After the Prince and Princess of Rathen left to their country, Ariden began preparing for battle. The war between Ariden and Rathen would be called for generations "The War of the Century." Unfortunately, during one of the battles King David lost his life, leaving a broken-hearted widow at home. However, the loss of their king fueled the Ariden people's fire and soon won the war in an epic battle where they stormed the Rathii castle and threw down their flag in flames, Rathen became a colony of Ariden with their own head of state, but answered ultimately to Ariden. Jack and Kim inevitably married each other, having a small ceremony with all their close friends and, of course, Kim's sensei Crow officiated the wedding. The new king and queen of Ariden were named by the people the Warrior Rulers, because they ruled the kingdom by the sword, and protected it with the shield. Amarillis became a genius to surpass Milton, who settled down with Julie in the new colony of Rathen, and used her intellect travelling to other countries and helping out those in need with her brilliant inventions and economic reforms. Jerry travelled with her from country to country, always supporting her, and taught a culinary class in every kingdom. They never married until Jerry asked it for his "dying wish", he got sick one day with an unknown disease. But after the ceremony, he made a miraculous recovery! It turned out that he just ate too much in a food-eating contest and his stomach needed time to digest the food before it exploded. It would all be a huge laugh when they got old and looked back on their younger years.

Kim and Jack had two kids, Aiden and Aislinn who grew up just like their parents, wanting to see the world and protect their loved ones. Amarillis had one child and named him Jessie for Jerry's father.

There'd never be more braver men

then those born of Ariden,

Never a better sire of lord

than those who came and took up the sword

Lyre and harp, bow and knife

Man's best friend that saves a life.

But men of Ariden laughed and drank to dawn

they jeered at death in the throng

"He'll never take us, we're too strong!"

Then fearless, met the dragon head on.

The castle walls were built of bones

of Lords defeated

once exalted, now unknown

and mortar's made of dragon's blood

spilt that day redder than any rose of young love.

Ariden! We crush our enemies!

Ariden survives!

Ariden! Land of liberty!

In God's name we stride!

They all lived long, happy lives. The End.

I think we all deserve a round of applause! (clap, clap, clap) Thank you guys so much for supporting this story the whole time (not to be overdramatic). Actually, this story began because of my little sister. I was telling her a bedtime story because we were bored and well . . . that escalated quickly.

Thanks to swagmasterlol, they suggested that I put up suggestions for a new story but the thing is. . I don't really have any ideas yet, maybe Artemis Fowl or another fairytale story? But you guys should post reviews with what you want me to write next, or private message me. :P Thanks, hope you liked it.