she stopped she turned and disappeared into the night, its ebony black fur concealing it from prying eyes.

The guys watched as she left, and wondered why it wouldn't want to come with them. Well that to wait for now, they made their ways through the sewer and returned to lair. And they were greeted with a surprise when they heard a familiar voice coming into the lair. Maria!

"Maria, what are you doing down here?" Donnie asked as she came running into the lair.

"Hey Donnie." She said as she jumped over the stair case and hugged him tight. She was then greeted a even tighter hug from Mikey, and she gladly returned it. She and Raph exchanged high-fives. And gave Leo a quick hug with one arm around the neck.

"I was just in the neighbor hood, and thought I'd say hey." She said as they began to walk to the training room to speak to Splinter.

"Well we only one minute to speak to master Splinter first then we can talk." Leo said as they entered.

Master Splinter stood before his sons and they kneeled before him. They then told the story of what happened, and he was pleased with this.

"You all did well in stopping the Stockman Pod, I am proud of you my sons. And we must be thankful that this she wolf was on your side this night." Splinter said with a proud smile

"So does this mean were not punished anymore?" Leo asked nervously.

Splinter closed his eyes and began to think for a moment.

"Yes." He finally said

They had a smile on their faces, happy that they were let off punishment.

"But first... Roundori!" Splinter said as he pulled out his training sword.

The guys began to yell and scrambled to their feet trying to get away. Each of them pushing each other out of the way, so they could run. When they were gone, Maria was on the floor holding her stomach, which began to hurt from laughing so hard. Splinter relaxed and put the sword down. He then turned to Maria, who was now catching her breath.

"You were very brave to fight along side my sons this night." He said

Maria stopped laughing and gave Splinter a confused look. He looked her in the eye, and then her's went wide, realizing what he meant.

"How do you know about that?!" she said as she rose to her feet.

"Do not think you can fool this old master. I first noticed when I saw you run the last time you were here. And the way Donatello described your skill when you met for the first time. But what really gave it away was this." He came towards her and held the black silk necklace that was being concealed by her hair. She sighed knowing she was caught, she pulled the pendant out from inside her shirt and held it in the palm of her hand.

"I am so sorry I wouldn't tell you or your sons before, but when ever people find out about this, they just run and call me a monster, a demon." She said with a sad and low voice.

"You need not worry, your secret is not mine to tell. But you must tell them someday and show them what you are."

"Yes sir I understand."

"What did I say about calling me sir?" he said with a raised brow


"You know, some misunderstand the way of the wolf. It is not just a brutal killing machine, the wolf also represents honor and nobility, your power makes you unique. And when you are in your darkest hour, your power can be looked upon as a becon of hope."

"Thank you Splinter. In many ways you remind me of my father." She said a smile

Splinter placed a fatherly paw on her shoulder and gave her a kind look. It was obvious that Maria may have found a family that will accept her, no matter what she is. Human, or wolf.