Shadow and Ice 18

North was proclaimed cured by Sandy and finally allowed to be unchained from his cot and allowed to survey the damage he had caused. He had set to work making repairs and reassuring the Yetis and elves that he was indeed himself again but Phil tailed him everywhere and would not allow him alone until he was certain his lifelong friend and employer was back to normal. Jack also followed him about when he was watching over Pitch, who slipped in and out of consciousness the last day or so, or confined to his room by Bunny for being constantly underfoot, even when he flew. He was constantly apologizing or trying to help fix something – which usually ended up getting broken instead. North found the boy charming but after hearing the same apology for the dozen time he finally took the boy aside.

"Jack, it is fine," he said as he had a number of times now. He sat the boy down in his office and sat across from him. He studied Jack for several seconds. "What happen, happened we cannot change it. I'm not angry with you."

"But if it weren't for me-"

"Jack, enough. You will make yourself sick I you continue to dwell on the past. Look toward future. Soon Pitch will awaken and he will need you." He squeezed the boy's arms reassuringly. "Especially now. I do not know what Manny did when he took the darkness. I do not know if that is Pitch Black in the infirmary or Kozmotis Pitchiner."

Jack sighed and leaned his head against North's chest as he was hugged. "I just wish I had stood up to him more. That whole thing in your cell, before he cast the spell, I should have said no."

North squeezed him a little tighter. "Perhaps," he agreed. "Not my best memory but…" He kissed the boy's forehead. "Not my worse. If things were different and you a little older I might consider it."

Jack's neck and face frosted in embarrassment. "Uh…okay."

The Russian gave his joyous laugh as he stood. "Now, I suggest you go check on your lover and leave e in peace. I have many toys to design and only a few months to Christmas. Much catching up to do. Off with you."

A nervous grin touched Jack's lips. "I'll visit later."

"Dah," North said with a wave and smile. "Jack?"

He paused at the door. "Yeah?"

"You were a sinful treat," he said with a wink that made the winter spirit's face almost turn blue in a much thicker layer of frost. "A true delight in the darkness. Give Pitch my thanks."

Jack fumbled for words and resorted to hiding in the hood of his jacket as he raced toward the infirmary, North's big belly laugh following him. North just smiled as he looked about his personal workshop and the utter mess it was. This would take some work to get back to a sub-balance of organized. And his door needed replacing. Well there was no time as the present and with Phil at his side he began gathering fallen blueprints and shattered ice sculptures. He would never admit to the nightmares that would plague him for many nights to come. Only Phil and Sandy knew and they kept his secret safe.

. . .

Pitch sat on the edge of the cot staring at his legs and pondering the color change. No longer was he grey but his natural skin color. He flexed his toes and silently wished his feet to fade into the shadows under the bed, seeing weather or not he could still slip into the shadows. It took more concentration than before, as if he had to force the darkness to merge with him but soon enough his lower half twisted and grew dark, becoming intangible. All this under the watchful eye of the medic and two guards.


Startled, he became solid again but unlike the usual easy transition he felt a jolt of pain and was knocked onto his back. He gave a small hiss, fearing that he had lost complete control of his power and the darkness was lashing back at him only to discover his arms full of winter sprite.

"Jack, learn to give more of a warning," he reprimanded even as he held his young lover tightly to him.

"I've just been so worried about you," the boy said pushing himself up to look him in the eyes. "How do you feel? Any different? I mean the shadows haven't touched you since MiM changed you and…"

Pitch let out a frustrated breath that ruffled the boy's hair. "Jack, I've been awake less than thirty minutes, can we save the rapid fire questions for a while longer?" He frowned at the boy's mischievous smirk. This could only mean trouble. "Jack?"

The sprite straddled his hips and folding his arms over Pitch's chest to lean on him. "Considering I've spent nearly a week watching over you I think I'm entitled. Besides, do you have any clue how hard it's been for me to keep my hands off you? If you were in a private room I might have tried getting a little revenge on you for…how many times did you screw me in my sleep?"

Shaking his head, Pitch brushed back Jack's hair. "Oh you poor baby. Has no one been taking care of your needs?"

"No." Jack gave a mock pout. "So have you been given a clean bill of health? Can we go home?"

