Once upon a time (as usual) there were two people who fell in love. These people were my parents:Mike and Felicia, and they were in love. I don't mean the normal kind of love like "let's get married and have kids. . .ladidadida!" No, I mean the passionate in love you feel when you know that person is your soul mate and everyday feels like you're both on fire. They got married and lived on a huge estate with a mansion, a forest and a small barn. Then they had me and it got even better, or so I've heard. But my mom, unfortunately, didn't feel that way around my 7th birthday. She left within the year, leaving my father desolate, loveless, and hopeless. So much so that he basically forgot how to love me as well. He moped around afterwards, drinking, gambling, basically anything to make a daughter ashamed and scared. Then he met Valerie, a girl he met in a strip club on one of his drinking binges and then they got married. During this whole "mid-life crisis" I got a job and paid the bills to keep the house in order, but not much was saved. So when Valerie moved in I was a bit grateful for the financial help she would bring. Little did I know that she would make my life a living hell. Soon after she moved in, her two kids moved in: Ariel and Eddie.

Skipping to 2 years later: Dad leaves. Dad left? How could he leave me like that? Why? WHY?

And from then on, I've been servant, idiot, and maid to those bastards. The only saving grace for me was when I was 9 years old, I was running through the woods surrounding the family estate again to escape the witches and let out some steam when I found a little cottage. An Indian lived there, made it his home. I remember sneaking into the house to look around and he stood right behind me, scaring the living crap out of me. But when I returned, he taught me how to hunt, how to defend myself and how to skin an animal. From then on he's basically been my mentor, besides Richie, the guy who owns a knife shop in town.

Now I'm 15 and in highschool, but still a servant, an idiot, and a maid to the bastards that live in my house. But just counting the days until I turn 18 and am able to kick them out because of my status as rightful heir to the estate. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not rich or anything, but this is mine. No one is going to take that away from me.