Home. Jack considered the Pitch's dark palace his home? Pitch shivered in delight and crushed his lips to the boy's. He ran his hands down Jack's sides and under his shirt then back up over his ribs, hitting a few little ticklish spots along the way. Jack giggled between kisses as he carded his finger through Pitch's hair.

He pulled back with a teasing grin. "Well I suppose we should stop. You're technically a prisoner of war and a patient and I'm sure North won't take too kindly to us making out in his infirmary. After all I'm pretty sure he wants to have a talk with you about messing with children's Beliefs and enslavement spells that turn Guardians into Fearlings. He was not amused one bit." He climbed off and straightened his clothes. "Besides, you're still recovering and not quite yourself."

Pitch grabbed his arm and dragged him back. "Like hell," he snapped as he sat up and pulled the boy onto his lap. "Don't think for an instant that just because Lunar took away the darkness that I'm going to become some weak human. I am still the Nightmare King."

Jack tapped his chin in thought. "And here I thought you were to Golden Knight. Sandy's going to be so disappointed."

"Screw Sanderson."

"I'd much rather screw you, but…since you're recovering I'll go bug North," he said, remembering the way North had teased him. Nothing would come of it he was sure but it was enough to make Pitch extremely possessive. "Or Bunny. I wonder if his rut is anything like the Dark Pooka's." He gave a yelp as he was thrown on the cot and his clothing all but ripped off him in Pitch's haste. He heard the medic give a surprise cry and start garbling some sort of reprimand about Pitch needing rest and not to be involved in such activity. Jack only laughed as Pitch's lips attacked each piece of skin revealed as his clothing was removed.

"Mine," Pitch growled as he kissed Jack's belly. "You belong to me and no one else's, understand."

"Sure, sure," teased, arching slightly under those delicious lips. "But you know North's mouth was really warm and his beard – shit!" Pitch's mouth engulf his semi-hard erection and sucked him hard, his tongue twirling around the head and poking at the slit before swallowing him whole. He'd never felt this sort of desperation from Pitch before. Jack grabbed the rails of the cot. It felt oh so good but hurt at the same time. "Ngh…oh wow…Pitch, you miss me or something?" He bit his lower lip, trying not to scream or be too loud. "God, Pitch…we're not at the palace…you need to let up a bit…before…before…" He shoved his hands over his mouth trying to muffle his cries and screams as his lover took his balls in his mouth as well and sucked even harder. Oh God, he couldn't keep quiet.

Pitch let go of Jack's erection rather than finish him off. It slid out of his mouth with a small pop and came to rest on Jack's belly as he moved down to rim the sprite's hole. "I'll remind you who you belong to," Pitch said darkly between licks.

"You do that," Jack agreed as his legs were hoisted over Pitch's shoulders. He eeped as that warm tongue pushed its way into him. He groaned as the slick appendage licked his insides and stretched him in the most delicious way possible as his hand stroked his member. "Oh…ngh, ngh…deeper, good God, Pitch…stop teasing and fuck me already…I'm gonna…ngh, ngh…no! Damn you!"

Pitch chuckled darkly as he squeezed Jack's base and prevented him from coming. "Not without me, angel," he said in a husky voice as he slipped up Jack's lithe form. "We've both gone without far too long and I'm not letting you cum without me." He fingered Jack's hole as he leaned over him. "I'm going to fill with my seed until it's leaking out of you in gushes. Every Yeti will smell it and either come to investigate or run in fear." He kissed the side of Jack's neck and nipped his Adam's apple. "I want everyone to see and hear how much you want me."

The youth laughed as he arched beneath him. "You're an exhibitionist."

Pitch chuckled. "Perhaps, but you like it."

"Too bad you don't have any shadows to control…too much…ow, hmm…light."

"I don't need them to give you a good hard fuck."

"You sure…ah!" He bit his lip until he drew blood as Pitch entered him in one hard thrust. That little saliva from being tongue fucked was not enough lube for Pitch to enter so hard. He arched in pain and heard Pitch's groan as well. Jack couldn't help but laugh softly. "A little too eager?"

Pitch gave a shaky breath. "It doesn't matter how many times I pound into your ass or how many of my shadows and Fearlings go into you your always so tight. Your body always returns to its original state. You'll always be a virgin."

"Are you complaining?"

The look Pitch gave him was one of such lust and want, that Jack felt his heart flutter as it did whenever he was given that look. He had not lied to Bunny. Jack could be happy forever if Pitch always looked at him like that.

"No love, if anything I like breaking you in each and every time." He lowered his lips Jack's as he wrapped his arms around him. With on swift move he rolled the so that Jack as now on top. "But as you said, I'm still recovering so you can do all the work today."

Jack grinned as he sat back and rotating his hips. Yeah, this he liked. He liked being in charge and having Pitch beneath him. He liked controlling their pace and making it last as long as possible. The way Pitch's length went deeper and he was able to guide it to just the right place. The Yeti had long since taken off so he no longer worried about being caught, the medic would likely keep everyone else out of the infirmary. He began to rock and rotate his hips as he leaned forward to kiss Pitch and engage in his favorite game of war with the older male's tongue as Pitch's hands took his hips and tried to make him move faster and harder.

The door suddenly opened, shocking both Jack and Pitch and making them pause and look up, with Jack's naked rear on full display.

"Jack, I need to ask your opinion on…" the Guardian froze mid step, his eyes wide as his gaze fell upon the two. "Oh, dear."

"Leave," Pitch snapped, using North surprise against him.

Jack gulped, reaching for a sheet to cover himself with. "Sorry, North. We'll be leaving soon."

North shook his head and turned to leave when Pitch suddenly chuckled. "Of course you could always join us. Jack seems to enjoy the feel of your beard on his thighs."

The Russian cursed and stormed out. "Get out of my home, Pitch," he yelled before slamming the door.

Jack slapped Pitch on his chest. "Jerk. That's not how you treat your host."

"And how would you know?"

"I may be lacking in people skills but I still have a brain."

Pitch snorted then grinned widely and rolled so that Jack was back on bottom. "Well then we should make sure he knows exactly how much we appreciate his hospitality." He began thrusting, pulling out to only the head of his cock was in Jack and then slamming all the way back it and expertly hitting Jack's prostrate. Jack fought not to scream or get too loud. He covered him mouth, muffling his cries until Pitch took his hands and held them down on either side of his head as his pace increased. "Don't be so shy, Jack, let them hear you."

Jack fought it the best he could but just as he thought he was getting used to the pace Pitch would change his angel and slam into him just the way he liked it and he would cry out. Pitch nipped and suckled his nipples and chest and would bite his neck and encourage him to stop holding it in. He pumped the youth's hard cock, squeezing it tightly until Jack's inner muscles tightened painfully around Pitch's length and the boy screamed his release, his seed splattered over both of them as Pitch pumped his seed into Jack's tight ass.

Pitch collapsed onto him, laughing softly. "I have missed you," he said softly, nuzzling Jack's hair. I thought I could last longer."

Jack held Pitch to him. "I missed you, too," he returned. "Just one favor."


"Never try to change anyone into a Fearling again."

Pitch was silent for a long time as he stared at his flesh tone hand. While the medic said he was find physically his powers were not the same. He was able to withstand light – actual natural light. The shadows still responded to him but seemed distant and the Fearlings…they were no longer his to command. They were running rogue along with the Nightmares Sandy hadn't converted. He was not truly the Nightmare King anymore even if he could still bend it to his will. He wasn't sure who he was anymore or if he even had the power to create new Fearlings.

"No more Fearlings," he agreed.

"And no more messing with kid's Beliefs."

Laughing Pitch leaned over the boy. "You said one favor."

"Please? I'll make it worth your while," he offered, batting large baby blue eyes. He wiggled his hips suggestively. "Besides, like I said I have no intentions of leaving you so I have a life time to ensure your happiness."

"Jack…" Pitch sighed at the sight of those beautiful imploring eyes. He leaned his forehead on Jack's. "You have no idea what you've done to me, Frost. I must out of my mind for agreeing to such terms."

"Oh yeah, before I forget there's one more."

He closed his eyes waiting for the unavoidable. He had to get along with the Guardians or swear to protect the children or some such nonsense the Guardians had been trying to force upon him for centuries. What Jack wanted though was far beyond anything he imagined the boy to request.

"Can I watch one of the Dark Pooka's screw you?" he asked with such childlike innocence that Pitch had to blink twice to and stare at Jack to make sure he heard him correctly. "Please? I'll gladly do it again after."

Laughter bubbled through Pitch. "How did I ever live without you all these years?" he asked, hugging Jack tightly as he lavished him in kisses. "I love you, Jack."

Jack grinned and kissed his nose. "I know," he said cheekily. "I love you, too."

He gave a squeak of laughter as Pitch's length, still buried in him hardened once more and for the rest of the afternoon Pitch showed Jack just how much he loved him, just how wonderful Jack was, and assured him that neither of them would ever be alone again. They made enough noise to assure everyone stayed far from the infirmary.

Much to everyone's surprise it was Jack who set the terms to the peace treaty between Pitch and the Guardians and everyone marveled at the childlike simplicity of it. The Guardians would go back to what they always did, protecting the children while Pitch brought about the odd nightmare and fear that children also needed to stay safe. But now that Pitch was no longer consumed by Fearlings and more his former self he also inspired courage in children, something that surprised everyone including himself. It wasn't long before MiM declared him a Guardian and after some convincing Pitch took the oath and do did Jack. North seemed ecstatic, declaring it had all been a matter of time and that the two had finally taken their rightful places. Sandy was cheerful despite what Pitch had done. Tooth was still mad about the death of her mini-fairies and refused to accept Pitch in their fold. Bunny, surprisingly, shrugged it off and was more curious about what would become of the Dark Pookas if Pitch was no longer the Nightmare King. He took to tracking each one down – with Jack's and Pitch's help – and locking them in the dark palace where he would watch over them when not at the Warren focusing on Easter. He had made it his mission to try to change them back and slowly, with MiM's and Pitch's help he succeeded.

Pitch kept his word. They were never alone again – at least for no more than a few hours. They both had their duties but spent every moment they could together. He never lost his little kinks and indeed did allow a Dark Pooka to ravish him in front of Jack – that was a sight the boy would never forget but he was also more tender and possessive, there wasn't as much sharing or rough hard sex that made Jack feel as if he was being torn in two.

Pitch new favorite past time was not the sex though, although he thoroughly enjoyed every inch of Jack's body. He enjoyed standing in the sunlight or even the moonlight and simply watch as Jack danced through the clouds, summoning snow or playing with children and instigating snowball fights of epic proportions. It surprised him when Jack had grabbed his wrist and dragged him into the middle of one such battle. For the first time children saw Pitch and they did not cower in fear. To them he was not the Nightmare King but the Guardian of Courage. His dark robes were gone replaced by an outfit similar to what he wore in the Golden Age, rich brown trousers and gold tunic. It was the first snowball fight Pitch could remember ever participating in. But more often than not he simply watched. Being in the light was such a novelty to him.

He smiled softly as the wind wrapped around him. Mother Nature appeared next to him with a sweet smile that was rarely directed toward him. She stood silently and watched the children, her amber gaze never leaving Jack.

"You knew," Pitch said gently when the silence grew too long. "Didn't you?"


"You could've told me."

Her smile grew as he glanced over at him. "No, father. Had I told you, you would never have allowed yourself to become so close to him. He would never have been able to open your heart."

"A dirty trick, Sera."

She laughed, the sound like musical bells in the wind. "You taught me well. You are happy?"


Seraphina nodded before giving him a quick hug. "Good. Take care. I'll be keeping an eye on you both." She was gone before he could say any more. Her intangible form sped away from Pitch to wrap Jack in a gentle embrace before moving on to fulfill her duties around the world.

Pitch smiled loving at his daughter before noticing Jack beckoning to him. He grinned. Yes, he certainly could get used to this new life. He had Believers and was more powerful than ever. He had a young lover who he adored with all his heart. Neither he or Jack would ever be alone again.


Finally done! OI, this one took a lot of twists and turns I never expected. North a Fearling? The Pookas still alive - sorta and Pitch a kiny SOB, lots of fun . Now back to my more family friendly stuff for a bit. I have a few requests to catch up on before my next Kink prompt, lol